Canadian Great-Grandmother Skydives at 88

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Age is just a number. The paradigm rings true when it comes to one Canadian great-grandmother. Recently, she chose to go skydiving. She said that it was something that had been on her mind for quite awhile and is just one of the many things she hopes to accomplish.

Marie Hollo is 88 years old and she jumped out of a plane last week, showing her adventurous spirit. Hollo describes herself using the words “crazy granny.” She is a grandmother of three and a great-grandmother of six.

The jump occurred at the Parachute School of Toronto. The facility is located in Baldwin, Ontario in Canada and is approximately one hour and twenty minutes north of Toronto—a distance of approximately 50 miles.

According to Hollo, the experience was well worth it. “It was wonderful, just so peaceful and beautiful up there,” Hollo said. “I had it in my mind a long time ago.”

Hollo expressed zero nervousness before her jump took place. “I just couldn’t wait to go out,” she said. Footage of her skydive was uploaded to YouTube by Inside Edition on July 25, 2017.

Hollo’s daughter, Susan Hollo commented on the experience, expressing her mother’s ambitious nature. “My mother’s fearless and she was just so thrilled to be able to do something that challenged her and I was really happy for her to have the experience,” Susan said.

According to Susan, Marie has always encouraged her to follow her dreams and pursue her ambitions.

“She’s taught me that if you really want to do something, you need to go out and realize your dreams, and if you’ve got a bucket list, you should really start checking those things off because you never know,” Susan explained.

Her mother enjoyed being up in the sky. “It’s just so beautiful up there in that sky,” Hollo said. “I enjoyed every minute.”

Braving heights is nothing new to Hollo. A few years back, when she was 84 years old, she visited the tallest building in the city of Toronto, hanging off the side of it.

According to CN Tower’s website, the CN Tower is the tallest building in the city of Toronto and has a regular “Edgewalk” available. The site describes the walk as “the most thrilling attraction in the CN Tower’s history and the first of its kind in North America.” The EdgeWalk holds a Guinness World Record for “World’s Highest External Walk on a Building.” People are attached via a harness system at 1,168 feet.

Hollo’s future endeavors include wanting to drive a race car. In a few years, when she turns 90, she wants to celebrate her birthday in an interesting manner: she wants the rapper Pitbull to sing to her on her birthday. Admittedly, her and her family are unsure how to make this wish come true.

“Just do it. Don’t think about it,” Marie said, acknowledging it is never too late for somebody to cross something off of their bucket list. “If you want to do it, do it. Life is too short.”

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