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If you’re looking to skydive with the best, look no further than the team at partnered dropzones! Our partners offer some of the best skydiving options here in the state of Texas when it comes to tandem and advance skydiving. See the metroplex area like you’ve never seen it before with an amazing freefall experience that can’t be matched by any of the competitors in the area. Get in the sky with us now! Experience skydiving today!

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Mesquite Skydiving

Get Your Extreme Air Fix by Calling 1-800-617-7948 Today! Mesquite provides you with all of the latest skydiving information in Mesquite, Texas!

Choose Mesquite for the ultimate adventure!
Call 1-800-617-7948 Now!

Choose Mesquite for the ultimate adventure!
Call 1-800-617-7948 Now!

If you’re looking to skydive with the best, look no further than the team here at Mesquite! We offer some of the best skydiving options here in the state of Texas when it comes to tandem and advance skydiving. See the metroplex area like you’ve never seen it before with an amazing freefall experience that can’t be matched by any of our competitors in the area. Get in the sky with us now! Experience Mesquite Skydiving today!

Get your extreme air fix by calling 1-800-617-7948 today! Mesquite provides you with all of the latest skydiving information in Mesquite, Texas!

Options, Options, and More Skydiving Options!

Don’t wait any longer to reach out to the team here at Mesquite. We have a plethora of information waiting for you on how you can switch up your day-to-day routine and catch some big air. Our skydiving experts are ready and willing to explain the next steps to you. Check out some of your options below or if you just want to skip to the good stuff and book your adventure now give us a call!

Tandem Skydiving near Mesquite, Texas

Tandem Skydives

If you were looking for the premiere option for tandem skydiving, then you’ve found it! Mesquite partners offer the most thrilling and safest skydiving experience that can’t be matched anywhere in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area. Contact us and find out how you can freefall with the experts and endure the most exhilarating adrenaline rushes that won’t ever be matched. Jump in!

Mesquite Skydiving School

Advanced Training

Let go and just jump with your friends here in Texas! Ready to learn how to become a skydiving expert? Let us teach you. We can arrange the best training and preparation in order to have you freefalling at heights you never thought were possible to fall from. These veteran skydiving experts will train you up and have you executing jumps from planes like a true professional. Fall in…

Skydiving Video Packages - Mesquite, Texas

Video Packages

We know you’ll want to capture that memorable moment when you’ve taken the leap of faith from almost two miles high in the sky forever. That’s why our partners offer exclusive video packages of your jump to watch, re-watch, and then watch it again. Show off to your family and friends as you enjoy the ultimate thrill ride of a freefall continuously.! Learn more…

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What are you waiting for? This is your opportunity to take a risk as big as the state of Texas. If you’re the ultimate thrill seeker, then we here at Mesquite are ready to set you up with some of the most extreme skydiving options to match your tastes. Reach out to one of our friendly customer service representatives to find out how you can get started with exclusive tandem and advanced training skydiving options. We have the connections to provide you with the most complete skydiving services and a variety of options that can’t be matched in the DFW Metroplex! Wanting to take your family or friends on an extreme thrill ride for the holiday? We got you covered! Check out our amazing holiday discounts and group packages. Your safety is paramount, and our partnered dropzones employ veteran skydiving experts who have years of extensive training and knowledge in the areas of freefalling. We won’t leave you hanging! We also offer gift cards. Everybody loves gift cards! Again, don’t hesitate to reach out to our customer service representatives who are friendly, knowledgeable, and ready to share information on how you can turn your skydiving dreams into a reality! Mesquite! The Best Service in the Industry!

Are you ready for an extreme adventure as big as the great state of Texas! Please don’t look any further than your friends here at Mesquite. Not only do our partners offer the best options at the best prices in the Dallas-Fort Worth area, but we also guarantee that you’ll have the experience of a lifetime when you freefall. Here in Mesquite, the summers are hot and the winters are mild, but we’re always here to meet your freefall needs. The sun is never a factor when it comes to helping you capture the exhilarating adrenaline rush of skydiving with the experts. Fall from heights that only the clouds could imagine as you scream at the top of your lungs. See the beautiful Dallas skyline like you’ve never seen it before as you descend back down toward the beautiful blue bonnet filled landing area. The DFW area is one of the best places to skydive not only in the state of Texas, but anywhere in the country. Our team wants to make sure to help you enjoy the thrill of a lifetime as you take the leap of faith from almost two miles in the sky. The thrill of falling will get your blood pumping more than the athletes for the Rangers, Stars, Mavericks, and Cowboys combined! So what are you waiting for?

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Tandem Skydiving near Mesquite, Texas

Come Tandem Jump!

Look no further than your friends here at Mesquite for the best tandem skydiving not only in the DFW Metroplex, but also in the state of Texas! If you don’t know what tandem skydiving is, don’t worry about googling it. We have all the information you’ll need to get started with your ultimate adventure right here. Tandem skydiving is when a student skydiver (YOU) is connected with a tandem skydiving instructor during a freefall jump from an airplane. You don’t need extensive skydiving training to get started with us. We’ll provide you all the instructions you need to make sure you have a fun but, more importantly, safe, trip over the phone, but your instructor at our partnered dropzone will walk you through it all too. The only thing you need to make sure of is that you’re 18 years of age and that you aren’t going to chicken out once everything is prepped for you to make the jump.

The tandem skydiving option is the most popular option for first-time jumpers, which is why we want to make sure that we take every precaution in making sure that you have all the essentials when it’s time to make the jump. Your instructor gives you all the basics when it comes to training, such as teaching you how to exit the aircraft when it’s time to jump, how to do maneuvers in freefall, and even how to deploy the parachute, but most of the time the tandem instructor is going to execute this responsibility for inexperienced jumpers. Here’s some information on the equipment that you’ll become somewhat familiar with during your freefall.

The tandem jump uses a drogue parachute, which is commonly deployed shortly after your jump from the airplane. This is done to decrease the terminal velocity that occurs during the freefall. This is also a necessary action to make sure that the parachute deploys properly during the fall. It also helps to extend the duration of the freefall, lengthening the time you’ll be able to spend capturing a once in a lifetime view of the beautiful Dallas skyline as you make your descent. Instructors use a larger parachute during these skydives to ensure that we can safely support the weight of the skydiver and the tandem instructor during the fall. Each dropzone and its staff thoroughly follow the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) guidelines, which requires that tandem parachute rigs be equipped with both a main and reserve parachute. The FAA also requires that an automatic activation device (AAD) be equipped. The AAD helps to automatically deploy the reserve parachute if it detects that the skydivers are still at freefall speed below a certain altitude. The dropzone will make sure to have your safety covered with all the essential equipment and backup plans, on top of backup plans.

Your veteran skydiving instructors meet all the requirements regulated by the FAA, which requires every potential instructor to have at least three years of experience in the field of skydiving, at least 500 skydives, and a master parachute license issued by an FAA-recognized organization. These instructors are also required to pass a certification course given by the manufacturer of the tandem parachute system to jump. Now you have all the background you need about the team you will jump with and their expertise. All that’s left for you is to reach out to us to find out how you can take the leap of faith and conquer your fears. Wait too long and you could chicken out, and no one wants to be a chicken.

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Mesquite, Texas Advanced Skydiving Training

Advanced Skydiving Training Options

Learn from the pros and become a pro yourself. It is the instructors duty to equip you with all the information, knowledge, and essential tools to help you become a master skydiver just like veteran skydiving instructors. Take your training to the next level to become a United States Parachuting Association (USPA) certified solo skydiver. These veteran instructors are all USPA certified and can help you conquer the certification, as well. After achieving your second skydive, you’ll be on the path to obtain your USPA certification, which gives you license to jump at virtually any drop zone in the world! No matter the path you choose, the USPA training program advances students through eight categories of proficiency to qualify them for a USPA A License. Each student will complete a series of required learning and knowledge tests in each principal category. The team at our affiliate location will be here to help guide you along the way.

Mesquite, Texas Accelerated Free Fall Skydiving Training

Enrolling in Accelerated Free Fall Training

Come experience the best Accelerated Free Fall training with your friends. Our partners offer the most extensive and knowledgeable USPA certified course training when it comes to Accelerated Free Fall expertise. This method is referred to as “accelerated” because the progression is the fastest way to experience solo freefall at heights reaching between 10,000 to 15,000 above ground level (AGL). In teaching Accelerated Free Fall, there are normally one, or possibly two, instructors dedicated to you to ensure that you’re adequately prepared to take on the air when it’s time to cut the cord.

In most Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) courses, the two assigned instructors jump with the student during their first three jumps, or some programs may prefer to use one instructor. During the initial instructional courses, the instructor(s) hold on to the student until they deploy their parachute. This method of AFF instruction is called the “Harness Hold Method.” Even though the instructor is there for support, they usually have no physical connection to the student other than the physical grip. This means that once the student flies away, the instructors deploy their own parachutes. You getting excited yet? You should be.

Students are usually instructed to deploy their parachutes once they reach around 6,000 ft AGL. If a student should have trouble deploying their chute, the instructors will use hand signals to try and help the student out. If the student is still having trouble deploying the parachute, the instructor will do it for the student. The instructors are taught to pull the parachute cord any time they sense danger. Each parachute is equipped with extra pull handles, giving additional access for instructors.

One of the essential tools that is used by instructors while guiding a student during an AFF is hand signals. Hand signals play an important role in communicating during the AFF. As instructors freefall with the student, they are able to correct the student’s body position and other problems during freefall communication via hand signals. The instructor(s) determine when the student has passed the requirements or “Targeted Learning Objectives (TLOs)” for each level. During the AFF jumps, the student may have radio contact with ground personnel who direct the student’s maneuvers under their parachute. It should be noted that the student must have the solo skills for landing in case the radio fails.

Mesquite, Texas Tandem Progression Skydiving Training

Remain Safely Tethered with Tandem Progression

Tandem progression skydiving is an alternative method to the the Advanced Free Fall method that some dropzones around the US still offer, though not many. These drop zones are set up as a hybrid training program, which allows potential students to experience, first-hand, the thrills of skydiving without the stresses that come along with Advanced Free Fall progression training. There’s only about 30 minutes of ground preparation, which usually consists of a standard first jump course that lasts about four hours. The student wears a special harness that attaches to the tandem instructor at four points. Tandem jumping provides an obvious advantage for many people who have the adventurous spirit who can’t meet the physical or proficiency requirement for AFF jumps. But, with the skills of the tandem instructor, the student will still get to experience all the thrills of skydiving!

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Mesquite Skydiving Video Packages

The Flight of a Lifetime… on Video!

Not only do you have the chance to experience skydiving with the best experts around, but now you get the chance to capture it all on video. Mesquite partners are offering you the chance to relive one of life’s most exhilarating moments with an exclusive video package. This is one of the most important and critical upgrades during a skydive that you won’t want to miss out on. The videographer that will accompany you on your dive is top of the line. But, you should know that by now about the services we’ll set you up with. You only get the best when you deal with us!

With this exclusive package, the videographer will take the leap of faith with you as you freefall from thousands of feet in the air. They fly alongside you and film every aspect of your flight. From you boarding the airplane, the ride to altitude, your exit from the plane, of course the freefall, and your celebration once you land safely on the ground. These videographers are a top-end service. If you’re looking for something a little more fitting for your budget, don’t worry. The GoPro option is not only affordable for you, but still provide the firsthand experience of your adrenaline rush. Your tandem master will be equipped with the camera and will capture all of the visual details of your jump. Try not to scream to loud!

All of the videos that we capture for you are professionally edited by the dropzone, so even if you do scream, the cameraman can still make you look like a champ. Share your experience with all of your friends and family on social media. You will get a video in the format compatible with all of your social media networks. Make everyone jealous when they see you tackle the freefall adventure they’ll be jealous they missed. Continue to watch your video many times over to relive that special moment.

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Mesquite Skydiving Gift Certificates

Treat Someone You Know to a Skydiving Gift Certificate

I don’t know about you, but we here at Mesquite love all of the benefits of gift cards. They truly are the gift that keeps on giving and can be the perfect present for that special someone. Our gift certificates are typically for those who want to try out the tandem skydiving option, but we do offer certificates for Accelerated Free Fall Level one students. Not only can you spend the gift certificate on various skydiving options, but the video packages are also an option to spend the dollars on. Let the dollars fall from the sky, as well as those seeking an adrenaline rush, by sending them the exclusive gift certificate.

Our gift certificates are good to use for up to two years after the purchase date. Also, the certificates are good to use at up to 80 affiliate locations, including the one closest to Mesquite. There’s no need to worry, our gift certificates are fully transferrable from one location to the other, no hassles included. Searching for a present for that special someone and don’t really know what to get them? Let us help you out with that. Our gift certificates make the perfect gift for any momentous occasion or celebration. This includes holidays, birthdays, landmark occasions, anniversaries, etc. Don’t hesitate to reach out to our friendly customer service representatives to find out how you can purchase your gift certificate today. They are knowledgeable about everything and are available to help you out 24/7.

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There’s no reason why you shouldn’t be chomping at the bit to get in the air. There’s only the experience of a lifetime to gain, and we want to make sure that you experience the ultimate rush with the best that the DFW Metroplex has to offer. A complete line of services and offerings will be sure to meet, if not exceed, all of the expectations that you have regarding your skydiving experience. Reach out to our friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives to find out how you can capture the ultimate adrenaline rush today!

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