File photo Santa Claus, portrayed by Gary Townsend, exits a Cessna 172 Skyhawk at the William H. Morse Airport in Bennington

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Santa Claus knows how to make an entrance. Normally he arrives through the chimney, which is dramatic in itself, but he managed to top it all last weekend in Bennington where he chose an even more spectacular entry: he quite literally fell from the sky.

There’s no reason to worry though, there’s nothing wrong with his sled, it’s safe and sound. Good old Santa just decided to give his reindeers a break and try an adrenaline-packed extreme sport that’s been all the rage lately: skydiving.

Adrenaline-junkies are crazy about skydiving and with good reason, because this sport is thrilling from start to finish. A skydive consists of a breathtaking line of events. First, divers don their special harness and parachute, then they board an aircraft that takes them high into the sky, up to 14,000 feet from the ground! Then comes the most exhilarating moment: divers jump from the plane and start their freefall at 120 mph towards the earth. After about 60 seconds of the indescribable thrill that is free fall, they open their parachute and glide safely to the ground, marvelling at the landscape below.

This is exactly what Santa did at the local airport of Bennington, in a traditional event called ‘Santa Skydiving’. Local children enjoy the unusual occasion where they see a different, more exciting side of Santa, even though he still brought his usual candy and joy to everyone around him.

Skydiving has been gaining popularity in recent years. It’s easy to understand why: it has many perks. The benefits for the body are obvious: a higher level of fitness, stronger muscles, a healthier physique. But it does tremendous good for mental health as well. Skydiving enthusiasts agree that free falling from 14,000 feet is a life-changing experience. Everything gets into perspective, the mind achieves a state of clear focus and an almost spiritual calm. It gives a type of self-confidence that’s otherwise difficult to achieve: after all, if you can jump from the sky and survive it, there can’t be any unsolvable problems in your way!

Skydiving enthusiasts suggest that newbies to this sport try Tandem Skydiving first. This means that the diver jumps together with a trained instructor, with his or her harness being attached to the instructor’s. The trainer does most of the work, including all maneuvers during freefall and opening the parachute. This way, first timers can experience the thrill with as little responsibility as possible.

Many people say that it’s impossible to skydive only once. The incomparable adrenaline-rush that accompanies free falling and parachuting provides a steady, natural high that lasts for days after the jump. It’s easy to understand how people can become addicted to it and keep coming back for more. Maybe that’s why St.Nick chooses to complete his dive each year, hey, he needs some excitement too!

Real lovers of the sport complete a rigorous training to get certified skydivers, which allows them to jump alone, without being strapped to an instructor. And if that’s still not enough, you can continue your training and work towards becoming an instructor yourself. After all, the sky’s the limit.

This begs the question, is santa really landing when he delivers presents or simply falling in style down our chimneys?

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Bennington Banner File Photo: Santa Claus, portrayed by Gary Townsend, exits a Cessna 172 Skyhawk at the William H. Morse Airport in Bennington, Vermont.

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