Five Adrenaline Activities to Explore on Your Next Vacation

Five Adrenaline Activities to Explore on Your Next Vacation News, Skydiving, Leave a Comment

If you’re a thrill seeker and relaxing is not exactly your idea of the perfect vacation, consider exploring some adrenaline opportunities on your next trip. Five activities to consider for your next vacation are paragliding, bungee jumping, skydiving, water activities, and wind tunnels. Obviously, these will vary depending on where you go. This is in no way an all-encompassing list—there are definitely more opportunities out there. However, this list should give you an idea of a few opportunities to look into.

Paragliding is a recreational (or competitive) aviation opportunity. For those seeking a more old-school way of flying, this may just be the way to go. Put simply, a paraglider is little more than fabric and a harness. Having a harness allows a person to be strapped in and to “sit” while gliding with wings attached to them. Paragliding flights begin with an instructor or pilot, to show you the ropes. This sport offers plenty of thrill without the fear factor of skydiving.

Bungee Jumping
Bungee jumping is, as it sounds, jumping while attached to a rope that stretches. Generally, the rope is nylon-cased and is attached to a person’s ankles where it acts like a huge rubber band. This can be available at a variety of locations and is not for the faint of heart.

This is where it’s at. Nothing is more majestic, peaceful, and exhilarating at the same time – all while jumping out of a plane thousands of feet in the air. Skydiving gives a person a unique perspective and a new opportunity to see the world like they have never seen it before. Even if you have gone skydiving before, jumping in new locations—including different countries—gives you a different view.

Wind Tunnels
Wind tunnels provide a somewhat safer experience than skydiving. A wind tunnel simulates what it is like to skydive. A device produces strong winds and these winds provide a very life-like skydiving experience. Everyone who flies wears a uniform, helmet, and goggles—giving the experience a more authentic feel. Instruction, lasting about an hour, regarding safety protocols is given before entering the wind tunnel.

Water Activities
The opportunity to participate in watersports will vary depending on your vacation destination. Of course, you’ll want to go somewhere warmer to take part in a sport that actually requires you to touch the water. Consider trying waterboarding, gliding above a boat in a parachute, snorkeling, or flyboarding. Many water destinations now offer these exciting sports.

What is flyboarding? In flyboarding, a person wears specialized ‘boots’ with jet nozzles that are attached to a board on a boat. The pressure of the water then forces the rider about 50 feet into the air, or as much as 8 feet down into the water, whichever they choose.

Prices on activities can vary and it is recommended that you call ahead for detailed information about activities that peak your interest. There are many choices out there for the sports enthusiast – this list is just to give you an idea of the possibilities.

Have an adrenaline filled time on your next vacation!

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