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Skydiving is an activity that excites and wows all kinds of people from all backgrounds and interests. Even supermodels sometimes like to get in on the action! People Magazine reported that Bella Hadid, the supermodel of Victoria’s Secret fame and sister to another Victoria’s Secret model Gigi Hadid, went on a tandem skydive on Saturday.

Bella is also a model for IMG Models, signed in 2014, and has recently risen to fame in the supermodel world. Not many people reach the lofty heights of being a supermodel, but Bella has shown that she can handle all the stressful parts of this rare job. Supermodels often do things like walk runway shows, star in ads, do commercials, and grace the covers of magazines. There’s definitely a lot of pressure on a model when all eyes are on them. Bella Hadid started her modeling career a few years ago, and is currently only 20 years old. It makes sense that, given her ability to handle high stress and an adrenaline-filled life, going skydiving would be a breeze.

She experienced her skydiving adventure in Dubai over the weekend. The dive was a tandem skydive, the type of skydive that beginners start out doing. She posted a picture of the skydiving trip to her Instagram account. She is smiling and looks excited during the thrilling skydive. The pictures also shows how the tandem skydive process works, as you can see her instructor in the picture above and how they are harnessed together during the jump.

Bella’s arms are held up, like she is doing some sort of superhero pose, and she seems to be completely enjoying the experience. She wrote this on her Instagram account:

“Jumped out of a plane today!!! I’VE NEVER FELT SO CALM IN MY LIFE!!! Flying with the angels!!!”

Clearly, she couldn’t get enough of the experience. It also seems that this is not her first time skydiving. She also posted on social media, “Thank you @skydivedubai Greh and Maha! Best skydiving experience of my life!!!! F yaaaa!!!!” She shows here that skydiving instructors are part of what makes skydiving a fun, interactive experience. This post also implies that she has gone skydiving other times.

She also posted a picture of a selfie with her instructor that was taken from the plane before the jump. Hadid has been in Dubai since Wednesday as part of her Christian Dior makeup promotion tour.

While most of us will not be likely to become supermodels, we can all give skydiving a try. It is a sport that people from all walks of life can experience and have an adventurous time. Even for supermodels, it is clear from Hadid’s excitement on her posts that skydiving is a thrilling, unique experience! And, even though she had been skydiving before, it isn’t an experience that loses its charm or wonder. Every time is a new and thrilling adventure that brings about new sights and views of the world below.

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