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A groundbreaking event recently occurred at Venice Municipal Airport, Florida. After years of struggle and what could be described partially as legislative troubles and partially as disinterest from the council, the city finally allowed the first commercial skydive in the history of the airport.

First Commercial Jump Ever

Built in the 1940s by the US army, the Venice Municipal Airport was initially designed as a military training grounds. Although it’s safe to assume it saw its share of military skydiving exercises, no civilians had ever been granted permission to drop down with a parachute until very recently.

The first civilian skydive was carried out in December 2016, by the highly experienced sky jockey Christian Schoemig, who is also the owner of Skydive Venice Beach. Following a 10,000 foot ascent, Schoemig jumped out of the plane, a feat that hadn’t been accomplished for more than 70 years. With him, enjoying the magnificent view was Mashid Kamali, a first-time tandem skydiver, who pointed to the silence and beautiful scenery of the dropzone.

Making the Jump Possible

It’s not surprising for Venice Beach to be among the most sought-after destinations for skydiving. The spectacular panorama of the city and the ocean washing its shores has been a magnificent sight appreciated by everyone flying in and out of the airport. It was only time before someone took the next step and enjoyed the vista to its fullest – skydiving from the airport. But why did it take so long for this to happen?

As councilman Kit McKeon explains,the main reasons for not permitting the jump earlier were various safety concerns. Overtaken by the city council in the late 1940s, the management of the airport left wishing for more. For decades, through neglect and failure to secure funding for necessary repairs, the condition of the airfield gradually deteriorated. But, with a number of repairs and refurbishments in the works for more than 7 years now, largely thanks to the Federal Aviation Aviation, the airport’s condition is finally up to the standards for permitting skydiving.

Time for a Fresh Adventure

This opens up a whole new chapter in Florida skydiving and, as Schoemig marks after the jump – it was very well worth the wait. It’s the panorama that makes or breaks a skydiving adventure, and there are few sceneries more breathtaking and awe-inspiring than the one seen from Venice Municipal Airport. It’s safe to assume it will become a favorite among both local enthusiasts and tourists visiting the city.

With the ice finally broken, it’s time to take to the skies and enjoy the new dropzone. People are lining up to be among the first ones to relish a brand new experience in skydiving. You can be among them by calling 1-800-617-7948 or visiting and booking a skydiving adventure in the fresh and beautiful new dropzone at Venice Municipal Airport!

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