Jetmen Flying Over France

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If you like history, this is pretty cool. If you happen to be a news junkie, this is the latest flight spectacle. Hell, if you’d like a conversation topic better than the weather, step right up.

This is how legends are made.

The dream of flight is a longstanding one, a desire that can be traced back to the first time man looked up into the sky. It’s been a long and tumultuous love affair with wide open air, but after YEARS of trying to conquer flight, we made it. This in of itself is cool, but we are always finding ways of pushing the limits. From commercial air transport providing millions with a tremendous way to get from point A to point B, to parachuting from extreme altitudes for the hell of it, it’s all on the spectrum of incredible human ingenuity. But like we said, we’re still moving forward.

Jonny Quest's Jetpack

Jetpacks were featured in comics and cartoons as the most cutting-edge of future technology.

Now, we all know about the concept of a jetpack. This is a concept that was made popular in the late 1920’s by ideas of futuristic human transport depicted in science-fiction. Oftentimes, the idea brings to mind imagery of The Jetsons or Jonny Quest. Well, science-fiction has been known to be ridiculous, but it has also been at times, a fantastic predecessor to factual scientific progress. Let’s cut to the chase then. A long time ago people thought it would be neat to fly. Not in a plane, that was easy… It was almost as if mankind has not given up the dream of having wings.

It may have been a long time coming, but check out the reality we’ve created. While you may picture something from a James Bond movie, jetpacks are a thing now. Not for the masses, and certainly not for spies with swagger, but they are real and they are very, very cool.

007 JetPack

James Bond’s jetpack was an inspiration for many in bringing this fiction to reality.

Yves Rossy

Swiss aviator Yves Rossy is going down in history as the first Jetman.

Meet Yves Rossy. He’s one of the most elite and select few that some are calling Jetmen. As far as we’re concerned, this guy is a rockstar. In 2015, he and his cohort Vince Reffet were part of a mind-blowing spectacle. These two men using their own wings and an absolute TON of experience flew alongside an Emirates Airbus A380 in a fantastic display of human capability. This is basically the technology that turns the pilot into the jet itself, which is completely amazeballs. It’s the oodles of experience (and we’re talking PRO level stuff) that make this possible.

When you are just one person up in the air at about five and a half thousand feet with a set of metal wings, some jet power, and your wits, you can bet you’re making history one way or another.

Jetmen Dubai and the Emirates Airbus

Rossy and Reffet make history as Jetmen in 2015.

Well, long story short, not only have they done it again, but this time with one more jet-clad aficionado (Fred Fugen) and the Patrouille de France. For one of the world’s most amazing aerial feats that has ever happened, these three men flew alongside eight expert pilots in a display that would make all the aviators of yesteryear proud.

In this demonstration, all three daredevils took off in a helicopter, jumped out, started their engines, and flew in close proximity to the tight formation of the French aerobatic team at 4,000 feet, and that is no small undertaking. These guys are bonafide legends now. You won’t need any history lesson for this; you get to be a part of a time that three men put on their wings and flew through the skies like no others ever have. If that’s not living the dream, we don’t know what is.

jetmen and patrouille de france fly together

You can probably guess which ones are people pretending to be jets.

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