June Gill - Daredevil Gramdma

June Gill: The Most Interesting Grandmother in the World

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While some grandmothers are knitting quilts or baking chocolate chip cookies, others are out skydiving! That is right, one grandmother in particular is raising eyebrows with her antics and love for adventure. Her name is June Gill.

June Gill is from Castleford, Westshire which is located in England, and she is 78 years old. Aside from skydiving, her other adventures are also extreme. She truly is the most interesting grandmother in the world!

For June Gill it is not all just about fun; she has been fundraising for over 30 years. Her main endeavor is contributing to Prince of Wales Hospice. In particular, she raises money by engaging in extreme sports. Putting her younger counterparts to shame, she has one accomplished bucket list.

In the past she worked as a nurse but is now retired. Since her retirement, Gill has gone on quite a few adventures. She has hiked the Inca trail in Peru, which is 13,800 feet above sea level. In addition, she has trekked in the Sahara Desert which is the world’s largest hot desert (third largest total) located in North Africa—in size it is roughly 3.6 million square miles; a size bigger than the United States which is 3.5 million square miles. Another adventure she has been on was to the Great Wall of China whose origin goes back to 7th century BCE, and the wall itself stretches 13,171 miles.

Other fundraising efforts Gill has participated in include fire walking, parachute jumping in a fancy dress, abseiling—rock climbing for those less familiar with the term; it’s rock climbing on a steep vertical mountain or cliff with a rope and harness attached, and she went white water rafting in Zambezi three years back. During white water rafting her boat tipped over in crocodile infested waters.

June Gill - Daredevil Gramdma

This did little to deter Gill and her adventurous spirit.

Every day (with the exception of Sunday) Gill volunteers for the Prince of Wales Hospice. In order to keep in shape for all of her adventures, she works out three times a week.

Her future plans include going to Vietnam to help with children’s charity work. For her 80th birthday she plans on going wing-walking, which is moving on an aircraft during its flight. (For those less familiar with it, check out this video.)

June Gill - Daredevil Gramdma

Gill was nominated for the Swizzel’s Lovely Moments campaign by her granddaughter Laura Fear. The competition is for anybody to enter somebody else that they feel has made “unforgettable moments that have warmed your heart.” Their webpage goes on to say, “Whether it’s someone you know who has taken on an incredible charity challenge – or simply a small gesture that put a smile on your face, we want to hear about it. No story is too big or small.”

To sum this up, June Gill has gone:

  • Skydiving
  • Rock climbing
  • Parachuting
  • Fire walking
  • White water rafting
  • Visited the Great Wall of China
  • Trekked through the Sahara Desert
  • Hot Air Ballooning
  • Hiked the Inca trail

This is some bucket list by an incredible woman who has shown no signs of slowing down. Her warm heart and ambitious attitude have inspired many.

June Gill truly is the most interesting grandmother in the world!

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