93-Year-Old Goes on Second Skydive

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There are certain things that come with old age. Moving around becomes harder. The body is susceptible to more diseases. Often times, people slow down.

This is not what one 93-year-old had in mind.

Thomas Angell, lives in Burlington, Ontario, Canada, and is 93-years-old. Recently, he went on his second skydive. Both were tandem skydives from around 10,000 feet. His skydive was part of a program designed to help people cross off items on their “bucket list“. “One thing led to another,” Thomas Angell said. “I was a little reticent as to what I was getting into.” Thomas Angell went as a part of a program offered by his retirement community, LaSalle Park Retirement Community. The name of the program is the Signature Living List.

According to the LaSalle Park Retirement website, “The Signature Living List embraces the spirit of turning one moment into a lifetime memory for our residents. Using a collaborative approach, our properties work with our residents, each other and the community at large; to turn lifetime wishes into reality.” Angell’s first skydive took place ten years ago. He said that he decided to go skydiving “out of curiosity.” He completed his second jump on May 19, 2017. Accompanying him was a small entourage who said that they were there for “moral support”. Angell went to Niagara Skydive Centre Inc. to complete his skydive.

The center is located in Welland, Ontario. The LaSalle Park Retirement Community is located in Burlington, Ontario. The center is approximately 47 miles south of the retirement community. The drive is close to an hour away. Angell said the skydive took between 35-50 seconds and that he got to see fields and homes of Niagara from above. He was strapped to his skydiving instructor with a harness. Angell said the Niagara Skydive Centre staff were, “very encouraging, saying ‘don’t back out, keep going.'”

“And by jove, when you’re out, you’re out,” Angell said. “It’s so quiet and peaceful.”

Angell was a RAF flight engineer on Halifax bombers during World War II. According to their website, the LaSalle Park Retirement Community’s mission is, “To establish Signature Retirement Living as Canada’s leading purveyor of retirement lifestyles where our residents receive unmatched choice and an enviable level of service in a positive, vibrant and caring environment.” As part of the Signature Living program, the LaSalle Retirement Community seeks to “enrich” the experience of their residents, make a positive difference in the community, and act with integrity.

They state that they, “value each and every Signature resident.” Overall, according to their website, they hope this program makes, “a positive difference in the community we all share.” Angell said it was about one minute until his parachute opened, and he expressed relief when it did. “When you feel the parachute open, you feel a little better about it,” Angell said. Angell cracked a joke, saying he saw “angels” while floating through the sky. Angell appears to have zero regrets about his excursion.

With a smile he said, “It’s a spectacular view of the ground below you.”

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