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Experience the ultimate rush in the most stunning of backdrops. Mojave Desert truly has it all, whether you’re a first-timer looking for a once-in-a-lifetime experience, or a grizzled adrenaline junkie wanting to see Southern California’s beauty from a whole new vantage point, we can set you up with the perfect package for you. Jump securely attached to an experienced and friendly instructor with a tandem dive, or take your skydiving to next level with one of the advanced programs. A videographer can catch it all on camera with some full and professional video offerings. Experience skydiving today!

Skydiving Mojave Desert – Experience the best of California!

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Looking for something new in your life? Do you want to experience thrill you didn’t know existed? Look no further! At Mojave Desert, we offer everything from tandem skydiving jumps to full training at a skydiving school. Get your friends together and talk them into coming out for an amazing tandem skydiving experience. Don’t forget to order a video of your entire experience!

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Looking for a gift your friend, loved one, or client will never forget? Give them the gift of a day they’ll relive over and over again. Don’t forget to order the video package too, so you’ll be able to see first-hand the joy on their face as they soar through the California sky.

The Best Skydiving Experiences in California Skies!

Skydiving Mojave Desert - Tandem Skydiving near Mojave Desert

Tandem Skydiving

Jump in the front seat and let a friendly expert instructor do the driving with a tandem jump. Here, your instructor will be harnessed to your back on the epic plunge through the sky. Your instructor will do almost all the work, leaving you to scream with delight and enjoy the stunning landscape of Southern California – from the sparkling sands of the desert to the tiny specks of our world-famous Joshua trees. Enjoy this once-in-a-lifetime experience and view, all in the safe clutches of the experts. Oh, and smile for the camera! Learn more…

Skydiving Mojave Desert - Advanced Skydive Training in Mojave Desert

Advanced Training

Already been bitten by the skydiving bug and want to take your jumps to the next level? Mojave Desert partners offer two expertly instructed training courses that will have you free falling, rolling, flipping and turning solo in no time. They offer both Accelerated Freefall and Tandem Progression courses, both aimed at giving the novice skydiver all the skills necessary to experience the ultimate in skydiving: solo freefall. Talk with the experts today; together, we can assess your skill set and desires and find the perfect course for you. Learn more…

Skydiving Mojave Desert - Skydiving Video Packages - Mojave Desert

Video Packages

With Hollywood right up the road, Mojave Desert’s partner dropzone is a fitting place to make you a movie star with a video package. Capture every moment of your daring and incredible plunge through the skies – your screams of joy, smiling face, and that brave leap from the airplane. You’ll have it all to view over and over again, and more importantly, share with your friends. These video offerings are all social media-friendly, so you’ll be a video star in your own circles in no time. Don’t just tell family and friends about your amazing experience – show them! Learn more…

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Let Gravity Take The Wheel

Very few activities in life can combine the spine-tingling excitement of jumping out of an airplane into the blue yonder with the blissful peace and beauty of a canopy ride over the Mojave Desert. At Mojave Desert partnered dropzones, we’re not just talking about the best and safest skydiving experience in the country – we are talking about fulfill dreams. Friendly and expert staff to ensure your safety? Check. Full video offerings so you can show off your awesomeness and blow up your social media feeds? Check. Looking for the most stunning backdrop imaginable with the beauty of the Mojave Desert, one-of-a-kind Joshua trees, and nearby Death Valley? Check. Check. Check.

Are you ready? Let’s face it, jumping out of airplanes is not everybody’s cup of tea, but in 2015, the United States Parachute Association estimated 3.5 million people did it, and you can too. And if you’re ready for the challenge, there’s no better place to face your fears than with us at Skydiving Mojave Desert. Picture the beauty of the spacious desert below as you climb to roughly 14,000 feet for your first tandem jump. Feel the wind whipping around you as the plane doors open and then…you jump.

All the fear, anxiety, and excitement of the moments leading up to your jump fade away with the roar of the plane as you and your expert instructor (and new BF-for-a-day) freefall at speeds close to 120 miles per hour. Then, your expert instructor, securely attached to your back, deploys the parachute, and with a thud and a tug, you are suddenly sailing blissfully above the Mojave National Preserve, knowing immediately why it’s considered an American treasure. All you feel now is awe and a desire to have three or four more sets of eyeballs to take in the stunning scenery. Your instructor guides you into the landing zone and you hit the ground, in chest-thumping pride and awe-stuck wonder. After some hugs and high-fives, you either rush over to watch the video of your jump to relive the experience, or you book your next jump. Or both.

All this awaits you at our partnered dropzone. Whether you’re a seasoned jump junkie looking to skydive in most breathtaking environment imaginable, or you’re a first-timer, our partners offer the most options in the area. Their expert and friendly certified instructors are highly trained and will walk you through the process and ensure your safety. And if you want to bring a friend or know somebody who would relish the opportunity to hurl themselves from a plane, we offer an assortment of gift certificates. At Mojave Desert, we have it all, but you’ve got to make the first move. Make the leap and experience putting the awe in awesome.

Mojave Desert: Pure Beauty

Always wanted to experience the rush and thrills of skydiving, but were waiting for the perfect opportunity? Look no further – Mojave Desert partners offer an unparalleled experience, combining the unencumbered joys of skydiving with the national treasure that is the Mojave National Preserve. Nowhere else will your skydiving experience be as rewarding than by sailing through the southern California sky taking in all the sights: the shimmering desert sands, the dunes, the nearby mountain ranges and volcanic formations, and, of course, the tiny specs of the world-famous Joshua trees. It’s the perfect combination. And with the desert receiving less than six inches of rain a year, chances are nothing is going to rain on your parade on this perfect day. And aside from your epic jump, the Mojave National Preserve offers even more experiences you’ll never forget.

Occupying a little less than 50,000 square miles, primarily in Southern California and Nevada, the preserve offers a variety of unique sights and experiences. Take a hike and visit the Cima Dome, an impressive and nearly symmetrical granite bubble rising 1,500 feet above a volcanic field and covered in Joshua trees.

Better yet, you’ve already made your mark in the sky above the preserve; why not go underground, too? You can visit The Lava Tube, located right in the heart of the preserve. Here, cavers of all skill levels can experience the awe of walking through an old lava tube. But there’s even more; this lava tube has a unique and surreal feature of being perfectly punctuated by a shaft, allowing heavenly light to stream into the center of the cave year-round. Or, if the subterranean world is not your thing, you can visit the Kelso Dunes, which are nearly 45 square miles of wind-shaped dunes, cinder cone lava beds, abandoned mines, or any of the surrounding mountains.

For the history buffs, you can also travel by four-wheel drive the 138-mile Mojave Road. Once a wagon trail for American pioneers on their perilous journey to California, the road remains virtually unchanged, making it an adventure through time. It meanders from watering hole to watering hole just as it did in the post-Civil War days, passing ghost towns and abandoned military outposts.

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Skydiving Mojave Desert - Tandem Skydiving near Mojave Desert

Jump in the Front Seat with Tandem Skydiving

The plane door opens, and your friendly instructor attached to your back gives you the thumbs up. With a jolt of adrenaline, you move to the open doors take a brief look at the majestic beauty of the Mojave Desert, and then you jump into an experience unlike anything you’ve ever felt before. For a brief, flickering moment, you wish you could pat yourself on the back – though you can’t of course, especially since your expert instructor is directly on it – for taking the chance and making the call to book this incredible experience. So instead, you scream with delight and try to take in all the timeless beauty of southern California beneath you.

Your expert instructor gently glides you into the landing zone. Your feet hit the ground and you get an overwhelming sense of pride and joy at what you just did. And the best part is that with a video package, you’ll have the video to watch over and over again, not to mention show off to your amazed friends. Sound like the adventure of a lifetime? It is, and you can do it, too. With our partner’s expert and friendly instructors, skydiving has never been easier or safer. The hardest part is making the call to book your trip.

The rest is easy. On the day of your first tandem skydive, you arrive at the airfield and meet your instructor and fellow jumpers. The next few hours are spent on the ground getting fitted for your ultra-chic dive kit and goggles and going through basic training on everything from equipment, to body positioning, to emergency procedures. But in tandem diving, you are literally wearing your expert instructor as a backpack. This is a highly experienced individual who is responsible for your safety and does almost all the work. All you have to do is enjoy the ride and feel the wind. And then grab that video to watch it all over again.

Also, here’s our little secret: although friends and family will watch wide-eyed with amazement at your bravery, it’s really quite safe. According to the United States Parachute Association, skydiving is the safest it’s ever been. That’s thanks in part to the institution of rigorous standards for instructors. So that friendly man or woman riding on your back? They’ve got some serious experience.

The Federal Aviation Administration requires all instructors have at least:

  • Three years of skydiving experience and a minimum of 500 jumps.
  • A master parachute license from an FAA-approved organization

They also need to pass a certification course from the manufacturer of the parachute that will be used in the jump AND pass an FAA medical exam.

Then, there’s the equipment. Tandem jumping requires a larger-than-usual parachute, and the FAA requires your instructor to carry both a main and a reserve parachute. Additionally, these packs are equipped with an automatic activation device designed to deploy the parachute in the event the divers reach a certain altitude while still at freefall speeds.

In addition, even though some friends or co-workers will call you crazy for jumping out of a perfectly good airplane, according to statistics from the National Safety Council, that co-worker will have a far greater chance of cashing in their chips while getting into an automobile accident driving to their BINGO game (1 in 113) than you will jumping out of a plane (roughly 1 in 100,000). But we don’t suggest you mention those stats when people are going crazy watching your skydiving video.

Skydiving Mojave Desert - Tandem Skydiving in Mojave Desert!

Great Expectations with Mojave Desert

To begin with, you can expect an utterly incredible day that you won’t soon forget. And in the unlikely event you do, you’ll have the video to replay over and over again. You will arrive at the airfield in the morning and be introduced to your friendly instructor who will be your BFF for the day. You will get fitted for your skydiving suit and goggles, and you will go through training exercises that will teach you:

  • How to properly exit the airplane
  • How to maneuver your body in free fall
  • How to deploy the main parachute, which is your instructor’s job on the tandem dive, but it’s still an important skill to learn
  • How to spot trouble and go through emergency procedures.

How to look epically cool for the camera is entirely up to you.

The main requirement is a great attitude and the intestinal fortitude to toss yourself out of an airplane at more than 10,000 feet. The rest is just details, but in the United States, you are required to be at least 18 years old with a valid ID. Many experts recommend you arrive on jump day refreshed and hydrated, so maybe skipping the Rave party across the street is a good idea the night before your jump. Skydiving takes some strength and energy as well, so it is recommended you eat a solid breakfast. Also, please wear proper attire – no flip flops or open-toed shoes.

Beyond that, show up prepared for the most exciting day of your life. The pros will take care of the rest.

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Skydiving Mojave Desert - Mojave Desert Advanced Skydiving Training

Taking Skydiving Up A Notch with the Accelerated Freefall

Want to experience the freedom of a skydive without an instructor on your back or holding your harness? Our partners offer a pair of course options designed to take your skydiving to the next level. These expert instructors will teach you all the skills necessary to have you experiencing the joy of solo freefall in no time. Depending on your personal skill level and preferences, we can set you up with the perfect course for you.

Accelerated Freefall is an extremely popular course because, well, it gets you jumping and free falling solo faster (not to mention doing aerial acrobatics for that look cool on camera). This option will have you jumping with instructors holding your harness as you progress through various skills, working towards the jump where they let go of you and and you’re on your own.

If you’d prefer a more gradual pace or like the idea of being physically attached to your instructor for the first few jumps, the Tandem Progression program is perfect. During this course, your instructor will be attached via harness to your back for the first few jumps. During your jumps, he or she will be on your back, teaching you skills and techniques on a more gradual basis. Once comfortable, you will transition to the Accelerated Free Fall method. Both courses aim at having you experience the thrills of solo freefall, flips, and maneuvers, as well as solo landing as quickly as possible.

Both courses also put you well on your way to completing the requirements necessary to become a certified Unites States Parachute Association skydiver, which allows you to jump solo at any USPA-approved skydiving center. If you’re unsure which course is best for you, call

Skydiving Mojave Desert - AFF Training in Mojave Desert, CA

Go Solo Faster with Accelerated Freefall

So you’ve got the skydiving bug and you won’t rest until you’re skydiving on your own, unencumbered by attached instructors. We know the feeling. The best solution is the Accelerated Freefall course. It provides the quickest path to experiencing solo freefall and all the thrills and freedom that go along with it.

More advanced and faster-paced than the Tandem Progression course, AFF students will be jumping in their own parachute kit from the very start – no backpack instructors to wear here. Instead, a pair of instructors will jump with you for the first three jumps, physically holding your parachute harness and giving you real-time instructions on the way down using hand signals. Don’t worry, we go over all the signals and communication techniques on the ground before the jump. In fact, that’s only one facet of all the training you will receive on the ground as part of this course. During this course, you will learn the following:

  • Equipment basics
  • Emergency recognition and procedures
  • Proper canopy deployment procedures
  • Proper body positioning and free fall techniques

You’ll also be trained on a variety of other topics all aimed at preparing you for the ultimate goal: your first solo freefall.

During your first three jumps, your instructors will be holding your harness while you work on skills like body positioning, altitude monitoring, tracking, and proper parachute deployment. If you run into trouble at any point, instructors are right there to assist you – there are even extra pull tabs on your parachute should they need to assist in deployment. Additionally, all student parachutes are equipped with an automatic activation device that will fire the reserve parachute should you still be in freefall at a certain altitude.

Once you’ve proven you can handle the basic skills and land on your own, instructors will begin doing so-called “release” dives, which, as you’ve probably guessed, involve your instructors releasing hold of your harness at a certain point in the jump, allowing you to skydive on your own. Don’t worry, they’ll be close by should you need them.

Once you’ve mastered those skills, your confidence is starting to grow and you’re ready for some real fun – aerial maneuvers. You’ll start doing flips, 180s, 360s, barrel rolls, all that fun stuff. And although you’ll be showing off and having a blast, these maneuvers also have a purpose: they are teaching you not only how to better control your fall rate and body positioning, but also how to recover from disorienting moves and regain control. At this point, you are ready to experience skydiving at its purest – unassisted. Your training is now complete.

But why stop there? You are now ready for the next step – coached jumps, where you will be taught the skills required to skydive safely with others. Each coached dive is aimed at teaching a specific skill that you can then go practice on your own as you build your jump count towards the 25 necessary to obtain certification, specifically an A-License, from the United States Parachute Association. This license will allow you make unsupervised solo jumps at any USPA-approved skydiving center, as well as pack your own parachute, perform basic group jumps, and even do water jumps. Becoming a master of the sky all starts with the Accelerated Freefall course.

Skydiving Mojave Desert - Mojave Desert Tandem Progression Skydiving Training

Progress in Your Comfort Zone with a Tandem Progression Course

If you’re ready to take your skydiving experience up a few notches, but maybe aren’t yet confident enough in your skills for the Accelerated Freefall program, no worries. Mojave Desert can connect you with an affiliate dropzone with a Tandem Progression course which is the perfect fit for you. This course starts with the security of jumping with an instructor that’s quite literally on your back. Attached by a harness, your instructor will be right in your ear every step of the way, from plane exit through landing. This allows students a more gradual learning curve than the AFF course.

During your initial three jumps, your backpack instructor will be teaching you skills and giving you more and more responsibilities. You will learn to execute freefall maneuvers, monitor your altitude and fall rate, track your positioning, and properly deploy your parachute. You will also go over simulated emergency procedures to prepare you for your solo dives.

By your third tandem dive, you should be building both the skills and the confidence necessary to deploy your parachute and land unassisted. You are now ready to transition into the Accelerated Free Fall method. During this phase, you will shed the instructor from your back and dive wearing your own parachute kit while two instructors skydive alongside you, holding onto your harness and giving you real-time advice and assistance if needed.

Again, the goal on these first few jumps is to build skill and confidence toward the ultimate goal: solo freefall. Once you’ve demonstrated you can handle parachute deployment and landing on your own, your instructor will transition you to release dives where he or she will let go of you at a certain predetermined point in the dive. Now you’re flying solo! You’ll also learn how to do aerial maneuvers such as flips, turns, and barrel rolls, which not only look cool, but also teach you how to regain control after becoming disoriented.

Now your training is complete, and you’re ready for coached dives that will teach you additional skills that will allow you to jump safely with others. It also will keep edging you closer to the magic number of 25 dives, which is a requirement to become a United States Parachute Association certified A-Licensed skydiver. This license allows you to skydive solo at any USPA-approved center.

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Skydiving Mojave Desert - Mojave Desert Skydiving Video Packages

Become a Star in the Sky with Skydiving Video Packages

Poke around on skydiving message boards or chat with first-timers and they will all tell you the same thing: don’t skimp on the video package. After all, you’re voluntarily tossing yourself out of an airplane. If that’s not worthy of capturing on video, we don’t know what is. Not only will you get to relive the epic experience over and over again, but you’ll get to witness your friends and family watch it as well. Picture their faces as they see you lumbering into the plane with your jump suit, your deep breaths and nervous glances as the plane climbs through the sky, and finally, your plunge out into the blue yonder and free fall towards Earth at close to 120 miles per hour.

That’s a must-see experience, and Mojave Desert has you covered with our partner’s video packages. And to make it even better, you’ll get your video in a social media-friendly format, so you can share with your friends and watch your phone blow up. Or, you can take it with you to show new friends or even that co-worker by the water cooler who doubts your awesomeness.

You never get a second chance after your first jump to feel quite the same rush, so make sure it’s preserved on film. And even if you’re a veteran adrenaline junkie, you can get a video showing off your aerial moves all over the backdrop of the timeless beauty that is the Mojave Desert. The top package includes a videographer who will not only capture precious moments such as you boarding the plane and your ride up and ultimate leap from the plane, but will jump alongside you, filming your delighted screams and smiles during freefall, as well as your looks of wonder on your beautiful canopy-esque ride over the desert. They will also capture your landing and subsequent celebration – so make sure it’s a good one!

Another option is the GoPro package, where your instructor will wear a GoPro portable camera that will film your experience. All videos are professionally edited on site and come in easily shareable formats that will amaze your friends and family. Mojave Desert partners offer a variety of video packages including ones for tandem, accelerated freefall and tandem progression skydives, so make sure you talk to our friendly professionals to ensure you get the perfect one.

Some moments in life are worth preserving and your skydiving experience will be one of them. Capture the thrill and excitement of your epic jump.

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Skydiving Mojave Desert - Mojave Desert Skydiving Gift Certificates

Skydiving is the Ultimate Gift of Adrenaline

Got a friend, loved one, or top client with an adventurous side? We’ve got the perfect gift for them. Don’t give them something ordinary – give them a Mojave Desert gift certificate for an experience they’ll never forget. Don’t forget to include a video package so you can watch the whole thing, too! Whether for the veteran skydiver or the first-timer, Mojave Desert partners offer the best experience in the state – the breathtaking views of the Mojave National Preserve offer even a seasoned jump junkie a day they will never forget.

Your friendly expert instructors make us the perfect spot for first-time jumpers ready to experienced the spine-tingling thrills of skydiving, all while safely harnessed to a certified instructor. All the first-timer has to do is howl with delight, enjoy the stunning views of the shimmering Mojave Desert, and smile for the camera. Can you think of a better gift than that? We can’t either. And there’s more: our gift certificates are fully transferable, and are accepted at more than 80 affiliate skydiving centers around the country.

Make sure you include a video package with your certificate as well, because what good is your friend or loved one hurled out of a moving plane if you can’t see it for yourself? Whether it’s a first-person view from a GoPro camera, or footage from a videographer who jumps alongside your friend, our video will capture every scream of delight, every beaming smile, and all the stunning views of the desert skies. See it all and feel the satisfaction of giving the perfect gift. Your friend not a skydiving rookie? No problem. Give them what they crave: more jumps!

In addition to our tandem skydiving certificates, we also offer ones for those looking to take their skydiving to the next level with the Accelerated Freefall Level 1 certificate. The AFF course is the first step in maxing out a skydiving experience and working towards doing it solo! Unsure which gift certificate is best? Not a problem. Also, our certificates come with all the fixings., such as:

  • Valid two years from purchase date
  • Accepted at more than 80 affiliate skydiving centers nationwide
  • Fully transferable

Our customer service and skydiving experts are available seven days a week. Make this the year you give the ultimate gift. The perfect gift awaits.

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