Henry Holsthyzen and Arrow the Skydiving Dog

Arrow the Skydiving Dog Sets a World Record

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Thrill seeking fun is definitely found in skydiving. This adrenaline rush has caught with to many across the world. Skydiving is so popular now, that our canine friends are getting in on the fun! Two year old German Shepard “Arrow”, has recently made headlines setting a world record with his amazing skydive.

Arrow was trained by Henry Holsthyzen from Paramount Group’s Anti-Poaching and K9 Academy and had been in training for this adventure since he was born. Holsthyzen joined Arrow for this grand milestone helping him to stay calm and ensuring of his safety the entire time. Arrow was chosen for skydiving due to his performance over the years in training. This training included him being descended by rope from a helicopter riding alongside Holsthyzen. Being of the 200 dogs specially bred to be trained by the defense and aerospace company. The special school consists of training for anti-poaching rangers to be specialized in K9 handling as well as getting them involved in working with the dog within a wildlife environment.

Arrow’s skydiving feat was so amazing that the Guinness Book of World Records documenting him as being the first dog to ever skydive.  Check out this video from the Paramount Group!

Be like Arrow… Skydiving is a safe and fun adventure to check off your bucket list. If a fearless pup like him can take the plunge, why can’t you?

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Arrow did it….You should too!

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