Experience South Florida like very few people have the nerve to with skydiving…

Miami is primarily known for being a popular vacation destination but that shouldn’t be an excuse to have the same holiday as everyone else! Climb aboard an airplane to 14,000 feet and get a breathtaking view of the peninsula as you streak back to earth at terminal velocity! Nothing can compare!

Better Than South Beach!

Trust Your First Time to the Best in Florida!

Tandem skydiving is absolutely the safest way to experience skydiving for the first time. After a few minutes of instruction, you can experience unbelievable free-fall with an instructor and enjoy the breathtaking views as you float back to the dropzone under a colorful parachute with a skydive.

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Experience South Florida like very few people have the nerve to with Skydiving.com Miami…
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Experience South Florida like very few people have the nerve to with Skydiving.com Miami…
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Miami is primarily known for being a popular vacation destination but that shouldn’t be an excuse to have the same holiday as everyone else! Climb aboard an airplane to 14,000 feet and get a breathtaking view of the peninsula as you streak back to earth at terminal velocity! Nothing can compare!

Race Gravity with Skydiving.com in Miami Florida!

Skydiving.com is the #1 choice for first time skydivers. Skydiving.com Miami in Florida will get you jumping out of a perfectly good airplane in no time! Fly high above the mountains and rain forests of Miami during a high-adrenaline experience that is unlike anything you will see or do in Florida!

All The Skydiving Options You Want for your Skydive!

Tandem Skydiving in Miami

Tandem Instruction

Hello Beginner skydivers! Can we interest you in an epically cool opportunity to literally be flung out of a plane at up to 14,000 feet above Florida? Only to find yourself soaring like a bird! Give it a shot today! Learn more…

Miami Certified Skydiving

Skydiving School

Ready to commence the start of your professional skydiving adventure? Kick it off with your initial solo skydive, AFF style near Miami today! This skydiving school is rad! Let us show you the difference that we make. Learn more…

Skydiving Videos in Miami, Florida

Get a Video!

Create a memory that will last an eternity, even when your ability to recall what you did yesterday starts to fade, (be honest, it’ll happen to us all) the video you have of your experience will endure! Don’t miss out! Say cheese…

Skydiving Gift Certificates in Miami

Gifts That Last a Lifetime

Our gift certificates are a paper or virtual ticket that unlocks the chance to participate in a one of a kind experience! Present loved ones with their own golden ticket to partake in high flying and extreme fun with a skydive near you today! Get yours…

There’s a Party in the South Florida sky…

…And you can consider this your invitation for the event of a lifetime…

14,000 feet above Florida!

Come Look And Discover Your Very Own Reasons To Love This Beautiful City!

Coming to “Magic City” for your skydive? Or are you just visiting the area and are thinking about skydiving? Awesome! While the rest of our site goes over what you can expect on a dive and why you should take it, we would like the opportunity to take this section and explain to you what this city truly means to us. In serving Miami, we have learned to love and appreciate it’s every corner and every walk of life. As Miami is so culturally diverse, it provides nearly everything you could need, which is why we chose to help the Miami citizens in their journey to becoming awesome by introducing skydiving into their lives. So this is our payback. Our list of reasons why we love this city and why:

The Atmosphere: With beautiful white sand beaches and the art deco vibe that radiates off the pastel and vibrantly colored buildings here, we couldn’t ask for a better backdrop for our dives. The 21st Street Beach and the buildings in South Beach are our favorite spots to give you that true Miami feel.

The People: So many cultures combine to give us our melting pot city. From those of Cuban descent in Little Havana to the Haitians in Little Haiti, we’ve really got it going on when it comes to diversity. Young and old, rich and poor financial status doesn’t matter in Miami, just throw on a fedora and you’ll blend right in.

The Weather: Miami’s basketball team is NOT the only “Heat” we love. As a matter of fact, Miami feels like one of the hottest places on Earth! With weather ranging from 60 degrees during winter to 100 during summer, we’ve gotten pretty used to the heat. The breeze off the Atlantic keeps things pretty cool and if you get too hot you can always enjoy a cold-pressed juice at Jugofresh to cool you off, you know Miami style.

The Food: Another benefit of cultural diversity is what effect it has on our palates. We have so many favorite restaurants that it’s hard to name them all but the Stone crabs at Joe’s and the fritas at El Mago should be their own food group.

The Arts: With the mix of generations and backgrounds, Miami produces some of the most spectacular works of art in the nation. From the streets to museums, live local bands to the market, you can see the artistry everywhere. Want to see some of the most beautiful murals you have ever seen? Take a drive down to NW 2nd Ave. What about good music? Get the true Miami experience at Tobacco Road. Or see it all at the Wynwood Alley Street Market!

The Nightlife: Miami knows how to party. While some cities have a general closing time, we stay up all night. From the 24 hour places like E11EVEN and Space to the beautiful Clevelander that does close earlier but it still has an amazing range of cocktails and the view is awesome as well.

We’ve explained why you should jump in this city but why choose our company?

Skydiving Miami holds copious principles at the heart of our endeavors, which were organically born from the vision and culture of the industry. We are open, convenient and welcoming. We seek to create a safe and fun experience, with an approachable and home-like community for customers and our own. Through proficient and experienced instructors, pilots, videographers, support staff and management, our partner’s relaxed, yet professional crew has developed an exceptional reputation for safety, reliability, efficiency and expertise. While simultaneously using our affiliate dropzones to offer a unique and thrilling experience for anyone through the natural components of skydiving and the simply incredible views of Florida’s gorgeous landscape.

Hotter than the Miami Sun!
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Go Skydiving in Miami, Florida!

Florida Skydiving Packages

Outrageous Tandem Skydiving near Miami!

Tandem skydives are the most requested and participated in for novice skydivers. The reason being is that it’s the safest and most simply executed of the skydive options available. Basically, you and a certified and experienced Jump Master will remain together throughout the entirety of your jump. They’ll even be attaching him/herself to you when you are about to depart the plane at the commencement of your freefall into oblivion. They will provide valuable instruction too, to ensure that your landing is as impressive and safe as the dive itself, much to the delight of friends and family awaiting you back at our partner drop zone. The tandem skydiving process can be time consuming, so be sure to have planned to spend several hours out of your day with the experts!

Accelerated Free Fall for Rockstar Skydivers!

Accelerated Freefall (AFF) is a more advanced style intended for individuals who have had some experience with skydiving. The intended purpose is to get future professional skydivers and serious hobbyists to engage in a solo dive as quickly and as well informed as possible. During AFF, you’ll jump on your own, meaning not secured to another individual, but alongside one or more Jump Masters, so they can observe your technique and to assist in the event of an issue. This jump takes place after a small overview or course in respect to body position and various other important factors relating to the principles of executing successful skydives. You’ll have the chance during your AFF to steer the canopy solitary back down to the drop zone, which is incredibly cool. Give Skydiving.com Miami a call today to get relevant information about how you can enroll in an AFF program to get you skydiving like a pro today!

Skydiving Video Packages!

Skydiving will create memories that last a lifetime; the only issue with that is, you can’t show your friends a memory. All hail skydiving videos! Your video will capture everything from the plane ride to the landing and can include your favorite music, as well. We highly recommend purchasing a skydiving video package for your first skydiving experience. It is the only true way to capture the thrill of skydiving near the Miami area. So when you are getting ready to take the initial plunge, do not forget to ask about video packages!

Skydiving.com Gift Certificates!

The perfect gift for the adventure seeker in your like is a skydiving gift certificate from Skydiving.com Miami! The recipient will have 2 full years to use their gift with Skydiving.com Miami at any of our affiliate skydiving locations! You can rest assured knowing that you have given them the most exhilarating gift they will ever receive! Don’t hesitate, order them a gift certificate today from Skydiving.com Miami!

Make Your Tandem Skydive in Miami, Florida

Tandem Skydiving

Ready for Maximum Excitement In Florida?

So, you’re in Miami and ready to embark on a tandem skydive… Let’s paint a picture of what you should expect. We always recommend that you arrive early to your expedition; you will receive a short lesson on the safety protocol for your dive. Of course, you will be so thrilled that it’ll be a struggle to remember it all, but luckily you have an experienced instructor by your side to guide you. Perfect.

If the city of Miami were a soup, not only would it look beautiful, but the variety in flavors your taste buds would encounter upon eating it would be explosive! Very similar to the soup, is the diversity in the cultural influences the individuals that make up the community of Miami bring to the theoretical table. From the creative and artsy defined communities, to the hot as heck nightclub settings, the beautiful juxtaposition of the white sand beaches to the crystal blue waters of the bay, Miami is nothing short of an exercise in 32 flavors and then some!

If you just happen to be in the Miami area, regardless of if you are visiting or residing here, why not take this opportunity to kick off your experience with the sport of skydiving. Not only is the closest facility world class, but a Tandem skydive for novices and beginners is the perfect option for your skydive attempt around Miami. You and your Instructor, who will be at your side throughout, will leap from the plane, out into oblivion, over some of the most beautiful landscape Florida has to offer. Just imagine the sensation of the jump itself, with the addition of an amazing backdrop to accompany it! If you’re ready to skydive today, give us a call, we’re waiting to hear from you!

So, this is the moment you gear up and hop on the plane. This plane’s ascent will feel different from any other you’ve ever experienced. Why? Because you will be flinging yourself out of it at somewhere between 10,000 and 14,000 feet up in the sky. The anxiety will probably be through the roof in the moments before you leap out into the wild oblivion of Florida’s tropic skies. But it will be OK. You and your instructor will be linked together with a harness so that they are in control of your descent. (This is the preferred method when it’s all about you enjoying the experience without requiring tons of previous know-how.)

This is where it goes from the jittery, excited level of awesome to knocking your socks off because you are experiencing the adrenaline surge of your life level of awesome. It’s a little hard to picture that in your mind’s eye, but how about imagining what’s all around you.

The Next Step Will Change Your Life!

This is you. About to be careening back to the Earth far below. The vibrant and ever-glittering city of Miami continues as usual as you are in a single, timeless moment. Everything is rushing so fast and yet the world below is so perfectly still. The sapphire waters and tourist speckled beaches seem so incredibly far away that you can’t believe you’re doing this.

It’s that moment you always hear inspirational quotes about. The stuff about living life to the fullest and taking chances. This feels pretty much like you’ve lost your mind and this is an insane idea and you like it anyway. You’re ready. You don’t need inspirational quotes. This is you living a wild new set of sights, sounds, and feelings.

If riding in an airplane is flying, then riding in a boat is swimming. If you want to experience the element, then get out of the vehicle.Anonymous

Your Best Choice for Skydiving!

In the blink of an eye, you are out of the plane. The wind hits your ears with a roar as you accelerate towards terminal velocity. The feeling is indescribable as you adjust to your new reality…. Skydiving through the clouds at 120 miles per hour high above Florida! At your request, your tandem master then begins to spin and fly in a way that you have never experienced before. This is the crucial part of your skydive that you will want caught on video!
After 30-60 seconds of high-adrenaline, action packed freefall, your tandem master gives you the signal to pull the ripcord. With a firm tug, the parachute releases and your fall slows dramatically as the chute inflates. The countryside below you comes into sharp focus and silence replaces the loud rush of freefall. Your 5 to 10-minute canopy ride is peaceful, serene and offers a view of the area that very few have been brave enough to see. Soak it in! The canopy ride back down to the Florida soil is the perfect climax to your tandem skydive!
Don’t trust your skydive to just anyone! Go with the best network of skydiving drop zones in the Sunshine State and across America! No one battles with gravity more than the skydiving junkies at our affiliate dropzone!

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Miami Skydiving School

Skydiving School

Get Schooled In the Principles of Accelerated Freefall

There are two different types of people in the world, those who talk about doing things, and those who actually do them. We at Skydiving.com Miami think talk is cheap, dreams are meant to be pursued to the fullest degree, and skydiving is king! If you happen to be of the same mindset, you should consider enrolling in one of a few amazing AFF skydiving training courses. Obtaining your AFF certification is the ultimate benchmark in professional advancement if you endeavor to be a seasoned skydiver today!

You may be wondering why it’s important for some to pursue their AFF certification, and the reason is simple: this makes skydiving an even more impactful part of their life, in a great majority of cases, their career. When you skydive as a novice, you typically engage in a Tandem jump literally attached to an Instructor who facilitates the entire responsibility of the dive for you. However, an AFF is an opportunity for you to fly solo, so to speak. You’ll jump from the aircraft on your own, with one or more Jump Masters at your side and engage in a display that showcases that you have developed an understanding and skill for the basic principles of a skydive. You’ll communicate your actions to them using hand signals and help yourself to land back at the DZ per the fundamentals you were taught during your first class. If you ever want to try and attempt to further your skill set or to perhaps instruct others, you’re going to need to participate in a skydiving school program somewhere. There’s absolutely no better place than here and now, how can you go wrong? Give us a call today to enroll in an AFF skydiving academy now!

Now, you might be wondering, “What’s the difference between Accelerated FreeFall and Tandem Skydiving?” Accelerated FreeFall is skydiving on an entirely new level. Instead of your instructor being strapped to you, your AFF program consists of two instructors (or one in some cases) who jump with you and help guide your freefall. Once your parachute opens, you are given either radio or hand signals to guide you safely back to the dropzone. If you’ve acquired a taste for the rush of the sport after your first tandem skydive, then enrolling in a course with one of Skydiving.com Miami’s affiliate skydiving schools is the best thing you can do to learn.

The AFF Levels Consist Of The Following:

Skydiving.com Miami is the center member of the largest affiliate network of dropzones in America and we can set you up at the nearest partnered dropzone to you. Everything you need to know about Accelerated FreeFall Skydiving is just a short drive away. Trust your advanced training to a USPA Certified Skydiving School and learn to skydive solo in as little as a few weeks!

Among the topics you’ll be taught, on the first day at the Skydiving School nearest you, will be basic skydiving procedures, free fall body position, safety routines, canopy deployment, and canopy control. You’ll complete the actual skydive later that same day or on the following day. This depends on time, weather and instructor availability.

The first jump of your Accelerated FreeFall course involves jumping from approximately 14,000 feet. Two instructors will be with you through the entire experience. You’ll be required to respond to hand signals from the instructor, check the altimeter, and practice deploying the parachute (prior to actual deployment). You’ll also receive instructions from radio equipment to guide you as you glide to the landing zone. After your first jump through the Florida sky, the instructor will examine the video and find ways for you to improve all around. If they’re satisfied with your performance, congratulations! You are ready for the next level.

All the calculations show it can’t work. There’s only one thing to do: make it work.Pierre Georges Latécoère

“All the calculations show it can’t work. There’s only one thing to do: make it work.”
– Pierre Georges Latécoère

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Miami Skydiving Video Packages

The Act of Bravery Caught on Camera, Skydiving Style!

It’s been said that most sports only require one ball, however skydiving takes two! Now, we don’t all together buy into this as there are some amazing and talented lady skydivers out there who make us want to tell the boys “you got served on that jump, bro”, but you get the general idea. This sport doesn’t require anything in the beginning but strength of heart and the courage of conviction. The truth is, when you’re 14,00 feet above the ground perched on the edge of that plane, you’re gonna want to pack it in, turn around and ride that plane all the way back home. Instead though, you’re going to jump! You’re going to take a leap of faith, literally and you know what else? You’re going to love it!

The very best way in our humble opinion for you to ensure that all your friends and family get the most honest picture of what you just went through is to commit your act of bravery to video! Just imagine their surprise when you show them you, leaping from a plane that high above the earth, freefalling at speeds exceeding 120 miles per hour and landing back at our drop zone like the trooper you are without a single tear shed, or pants pissed! Our partners have videographers that will stay by your side throughout your jump and will film each second of your initial free fall as well as get bits and pieces of commentary here and there during your prep time. Then they’ll record your epic landing, put it all on DVD and even add some nifty background music to make it all seem like you’ve been jumping for years. Committing your skydive to video is the most amazing idea yet! If you have any additional questions or concerns about this, price points, or just need general info, feel free to contact us, our customer care agents are cool as hell!

In a world where we are all slaves to the laws of gravity, skydivers are proud to be freedom fighters!Author Unknown

Capture the most exciting adventure of your life on tape by taking advantage of exclusive video packages. With a record of your jump, you can relive the excitement over and over again with family and friends! Some of your commonly asked questions on Skydiving Video Packages are answered below:

Yes! We encourage you to bring your own camera to take pictures before and after your experience with skydiving, but the rush is too intense to maintain hold of a camera during your Skydiving experience. Our affiliate skydiving professionals use helmet mounted cameras to keep steady and organize just the right shots for your skydiving video. Leave all the work to the professionals, because you’ll be too busy having fun to hold a camera anyway!

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Miami Skydiving Gift Certificates

Skydiving.com Miami Gift Certificates

Pressure is Relieved When You Give the Gift of a Skydive Today!

Do you want to share your unforgettable adventure to family or friends in Miami? Whether it is your friend’s birthday, anniversary, or graduation, give them a Skydiving.com Miami Gift Certificate! Our gift certificates are the perfect way for you to surprise family and friends with an epic adventure in the form of a skydive this holiday season! Regardless of differences in cultural celebrations this year, one thing is universal and that’s the fact that we all want our loved ones to feel joyful and happy! Therefore, we are of the belief that a skydive gift certificate is the ideal gift for anyone. Not only does a skydive give someone a chance to participate in a one of a kind experience, but the memories that are created because of the adventure will last a lifetime! Additionally, our gift certificates are valid for up to two years following the original purchase date, so they can be used at the recipient’s convenience. And, bonus, they can be used for any service available at the time, unlike our competitors who honor gift certificates for types of skydives singularly. Cool, right?

Redeem Your Gift Certificate With a Tandem Skydive

Just in case you need some additional information as to what a Tandem jump entails, we’ve taken the liberty to explain in more detail here:

Accelerated Freefall Gift Certificates

If you have a friend, family member, or even if you want to impress a colleague who lusts for adventure, why not give them the gift of flight? Tandem skydiving is the most recommend diving recourse for individuals who have never skydived before because it’s the safest and most convenient way to truly revel in the sensation of a jump. It’s a relatively quick process that requires a bit of instruction and then you’re off to board the plane, where you and your instructor will partake in the act of falling. It’s a simple concept really, just executed at roughly 10,000 feet above the ground!

  • When you arrive, you’ll be given a brief introduction to your Instructor who will proceed to expound on what you can expect from the dive, proper body position to make it the most epic and effective jump, and what to do throughout and during touchdown.
  • Then he/she will outfit you in your gear, which may include a jumpsuit, but sometimes it’s just your rig (pack containing the canopy and AAD, which is a type of backup chute in the event of emergency).
  • If you chose the video package to coincide with your jump you will then make a small monologue about what you’re anticipating and experiencing at this point, after which you’ll hop on board the aircraft.
  • The aircraft are piloted by some of the best pilots in the industry. This is an excellent opportunity for you to get a good look at the landscape as it’s laid at before you.
  • Once you reach jump altitude and the cloud cover and wind speed have been assessed, you and your Instructor (who has by this time harnessed themselves to you) will step out onto the wheel so to speak. We know this part is scary, so just keep breathing and count to three and jump!
  • Whoosh, the wind snatches you for a second and you hear an amazing sound that you’ll never forget and you’re free falling! Awesome, right? Here’s the thing, there is nothing in the world like what all your senses combined are engaged in right now!
  • You and your instructor will free fall to roughly 5,000 feet, at which time they will deploy the chute and you’ll gracefully float back down to our drop zone to awaiting friends and family!

When You Are Asked What You Would Prefer This Year,
This Is What You Ask For, a Tandem Skydive

Get Your Skydiving.com Gift Certificate!

Our gift certificates are good for two years from your purchase date and are valid at a affiliate location nearest to you as well as over 80 other partnered locations across the United States!

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With year round skydiving, Miami is the perfect place to skydive! Beautiful scenery, amazing weather, experienced instructors and the most up-to-date modern equipment all add up to Skydiving.com Miami affiliate dropzones being your best option for skydiving. Visit South Florida and join the experts in the skies! Serving Miami · Miami Beach · Gladeview · Key Biscayne · Coral Gables · Miami Shores · West Little River · Pinewood · Miami Springs · Coral Terrace · Fort Lauderdale · Hialeah · North Miami · Westview · Westchester · Glenvar Heights and more here in South Florida!