Squirrel Merger with Asylum

Two Top BASE Jumping Equipment Manufacturers Merge

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Squirrel has just brought Martin Tilley from Asylum designs to be the new Manager of BASE (Building, Antenna, Span, and Earth) jumping equipment production and education. Working together to create new product designs, these two companies are also now collaborating on BASE education, product production, and R&D (Research and Development). Squirrel is looking for Tilley’s experience to bring a traditional, yet different, look to the design of new BASE equipment. With over 30 years in the industry and vast experience in rigging and manufacturing, Tilly is certainly the right man for the job. Squirrel is looking to create a massive push in the BASE industry, making them a leader among development in this field.

Matt Gerdes, the CEO of Squirrel, has expressed the need for a solid foundation when it comes to BASE techniques and education. With the Squirrel and Asylum combining forces, they will be capable of providing equipment and educational programs for all levels of jumpers from FJC (First Jump Course) to advanced WS (Wingsuit). Gerdes is confident that this decision to merge will be highly profitable for both companies and great for BASE enthusiasts.

They already have new products that are ready to be released to the public. The first will be the CRUX harness/container system. The new team has created an all-purpose, versatile container system designed for every type of BASE jumping sport. It can be used in any type of jump from no-slider jumps to wingsuit BASE jumping. This collaboration is now available for purchase. To learn more about this new product, click here.

The new team now consists of Martin Tilley, Will Kitto, and Simon Perriard. With the help of Matt Gerdes and Mike Steen, they will design and develop new BASE equipment. This is now the largest R&D team in BASE and is headed by manager, Martin Tilley. Pilot and test jumpers on the Squirrel team will provide crucial feedback on the newly designed products. This test team consists of jumpers and wingsuit pilots, making it the largest team of BASE testers as well. Their reviews of the new products will ensure the safety, efficiency, and effectiveness of each line of production.

As for the management, design, and production of wing suits at Squirrel, it will remain the same. This new merger of Asylum and Squirrel only affects the manufacturing of BASE harness/container systems, parachute, and accessories. For the loyal consumers of Squirrel wingsuits, fear not! These products will not be changed any time in the near future. This new expansion of the company is meant to broaden their reach into the world BASE equipment manufacturing.

Gerdes has been using equipment from Asylum since 2004. He has remained loyal due to the attention to detail and customer service that Tilley is known for. Tilley managed to create a supportive environment for jumpers to learn everything related to BASE in great depth. It quickly became common knowledge that any jumpers with Asylum equipment were serious about the sport. While Asylum has never been completely underground, it was never mainstream either. Those who use Asylum gear tend to be the most dedicated. Gerdes stated that, “I still have my Perigee Pro and Profile harness/containers, and I will never sell them.” This kind of customer loyalty is one of the many reasons Gerdes decided that the businesses should merge.

Taking up his new position at Squirrel as Manager of BASE equipment production, Tilley’s primary focus is set on the safety and functionality of the equipment while also increasing education and participant performance. Working with Gerdes for over ten years and following the progress of Squirrel since 2012, Tilley believes that combining forces will fill in all the gaps and bring about a perfect alignment of the two companies. With an increase in jumpers, sites, and equipment choices, the combined talent of Squirrel and Asylum will certainly dominate the industry with newly designed products.

With the new line of products set to release, rigorous testing is a crucial step in the manufacturing process. Mike Steen is the team’s Test Pilot. With the team’s attention to detail, customers can rest easy knowing that only the most polished and finely finished pieces of BASE equipment will be released to the public. Steen is one of the Squirrel team members who will be collaborating with Tilley on the designing, manufacturing, and production of all the new product lines as well.

New education programs, finely tuned equipment, and a design team determined to create the best BASE products on the market, Squirrel is set to become the largest BASE R&D Team in the industry. With their history of solid customer service and satisfaction, the company should continue to grow in the coming years.

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