Wingsuits and the Joy of Flying

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Since the beginning of time, little boys and girls have used multiple household items to leap or jump. Regardless of whether they wanted to fly like a bird, or they were attempting to soar like the superheroes they so desperately try to emulate. Fact is they are always trying to fly farther, jump higher, or simply just float like falling leaves. They take their mother’s bed sheets or towels and clip them around their necks like capes or make parachutes out of them. From there they climb atop things and one, two, three…they jump! From off beds, from chair to chair around the circumference of rooms, from off porches. Eventually they grow courageous and curious enough to attempt jumps from out of trees, down entire flights of stairs; often resulting in injury. Most the time though it’s just a whole lot of fun.

This explains why so many people have a fascination with leaping from out of and off things at high elevations. It’s fun, it feels exhilarating, like you are flying! When you jump from a plane during a skydive, although your free fall seems like a simple action, it’s more complex than that, as incorrect body position could cause injury. Even more complex still, is jumping from a plane in a wingsuit. The design of the wingsuit is such that it allows for air to find its way beneath the jumper to create additional lift. It also serves to propel them forward, as if they are gliding across the sky. Sounds like hot air ballooning, but it’s not. Hot air balloons are considerably less daredevilish.

One of our new staff writers has written a great piece on wingsuit skydiving and how you can receive the necessary training from Go check out the full article here!

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