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It’s a bird! It’s a plane! No, it’s not superman but it sure is close. As you feast your eyes on the beautiful desert skies above, you can catch a glimpse of the world’s elite skydivers. With the Mexico border, visible in the horizon, south of the barren Arizona desert you can find these skilled aviation enthusiasts practicing a series of synchronized formations in the sky. Seemingly in the middle of nowhere, this team of experts launch their parachutes and land safely at The Flying Crown Ranch. Courtesy of the infamous Kirby Chambliss and his spacious ranch, welcome to the Red Bull Air Force Training Camp.

Kirby Chambliss is not your ordinary guy, he’s a commercial pilot as well as a world champion in aerobatics. Chambliss grew up in Corpus Christi, Texas where his father was a skydiver and the love for flying and taking chances transcended right over from generation to generation. In 1975, Chambliss began his pursuit of solo flying and received his pilot certification. Over the years, Chambliss has held many positions as a certified flight instructor and a business jet pilot. Later, he became the captain of the U.S. Aerobatic team. Chambliss holds five national championship titles under his belt, which makes him well equipped to be a part of the Red Bull Air Force. It also helps that he is highly respected by those around him. His team members describe him as the heart of the team and they’re lucky to know him. They say that he is the best around.

The Red Bull Air Force Training Camp brings together Red Bull’s top wingsuit pilots, BASE jumpers, skydivers and aerial acrobats. These experts come together and look forward to a week-long session of taking aerial acrobats to the extreme. Per the Red Bull Air Force Team Manager and Captain Jon Devore, their goal is to level up and improve their demo routine for 2017. They’re taking the time to discover new routines. Throughout the course of the week, the team will further develop their level of trust and enhance their levels of comfortability to be able to excuse their high-risk maneuvers. Devore states that “It gets everyone’s morale and energy pumped up for the new year. Everyone gets fired up and trains as a team.” The guys typically strive to have one big training camp each year and they’re optimistic about coming together for another week out in Lake Tahoe sometime this year. The overall purpose of the training camp is to perfect routines with the Red Bull helicopter. These professionals take a great deal of pride into their craft and want to make sure they always put their best foot forward.

The team states that they’ll be working on a lot of new additions to their performance regimen. For starters, they’ve worked on low exit, low pull demos where the jumper uses a special parachute to open their air shows. Also, they’ve worked on an XRW, a skydiving discipline where the canopy is showcased flying in formation next to wingsuit flyers. The team is also working on precision and time management, to perfect every minute detail of their routines. The goal is to know the exact length of all their routines.

It’s evident that these guys love what they do. They continue to strive higher and have many years of experience to rely on. With the training camps and the support of Red Bull they’re able to push their creativity and innovativeness to the next level. They enjoy living out their passions on an everyday basis and hope that they can inspire sport jumpers all over the world to pursue their dreams. The level of excitement and deep love for their craft exudes during each performance.

Footage of their shows have taken the social media world by storm. Their Facebook fan page has an array of explosive eye catching videos from all over the world. People cannot believe their eyes when they watch the synchronized routines performed high in the sky. These routines are performed at the Red Bull Air Force shows which are typically done over the water which adds even more excitement. Fans use words such as electrifying, explosive, and unbelievable to describe their reactions after witnessing such great talent.

It would be a great idea to check out one of these shows if you get the chance. This is a once in a lifetime performance put on by professional aviation enthusiasts who are simply living their dreams. We don’t think it can get any better than that. So, fire up your search engines and get to hunting for a Red Bull show near you. It’s something that you’ll want to be on the lookout for, that’s for sure. Get ready for The Red Bull Air Force to come catapulting out of the sky in a city near you. You’ll be in for a treat!

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