Claire Dunne will skydive from 10,000 feet on September 17 to honor the memory of her late father.

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Claire Dunne will skydive from 10,000 feet on September 17 to honor the memory of her late father.

She will attempt to conquer her fear of heights for a good cause. This jump is meant to raise money for a family room at the Intensive Care Unit at St. James Hospital. The money will be donated in the name of her late father, Peter “Moscal” Dunne.

To help her overcome her fear of heights, Dunne has undergone hypnotherapy and has also taken a Fly Fearless course in Dublin. This is no easy feat for her, but she is determined to help raise money for this charitable cause that is near to her heart.

Peter Dunne was a Portlaoise prison officer for over 30 years before he passed away. He was known throughout the town for his charitable deeds, which seem to have inspired his daughter to follow along in his footsteps.

Her father was admitted to St. James Hospital and spent 8 hours in surgery before being sent to the ICU. Doctors and nurses fought for days to save his life. During these trying days, Dunne spent all of her time at the hospital. She stayed in the waiting area amidst strangers. To pass the time, she would walk idly through the hallways and corridors looking for some relief. She had nowhere to go that could give her the privacy she needed to cope with her father’s illness.

“There was nowhere for me to go,” Dunne said. “Nowhere that could cry on my own, or at at times wanting to scream, and not having strangers look at me.”

She waited for days for her family members to arrive to say their final farewells. Once they began to arrive, there was nowhere for them to stay. Family members crowded the halls and open waiting room, waiting for updates from the ICU staff members.

Dunne said there were other families in the same predicament as they were. St. James Hospital is well known for treating many different diseases and illnesses. They have specialists on staff and receive many families from all over the country every day.

Hospitals are not pleasants places to be. It is very hard for family members to wait around in an open area for updates on terminally ill patients. Dunne is determined to raise money for a private family room for the ICU wing to help other families cope with the loss of a loved one.

Simple comforts can help aid in the grief and stress of being in the ICU for the passing of a loved one. It will take about €20,000 to build the ICU private, family room. Dunne has set her sights on raising €1,000. So far, she has managed to bring in about one third of her goal.

This is not the first time Dunne has raised money for a charitable cause. Last year, she managed to raise €4,000 for another ward inside St. James Hospital where her father received treatment.

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