Moab, Utah: The Best Place to Skydive in the US!

You’ve chosen Moab for your courageous first step into the azure of the sky. You’re more than ready to plunge gently to the canyons of Moab slicing and cratering the red rock below. You’ve decided to assault the heavens. Memorize the geography of the Moab, Utah skies. You had promised yourself you would do this. Now. You’ll learn that you can in fact enjoy tandem skydiving. You’ll also realize that respect, like safety, is an important facet of this business. So, let’s begin.

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So, Call Skydiving.Com Moab at 435-562-1057 and Let Us Show You Red Rock Utah from Top to Bottom.

So, Call Skydiving.Com Moab at 435-562-1057 and Let Us Show You Red Rock Utah from Top to Bottom.

You’ve chosen Moab for your courageous first step into the azure of a Moab sky. You’re more than ready to plunge gently to the canyons of Moab slicing and cratering the red rock below. You’ve decided to assault the heavens. Memorize the geography of the Moab, Utah skies. You had promised yourself you would do this. And now that you have our number, 435-562-1057 you plan to call. Now. You’ll learn that we offer year-round tandem skydiving. You’ll also realize that respect, like safety, is an important facet of our business. So, let’s begin. Come see why Moab will delight your senses.

Thrill to the geologic wonders of Moab, Utah. Call 435-562-1057!

At Moab we are a full-service concierge company offering you years of unparalleled expertise guiding thousands of customers out the doors of an aircraft at 14,000 feet. Gently. Safely. Whether you’re diving solo, tandem, or you want to learn more about advanced level free fall diving. Our affiliate dropzone will take you to the extraordinary canvas above beautiful Earth and let you glide into the intensity of the red rock tableau for yourself as you slice across layers of time fragmented below.

Tandem Skydiving near Moab, Utah

Tandem Skydiving

First time stepping out of an aircraft? You’re jumping with a tandem master. So you’re confident. Safe. Ready to take that first step into the aether? Excitement bristles off your body. Moab partnered dropzones have done so many tandem dives, they can do it with their eyes closed. You can hear the confidence. See it in the way each instructor carries themselves. So, step out. You’re ready for the rush of elation. Ready for the raw excitement of the next 7-8 minutes. Go.

Advanced Skydive Training in Moab, Utah

Advanced Training

Have you wanted to skydive as long as you can remember, but felt unsure about taking that first step? Well, Moab partners can not only teach you how to take the first step, but you can enroll in Accelerated Freefall Training (AFF) and Tandem Progression courses. Courses designed to prepare you for solo diving. These experts will sit down and customize a course that meets your skydiving goals. Regardless of which course you choose, the emphasis is always safety first. So get ready, set, jump! Learn more…

Skydiving Video Packages - Moab, Utah

Video Packages

Now that you’re on terra firma aren’t you glad you chose the video package Moab partners offer? Mesmerize your friends and relatives not only with the incredible beauty of Moab’s red rock canyons, but the way you sliced over layers of history exposed in the formations of rock. Like a bird. Weaving. Darting. And all of it shot from your first-hand perspective. So, you’re pleased you chose affiliates to ferry you to 14,000 feet! Learn more…

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Get Ready for the Time of Your Life Moab partners will balance the risky pleasures of plunging from an aircraft at 14,000 feet with their years of experience paying careful attention to safety measures. So as you step out of the plane you’re confident the experts are with you every exciting foot of the dive. We mean it when we say that safety is always a primary concern—from the time you arrive at our facility to the time you hit terra firma after the dive is over. Moab partners offer you a wide range of options and services that cater to whatever kind of skydiving you prefer. Add to that our group and holiday discount packages which are available as well.

There are so many ways to enjoy skydiving with us. Please call our friendly and knowledgeable experts at 1-800-617-7948 to discuss the wide array of packages and services you can enjoy. They will answer any questions you might have, courteously and in detail, so when you make a selection, it will be the right one. And if you want to purchase Moab Gift Certificates, we’re ready to offer you a wide-range of certificates, whether for yourself, a friend, or relative. In short, our goal is to make sure that the learning and booking process is the best possible time you can. Everything that can be done, will be done. So all you need do is take a deep breath, step out, and enjoy the panoramic vista you’re plunging toward. Feel the raw electricity of the moment surge to overload. And love every second of the it.

The City of Moab and it’s Wonders

Moab has become one of the hot, new towns in the West, even though there are only slightly more than 5,000 people living there. Sunset Magazine’s March 2009 issue listed Moab as one of the “20 best small towns in the West.” Its panorama is unlike anything else you will see around the world. It’s why people want to skydive Moab. To see the unique beauty of the rock from 14,000 feet. From that perch you’ll see Moab for tens of miles around as you fly over the area. The Arches and Canyonlands National Park will stand out, as will the Dead Horse Point State Park and the mighty Colorado River which flows into well-known Cataract Canyon. You’ll also be able to eye the three mountain ranges that surround the Moab area.

Because of its proximity to these beautiful natural parks, Moab attracts a large number of tourists every year, who come to visit these national parks. It’s also become a popular base for mountain bikers who ride the vast network of trails including Slickrock Trail, and off-roaders who come for the annual Moab Jeep Safari and the extensive off-road trails for novices to experienced off-roaders.

Moan has become the center for a road biking festival (held every March, and called the Skinny Tire Festival) and a mountain unicycling championship (called the Moab Munifest, one of the biggest mountain unicycling events in the world that occurs locally every year).

So, Moab has become well-known for its outdoor events. It has become an outdoorsman’s paradise. Well-known for everything from canyoneering, hiking, river rafting, biking, and ATV riding, to 4×4 driving.

There is even an annual LGBT Pride festival that drew more than 350 people its first year. The second year’s festival had over 600 people in attendance. In early September, the 25th Moab Music Festival will be held, while at the same time there is a Moab Artist’s Studio Tour. There are also several film festivals held over the course of the year. Moab affiliate dropzone will fly you up to 14,000 feet over these spectacular landscapes. If you’ve seen Thelma and Louise, a part of which was shot in 1991 outside Moab, then you know how distinctive the curvatures of the red rocks are in this part of the United States. There’s even a Thelma and Louise Marathon Race held every June. For an extensive calendar of events, visit the page.

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Tandem Skydiving near Moab, Utah

Ready to Take the Plunge?

When you come into a Moab affiliate dropzone for the first time, you’ll meet with a thoroughly trained skydiving professional. As you listen to their enthusiasm for skydiving, you’ll understand their commitment to safety. If you’ve never heard of tandem masters, if you’ve never dived before, let Moab partners show you why tandem dives are the only way to go for first-time divers because they maximize safety and amplify excitement. Call us at 1-800-617-7948 and we’ll help arrange your first tandem dive.

We recommend the tandem skydive for first time skydivers because it’s the safest way to dive the first time. Why? Well, in a tandem skydive you’ll be strapped to a skydiving instructor from the moment the aircraft door opens to the very end of the entire six or seven-minute jump. So once you step out of the aircraft, you’re free falling together. The instructor will make sure you’re properly aligned and falling the correct way. There’ll be no mistakes. And for a first timer, that’s what you want, the confidence to not worry about the mechanics. All of which allows you to enjoy the dive more, because you know nothing will be left to chance.

When it’s time for the parachute to deploy at 5,000 feet, the tandem instructor will deploy your parachute for you. In short, you’ll never be alone. You can concentrate on the raw excitement of plunging toward Earth. Feel the elation, the rapture of the dive, and know you’ll land safely at the end. The other important point is if you do not want to spend several days training for the dive, then tandem diving eliminates the need for days of training beforehand. The result is you can jump today, be safe, and enjoy the excitement of the moment. Moab knows that behind safety is euphoria.

What to Expect the Day of Your First Tandem Skydive
First things first. You’ll have to sign a standard legal waiver before you can jump. It is a document every skydiving business asks its customers to sign. The waiver simply acknowledges what you already can feel in your bones, that the reason skydiving is so exciting is that there is a risk. A danger. Even with all the proper safety precautions and best practices, there is still a risk. No matter how safe our partners are, that risk still exists. No one can control all the elements of the dive. That is why safety is priority number one at Moab affiliate locations. From the ground to 14,000 feet and back down, our partner’s staff does everything humanly possible to minimize the random elements.

How do we do this? Every instructor at a Moab partnered dropzone is required by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) to pass a series of extensive safety certification courses which, when combined with their three years of skydiving experience, afford them a knowledge in the air few can approach. The FDA mandates that instructors have skydived at least 500 times.
Meeting these requirements allow instructors to apply for a Master Parachute License. After passing a certification course for tandem jumping, they are licensed to engage in every kind of tandem jump allowed. And this is not all, the FAA further requires a Class III Medical Certificate and the completion of a USPA Tandem Instructor Rating Course.

So, when we talk about safety being a priority, we aren’t kidding. All instructors are professionals, extensively trained, and certified. You can rest assured if you choose a tandem skydive, that you will be in the air with an expert professional who’s ready to enhance your enjoyment of the dive, even as he or she makes sure every safety concern has been checked off the list.

Some people read this and take us at our word. Skydiving is safe. But others want to see it for themselves. If that’s you, we invite you to come over to our partner facility and explore the possibilities. Talk to the instructors. To other customers.

Tandem Parachuting in Moab, Utah

The Time to See Moab from Above is Now

If you prefer, the Moab affiliate dropzone staff will gladly give you a tour of the facility, and show you some of the other safety features. Plus, you can ask any questions and stroll around the outside of the facility until the pre-flight instructional course begins. Bring binoculars so you can watch skydivers in the air. Ask us as many questions as you feel are necessary to convince you how serious the skydive staff is about your safety.

Once you are satisfied, we will put you through a pre-flight safety course that usually lasts 25 to 30 minutes. So the day of your jump, come half an hour early. Or earlier if you want to inspect the premises. Your tandem jump will not begin until you have completed the pre-flight safety course.

You’ve put on the jumpsuit we provide and your tandem master will help you on with the harness that will connect you both once the jump begins. He will double check the fit to make sure that it’s just right, and that the buckles and straps are where they should be. Once this safety check is done, you’re just about ready to board the aircraft.

You’re properly outfitted, harness on, looking at your tandem master. Look how relaxed he is. Seeing him at ease relaxes you. Now you’re really ready to climb to 14,000 feet. You may not be ready to take that first step yet, but your tandem master will help you muster the courage when the time comes. He’s already told you how easy it is. How the wind will cushion you when you begin to fall.

Everything that can be checked has been checked, and you’ll review safety techniques with your instructor once more before boarding. One more walk through the jump before stepping out the door, before the fall begins at 14,000 feet. Don’t worry, if you start to feel nervous. Everyone experiences a rush of euphoria the closer they get to the moment.

You’re now in the plane. It’s taxiing.

You’re in the air.

In minutes, you’ll reach 14,000 feet.

Your body is shaking with elation, the incredible red rock panorama of the area begins to overwhelm your eyes. You have not seen such cobalt blue before this sunny afternoon. You relax a bit. Hear your instructor’s voice calm you. Try not to think about all the unknowns ahead. Your tandem master is beside you.

Finally, almost at 14,000, you feel your tandem master hook up. You’re now a pair for the next ten minutes. One last double-check to make sure everything is where it should be and you’re ready. You head to the door. Feel the wind rush in. The air whisking as it curls around you. You look out. You can’t believe how extraordinary Earth is from the air. The landscape is intoxicating.


You’re ready.

Your tandem master says, It’s time. Go.

You step out of the plane ready. Scared, but ready.

The tandem master has already prepared you for the initial 60 second freefall at 120 miles per hour. You’re not worried. You’re confident. Still, you can feel the butterflies. Lots of butterflies. Regardless, you step out and for the first time in your life, your feet are not on the ground. It’s a weird sensation. More butterflies. Lots of them. You’re speeding. This is 120 miles per hour. You’re afraid and you’re overwhelmed with thrills.

It’s spectacular up here. So, beautiful. You’re happy you paid for the video and photography option.

Your tandem master has just pulled the cord. You’ve reached 5,000 feet. Your parachute has deployed. You’re floating on a cushion of air, as if you’re dreaming on a hammock swimming in the cool breeze, swaying from side to side, but your eyes are overwhelmed the tapestry of colors and unusual rock formations. Temples. Spires. Domes. You’ll see them for approximately seven minutes. What the tandem master called the canopy phase of the descent. You’re swallowing up luscious pastels everywhere you turn. Soak them in. And since you know your tandem master’s in control of the canopy descent, you’re taking personal enjoyment to a new level. You know you’ll land flawlessly in the drop zone. Wow. This dive has been as spectacular as you hoped it might be. And safe.

You’ve touched the ground again. For a split second your knees are weak. You cannot believe it’s over. At least you’ll have a professional video. You’ll have the memories. You scream Wow again.

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Advanced Skydiving Training in Moab, Utah

Introduction to Advanced Skydiving Training

You’ve skydived before. You love it. Can’t get enough of it. Perhaps you want to make a career of it. Or you’re a photographer who wants to solo dive so he can hone in on the kinds of photographs that personally move him. You’re driven to go back up, skydive alone. But, you want to do it safely.

You want to learn with professionals at a professional facility. You don’t want to take any chances. You’ve decided you want to do this the right way. So you call Moab to inquire about training options near you. You’ll speak to one of our professionals who can explain the different training courses offered at affiliate centers near you. We’ll listen to your ideas, to where you want to be in six months, and tailor a program that makes the most sense given your time and scheduling concerns. Then we’ll set you up with an instructor who will shepherd you through the process. This expert will help you reach your skydiving goals. So, when you complete your training you’ll be ready to solo dive, whenever you want, wherever you want, safely. And you’ll hold a USPA certified solo skydiver certification.

To reach USPA certified solo skydiver status, you will take the Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) training courses. You will train with USPA certified skydivers who have extensive training experience. You must complete seven levels of training to gain your USPA certification.
AFF training begins with several coaches working closely with you to ensure that you jump properly in the air over three separate dives. The idea is to allow you to familiarize yourself physically and mentally to the movements in the air that you must master, and are essential, for future solo dives. Your instructor will not be strapped to you, but will fall alongside and grasp your harness until you learn when to deploy the chute at 5,000 feet. So you will not be alone until both you and your instructor believe you’re ready to be alone.

After you complete all seven levels of the training, you will be an accomplished USPA certified solo skydiver. Once you attain this USPA status, you’ll be able to jump solo at any of the skydiving facilities in our network of affiliates, all of which are USPA approved skydiving centers.

Accelerated Free Fall Training in Moab, Utah

Accelerating Towards Solo Sky Adventures!

As you begin your AFF training, you will work closely with your instructors. Their role is to make sure you begin to see and understand what the warning signs are as you free fall. The signs that tell when it is time to deploy your parachute at 5,000 feet. Instructors will use hand signals to remind you to “Pull.” Deploy. And if the hand signals do not seem to be working, then they will physically place your hand on the parachute release. Learning this procedure is critically important. You must learn when it’s time to release your parachute. Or you cannot solo. The other issue is that sometimes an instructor may lose momentary touch with you and be unable to dock and assist at the moment when the chute should deploy. So understanding when it is time to deploy the chute must be mastered.

Then there are the physical moves. These are the positions, movements, that you must master to regain your balance in the air should there be instability in air currents or wind shear. Falling is an art when done properly. So you’ll have to master the art of body control as you plunge to the ground. You’ll learn flips, turns, and freefall positions. Before you will be considered a USPA skydiver, you’ll have to demonstrate repeated mastery of the physical moves throughout the later phases of the training process. For with mastery, comes safety and control.

Completion of the AFF program is flexible. It can be scheduled to fit your personal needs. You have 30 days to complete each level in the program. And remember, there are seven levels of training. However, you can complete the course in as short as a few weeks or as long as several months, depending on your needs. Moab partners will work with you to customize an approach just for you.. Qualifying usually requires about seven or eight instructor led jumps which can be done at your personal speed.

The first level of the AFF program is the level most people take and complete. Why? Because you will learn enough in the first level of AFF training enough to dive solo without a tandem partner. You will not be a USPA certified solo skydiver, but you can go up to 14,000 feet and step out alone. You will not have gone through all seven levels of training. But if all you want is to dive solo, safely, you’ve learned enough to do that. And if you want to review the training before your first solo drive, you’ll have a videotape that was made of your training, so you can review the procedures. You can listen to your instructor’s lessons. Go over it all as many times as are necessary to feel ready. Safe. And then you make your solo dive.

Most people choose the first level of the AFF process to learn. However, if you wish to complete the entire certification, you’ll need to complete all seven. As you complete each level, you’ll learn a different diving maneuver, which will be filmed so after each dive is over, your instructor will discuss what went well and what still needs work. The idea being that once you’ve finished you’ll be a competent skydiver safely ready for solo flight. You’ll also receive the library of videos so you can review them whenever necessary.

If you’re unsure, you can always retake any level of AFF training, even the first level, to re-master a skill. So you’re sure. So, don’t worry, Moab’s partner locations have expert skydiving instructors that will work closely with you until you’re ready. Retaking one or two levels is one way to be sure you’ve mastered those safety procedures before you’re up in the air.

Remember, our partner’s expert skydiving instructors are there to make sure you have successfully learned what there was to learn in the level of training you were taking. They will review videotape of your jump and discuss areas of improvement with you. Make sure you are aware of what still needs to be done. At that point you can consider their analysis of your performance, and see whether you can rectify the mistakes yourself, or consider retaking the training level to be certain you have mastered those skills. Even if you’re only taking Level One of the AFF.

There are also additional safety measures, such as parachutes equipped with an Automatic Activation Device (or AAD). The ADD will deploy a parachute automatically once you reach a certain altitude, if you haven’t already deployed the chute yourself. So, if you need that extra reassurance, it’s available.

The important point here is that Moab is your teammate in this process. We want you to win. We want your training to go even smoother than it has. We want you to skydive with complete assurance, complete confidence that you were trained by the best. That no stone went unturned in your education. So that when you leave Moab affiliate dropzone to skydive anywhere else, you will step out of that plane with complete confidence.

Moab, Utah Tandem Progression Skydiving Training

Tandem Progression Skydive Training

Some of you will choose Tandem Progression training, because it is a comprehensive method which combines three tandem skydives with that of the Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) training method. The advantage of Tandem Progression training is that it’s a more gradual introduction to skydiving. You’ll learn progressively more on each of the three jumps as your instructor gives you more responsibility each time. So, rather than having to learn everything all at once, you add layers of knowledge and experience to your skydiving. And then when you’ve completed the Tandem Progression training, you’ll tackle the AFF training methods.

Before this happens, you’ll participate in ‘ground school.’ You’ll be taught emergency procedures, canopy control procedures, free fall techniques, equipment basics, and other relevant topics. After the completion of ground training, you will then begin your AFF training jumps.

Meaning, you will wear your own skydiving rig and jump alongside two instructors. In closely watched free fall. As you show you’re ready to take on more responsibility, you’ll be assigned only one instructor to shepherd you through the training.

Once the AFF portion of the training begins your first and second jumps are evaluated based on the kinds of freefall maneuvers you have successfully implemented, the ease with which you have learned to monitor your altitude, and how well you have deployed your parachute at 5,000 feet under the supervision of an instructor.
In ‘ground school,’ you will receive hands-on instruction to help you perform simulated emergency procedures. The idea is to reinforce what you were already taught on the ground, and to make sure you have learned these procedures. The aim of the instruction is to show you first-hand the many common issues that arise, that you can easily address.

During the last training tandem, you’ll execute freefall maneuvers, monitor your altitude, and deploy your parachute under the supervision of your instructor. You’ll also be expected to show the extent to which you have mastered the simulated emergency procedures you were taught. Canopy descent strategy, locating the airport unassisted, determining where to be at certain altitudes, entering the landing pattern and landing where you intend to. Many students have said after this third jump, as the instructor watched their control of technique and procedures, their confidence in their own abilities flourished as the pieces fell in place together. They could see themselves stepping out of an aircraft, alone, in full control of themselves and what they had to do.

For those who still need more assistance, Moab partners offer coached jumps. A coached jump is what it sounds like. You work closely with a coach who will teach you the necessary skills to be skydive safely with other experienced skydivers. The idea is to reinforce what you have already learned. And as you do so you will jump repeatedly, building your jump numbers to the point that you can pass an A-License check-dive after completing 25 jumps.

Some students will be taught exit strategies if they’re ready for them. These are executed during practice jumps. Don’t worry, we will still be there in the aircraft with you, ready to help you, as needed. So by the completion of this Tandem Progression training, you should be ready to solo dive at your discretion.

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Moab Skydiving Video Packages

Capture Your Adventure on Video!

Relive the euphoria. The freefall surge. The wind in your sails. Your declaration of independence. If you choose the video package, either a staff videographer will follow you out of the plane or your tandem master might wear a GoPro video camera on a helmet or his wrist and record your journey down from 14,000 feet from your perspective. Until you land on terra firma.
Then show your video to your friends. Let them see what a rascal you are. A rogue stepping out of a plane into the mysteries of aether. Post it on Facebook or Youtube, or other social media. They’ll all be as astounded to see you hurtling through the air, as you were astounded to be streaking across the horizon over Moab. The “Like’s” will flow in. Everyone who sees your video will be properly impressed and you’ll see comments galore.

Your video covers your entire experience at the dropzone. From the moments after you arrived at the facility, your video begins with pre-jump comments. You gear up before the videographer and if you’re with family or friends before the jump, they’re in the video as well—adding their thoughts to your big day. And then you soar to 14,000 feet, and when you step out, your videographer will skillfully place himself within a few feet of you so everyone will see your adventure from your point of view.

After the video has been edited by the DropZone, editors will add music to create an exciting, engaging product you can proudly show to many people. About half an hour after landing your video’s ready to go. Ready for all the WOWS that await its premiere at your home, or on social media.

Why GoPro Videos?

Because GoPro videos are more affordable. Because your tandem master can wear a GoPro and film the jump from a close perspective right behind you. They’re perfect for unique personal videographies. And depending on wind conditions, it may record your voice during the jump. GoPros take worldies, not selfies, and perhaps unbelievably, on the GoPro channel on YouTube, GoPro videos are quite often seen by more than half a million viewers. So if you upload your GoPro video, you could become an overnight sensation. The DropZone will professionally edit it for you, it will look and sound great, and when you receive the file, it will be ready for social media. What’s to think about?

So Why Purchase a Video?

It’s a statement. Your statement. And without it, you can talk about the moments, but with it, those moments come alive. That day and every other day you put the video on for the rest of your life. Add to this that psychologists and neurologists have discovered that photos or videos of an event are more effective than notes or conversation at helping people remember an experience.

It’s the purchase of a lifetime. No I should haves or I wish I had. You’ve already made the right choice.

So, for slightly more than the price of a skydive, you can return home with a documented recording of your amazing experience. Don’t cheat yourself of the pleasures and satisfaction of showing your video to your friends and family. Don’t regret the decision after it’s too late.

Pricing on skydiving video packages varies by location, but what you can count on is an eight to ten minute video of your entire skydiving experience. There may be photographs, depending on the option package you chose. But what Moab partners will deliver is a start-to-finish professionally edited record of your skydiving experience. So, you can relive your experience again and again.

Call Moab at 1-800-617-7948 Today and We’ll Set You up with a Lifetime of Memories You Can Relive Whenever It Suits You!

Moab Skydiving Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates

ten minutes that will last a lifetime. Give them one of our Gift Certificates. A memory. A lifetime in a memory that they’ll thank you for many times over. Moab.

Ordering Moab Gift Certificates couldn’t be easier. We offer a number of different skydiving gift packages and when you call 1-800-617-7948, you’ll speak to one of our experienced skydiving information specialists who can answer any of your questions and paint you a full picture of the skydiving experience you’re about to purchase. Whether you want a Tandem Skydiving or AFF Level One package, our gift certificates can be used to gift any available skydiving services. And if you want, you can add video packages to any gift purchase.
We’ll ask who you’re buying for, where they want to skydive, and how much excitement they’re comfortable with. Once you decide which product you’re comfortable purchasing, you can place your order and within minutes download your Moab Gift Certificates. It’s that easy.

Please note: Moab Gift Certificates should only be purchased for recipients who are at least 18 years old and weigh less than 250 pounds. So, call us at 1-800-617-7948 for the most up-to-date guidelines and information. Moab Gift Certificates are valid for a tandem skydive up to two years from the time of purchase. And when you book your dive, we’ll make it as easy as we can for you. We’ll answer any questions you might have about cancellations or rescheduling.

You can redeem your Moab Gift Certificates at any of our affiliate locations. So, if you’re vacationing in San Diego in three months you can skydive in San Diego in three months. It’s a seamless experience. And when you book your skydive, we’ll make it as simple as possible. Should bad weather threaten your chosen day, we’ll help you reschedule. For that matter, any conflict in scheduling will be honored and we’ll reschedule. No questions asked. We’ll make booking your skydive as easy as apple pie. Whenever you’re ready. And when you finally redeem your certificate, we’ll be sure to help you enjoy what will certainly be one of the most exciting moments in your life.

Additionally, if you decide to give the gift certificate to someone else—say you changed your mind, for whatever the reason—no worries. As long as the certificate hasn’t been used, our Moab Gift Certificates are fully transferrable. How much easier can we make this? We want you to skydive. And we want you to redeem your gift certificate whenever it’s convenient and wherever you prefer to dive.

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