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Indoor Skydiving is Coming to Concord Mills

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When you think of skydiving, you see a vast open space where you can see for miles and miles. This gorgeous scenery opens your horizons and you feel like there’s nothing you can’t do. But have you thought of the limits of skydiving?

For example, you need to drive to a drop off location that might be far out of town. Then you need to wait for a spot in the airplane, as well as the plane to take you into the sky. Then there’s the weather. You can’t exactly skydive in a snow blizzard, can you? Or in a rainstorm, right? So if you look at it this way, skydiving comes with a lot of conditions and limitations.

But if you’re about to feel discouraged, don’t be. We have great news for you. What if we said that it was possible to skydive – indoors? Yes, you read that right. And for the people of Concord Mills in Cabarrus County, North Carolina, this dream will very soon become a reality.

At the beginning of this year, the Commission of Cabarrus County gave green light to a development plan proposed by iFly Holdings Inc. The company suggested to build a recreation center in the vicinity of Concord Mills that would make indoor skydiving possible. Imagine to be able to skydive anytime, in any weather, whenever you felt like it!

But this plan isn’t only beneficial for skydiving enthusiasts. It’s good for the whole community. The 10 million dollar investment by Sky Group Investments, a subsidiary of iFly Holdings Inc. will fund the construction of a 6,000-square-foot center that will be the new favorite place of every skydiving fan near and far. The new facility will create 26 jobs for people in the area, and 18 of those will ensure full-time employment with a salary higher than the county average.

According to the calculations of Sky Group Investments, the new skydiving facility would have more than 50,000 visitors annually. Skydiving enthusiasts would flock to the center from the state of North Carolina, benefitting the whole county. A higher amount of tourism tax, a greater volume of shopping and the increased usage of other recreational facilities would be just a few of the benefits the new center will bring with it.

Don’t start packing yet, though. The construction will take about 3 years, for the duration of which the Commission is prepared to give the company a grant worth $178,500 each year, in the form of a decreased rate of property tax Sky Group Investments is supposed to pay. As the site has been unused for a long time now, the remaining $30,000 the Commission will collect as property tax is still a significant increase from the previous years.

And what about the facility? Will it fit into the town of Concord Mills? Two commissioners reported to have visited similar, very successful establishments in other towns. “I think it would be a great addition…”, one commissioner said, expressing enthusiasm for the new center.

Well, we can’t wait!

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