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The Vectren Day Air Show, a popular yearly aviation event hosted in Dayton has announced additional attractions for this year’s show. The origin of this air show dates back to 1910, when it was originally organized by The Wright Brothers. Dayton, home to the Wright Brothers is where this dynamic duo built their first powered plane.

The Dayton Air Show is known to host some of the world’s most talented civilian and military pilots which draw in a minimum of 80,000 spectators each year. Among the performers are The Misty Blues All Woman Skydiving Team and they’re creating quite a buzz. They last appeared in Dayton back in 2012 and they’re ready to wow the crowd and interact with all of their fans. This team is comprised of all women from across the country and have been taking the skydiving world by storm since the early 1980’s. They perform at an array of events such as corporate functions, air shows and many other special events all over the world. These wonderful ladies enjoy allowing their personalities to shine and meeting all of their spectators.

As a collective team they hold 35 world records and have accomplished 40,000 jumps with the average number of jumps for each member is 3,000. They have captured the hearts of many by performing many electrifying aerial stunts. One memorable stunt includes a member of the team jumping out of a plane with a 50 foot long,70 pound American flag to control while freefalling through the sky. Another mystifying stunt is when another member jumps out of the plane and performs a cutaway, where only one side of the parachute is open and she begins to spin in the air before going back into free-fall motion.

These talented and highly skilled ladies are known to complete maneuvers in the sky that keep all eyes on them. Composed of nine members they are the only all women skydiving team in the world. Some interesting facts about The Misty Blues is that they’ve been performing for over 17 years. More than half of the members on the team have their private pilot licenses as well. When they aren’t cascading through the skies their day jobs range from an airport manager, a doctor, a nurse and a business owner to name a few. Six members of this talented team are set to perform at this year’s air show.

You can expect to see them perform in their infamous pink and blue jumpsuits. A member of the Misty Blues will open the show with a jump from around 5,000 feet in the air with a giant American Flag to begin the festivities.

Other acts that are set to perform are The U.S. Air Force Thunderbirds, who will headline the show. Other performers include aerobatic pilot Sean D. Tucker, Rob Holland, Geico Skytypers and The Chance Vought F4U-5N Corsair a World War II fighter plane.

The 43rd annual Vectren Day Air Show will be in town June 24th and 25th at the Dayton International Airport. Be sure to get your tickets in advance and take in all of the action.

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