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If you are looking for adventure in the Twin Cities and are tired of visiting the same old spots for fun things to do, then you have come to the right place! No one in the country offers a more thrilling sky high adventure! Take a step out of the same old same old and get into one of our planes today. Take flight with the help of Skydiving.com Minneapolis Minnesota today!

Skydiving Minneapolis will help you achieve new heights in the sky! Call 1-800-617-7948 today to set up your skydiving experience!

Take to the Skies with Skydiving.com Minneapolis, Minnesota!
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Take to the Skies with Skydiving.com Minneapolis, Minnesota!
Call 612-504-8800 Now!

If you are looking for adventure in the Twin Cities and are tired of visiting the same old spots for fun things to do, then you have come to the right place! No one in the country offers a more thrilling sky high adventure! Take a step out of the same old same old and get into one of our planes today. Take flight with Skydiving.com Minneapolis Minnesota today!

Skydiving.com Minneapolis will help you achieve new heights in the sky! Call 612-504-8800 today to set up your skydiving experience!

There is something for everybody in this industry. We are proud to connect you with our partners to offer new skydivers and seasoned veterans alike the best experience in the midwest. From tandem skydives with experience skydiving instructors to advanced training, we can set you up with a comprehensive set of packages that are ready to be experienced. We do more than just help provide an amazing experience, we also want you to remember it all. That is why there are video packages that are available for everybody looking for a memento of their incredible journey through the skies.

Tandem Skydiving near Minneapolis, Minnesota

Tandem Skydiving

For those interested taking to the skies as soon as possible, Tandem Skydiving is the best option. Think of tandem skydiving as a way to get a taste of the skydiving experience. Let’s go…

Advanced Skydive Training in Minneapolis, Minnesota

Advanced Training

There is nothing as satisfying as being able to take the solo leap for the first time. Get into the sky today and earn your USPA skydiving certification! Learn more…

Skydiving Video Packages - Minneapolis, Minnesota

Video Packages

Skydiving.com Minneapolis wants you to brag about just how amazing your experience in the sky was! What better way to do so than with a tailor made skydiving video. Get yours…

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Get Ready for the Time of Your Life in the Twin Cities!

Those who have never experienced the rush of a skydiving often look at it as an activity reserved for thrill seekers and adrenaline junkies. While we will never deny that there is a certain thrill involved in taking your first leap, we would like to clear the air on what we think is a common misconception among those who have never lept before. The United States Parachute Association states that over 500,000 people skydive each year. With that many people across the nation making the jump, it should be clear that this is a sport for more than just adrenaline junkies. These 500,000 skydivers rack up a grand total of 3 million jumps annually, meaning that the sport is at an all time high in terms of popularity.

With a greater number of people taking to the sky each and every year, safety has been placed at a premium. The fact of the matter is that skydiving has never been safer than it is today. The federal aviation administration and the united states parachute association have both been working to make the sport as safe as possible. These updates in regulations, in tandem with better equipment and procedures than ever before, have made the sport accessible to anybody looking for a taste of the sky.

Skydiving was not always a commercial sport that could be enjoyed by anybody. In fact, it was not a sport at all. The first skydivers were members of the military. Skydiving became a widely used tactic during World War II. After the war, veterans who were trained in skydiving technique seeked to continue performing aerial acts as a recreational activity. There was no shortage of pilots in post war America, so all that these pioneers needed to do was take flight with a fellow veteran pilot and the sport of skydiving was born.

As the sport gained popularity amongst a commercial audience, the need for a regulatory body became apparent. In 1946, the USPA was founded as the governing body for the sport of skydiving in the United States. The introduction of this board marked a monumental moment for the activity. The USPA gave those early skydivers an organization to look to for guidance throughout the early days. The USPA acted in order to keep the sport safe and has continued to move it further into the limelight for public consumption.

One of the biggest moments for the sport of skydiving was the invention of the modern parachute. The first parachutes used by early skydivers were those made for use in the military. These chutes were round in shape as pilots were not being asked to perform a great deal of maneuvers. There was also not much of a need for the material to be very durable as soldiers would often ditch the parachute as soon as they reached the ground. Realizing the need for a commercial parachute that was reliable and easier to pilot was Domina Jalbert. A kite maker by trade, Jalbert saw the similarities between the flight pattern of a flight and what a skydiver would want a parachute to be able to do. Throughout the 1960’s Jalbert would work on multiple prototype models of a parachute. Finally he was able to produce a design that was suitable for commercial use. The redesign marked a complete overhaul of the original design. Jalbert’s parachute was more rectangular in design which was key in allowing for a pilot to be able to actively pilot the parachute through the air. Jalbert was also able to utilize more modern materials in the new and improved parachutes. Altogether Jalbert’s designs allowed for the growth of the sport of skydiving to continue. Modern parachutes owe everything to his efforts to advance the sport towards what it has become.

The more sport continued to gain momentum through the next few decades the more opportunity there was for the general public to join in the fun. With greater reliability provided by the updated parachutes and the standardization of the USPA, skydiving quickly became a sport recognized across the world. The added momentum called for more skydiving centered facilities to sprout up across the United States. These centers were able to cater to the growing demographic of people who sought to explore the skies. Now, more than 500,000 skydivers take flight each year across the nation. The popularity of the sport is at an all time high, and the future is looking brighter than ever before.

If you are ready to join in on this rapidly growing sport there is no better place than Skydiving.com Minneapolis. In fact, at Skydiving.com Minneapolis we like to boast about the entire Twin Cities region. The youthful atmosphere brought about by the University of Minnesota has created a metropolitan area that is vibrant throughout the year, though we much prefer the warmer months. Whether you are looking for a bit of sightseeing or looking for a city to plant your roots, the Twin Cities is an amazing area.

Skydiving in Minneapolis

Go Skydiving in Minneapolis!

The beauty of this city, and by extension the region as a whole, lies in the incredible variety that resides throughout. Inside the city you will find Uptown, a district that is an eclectic and funky collection of shops, restaurants and bars. It is able to boast the Uptown Theatre, home of the best independent films and specials in the country. The Walker Art Center offers visitors a wide collection of 20th and 21st century American and European pieces for viewing. Looking for a bit of Minnesota country? You won’t have to travel far as Como Park picnic areas and walking trails that offer visitors a piece of outdoors in a bustling metropolitan atmosphere.

The Twin Cities region is a place that is certainly not short on exciting events and activities, and skydiving is near the top of that list. Residents and visitors alike will be able to see all that this amazing metropolitan area entails from high above. In fact, we believe there is no better way to understand just how amazing the city of Minneapolis is than to experience it while swooping down upon it during a parachute ride.

Much of the hustling and bustling atmosphere of Minneapolis and the sister city of St. Paul can be attributed to the young people of the city. The University of Minnesota, Bethel and the University of St Thomas are just a few of the bevy of schools that make up much of the landscape of the Twin Cities region. There is no doubt that these amazing Universities contribute a great deal to both Minneapolis and St. Paul. If you find yourself in the Twin Cities visiting a student or checking out one of the campuses, consider taking on the youth culture by skydiving. There is no better way to check out the campus and surrounding area. Who knows, you may just catch the fever and want to go back to school all over again.

Skydiving is a bucket list item that everybody needs to check off. If you are ready to achieve new heights around the amazing Twin Cities, contact Skydiving.com Minneapolis today. While our instructors and pilots are among the best in the industry, we like to think that our customer service staff is unmatched. Our experts have all of the answer to any and all question that you may have. Scheduling is not all that they do, as there is no concern that they have yet to come across. If you have any questions, do not hesitate to ask.

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Tandem Skydiving near Minneapolis, Minnesota

Jump Right into Action with Tandem Skydiving!

Tandem skydiving is a great introduction for anybody who is interested in learning more about this incredible sport. Throughout the jump a certified and licensed skydiving instructor there to handle all of the ins and outs of the dive, a rookie diver can enjoy the thrills and views. There is nothing holding you back. Contact us today at Skydiving.com Minneapolis to get linked up with your tandem partner!

Everybody Tandem Skydives First!

Every single new and uncertified diver will be required to dive tandem until they get more experience and certification. But we are getting ahead of ourselves. First it is important that we get a solid foundation and understand what a tandem skydive really is. Tandem skydiving refers to the type of skydiving where one person will be connected to a harness attached to a tandem instructor. The instructor guides the student through the entirety of the jump. From the time you’re on the plane to landing on the ground, a certified instructor is there to walk you through the process. There is a lot of minutia in skydiving. From the proper exiting technique to when to pull the cord to piloting the parachute to safely landing back on ground, you will be happy to have an experienced instructor there to help you through your first few jumps.

A tandem skydiving instructor is important in that they must be skilled as individuals as well as proficient teachers of skydiving. Your instructors are amazingly skilled at making sure that the tandem partner for the dive is well prepped for anything that may come your way even before the takeoff. These industry experts will lead you through a multitude of informational materials that will make sure you know exactly what will be happening throughout the experience. Once you’re in the air, your tandem skydiving experts will be by your side. These people are an experienced and knowledgeable bunch. They live to skydive and have been through countless dives themselves. In fact that this passion they are ready and prepared for any scenario that might arise in the air. To become a certified tandem skydiver you have to pass through a multitude of in class and practical instructionals. The testing is mandated by the FAA. In addition to these barriers, we are also extremely careful who we hire. Our partnered dropzone’s team has been vetted and hand selected. We know that you will have the time of your lives with these people in charge. There is no reason to be nervous about your first dive experience. Tandem skydiving is treat in that it takes all of the pressure off new divers. The instructor will let you know when it is time to jump, pull the cord and how to operate the parachute while in the air. All there is left for you to do is enjoy the ride!

The best way to get into the activity of skydiving is to start by tandem. Tandem skydiving is a great place to begin because it shows rookies the ropes and thrills of skydiving while being safe and relatively simple. By choosing to tandem dive, you will be able to get the most out of your time. As soon as you book your tandem skydiving experience through Skydiving.com Minneapolis, an expert diver will be matched with you. The professionals at Skydiving.com Minneapolis are the best in the industry at finding the right experience for you. Not only do they have the most knowledge on all things skydiving, our affiliate divers are also just awesome in general. There is nothing that they won’t do in order to make sure that you are comfortable with everything going on throughout the day. If there is a special request or concern you have they will take care of it. The diver you will be linked up with is doing something they absolutely love to do. That doesn’t just mean diving. They will look to be your friend for the afternoon while taking care of your every need throughout the day.

There are a few things in life that you need to trust to the best. Skydiving is one such experience. There is really no reason to choose anybody else in the greater Minneapolis and the Twin Cities area. Our partners have the most experienced skydiving instructors and experts in Minnesota!

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Advanced Skydiving Training in Minneapolis!

Advanced Skydive Training Program

For many people, the pulls of a thrilling skydive are too much to ignore. If you are interested in becoming a certified skydiver, advanced skydive training is for you. There is no better way to achieve independence in the sky than through an accelerated free fall program. This is your ticket to a lifetime of thrilling skydives!

In order to achieve full independence in a sport as intense as skydiving, there is a bit of information and training you will have to first go through. The accelerated free fall course is the perfect program for learning the ins and outs of skydiving. This course is the most comprehensive look at everything that goes into completing a skydive. Thousands of people have already experienced the rush of learning how to skydive through the accelerated free fall program. If you would like to join them in the sky, this is the right choice.

The Accelerated Free Fall program has been expertly designed in order to provide students with one thing–experience. In a sport as demanding as skydiving there is simply nothing that will prepare a new skydiver for the intricacies than by actually getting into the sky. Ground school provides a much needed basis of knowledge, but all of this needs to be tested.

Throughout this training program, a student will gain a litany of first hand experience on the way to becoming a certified skydiver. The entire course was founded on the basis that there is no better way to learn how to do anything than to do it yourself. Of course, applying this idea to skydiving requires a bit of safety precautions. That is why, while gaining the necessary knowledge and experience to become certified, you will be accompanied by a personal skydiving instructor. This one on one instruction is tailored to an individual student’s personal skill level and abilities. There is no better way to gain full autonomy than the accelerated free fall program.

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Minneapolis Skydiving Video Packages

Video Packages

Skydiving is an amazing experience. If there is one possible downside, it is that it simply does not last long enough. A video package, though, will provide memories that will last a lifetime. Who knows, maybe it will even be enough to hold you over until you can get back into the sky!

Skydiving.com Minneapolis Video Packages

The video package options are much more than just a home video. Our partnered dropzones have an entire team of professional videographers ready to capture the intense beauty of a skydive. There is no better way to show off just how incredible your skydiving experience was than with a professional video. All of your friends and family will be able to see exactly how gutsy you really are. Just be careful who you show your amazing video off to, they may want to join in on your next airborne adventure.

Professional Video Services

The team of professional videographers at our affiliate dropzone offer a level of service that is unmatched across the industry. The fact is that the team members with us have been expertly trained in the visual arts. Moreover, they have been able to master the impressive feat of capturing everything from 5,000 plus feet above the air. These videographers are truly the masters of multiple domains, being certified skydivers and professional video producers. The efforts of their training and work are ever present in the product that they are able to create. Your friends and family will be sure to be amazed at the incredible quality of your video, even if they are unimpressed by the fact that you had the guts to jump out of a perfectly good airplane!

We are often asked if it would be okay for a new skydiver to bring their own video equipment or camera. While we would love to give every customer the okay to show off their photography and videographer skills, we are unable to do so. The fact is that this decision is not even in our control. The Federal Aviation Administration has set mandates in place that do not allow for a new skydiver to bring anything into the air with them. This rule applies especially to cameras and recording equipment. The idea is that you have enough to worry about. Just like driving and talking on the phone or texting, there is simply a lot going on throughout a skydive. The FAA and USPA agree that there is little reason to allow an unproven diver the chance to get distracted. Rest assured though that the expert videographers at Skydiving.com’s partnered dropzone will capture all of the action in the skies.

There is nothing like experiencing a real life skydive, but a professional video will offer the next best thing.

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Minneapolis Skydiving Gift Certificates

Skydiving Gift Certificates

Stop struggling with the ever-growing list of people on your list of gift recipients. Check off everybody today with one full swoop by gifting a gift certificate from Skydiving.com Minneapolis today. Every person in your life will appreciate the once in a lifetime opportunity to take to the skies. Give the perfect gift today

Skydiving makes for the perfect gift, whatever the occasion.

We all have that one friend that nobody seems to be able to buy a gift for. As if nailing down their sizes was not hard enough, their style and tastes seem to change every other week. Do not give just another sweater that is bound to get returned. Give the perfect gift this year with a gift certificate from Skydiving.com Minneapolis. There is no way that anybody can be unsatisfied with this once in a lifetime opportunity. Even the least thrill seeking people you know will seize this experience to discover what all the talk is all about.

You may have a friend who you know loves new adventures. Give them an experience they will not soon forget! Alternatively, you just may want someone there to calm your nerves on the dive. Whatever the case may be, gift certificates for a skydiving experience are perfect. You will surely be the only person giving it this year. Or maybe not! After all, skydiving is more popular than you think.

Holidays and Birthdays offer the most opportune moments to gift a skydiving experience. That being said, there is really no shortage of times a year you can cook up to provide somebody with this unique gift. Is somebody graduating? Take flight, future Alleviate all fear of getting old and spark a new hobby! Skydiving is distinctive in its ability to bring people closer together. There is nothing quite as binding as experiential relationships. You and your loved ones can share in the memories for years to come.

Accelerated Free Fall Skydive Certificates

We all have a thrill seeker and adventure enthusiast in our life. When it comes time to choosing a gift for these people, it can be a difficult task. If you are struggling to come up with the perfect gift for your friend or family member who likes to live on the edge, consider gifting them an Accelerated Free Fall course package. There is nothing quite like being able to skydive on your own and the Accelerated Free Fall program is the best way to get there. Skydiving.com Minneapolis gift certificates will empower a student to get into the driver’s seat of their skydiving experience. This is not just any old class as throughout the course a student is able to accumulate at least seven jumps! What better way to show somebody how much you really care for them than by gifting them a lifetime of thrills.

Empower your friends today! Give the gift of a lifelong hobby with Skydiving.com Minneapolis!

There is no boundary to the reasons that you can find to give the incredible gift of a skydiving experience. The next time you are in a pinch to come up with a gift, remember Skydiving.com Minneapolis. There is no better way to treat your friends and family to a memorable experience. There is no doubt that they will remember who gave it to them!

Get your loved ones in the air today! Call Skydiving.com Minneapolis now to learn more about the gift certificate packages today!

Tandem Skydiving Gift Certificates

There is no better way to go through a new and wonderful experience than with a friend. That is why Skydiving.com Minneapolis offers you the chance to go through a tandem skydive with the recipient of your gift certificate. There is no better way to get closer to your friends and family than sharing in a memorable and life changing experience. Before you get too worried, we want to clear up a common misconception. No, you will not be tethered to your friend or family member. A certified skydiving expert and instructor will be there to guide you through the entire experience. Every tandem skydive begins with a quick tutorial and run through of what will happen once you are all in the air. Once your whole party is in the air you are free to leave the ride to the expert, as your personal instructor will be there to take over. There is no better way to experience the rush of a skydive as quickly as possible than to get into the air with an expert at Skydiving.com Minneapolis. The entire package is made all the better by the fact that you will be going through this life altering jump with a friend right by your side.

The only worry you should have in gifting a skydiving gift card is how you’ll follow it up next year. Get your friends and family into the action today with a Skydiving.com Minneapolis gift certificate package!

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The modern age has brought untold benefits. One downside is that there is undoubtedly less of a human element in people’s everyday lives. If you are looking for more than just a boring sales call, Skydiving.com Minneapolis is just the place. We take a tremendous amount of pride in the fact that our customer service team is as knowledgeable as all skydiving instructors. They have the answers to every question you can throw at them. Whether you have a scheduling question or need assistance with something that is related to the sport of skydiving–simply contact our customer service team today.

Your first skydiving experience is a whirlwind of emotions. In order to be able to handle it all, you need to be fully relaxed and ready to go. Contacting our customer service agents will make sure that you are in the best state of mind going into this once in a lifetime experience. These experts are readily available to handle all of your questions and concerns. There is nothing that they will not do in order to make sure that you have the best experience possible. Skydiving is more than just a tremendous afternoon. The skydiving experts in our customer service team will go out of their way to make the entire time amazing.

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