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The trio decided to raise money for the Wales Air Ambulance in memory of their relative Jacob John Hocking who, sadly, passed away just last year.

Jacob John Hocking passed away in a road accident in 2015 driving a car he bought just six weeks earlier. Despite best efforts by the Welsh helicopter charity who were at the scene within minutes. Even two helicopters at the scene, couldn’t save Jacob John Hocking’s life. In addition to Mr. Hocking, his passengers Jackson Edwards and Adam Richards from Corwen were also pronounced dead at the scene. Mr. Steel, also from Corwen, was badly injured and flown to a medical facility in Stoke but passed away a few hours later.

Gary Hocking, Chloe Hocking and Helen Bourne

Gary Hocking, Chloe Hocking and Helen Bourne

The tragedy was mainly caused by an underinflated tire according to an inquest into the accident. Though it was first assumed to be over speeding. However, a year later his (Hocking’s) dad Gary and brother Chloe Hocking joined by their family friend Helen Bourne decided to raise funds for the charity to show their gratitude by doing a charity skydive.

The sponsored skydive raised over $12,000 or £10,000 which is going to be used to fund the charity’s missions across Wales, mainly. A coordinator for the charity said that Helen, Chloe, and Gary have certainly achieved something outstanding which will help the charity. The trio opted for a tandem skydive which raised enough money for seven missions across the UK.

However, apparently, this is not the only fundraising event by Jacob’s family and friends. In other fundraising events, the family and friends have raised over £12,340 which is over $15,000 for the Wales Air Ambulance.

Interestingly every mission by the Wales Air Ambulance costs £1,500. According to the charity, it costs £6.5 million a year to operate the service. So, the charity tries to raise funds for its day to day running of all missions. In total, the fund-raising events by the family can easily fund eight more missions across the country.

What does the Wales Air Ambulance charity do?

The charity currently operates four helicopters which serve a diverse and often challenging landscape. The landscape comprises of bustling towns, a few cities but mostly remote countryside with 800 miles of coastline and mountains. The isolation means that the vast majority of the population is isolated from a specialized hospital. Plus, traffic congestion in urban areas can delay treatment for those who needed it urgently. So, the Wales Air Ambulance Charity operates 24/7 and 365 days a year. The charity operates four air bases which make it the largest operation in the UK.

The Wales Air Ambulance charity is mainly funded by the public i.e. people of Wales. No direct funding is injected into the charity by the government of the UK, and they don’t receive National Lottery funding either. So, the only source of financing is charity donations, membership to the Lifesaving Lottery which is run in-house and various fundraising events like the one by the skydiving trio.

It’s evident that similar fundraising events like these can ensure that the Wales Air Ambulance Charity can save the lives of others. Being able to fund more missions means that more lives are saved.

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