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Georgie Le’Fjord was only 23 years old when she tragically lost her life while picnicking on a beach in Wales.

On June 18, 2015, Le’Fjord was struck on the head by a rock. The rock had fallen from a cliff on Llantwit Major. Llantwit Major Beach is a hot tourist attraction in Wales. It’s located near Minehead in Glamorgan and is known for its rocky beach and stunning views of the Bristol Channel. The beach has exploded in popularity in recent years, attracting many people to the area. Its surrounding cliffs contain layers of limestone and shale and can be unstable, according to the Wales Beach Guide. Le’Fjord would have been celebrating her 26th birthday on June 30.

However, her family will instead be marking the special day with a unique memorial in her name.

The family, led by Le’Ford’s sister, Alice Birch, will be making a tandem skydive on July 1 in her memory. The skydiving group will also include Birch’s husband Tom Barrow, Millie Cleary, Le’Fjord’s younger sister, Paul Briggs, Le’Fjord’s boyfriend, family member, Jonathan Star, and family friend, Dan Jenkins. Tandem skydiving involves a novice or student jumper being connected to a skydiving instructor via a special harness. The instructor then guides the jumper through the entire procedure from start to finish.

A tandem jump allows a person to experience the thrill of skydiving with minimal prior instruction than what would be required if an individual was making the jump solo. In honor of the special jump in Le’Fjord’s memory, the family has turned “Jump For Georgie” into a charitable endeavor. According to the family’s Virgin Money Giving page, the jumps are being financed by the jumpers. However, they are requesting sponsors to contribute donations.

The majority of the donations will be given to Winston’s Wish.

Depending on the monetary amount, a portion of the proceeds may also be donated to Wiltshire Wildlife Hospital. Winston’s Wish is a childhood bereavement charity. It was established in the United Kingdom in 1992 to provide support services for grieving children and their families. The charity also offers special programs for children affected by deaths resulting from murder, manslaughter, suicide, and combat. The charity holds a noteworthy place in the hearts of Le’Fjord’s family because Le’Fjord’s father committed suicide when she was 13, and Winston’s Wish helped the teen through the tragedy.

They also lent a helping hand to the family a decade later when they were dealing with the sudden loss of Le’Fjord.

In an interview with the Salisbury Journal, Jackie Cleary, LeFjor’s mother, spoke of the support the charity offered the family after her husband, John Cleary, took his own life in 2005 and with Georgie’s unexpected passing. “They offered us invaluable support after his death in 2005 and were there for us again ten years later when Georgie tragically died whilst picnicking on the beach,” Cleary said. Wiltshire Wildlife Hospital opened its doors in 1993 and cares for sick, injured, and orphaned wildlife. They operate solely on donations and operate on 17 acres of land in Newton Tony, England.

“Jump For Georgie” will take place on July 1 at GoSkydive in Old Sarum.

Currently, the fund has raised more than 1,000 pounds with gift aid. Their overall goal is 2,000 pounds with a little over 30 days to go before the big jump. Donations can be made via the family’s “Jump For Georgie” page. To make a donation Click Here!

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