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Four Englishmen went skydiving. By itself, this is nothing extraordinary. How they chose to go skydiving is what is raising eyebrows:

They jumped from a plane… NAKED.

The four men jumped from a plane at the height of 22,400 feet. They hope this set the record for the highest naked skydive. They did this on Thursday, July 6 in Kenya. The four men are attempting to set a new world record for skydiving naked. The four men are Pete Sharwood-Smith, Gary Lincoln-Hope, Pete Cheek, and Olly Aylott. Sharwood-Smith is a 43 year-old. “We’re not allied to any political party, we just want to reinforce the positive aspects of being British and British people are known for doing silly things, especially after the pub,” Sharwood-Smith said, referring to the England choosing to leave the European Union last year on June 23, 2016.

He said that Scotland, Ireland, Wales, and England are “all better together.”

According to the Guinness Book of World Records, there is no category entitled “Naked Skydiving.” Jeff Dawson, the founder of the United States-based group called Society for the Advancement of Naked Skydiving claims that the highest naked skydive was from 18,000 feet. Jumping out of planes was nothing new to Lincoln-Hope; he was a member of the British Parachute Regiment. In fact, out of the four Brits that jumped, he had already completed a naked skydive. He did this when he was 16 years old. Last time he broke his foot on landing. When commenting on his recent jump in the nude, Lincoln-Hope said:

“The jump was colder than I was hoping. Everything was very numb.”

It was estimated air temperatures were around -4 degrees Fahrenheit when calculating the 125 mile per hour wind chill factor. Cheek is a 39-year-old from London. He is a photographer and a web designer. He said that he jumped to commemorate his father, who died 10 years ago from cancer. His father, Pat Cheek, often gardened and did construction work nude. “He always said, ‘do dangerous things carefully,'” said Cheek. “Kenya is a beautiful country and I thought some high-speed nudity would only add to the experience.”

Aylott is a math teacher. He is 33 years old. He decided to skydive with the group randomly; he met them on the beach on Wednesday, the day before the jump. Aylott commented on how he thinks British people are perceived throughout the world. “British people are known for being quite prudish, but we’re not really,” Aylott said. Thoughts of the jump emerged roughly six months prior to the jump itself in the wake of the headline of England’s vote to be removed from the European Union.

Prior to jumping, the four Englishmen wore oxygen masks when on board the plane.

Once they removed their oxygen masks, the four plunged from the 22,400-foot altitude to 15,000 feet—where regular oxygen levels were. The group had five minutes to achieve this, according to Lincoln-Hope. Upon landing, a crew met the group on the beach, providing material for them to cover up. According to their website, The Society for the Advancement of Naked Skydiving “is an organization of like-minded skydivers who have made at least one naked skydive.”

“The goals of the SANS are to promote naked jumping and give members a way of proclaiming that they are part of the naked jumping community.”

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