Solstice Boogie 2017

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Once again, the Alaskan Summer Solstice Boogie has been scheduled for 2017. This year, the highly anticipated skydiving event has been extended for six days starting on June 13th and going through the 18th.

Reserving a place in this annual skydiving adventure will cost $600 an includes 13 skydiving tickets. The package includes a jump from Twin Otter at approximately 13,000 feet, the Glacier Jump, and Helicopter Jump. The ever famous Midnight Summer Solstice Jump is also part of the deal.

Participants will also be provided with load organizers, professional packers and riggers, and will take part in the Alaska state head-down and head-up record jumps. It’s an event that skydiving enthusiasts can look forward to all year.

Skydivers may perform the glacier jump upon registration for the Boogie. This jump is highly dependent on the weather. Organizers for the event recommend that those wishing to participate register sooner rather than later. This will give participants the opportunity to take part in one of the first jumps during the event.

Organizers for the Boogie have put together various lodging and excursion packages. Some hotels may have discounts available depending on what the visitors reserve.

There is much to see in America’s Last Frontier. The Alaskan wilderness presents tourists with stunning views of snow-capped mountains, rivers, glaciers, and wildlife that one cannot see anywhere else in the world. Former participants in the Boogie had nothing but praise about last year’s event.

“Round-the-clock daylight (and even some midnight skydives in pajamas) was so uniquely cool that I will remember it the rest of my life,” Lindsay Fener said in a testimonial. “The time we spent exploring off the dropzone proved that Alaska is a travel destination for anyone looking for adventure.”

Many of the skydivers from last year’s event may be returning again this year.

“We had the best time,” Fener said. “I hear the 2017 Summer Solstice Boogie promises to be even better. I can’t wait!”

Skydiving can be done just about anywhere in the world. Professional skydivers who have been licensed sometimes travel around the globe seeking the best places to practice this extreme sport. The adrenaline rush that these thrill seekers look for cannot be matched by any other sport.

A jump typically takes place at about 14,000 feet from an airplane or helicopter. The pilot turns on the green light, signaling that they are in position to jump. The skydiver then leaps out of the aircraft and immediately goes into free fall. Hitting speeds of 120 miles per hour, the free falling sensation lasts for about 30 to 45 seconds. During this time, professional skydivers can perform tricks, flips, and turns.

Once the skydiver has reached a certain altitude, he or she deploys the canopy. This slows the speed of descent significantly, leaving the skydiver to float gently above the ground for 4 to 6 minutes. Lastly, the skydiver last safely in the drop zone.

Most professional skydivers have hundreds of jumps under their belts. While accidents can happen in any sport, skydiving happens to be very safe. All skydivers are keenly aware of proper protocol and emergency procedures. It is very rare that an accident during a skydive will happen.

Not only are skydivers looking for their next thrill, they are also looking for the best spot to jump. Alaska is a prime example of a wonderful place to skydive over. The wildlife, landscape, and peaceful atmosphere makes for a majestic skydiving experience.

“The views were outstanding,” said Curt Vogelsang. “There is plenty to see and do with fishing, white water rafting, hiking, help jumps, glacier jumps, and jumps over snow-capped mountains. The place was beautiful!”

Tickets may be reserved from now at for the 2017 Alaskan Summer Solstice Boogie at Alaska Skydive Center.

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