Christmas Skydive Boogie

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The 2017 Skydive City Cosmic Christmas boogie skydiving event is expected to commence starting Friday, December 22 at 8 in the morning and lasting through January 1st. It is being billed as an adrenaline packed non-stop fun skydiving event that lasts throughout the holidays until the new year. According to the web page, over 1000 people will descend upon Skydive City within the next two weeks to revel in the activities as spectators or participants of the Boogie.

Participants can register for the Boogie and camps and clinics on the web page. There is a $30 registration fee or participants can pay $40 and receive a t-shirt as well.

According to the event’s web page, the event features the following:

  • Night jumps and HALO jumps (@ 22,000 feet)
  • Nightly bar games and giveaways
  • A DJ and a band
  • Fireworks display
  • Free load organizers
  • NYE-anything but clothes party and costume contest
  • And RF, FF, and WS skills camps and clinics

The Cosmic Christmas Boogie’s Additional attractions consist of:

Night Jumps

Qualified participants in the night jumps will need to be in possession of a ‘B’ License or the equivalent.  As an added bonus for those who register to partake in the night jumps, you will receive sign off on your “D” license requirement. If this happens to be your first time participating in a night jump, brief instruction and gear will be provided.  The $30 registration fee for a night jump further includes strobes, lights, and access to gear if needed.

High Altitude (HALO) jumps

High altitude jumps commence at 22,000 feet and will see participants freefall for roughly 100 seconds or more. Qualified participants in the night jumps will need to be in possession of a ‘B’ License or the equivalent if not higher. High altitude jump registration requires advanced prepay in order to book the jump. Oxygen and cannula are available for $60. These jumps will have a brief instruction starting at 8 am and then launch.

Skill Camps and clinics

In an effort to expound upon skydivers skill sets, skill camps and clinics will be offered. The camps will provide instruction regardless of skill level form novice and up. Clinics will be available for those with “A” level certification to those who have a large number of jumps to their name. Skydive City’s contention is that one can always stand to improve their current level of expertise. Participants are permitted to partake in camps all four days or can simply attend camps they specifically have an interest in. registration information for camps is  available on the website located here:

List of camps available at  the Cosmic Christmas Boogie and instruction dates are cataloged below:


  • RW (Relative Work)Clinics
    • -with Ari Perelman and Scott Latinis
      • 4-way Skillz, 23rd-24th
      • 8-way Skillz, 25th-26th
      • 16-way Skillz, 27th
  • FF (Freeflying) Clinics
    • – with Team Collective Pitch and Rich Madeley
      • Intermediate Head Down, 22nd
      • Intermediate Head Up, 23rd
      • Big Way, Head-Up, 23rd
      • Big Way Head Down, 24th
      • Angle Camp, 27th
      • Angle Camp, 28th
  • Wingsuit Clinics
    • -with Travis Mickle and Anthony Zerbonia
      • Vertical Formations, 27th
      • Backfly Camp, 28th
      • ACRO Scramble, 29th
      • Speed/ H to H Racing Camp, 30th
      • Big Suit Flocking, 31st

Dates of additional nightly events and attractions at the Cosmic Christmas Boogie include:


23rd– Johnny Shelton Live


24th – Cornhole before Christmas Tournament


26th – Ping Pong Tournament in the Bunker


27th – Human Hungry Hippo


28th – Beer Pong Tournament


29th – Darts Tournament


30th – Drunken Fireball Dodgeball Tournament


31st –  New Year’s Eve ABC (anything but clothes) Party and costume contest

Awards will be given to the winning male and female participant. Winners will be crowned king and queen for the day.


Jan 1st – Wish Lantern release


To register for clinics jumps or to get additional information about the Cosmic Christmas Boogie, visit the events web page at

Event organizer information is TK Hayes

Phone (813) 783-9399. Email [email protected] Website

Cosmic Christmas Boogie Event location: Skydive City, 4241 Sky Dive Lane. Zephyrhills, FL 33542 United States. Phone 1(800) 888-JUMP. Website

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