Fellow Skydiver’s Dog Needs Your Help

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A fellow skydiver’s loved dog with a lung problem needs someone with a big heart.

Sid Vicious, as he’s been dubbed by his beloved owner Erran Yearty, is suffering from a collapsed trachea, a fatal condition that causes labored breath, a distressing cough and other symptoms.

The condition was originally noticed and diagnosed six months ago. Surgery was recommended, a tricky surgical procedure that I won’t even attempt to describe (i.e. my brain is too small). On a slightly positive note, the surgery has a success rate of 75-85 percent. Nevertheless, Sid’s caring owner decided to take matters into his own hands by raising money for the surgery on his own.

Yearty has raised over $3,000, roughly half of the total cost for the procedure.

Now, over six months later, Sid’s condition has progressed to a grade III classification, meaning his lumen has deteriorated by seventy five percent and his cartilage is nearly flat causing the symptoms to worsen to a debilitating point.

For those of you who don’t know, Erran Yearty is one half of the YouTube channel PoisoningTheWell. A part of his entertainment routine is his live streams via the YouTube service. During one of his streams, Yearty found himself explaining the regrettable story of Sid’s situation to his viewers.

The story struck a chord with someone.

Merely a day after the story was broadcasted, an anonymous viewer, ChairView, decided to take the initiative and create a fundraiser page on YouCaring.com explaining the story. Within hours of the initial post, and without Yearty’s knowledge, the page received almost $1900, out of the $6000 still needed, in donations.

The support stunned him. After six months of scrambling to find money for the surgery, a bright beam of newfound hope emerged from the darkness.

Spirits are high for Yearty, but he still has a long road ahead.

Whether you are a close friend, a fellow jumper, a subscriber to his channel or simply have a dog of your own, help him out. If anybody feels inspired to help Sid recover from these horrible circumstances or are interested in learning more about Sid please click here.

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