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The Bachelor Joins Wilton’s Sydney Skydivers Skydiving, Leave a Comment

Sydney Skydivers in Wilton, Australia, hosted Channel Ten’s show The Bachelor last week.

According to the company website, Sydney Skydivers “is the largest skydive training center in Australia and the closest to Sydney. Learn to skydive courses start every Saturday at the skydiving center and you can choose any day to complete your first skydive once your ground training is completed.”

The dating show featured a group encounter at the popular skydiving site, which has been featured on previous seasons of The Bachelor.

This year’s single, Matty Johnson, invited a group of female participants to go skydiving.

One of the contestants, Simone, broke down due to her fear of heights, but finally jumped, which earned her a one-on-one date with Matty.

Following a tense meeting in which he dismissed one of his prospective bachelorettes, Sian, Matty returned to the show.

“I think he put me out of my misery, in all honesty,” Sian said. “That’s totally fine. I wanted to give it my all because I’m not a quitter.”

After Sian exited the show, Matty spoke about wanting to find true love.

“I just want to say to you ladies that I’m not some puppet that’s just being told what to do,” he said.

“When I pick someone for a single date, that’s because I picked them myself. I decide who goes on those dates. I think the main issue is she was really questioning what was real and what wasn’t, things that I was saying . . . and even questioning, like, if they were genuine or not.

“When you receive a rose in the rose ceremony, that’s because it’s entirely my decision. There is absolutely no one who’s telling me what to do when people need to leave. I am here purely because I want to find someone and I hope you can appreciate that,” he added.

Following the tension, the group headed to Wilton for the skydive.

Despite her initial reluctance, Simone took the plunge.

“Simone, just all of a sudden just pulled it together and jumped – I am so proud of Simone,” Matty said.

Laura, another contestant, was also nervous about the dive. “Oh God, no man is worth this,” she said, although she later admitted that the experience was “exhilarating.”

Sydney Skydivers was in the news last month after two men died during a tandem jump. The company, which has had six fatalities in the past 16 years, lamented the incident.

One of the divers was a “highly experienced” 63-year-old instructor. The other was a 29-year-old Singaporean man who had signed up for a lesson.

“This is the first fatality involving a first orientation Tandem skydive the company has had in over 40 years of operation and is an extremely rare incident,” Sydney Skydivers said.

“The particular skydive the two men were undertaking was not especially challenging for a highly experienced instructor, who had done nearly 10,000 skydives and had nearly 30 years of experience in the sport.

“The jump was from normal height and it is not yet clear what occurred,” they added.

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