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Skilled and experienced skydiving experts will guide even the most novice beginners through a wonderful journey of free fall air travel. You will climb up through the skies to a cruising altitude of 14,000 feet in a specially designed aircraft. This is truly an amazing, unique experience, made even more spectacular by the skydive instructors and team you’ve entrusted here with our partnered dropzone, whose sole purpose is to make you comfortable, safe and relaxed and to have your skydive be incredible and exhilarating.

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Feel Free to Call Us at 1-800-617-7948 With Any Questions! – Midland, TX offers you the options you are looking for when you want to fly free as a bird! – Midland, TX offers you the options you are looking for when you want to fly free as a bird!

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Our skilled and experienced skydiving experts will guide even the most novice beginners through a wonderful journey of free fall air travel. Even the most advanced skydiver will learn a series of strategic movements based on their level of expertise. You will climb up through the skies to a cruising altitude of 14,000 feet in our specially designed aircraft. This is truly an amazing, unique experience, made even more spectacular by the skydive instructors and team you’ve entrusted here at Midland, whose sole purpose is to make you comfortable, safe and relaxed and to have your skydive be incredible and exhilarating.

Feel Free to Call Us at 1-800-617-7948 With Any Questions!

Skydiving in  Midland, Texas

We’re only too happy to help you. We are open 363 days a year with the exception of New Year’s Day and Christmas Day (our people love their jobs, but we have to force them take SOME time and spend it away from this place). We offer generous group and holiday discounts.

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Tandem Skydiving near Midland, Texas

Tandem Skydiving

One of the spectacular skydiving events available are Tandem jumps. Come visit the best dropzone in the state near beautiful, historic Midland and let our partners teach you how to soar through the air and dance with the clouds with one, two or ten of your friends or co-workers. Our partner’s team is one of the finest in the nation and they will teach you the skills you need to make your experience the best available, making memories for years to come. Come fly the beautiful skies. Learn more…

Advanced Skydive Training in Midland, Texas

Skydiving Certification

Visit the experts at our affiliate dropzone and discover what they have to offer in the way of training toward any goals you may have; including air acrobatics, spot turns, fast and slow free falls and many more. We can also help you get your AFF Certification, if that is what you are striving for. Our partners have instructors that love what they do and want you to love it too. It’s their passion. They want it to be your passion too. They will teach you all the necessary skills, on their state of the art equipment, which you might not have even thought about. Learn more…

Skydiving Video Packages -  Midland, Texas

Video Packages

Making a professional video memory of your dive, whether it’s your first or your fiftieth, is a big part of your exhilarating experience and will commemorate a remembrance of your stellar experience for many years to come. There are many video packages available for you to choose from and are budget friendly. All videos are social media friendly so you can Facebook them, Tweet, or email them to your unlucky friends who didn’t join you at the drop zone. Learn more…

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As a reference, a novice skydiver will undergo approx. 45 minutes of class time, as well as one on one with the instructor prior to the jump. The certified instructor will safety fit the skydiver into the jump gear and when are you ready, perform your Tandem skydiving adventure with you, right then, right there, right NOW! And for safety reasons and to make you feel comfortable and allay any fears you may or may not have, your instructor will be jumping out of the plane right along with you, attached right to you, so there is no chance of you forgetting to do something. Well, you could forget, but, your certified skilled instructor, with thousands of jumps under their belt, will be literally attached to your hip in case there might ever be a problem, which there won’t be. Once you reach your destination level, you will depart your aircraft in a synchronized, Tandem movement with your instructor where you will instantly feel the wind whip against your face and through your hair. The safety tested, state of the art equipment, to which you were securely fitted with by an expert, certified instructor, will nestle you close and allow you to free fall like a feather through the air. Our partners also employ the best camera flyers, also called videographers, in the business, who also, just so happen to be dive certified. Our affiliate dropzone provides Solo Dives, Tandem Dives, Multi-skydiver Dives, and Advanced Dives and all the skills and diversity encompassed within each Dive Set.

Welcome to the Southwest Oil Rich Town of Midland, Texas – Come Sample Deep Heritage!!

Industrial Midland, Texas is located in the county seat of Midland County, which was established in June 1881 as Midway Station on the Texas and Pacific Railway. It received that name because it was centrally located between Ft. Worth and El Paso. It was soon discovered there were other cities in Texas with the name of Midway and, so, Midway decided to change their name to Midland in 1884, when they were allowed their first post office.

Midland’s nickname is “The Tall City” and their motto, “Feel the Energy” comes from their industrial roots, past and present.

Midland, TX, is also steep in political affiliations and is the hometown to former First Lady Laura Bush and prior home to former presidents George W. Bush and George H.W. Bush and Former First Lady Barbara Bush.

Midland is located in the Permian Basin in the West Texas plains. The total square mileage of Midland is 71.5 square miles, of which 71.3 square miles is land and 0.2 square miles is water. The 2015 census states the population is approx. 132,950 and ranks Midland, TX as the 24th most populated city in Texas. The climate of this mid, northwestern Texas City is semi-dry with long hot summers and short moderate winters. There are occasional cold waves during the winter, but temperatures rarely ever get near the freezing mark. Temperatures can reach 90 degrees on 100 days of the year and over 101 degrees on 16 days per year. Midland, TX gets about 15” of rain per year, which mostly falls during the summer.

To complement the stellar experience you are going to have jumping out of a plane and sailing through the air at 120 mph at Midland, there are so many other things to do and see in this industrial city. On the main campus of Midland College you will find the McCormick Gallery, located inside the Allison Fine Arts Building. Throughout the year, the McCormick features changing exhibits and also promotes works of Midland College students, faculty and visiting artists.

Located on the outskirts of town is the Permian Basin Petroleum Museum. There you will find numerous displays on history, science and technology of oil and gas development. Also, located in the museum are a collection of race cars that were designed by a long time resident of Midland, TX, named Jim Hall, who developed the use of aerodynamic down force in the design of Formula One race cars.

Midland is also home to the Museum of the Southwest, which is located in the 1934 historic mansion home of Fred and Juliette Turner. Within the same complex are the Children’s Museum and the Marian W. Blakemore Planetarium, worthwhile stops for everyone.

Also not to miss, is the Midland County Historical Museum which houses the artifactual skeletal remains of a female unearthed in 1953. Use of uranium-thorium analysis showed the female remains to be approximately 11,000 years old.

The Confederate Air Force and American Heritage Airpower Museum is where you will find World War II planes, many of them still flying, pictorial histories and the October Air Show. So, come and join us!

Surrounding Midland, TX are wondrous neighboring towns all home to a great deal of fantastic stuff to do, like in Odessa, TX, you will find the Shakespearean Globe Theatre along with a lot of other museums. Pecos, TX is home to the best cantaloupes you will ever eat and where the rodeos were born, so there is going to be a lot of rodeo themed stuff there in that town. Some of the strangest museums are right in San Angelo, TX, where you will find exhibits on things like the history of bordellos, or Museum of Frontier Medicine or what should be really interesting, the history of telephones and many others.There is also Carlsbad, NM, home of Carlsbad Caverns. Who hasn’t heard of them? And, there is Abilene, TX, with its giraffe bridge in the zoo.

And, we must tell you, Midland, TX boasts of one of the few remaining open air, drive in movie theatres in the whole United States. If that isn’t the coolest thing ever!

And so much more…

While in Midland, TX extend your stay at one of our 28 beautiful hotels and motels, or go for the total outdoor package and reserve a stay at one of the 25 RV campgrounds and parks. Either way you won’t be missing a thing, except if you don’t come at all, and then you’ll miss your awesome Midland experience and all these wonderful site-seeing extravaganzas. What a shame. Especially for the Skydiving in Midland. What a jaw dropping experience.

Also, while you stay in Midland, TX take advantage of some of our fine local cuisine. We have 3 American Restaurants, 4 Asian Restaurants, 5 Barbeque Pits, 6 Deli and Cafeteria, 3 Italian, 16 Mexican, 13 Pizza, 5 Steak and Seafood, 4 Burger Joints, 6 Other Variety and of course your usual fast food varieties.

While thoroughly and enthusiastically enjoying your breathtakingly stellar skydiving experience, please take advantage of the history and charm all around you in our neighboring cities.

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Tandem Skydiving near Midland, Texas

Tandem Skydivers: Voyagers Of The Sky!

Tandem dives incorporate the key elements of skydiving, which are jumping from a plane, free fall through the sky and parachute flight. This is THE best way for a novice jumper to gain the feel and lose the fear they may have of a first time skydive. By definition in Merriam-Webster Dictionary, “tandem is a group of two people or things that work together or are associated with each other”. Tandem Skydiving requires minimal training while ensuring you receive the highest level of safety because your instructor is literally harnessed to you throughout the whole flight and you both share the same canopy, which the instructor will control.

How this relates to you and your initial skydive is like this: when you arrive, you will be introduced to your instructor. You, and those in your party, will converse with him/her (don’t want to offend any one’s gender here, as both are equally qualified, certified and they put them through the same kind of crazy stuff as the other gender and they still will each get the same two days off each year) about expectations, packages you’re looking for, video you’re wanting and, not to negate anything or anyone you may be with, if you or anyone in your party has had any prior skydive history. After your chat with your highly skilled, certified instructor he will “suit you up” and safely tuck you into your gear.

We hope you are now getting really excited, as you’re now ready for your walk to the plane with your instructor and videographer, who is going to capture every moment of this most incredible, breathtaking, adrenaline rushing and superbly stellar experience that you’re going to have, in the next few moments. See, we know what’s coming and we know that you are going to just want to keep on reliving this day, every day, for pretty much the rest of your life. Very understandable! And if you don’t get that video of your first skydive, you’re just going to kick yourself before you leave our parking lot, unless you have someone here with you who will kick yourself for you.

Over 65% of all first jumps recorded in the United States are Tandem jumps. Over the years, it has been proven these Tandem jumps are the safest and quickest path for the first time skydiver. Plus, it will also give you the added advantage of helping you decide, pretty rapidly, whether this skydiving “stuff” is really going to be a passion for you. If you’re like the rest of us and can’t stand to be away from this place or you’re not sure how you feel yet and want to try it out a couple more times before coming to any concrete decisions. We’re certainly hoping you’re going to be jumping up and down since your first Tandem jump and are having trouble sleeping and can’t wait to make that NEXT call to continue on with your training. Midland partners have all the options for you, at the prices you want and can help you make those decisions.

Nothing is more important than safety. SAFETY and YOU are paramount. All instructors are certified and the whole dive team has thousands combined jump experiences. Your state of the art equipment is inspected daily for any flaws in design or equipment. Canopies and parachutes are inspected after each jump.

During your Tandem jump, free fall adventure it will feel more like an enjoyable sensation of flying in the sky like a beautiful bird, instead of you falling like a rock, if that is how you are picturing it in your head. On a clear, beautiful day you can see the land distinctions below, neighborhood formations, highways, etc. There is no problem in breathing in the cool, crisp, clean air at those altitudes, no indications of any pollutants; so close your eyes for a moment and just breath while you are floating, what an indescribable feeling! Talking is pretty much impossible due to the rustling of the wind as you fly through it, similar to a car window when you have it opened and no one can hear because of the wind while you are driving. When are diving through the air at speeds of 120 MPH, it is a tad difficult to hear; but please check it out for yourself.

A Tandem jump can last approximately 6-8 minutes for the jump itself. That includes about 60 seconds in the air for the free fall dive out of the plane and approx. 5-7 minutes as you glide along under the canopy. These times in the air are approximate and dependent on the wind conditions at the time of your jump. Don’t forget the time you spend with your instructor is also variable depending on how long class instruction is, your amount of questions, getting into your gear, etc., and going over all safety instructions and precautions.

You’ll have the chance to ask questions, as well as be told about what’s going to happen when you land. So, please note, you’ll be wearing a large square canopy, designed to make today’s landings seem just like hopping out of a chair. Depending on wind conditions at the time you jump, you will probably land one of two ways; a gentle stand up landing or an equally gentle “butt” side landing. Also, in case you’re wondering, your rig will be equipped with an alternate parachute manufactured with an AAD (Automatic Activation Device) which will automatically open the main canopy or the alternative chute in case it becomes an issue for the user.

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Advanced Skydiving Training in Midland, Texas

Jump Your Way To A Solo Skydiver Certification.

Now that you have discovered your new phantasmal love of Skydiving, here are the next levels offered at Midland’s affiliate location.

Many of our 80+ affiliate Drop Zones offer two (2) types of Advanced Skydiving Training: Accelerated Free Fall and Tandem Progression. You will discover what we have to offer in the way of training toward any goals you may have, including air acrobatics, spot turns, fast and slow free falls and many more dives including your AFF CC (Accelerated Free Fall Jumpmaster Certification Course).

If these are some of the things you are striving for or wish to consider, these highly experienced, certified and friendly skydivers here in the “Tall City” want to help you achieve your desires. We all love what we do and want you to love it too and share in our passion of the exhilarating free fall and other wondrous air feats. Your instructor will teach you all the skills necessary to succeed, either with your newly realized passion or with a passion you have just now decided to pick up where you left off. Come establish or reinvent yourself with state of the art, safety tested equipment!

When was the last time you flew above the birds and did somersaults in the clouds?

Accelerated Free Fall Training in  Midland, Texas

The Fast Track To Your Skydiving Certification: Accelerated Free Fall.

A Free Fall student would receive training and be accompanied by a certified, qualified Jumpmaster on free fall jumps of 40 seconds or longer. This is a natural progression if a student is looking to pursue a career in skydiving and seeking to obtain professional certification. Accelerated Free Fall (AFF), also known as progressive free fall, is due to the fact that it is the fastest way to descend from an altitude of between 10,000-15,000 feet above ground level (AGL).

In many AFF programs, two (2) certified instructors make the AFF jump with one student for the first three (3) AFF jumps or so; some programs, however, only utilize one (1) instructor per student. In the beginning of AFF training, the instructor holds on to the student until the student feels comfortable enough to deploy their own canopy. This type method is called “Harness Hold Training”. The AFF instructor’s only physical connection to the student by their grip hold and once the canopy on the student is away and opened, the instructors release their hold on the student and open their own chute. If at any time a student appears to be having trouble with their canopy, the instructor will move in to aid the student. In addition, the student’s gear is equipped with extra pulls just for such an occasion when and if the instructor is needed to help out; and let us not forget about the alternative chute that will automatically open in an emergency. Once the student has proved to their instructor that they can maneuver their own canopy, after the first few dives, they will be released to perform the free fall skydive without assistance. Each and every AFF level, including and after level three, is called a release dive. This means that although the instructor always remains nearby, at some point the student, after being briefed by the instructor, may be released to the next level of the AFF. The student has to have mastered all the skills of canopy release on their own, at a safe altitude and in the correct fashion, before progressing to the next level.

Instructors on all levels of AFF have their own altitude point or “hard deck” in which they must pull their own canopy in order to save their own life, so as previously mentioned, for this reason, if an instructor cannot get to a student in time, each student’s rig is equipped with an Automatic Activation Device (AAD), if need arises, in rare cases. All these safety features and procedures are in place, operational and fully functioning at Midland’s partnered dropzone where safety is paramount.

As the instructors fly the friendly skies with the student, they can correct any body position or other problems in the air and communicate with the student with pre-taught hand signals. After each dive, the instructor and student will have a debriefing on the dive and discuss any issues the instructor may have seen. Later level skydives will include more difficult maneuvers such as turns, flips and fall rate controls. These maneuvers are to prove to both the student and instructor that the student is capable of performing moves which may make the student become disoriented in the air and thus the student needs to be able to learn to quickly regain control.

In the United States, there are no official government required training guidelines. However, a skydiver must wear equipment that meets Federal Aviation Administration requirements. The United States Parachute Association (USPA) is a non-profit association that has certain protocols on Basic Safety Requirements. The USPA dictates to instructors how they should rate students with Targeted Learning Objectives (TLOs) that must be met before the student can accelerate toward the next level. Static Line, AFF and Tandem Progressive all follow the same categories but practice different ways of training for each.

Midland, Texas Tandem Progression Skydiving Training

TANDEM PROGRESSION Is the Next Step After Your First Initial Dive

These series of skydives guide you through a series of orchestrated maneuvers designed to strategically bring you safely to the next level.

The Tandem Progression is a method that encompasses three (3) different Tandem skydives, each being part of the Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) Training Curriculum. This program is designed to allow the student to become more comfortable with each different dive and maneuver, as your instructor feeds you a small amount of information at a time.

After your initial jump as a newbie, you will progress onto Tandem Progression Jumps, Category A/B (3 jumps). You, the student, will move onto various free fall maneuvers, monitor your altitude and progress to deploying your own canopy, all while under the supervision of your instructor. You will perform simulated emergency procedures, similar to those you were taught on the ground. Your last jump in this category will be as above (free fall maneuvers, monitoring of your altitude and deployment of your canopy) only now it is done all on your own.

Category C – Accelerated Free Fall (2 Jumps) – On the Category C jumps you will jump from the aircraft with the instructor by your side, holding on to you, but not in tandem as above. You will perform your free fall maneuvers, altitude monitoring and the deployment of your own canopy. Your instructor will be alongside of you to critique your fall body position.

Category D – Accelerated Free Fall (2 Jumps) – Now, that you have become more comfortable with free fall jumps, you will start to perform free fall controlled turns. The instructor will leave the aircraft with you, but not holding on to you.

Category E – Accelerated Free Fall (1 Jump) – Now, you are really ready to get your feet wet on this your last and final Accelerated Free Fall jump! During this jump you will be shown barrel rolls, back-loops, front-loops, all of this unassisted but with your instructor within arms distance away.

After completing this training you are ready for Coached jumps and after twenty-five (25) Coached jumps, which are meant to teach you additional skills and allow you to practice the skills yourself while building your jump numbers high enough be able to get your A-License. Exciting, huh? Considering you just took your first jump not that long ago. So, don’t delay, get started today. Now, Right Now, Right Here, Right at Midland’s affiliate dropzone.

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Midland Skydiving Video Packages

Your Skydiving Adventure Will Last A Lifetime.

Making a professional video memory of your dive adventure, whether it is your first or your fiftieth is the only way of commemorating a remembrance of your exhilarating, stellar experience for many, many years to come. Midland partners have several video packages available for you to choose from and to suit everyone’s budget.

There is the popular “GoPro” option, which records every second of your real time, spectacular unique dive. And remember, any and all videos you receive from a Midland partner are social medial friendly, so you can Facebook them, tweet, and email them to your unlucky friends, family and co-workers, who didn’t join you. So, all those people you’re gifting to with a gift certificate for birthdays, Christmas, anniversaries, weddings, Bosses Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Valentine’s Day, I Love You, I want to be your special friend or for anything else – DON’T FORGET THE VIDEO PACKAGES!!

When you call to make your dive appointment make sure you discuss your video options with your friendly, knowledgeable sales representative to find out what video package best suits your diving needs. The videographer is also a certified dive instructor and will be with you from the time you are in instructional class until your two feet land safely on the ground and then some. They are as meticulous with your video as we are with your safety and your experience. You will get to relive your jump over and over and over again. Although, it won’t be exactly like your dive, I mean you won’t really feel the wind on your face, for that you’re just going to have to come back and see us again for another dive; that’s all there is too it!

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Midland Skydiving Gift Certificates

Skydiving, The Greatest Gift You Can Give!

Having trouble figuring out what to get dad, hubby, BFF, the love of your life, your boss, your co-worker, anyone in your life for Christmas, birthdays, or any holiday that will really make an impression? We offer one of a kind gift certificates for one of a kind one people, packages, corporations, first responders, you name it. What better way to make a statement, say, “I love you,” “There’s no better Dad or Mom!” “I don’t know what I’d do without a friend like you!” “Boss, you’re the greatest!” or “Happy Birthday, Sis!” Call us at Midland and we will gladly set up that special piece of paper for your special person or persons. How about Mom and Dad? You gave them a ride all your life; how about you giving them one, on you, with a video package to commemorate and cherish this memory for years and years to come? Our gift certificates are good for two years, BUT HONESTLY, who would want to wait that long?

The gift certificates are recognized at over 80 of our affiliate skydive locations across the United States and we are always adding more, so check for your city of interest. They are also fully transferrable. All you have to do is check with one of our friendly, courteous representatives and enlist their help.

Our gift certificates are primarily available for Tandem and Accelerated Free Fall Level 1 Skydiving, both with and without video packaging. Just give us a call at Midland and order yours today. It’s just that simple!!

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You can now purchase online right thru But you might want to give one of our friendly experts a call to see if we are running any specials or if you qualify for any discounts!

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