iFly Now Open in Orlando!

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iFly’s indoor skydiving, a phenomenon that is quickly sweeping the nation, has just unveiled its newest electrifying attraction. The brand-new twin tunnel has been unveiled at iFly’s new location in Orlando and is quite the talk of the town. The new facility is designed to include a single-story, open floor plan for guests to easily view the flight experiences. Known as one of Orlando’s most popular attractions, the brand-new location has implemented a dual wind tunnel for skydiving enthusiasts to enjoy. The tunnel is composed of two all glass chambers that stand side by side. The purpose is to give iFly guests the feeling of flying and this new attraction has high expectations.

It is estimated that it will increase the numbers of flyers each year and is set to handle groups of 150 or more. How awesome!

Along with providing fun-filled adventures for all ages to enjoy, iFly also focuses on educational programming for children. iFly conducts educational field trips geared towards science, technology and math. iFly uses their vertical wind tunnel facility to make STEM more exciting and relevant for all ages to enjoy. The program was designed by teachers and STEM professionals to support STEM learning in the classroom. Participants of the program will receive interactive presentations, wind tunnel demonstrations and exciting lab activities.

The interactive presentations include a variety of topics related to the wind tunnels.

Students will find out the answers to many questions such as “What is Engineering?”, “How did engineers work together to create this technology?”, “What are the differences between solids and fluids?”, “What forces are at work on objects in the wind tunnel?” and much more! During the lab activities, students will plan and carry out an investigation about parachutes and have the opportunity to identify one parachute variable to experiment with. Students will use stopwatches, measuring tapes, and a scale to measure their parachutes and in the end, will record their findings and present it to the group. What a great way to get students excited about STEM!

There are courses available for elementary, middle and high school students as well as college students and teachers.

Matt Ryan, COO and President of iFly, told Attractions Magazine, “We are making this significant investment in Orlando because it’s where iFLY started and where we continue to have an enormous and loyal fan base….Our goal is to deliver the dream of flight to everyone and by relocating to a new, expansive location we will be able to deliver this dream to even more people in the future.” Ryan’s mission is coming to life right before his eyes with many locations across the United States such as Atlanta, Tampa and Hollywood.

Now going internationally, iFly is expected to conquer more cities in the foreseeable future.

This brand new iFly is near the Orange County Convention Center where they will host a VIP party to help celebrate the new Orlando location on June 13th. They will also hold a closing ceremony for the old location on the same day. Visit iFly’s main website to find a facility near you and book your reservation to experience this fun-filled atmosphere. You’re in for a treat! All iFLY flight packages include flight training, gear, and flight time with your own flight instructor. All instructors are certified by the International Body Flight Association who set the standards for training and safety for indoor skydiving instructors.

You’re in great hands at any iFly facility.

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