Skydiving: The Ultimate “Promposal”

Skydiving: The Ultimate “Promposal” Entertainment Leave a Comment

Beautiful dresses, a stretch limousine and lots of roses! It’s prom season again and high school students everywhere are pulling out all the stops to pop the question. Not a marriage proposal but, a “Promposal”! Long gone are the days of simply passing a note or perhaps placing a phone call asking someone to prom. Over the last several years asking someone to be their date to prom has become more elaborate and extravagant. Teenagers are even mustering up the courage to take to social media by asking their celebrity crushes to accompany them on their big night. Recently, high school student Jacob Staudenmaier reenacted the opening scene “Another Day of Sun” from La La Land to ask accomplished actress Emma Stone to prom. Cole LaBrant tweeted a promposal to Selena Gomez and followed up with a music video after she didn’t respond initially. Cole is still waiting on a response from Gomez. Matt Peterson asked Miley Cyrus to prom and even though she couldn’t attend, he still was in for a treat. Cyrus invited him to her Arizona show and he got to hang out backstage with the superstar. Even back in 2013, Jake Davidson from Los Angeles, invited Kate Upton to his prom. Prom has surely changed over the years but, this one in particular may have flown above everyone’s head.

This promposal really takes everything to higher heights, literally. High school senior Ty Myers of Bristol, Tennessee (which is Northeast of Knoxville, Tennessee) decided that he wanted to do something special when asking his girlfriend Katie Potter of two years to prom. He had only one idea in mind, to jump out of a plane!

Myers dressed up in a suit and tie and hopped in a plane to jump two miles above Earth. Once he was ready, Myers leaped from 12,000 feet in the air while holding a sign that said “I’m falling for U! Prom?” We’re happy to report that his girlfriend said yes! Myers told ABC News that “Katie is such an amazing and special girl who treats everyone with genuine kindness and has an attitude about her that makes it hard not to love her.” I felt that I had to do something big to show her just how special she is. She is the type of girl that would have been fine with a simple note passed to her, but this was something I wanted to do that I thought would mean a lot to her.” Potter was not surprised by her boyfriend’s elaborate performance, she wouldn’t have expected anything less. Potter told ABC News “This does not surprise me one bit,” “He’s the type of guy to go above and beyond, no matter what he does for anyone. Especially me, though.”

This wasn’t Myers first time skydiving either. He is actually an avid skydiver and enjoys taking a few flights from time to time. He has about 30 jumps under his belt so, he knew it was the perfect way to ask a special person to prom.

To even add to this special occasion, Myers and Potter won prom King and Queen as well! Amazing! Let’s see what next year’s prom season has in store.

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