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Skydive Algarve and ToraTora have linked together to create a camp designed to promote learning, fun, and progression. Be surrounded by beautiful, picturesque beaches and enjoy time with friends while taking instruction from skilled and knowledgeable instructors guaranteed to expand your technique and enhance your experience. This beautiful camp based in Portugal is designed to equip you with both the knowledge and skills that you will need to be a successful, experienced jumper when it comes to skydiving. Your instructors will teach you different methods and skills to use while practicing your jump. You will practice different jumping techniques, will be given jumps to actually do from the plane to apply what you have learned, and will also have flying time with your friends.

Paradise in Portugal

‘Paradise in Portugal’ camp focuses on 30 jumps, and each participant is divided up into groups that have one flyer in each group, totaling four different groups. Additionally, the groups are split based upon both experience level and interest. Each group will have their own experienced and knowledgeable coach that will make sure to push your skill and knowledge in every way possible to really equip you to be the best that you can be in skydiving. You will gain more experience in jumping and have the opportunity to practice various jumps before attempting them in the sky. This camp will test your abilities and find ways in which to strengthen them. One of the ways that this is done is by switching instructors often. Each group will also receive a different instructor every two to three days to really aid in having a strong, well rounded experience. Moreover, for those learning new positions and techniques, such as head down or head up with one-on-one coaching, there will be at least eight coached jumps that are performed. Heads up and heads down are just two of the techniques that you have the potential to learn in the camp from your instructors. Also, if you are already flying those positions, there is a highly possible chance that you will be able to do three-way or four-way group for more jumps! Jumps that end up uncoached result in added flying time with your group members.

The camp does not have specific experience qualifications so any and all levels of experience are able to participate. It does not matter if you are fresh out of Accelerated Free Fall or have jumped hundreds or thousands of times, this camp is something that you can do without any experience hindrances. They have so many coaches available for instruction that you are bound to work with a coach that is able to teach you something new at some point.

The camp has been moved in order to avoid the Portuguese Autumn. You would truly have to witness the beauty of the Portuguese beaches and the gorgeous scenery. All of the beautiful cliffs that line the water cannot be put into words when describing their magnificence. The camp is scheduled for October 8-13, 2017 and has a registration fee of 500€. More details can be found on ToraTora’s website.

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