“The Girl Who Fell From the Sky” Opens Up

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Emma Carey knows what it is like to overcome a difficult situation. Back in June, 2013 she was part of a terrific tandem skydiving accident that broke her back and pelvis. She was told she would never walk again, but she has overcome those odds.

Carey is known as “the girl who fell from the sky.” To commemorate her accident, Carey has the date of the day of the accident, June, 9, 2013 tattooed on her arm in roman numerals. “It is the date that completely changed my life and in a way I became a totally different person,” Carey said. “I have been indescribably lucky and regained the ability to walk again, but as you can imagine, the whole experience taught me a lot and changed my entire perspective on life.”

While Carey said some people ask her why she wants a “bad” date on her arm, she said it was the day she became fully aware of her love for life and identifies the day as a “re-birth.”

Carey described herself as “an active and sporty person.” Hearing the news that she would never walk again was awful for her; she thought about all of the different things she found happiness that she would not be able to do again.

“I remember thinking that it wasn’t possible to live a happy life without the use of my legs,” Carey said—noting that she no longer thinks that, “but I remember being more upset that I would never feel happiness again.”

After her accident, Carey returned from a four-month hospital stay. This involved a period of adaptation because her entire life structure was altered. Carey explained this by saying, “I could no longer walk around the house I used to live in …I wheeled past the streets where I used to run. I couldn’t go back to work. Every part of my life had changed and I had to find a way to be okay with that.”

In addition, Carey also moved from her home in Canberra, Australia to the Gold Coast in Australia. Carey said the reasoning behind the move was for a “fresh start” that involved a different life.

“I have always loved the ocean and warm weather, so I thought the Gold Coast would be a perfect fit for me and I was definitely right,” Carey said. “I love the nature, the people, the atmosphere, the chilled lifestyle, the weather.”

Carey also played a role in Spinal Cord Injury Awareness this year, in 2017. She thought the idea was “incredible.” “I will be taking part in SIP week with my family and friends at home and I will also be sharing the message with my Instagram followers and hopefully inspiring others to join in as well.”

Carey has gained quite a social media following after her accident. She wants to help other to learn from her accident and share how it changed her.

“I have started writing more about some of the problems I face living with a spinal cord injury and I love having a platform to be able to raise awareness for some of the everyday struggles we go through that not many people would know,” Carey said.

Carey has received many messages from her followers on social media sharing their story. “I think because I am so open on social media, people feel comfortable in being honest and open with me about their own struggles,” Carey said. “I have heard a lot of extremely touching, sad, happy, beautiful, heartbreaking stories over the past few years and I guess my aim is to show people that it is possible to create an amazing life for yourself even if you’ve experienced something horrible.”

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