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Skydiving in Mississippi offers an exclusive view that simply cannot be achieved anywhere else. Ask any of our experts for more information about the individual jumps you can book to get a better grasp of what each package provides. Presently the most popular skydiving option is the Tandem Skydive, however, there is an Advanced Level for those of you who dare to take things to the extreme!

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Skydiving is a truly exhilarating sport that everyone can enjoy, regardless of age. No matter your current level Meridian partners have the free falling packages you need to satisfy your adrenaline fix. Find out how to participate in this extreme sport by calling us today!

Master the skies of Meridian!
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Master the skies of Meridian!
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Skydiving in Mississippi offers an exclusive view that simply cannot be achieved anywhere else. Ask any of our experts for more information about the individual jumps we offer to get a better grasp of what each package provides. Presently our most popular skydiving option is the Tandem Skydive, however, we do have an Advanced Level for those of you who dare to take things to the extreme!

Call the Skydiving Experts in Meridian today at 256-736-5553!

Skydiving is a truly exhilarating sport that everyone can enjoy, regardless of age. No matter your current level Meridian has the free falling packages you need to satisfy your adrenaline fix. Find out how to participate in this extreme sport by calling us today!

Supreme skydiving options for the thrill-seeker in you

Tandem Skydiving near Meridian, Mississippi

Tandem Skydiving

This option is the easiest and safest way to jump into skydiving. Literally! Your tandem adventure beings with pre-flight safety instructions, which last approximately 25-30 minutes. The lengthy duration of this important conversation may delay the expected start time of the skydiving adventure. To avoid this, we recommend arriving at the dropzone earlier than your scheduled jump time. Jump in!

Skydive Training in Meridian, Mississippi

Advanced Training

Start your journey to jumping solo! These programs are divided into sets of Targeted Learning Objectives that are tiered into seven instructional levels. Every that is performed by the beginner brings them one step closer to advancement. Throughout levels one through seven, a certified skydiving instructor, accompanies the student during each dive. It’s easier than you think! Fall in…

Skydiving Video Packages - Meridian, Mississippi

Video Packages

Your skydiving experience deserves to be encapsulated digitally so you can share the finer details of your descent with loved ones for years to come. Meridian partnered dropzones offer a way to make a tangible version of your skydiving adventure to take home! Prove to your disbelieving peers just how brave you actually are by showing off your impressive skydiving footage! Learn more…

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Skydiving will throw your adrenaline glands into overdrive. Being courageous enough to leap takes a kind of bravery that few can manage. Meridian provides you with a fun way to find out if you are one of these few. We firstly set you up with our beginner dive, The Tandem Skydive, which will swiftly introduce you into the world of skydiving without any previous training. partners confidently provide this package all thanks to their trained professionals who will be jumping with you. These Experts will be with you as you descend together throughout the flight. They will be responsible for opening the parachute during the canopy stage as well as ensuring your safe landing. The Tandem dive is highly recommended for all beginners.

If you know a bit about leaping from airplanes, or wish to advance to solo jumps, can set you up with an Advanced Training Course at one of our affiliate dropzones. These lessons will push you to the free falling extreme. Experts here in Mississippi want to make sure that you are physically and emotionally ready for this level. So these comprehensive courses are designed to test a student’s skill throughout the program.

Train solo or with friends by purchasing our skydiving gift certificates. These gift certificates provide a great way to challenge your friends to go further than ever before. Or perhaps settle who is braver once and for all! Our gift certificates cover the Tandem Jump and offer anyone interested in skydiving a great excuse to get into the sport. These certifications make a great present for any celebration. They also can be used as an initial icebreaker for a relationship that could possibly lead to something more.

Each jump, regardless of level, will be a personalized experience in regards to the area you are flying over. The designated flight route alters due to aerial safety precautions. These precautions are determined based on the weather and other aircraft that will be in the air during your flight. This makes it possible for each skydiving experience you partake in to be over gently rolling hills or lush forests.

At the start of your adventure, a trained professional will guide you through the ground school that is associated with your level. After being well informed it’s time to suit up. Depending on the Skydiving package you have chose, you may put on the Tandem suit or Freefall skydiving gear, then you will finally board the aircraft and take-off!

Be sure to check out the Mississippi countryside from your vantage point 14,000 feet above the ground. When you near the landing zone, you and any of your peers that are brave enough to jump, will leap from the aircraft en route to the drop zone! Be sure to reserve a video package prior to guarantee that a professional videographer will be taking the dive with you at this time.

If on the day you decide to skydive it turns out to have bad weather, fear not! Our partner’s FAA-approved pilots are trained to fly safety no matter what mother nature decides to dish out. However, our number one concern is safety, followed by fun. To assure your safe landing our partners take all environmental factors into account, weather included. Get ready to experience the exciting view of the ground as it rushes up at you during your plummet.

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Tandem Skydiving near Meridian, Mississippi

Tandem Skydiving!

Trying unfamiliar activities will help you discover new things about yourself. Jumping from the height of 14,000 feet above the ground will give you access to a plethora of this new information like no other activity can. Meridian enjoys helping you learn all of that data granted while exploring this exhilarating adventure. That’s why we invite you to experience what the atmosphere has to offer year round.

To bring this adventure to skydiving students swiftly we typically set a newbie up with a Tandem Skydiving Jump. During a this dive, you will experience all of the heart-pounding moments that occur when jumping out of an aircraft, with a trained skydiving expert at your back. This style is known for its ability to ensure that skydiving students have the utmost safety.

Throughout this dive each skydiving student will have their harness connected to a professional. The Skydiving expert will be responsible for the majority of the skydiving trip, including opening the parachute as you descend. Feedback shows that with the Tandem Style, Skydiving Students are able to fully immerse themselves into the aerial adventure.

Prior to going into the air, your Tandem Instructor will confirm that you are at least 18 years of age. The age limit is regulated by law. Afterward a briefing will be issued that covers every step of the exciting adventure. This insightful play by play will help alleviate anxiety that may occur while diving. After reviewing the bare minimum, skydiving students will board the airplane quickly.

The Tandem Skydive was engineered to ease Skydiving Student’s mind about the dive pre-flight. This will allow students to put their total focus on the experience. With only the thrilling adventure before you, everything else simply melts away. The adrenaline your body will generate as the ground is zooming closer to you will see to it! Our partners want to get you in the air faster than anyone else in Mississippi. If you find yourself feeling the same, the Tandem Skydiving Package is perfect for you.

The swiftness in which skydiving students are able to get from reservation to jump has made Tandem Skydiving the most popular skydive. Especially among first time divers. All of the fundamental training provided in this course will prepare students for the more challenging jumps that are available in the Advanced Training. Each Skydiving Student will learn how to properly exit our moving aircraft. Your instructor will encourage you to make that leap once the doors of the aircraft are finally opened.

As skydiving students meet the air head on, the experts will train students to maneuver during the freefall and how to adjust themselves mid-air. Skydiving Experts will introduce students to where the main canopy pull cord is located, although Skydiving Students are not required to open the parachute for the canopy stage. Shortly after skydiving students have successfully exited the aircraft a drogue parachute will be deployed.

A trained professional knows to release this parachute as it will confirm the proper deployment of the larger parachute in addition to lengthening the duration of the dive. Once students have bravely made the first leap into skydiving, their adrenaline will kick in and put things into perspective. This intense focus will prevent any feelings of nausea or blacking out until at least the canopy stage, when the experience is nearly over. Although rare, these issues are reported to occur if a student is close to the weight limit. Most skydiving students do not experience this.

After Tandem divers enter the Canopy Stage, there will be a lofty float down into the drop zone. The parachute used during this portion of the Tandem Skydive uses a larger parachute designed to easily accommodate the weight of two people. In addition to the main parachute there is a reserve chute that is equipped with an automatic activation device AAD as regulated by the FAA.

The extra safety device will automatically deploy the reserve chute if the student and instructor fall below a safe altitude. With this extra safety precaution in place, all Skydiving Students can thoroughly enjoy the free fall action intimately. Throughout this period of the dive, many Skydiving Students are able to fully focus on the gorgeous sights and there is a lot to behold from this amazing vista. Be sure to take it all in!

At the end of the skydiving adventure, the Skydiving Expert will do their best to land as softly as possible. If you have reserved a Videographer to record the aerial adventure they will land well before you and prepare for your landing. Your Videographer wants to film each moment as they unfold during your skydive. Especially your magnificent return to Earth.

All of Meridian partnered dropzones employ instructors that have spent three years as skydiver before your dive. During this time, they accrued over five-hundred dives, making them skydiving fanatics. They have attained this many dives in the pursuit of their FAA-certified parachute license. If you are interested in joining their master parachute level, check out either of the Advanced Training Courses. These skydives are tiered by level and provide you with the training necessary to go from novice to expert. Skydiving Experts have achieved a rank D license, along with a Class III Medical Certificate. This master level proves that they have what it takes to help skydiving students like you enjoy every moment of the dive safely. Ask them about their numerous skydiving stories during the flight to the drop zone for an inside view of the world of skydiving.

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Meridian, Mississippi Advanced Skydiving Training

Advanced Skydiving Training Options

Skydiving provides an exhilarating way for those who seek to have a new kind of fun. Although the Tandem Skydive can achieve this quickly, frequently skydiving students seek to take things to the extreme. That’s why Meridian partners provide a life changing way to dive beyond novice level to distinguished with Advanced Skydiving Training! These courses are only for skydiving students that are ready to take their skydiving journey to the next level after their Tandem Jump.

The next dive level, the solo dive requires a bit of training to become fully prepared. Skydiving students aiming to take this jump need to earn their United States Parachute Association “A License.” By earning this skydiving rank, students will prove that they have are ready, because along the way skydiving students will have tested their merit. Not to mention improved their mental fortitude and endured gravity as it hungrily tugged them to the ground!

Growing accustomed to this extreme sport and becoming familiar with the safety procedures and contingency plans will enhance skydiving student’s experience. Which is why Skydiving Students will be introduced to the Accelerated Free Fall and Tandem Progression courses. Each course provides students with a way to earn their respective United States Parachute Association Certification or USPA. Each course is designed differently to accommodate the preference and comfort of all skydiving students. There is no difference between the two courses in terms of duration.

Regardless of which route skydiving students opt to take, our partner’s fully USPA certified instructors will provide each student enrolled with optimal training. This experience that skydiving students receive during their training is necessary to persevere. All skydiving students that enroll in either the Accelerated Free Fall or the Tandem Progression will be well on their way to mastering the extreme sport of skydiving.

Upon earning a skydiving certification, students will have the right to jump solo at any of the USPA approved locations. These areas are scattered throughout the United States and within’s affiliate network. Students who become professional skydivers need only their USPA certification to verify the training they received. To attain this impressive level proves that you are brave enough to face the open air and land like a champion.

Ready to dive this weekend without training? Reserve your spot in a skydiving aircraft with a Tandem Skydiving Jump. Otherwise, if you are ready to see what it is like to earn the right to dive solo, check out the Advanced Skydiving Training options offered at our affiliate locations.

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Meridian Skydiving Video Packages

Skydive Video Packages

It would be nice to record the most thrilling adventure of your life. The video packages at our partnered locations offer all students and skydiving enthusiasts with the opportunity to do just that! Avoid missing those sentimental moments as they unfold during your adventure. These professionally edited videos will provide you with solid proof of your brave accomplishment.

Reserve a videographer for your Tandem Skydive and Accelerated Free Fall Courses or the Tandem Progression Training. The videographer that is assigned to cover your dive will be based on when you make your reservation through Meridian. All videographers are highly trained individuals who are prepared to capture every thrilling moment so do not miss out on recording this exciting experience.

The videographer is trained to record all of the optimal angles and memorable shots. The professional camera person will begin filming the adventure from the moment you board the airplane allowing you to watch yourself climb on board the aircraft in the third person. Following this initial scene, the filming expert will record your ascension and the moment the aircraft’s door opens. Plus the camera will be honed in on your expression as you muster the courage to tackle the open air.

Before you step out of the aircraft, your videographer will jump before you assuring that they can capture the sight of you as you exit the aircraft. They will also be able to land before you to make it possible for the videographer to capture your landing moments as well. Everyone you know will thoroughly enjoy sharing this experience with you throughout time.

Especially if they were unable to attend the jump. We want to make sure that you are able to share this terrific experience and show what others missed out on. After all, it is not everyday that you get the chance to freefall out of an airplane! To increase the odds that your skydiving video can be viewed by others we make all of our videos in an easily shareable format.

Interested in using a GoPro to record your aerial adventure? There is an optional GoPro service as well. Unfortunately, the mounting issues associated with GoPro, make this option for the Tandem Skydive and Tandem Progression Training. The views that are captured with the GoPro are limited too. But they are still a better solution than no recorded data at all. Inform a Meridian Representative know that you are interested in a Video Packages when you call about skydiving.

After you have landed, the recorded footage of your adventure will be edited at the drop zone. The video editor will highlight all of those wonderful moments, including the post jump celebration. These video package options offer an exciting way to share this adventure with others for years to come.

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Meridian Skydiving Gift Certificates Meridian Gift Certificates

Going on an adventure can be an amazing experience. Making this journey an aerial one that you can share with someone you know can take that amazing venture and upgrade it to a life changing one! We offer a phenomenal way to help you introduce that special friend or family member to the extreme skydiving sport, with our Skydiving Gift Certificates.

Present the thrill seeker in your life to a memorable skydiving opportunity as a birthday gift they will never see coming. Our gift certificates are available for the Tandem Style Dive and provide you with a way to introduce that special someone to skydiving. Perhaps you are interested in helping another become USPA certified. Guess what? Meridian offers a Gift Certificate for the Level 1 Accelerated Free Fall course for anyone that’s ready to skydive solo.

Many experiences in life would be enhanced if they were somehow recorded. Do not miss your chance to make your skydiving adventure one of them! We offer you the chance to reserve a unique Video Package Gift Certificate. Although your reservation will make this type of certificate valid, we still require a notice of your arrival before the dive. Doing so will assure that a videographer is available. Be sure to let our Meridian representative know that you want to include this amazing package when you call us.

Each of our Gift Certificates may be used for up to two years after purchase. If you decide to skydive at a different USPA location, these gifts are valid throughout over 80 affiliate skydiving areas and fully transferable! So if you decide to take a vacation across the United States of America, you will be able to enjoy the thrilling skydive at any partnered locations.

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Trying something new is a great way to alleviate boredom. Make your new something a thrilling one with a breath-taking experience! Our patners are the best skydiving businesses in Mississippi and one of the only a few companies that offers you with the chance to see the amazing aerial views. Proudly serving Meridian as well as all surrounding areas including Middleton, Enterprise, Collinsville, Decatur, Stonewall, Quitman and more! If it is your first time we know how to tether your fears so that you may enjoy your dive in a fun and safe manner. If you are seeking a way to advance your skydiving skills beyond their current level, Meridian can set you up with a dive designed just for you to get you well on your way to a solo dive.

Know someone that will not believe you are brave enough to plunge from 14,000 above the ground? Encapsulate your skydive forever with any of a Video Package! The Video option is available for the Tandem Skydive and Tandem Progression. Meridian partners offer you with a profound way to appease your inner thrill seeker that is sure to make waves. Ready to jump on board the skydiving adventure of a lifetime? Let us know!