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Caught on Video: Man Successfully Parachutes Off a Skyscraper in Orlando BASE Jumping Leave a Comment

A video made by an unknown source, of an unknown person BASE jumping off a skyscraper in Orlando, Florida has gone viral. The video has already been watched by thousands of people and is one of the most shared, and liked videos on Facebook. The grainy nature of the video makes it hard to identify the person. It is also evident that the poster does not want to reveal his or her identity.

All that is known is that the video was posted to Twitter by user @ModernLifeDater. The video shows what appears to be a young man jumping off the 55 West apartment building’s south side complex. It is assumed from the video, that he is jumping from the 32nd floor. The man pulls his blue parachute halfway down, which then enables him to drift on to nearby Church Street, landing at what appears to be Graffiti Junktion.

Many of the commenters believed that such a brazen stunt could only happen in Florida, with #FloridaMan going viral. Incidentally, it was a similar comment made by @ModernLifeDater that had many people in agreement with the statement. Additionally, many other similar stunts have been attempted in Florida, some successful, while others fatal.

The man making the jump appears to have dark hair, wears a dark colored T-shirt, with jeans. The videographer, too, is unknown, but can be heard saying “He made it!”. When asked, the Twitter user didn’t give out his real name and will not disclose who shot the video or reveal much about the jumper. Therefore, it is up to authorities to find out who these thrill seekers were and possibly put an end to it.

55 West’s property manager also refused to comment on the video. Stunts such as these are dangerous, and require prior permission. Apparently, the Orlando Police Department spokeswoman, said that the video was being sent to the right person. It can only be assumed that this person is an expert who will analyze the video for clues. But if the police department’s past performance is anything to go by, it can be safely assumed that this thrill seeker is already long gone!

Why risk your life or limbs when you can skydive legally?

It is strongly advised to only parachute and skydive under strictly monitored conditions. Everything from the parachute to the altitude of the jump needs to be right or else, you’ll be breaking the law and risking your life.

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