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So you’re going to Vegas? While there are many options for daredevils throughout the area, should you take your skydiving rig with you in case you find a good drop zone? The good news is, there were only one or two in the area, but now we have a new DZ and it’s shaking things up.

Las Vegas is quite the destination for gambling, partying, and getting married, although maybe not in that order. There are some crazy, beautiful, and breathtaking views of the desert countryside, as well as multiple National Parks surrounding the city. The city is also the convention capital of the world and known as the entertainment capital of the world. There are those that take their rigs everywhere, looking for jumps anytime they travel. With that being said, you may wind up in Vegas seeking something that is simply not there. You may try to look up “Vegas and skydiving”, and find that there are a million sites ready to take you up. Many of these are tandem jumps that are not there for the hardcore skydiver. These may be internal skydiving places as well, certainly not what you are looking for. They may cost more than you are looking to spend as well.

So what is a hardcore skydiver to do?

Currently there is a skydiving drop zone in the City of Mesquite along Interstate 15 way north of Las Vegas. At least 90 miles and 90 minutes away. The place has a nice, friendly vibe, good fun to be had, and nice place to get away for the weekend. There is also a wonderful selection of Belly, Freefly, and Wingsuit jumps to be had. During the week skydivers can jump on a load if they have tandems going up that day. In Mid-July of 2017 however, a new, closer, spot opened up named Skydive Fyrosity. This dropzone is located in the town of Overton which is also North of Las Vegas, but only 65 miles and 70 minutes away saving you time in the process. The operation is commanded by Sammy J. Vassilev, a Bulgarian immigrant with 8300+ dives in his 27 years as a professional skydiver. Sammy is world-renowned as the manager of Skydive TV and has been working in Vegas since 1994 as a tandem instructor.

Vassilev always dreamed of having a place with jumper-friendly drop zones.

Vassilev searched hard for a long time as the Vegas sky is littered with planes and helicopters. He finally found a place with no airspace restrictions where he could open up his own DZ. Overton, NV was the place. The city has a little airport called Perkins Field that sees zero commercial flight activity. The operation took four years of elbow grease, permits, and a lot of convincing, but opened up in July of 2016 to much fanfare. The DZ is open year round, 365 days a year with the King Air aircraft climbing to 13,000 feet in less than ten minutes. Currently they operate out of a cozy airplane hangar with all the comforts of a large packing area, sofas, tables and benches with a small shopping area and a pool table.

Another great incentive about Skydive Fyrosity is that you can manifest yourself completely online with your smartphone and the Burble APP. For those that are not as tech savvy, you can still manifest with Sammy’s wife Iva in the hangar on a silver screen. Vassilev is currently in the process of constructing a building that will better serve skydivers of all kinds rather than the airplane hangar that is now in place. The new building is planned to house world class training facilities including team and judges rooms, an air-conditioned packing area, a bar and a restaurant and a store with a variety of skydiving items. Vassilev has taken all the necessary steps to make Skyzone Fyrosity the go-to skydiving Vegas adventure it should be.

The first step is on November 1- 9, 2017 as the 2nd FAI World Cup of Wingsuit Flying is being held at Skyzone Fyrosity. Vassilev is bringing some much needed love to the skydiving community in and around Vegas.

Daredevils and adrenaline junkies of every kind will be able to fulfill all of their skydiving needs.

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