Join the wind while skydiving; Manchester!

Skydiving is the most rewarding flying experience you can get! We don’t offer just one way to feel the rush of the sky, our partners have all the options for you to choose from. Face your fear of heights with this once in a lifetime chance to feel the acceleration of diving into the beautiful city of Manchester. Our affiliate experts are well trained providing you with the safety of taking that big JUMP!

Join the Thrill in New Hampshire!

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Join the wind while skydiving in Manchester, NH!
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Join the wind while skydiving in Manchester, NH!
Call 1-800-617-7948 Now! Manchester is the most rewarding flying experience you can get! We don’t offer just one way to feel the rush of the sky, we have various options from you to choose from. Face your fear of heights with this once in a lifetime chance to feel the acceleration of diving into the beautiful city of Manchester. Our experts are well trained providing you with the safety of taking that big JUMP!

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Looking for something new, fun, and exciting in Manchester? Feel the rush of the air at 14,000 feet with Manchester partners. Newbies are always welcomed as we are here to assist you with any details on your first skydiving adventure.

Major skydiving packages just for you!

Tandem Skydiving near Manchester, NH

Tandem Skydiving

Let go of the fear….you’re not alone. Manchester partners offer Tandem Skydiving! Strap yourself to an expert while diving into the sky. Feel safe and secure gliding through the air with a trusty skydiving expert guiding you along the way. A Tandem dive is great for first-timers who want to feel the adventure but are too afraid to go at it alone. Instructors will be right behind you as you take that first jump into your freefall. They will share in the experience of your first rush of wind sailing through the air to the perfect landing. Learn more…

Advanced Skydive Training in Manchester, NH

Advanced Training

For those who took the first leap and can’t get enough of diving into the clouds, enroll in Advanced Training to learn how to skydive on your own. Take off the training wheels of skydiving by learning from experts who are certified by the United State Parachute Association (USPA). You too can get the skills needed to join USPA and become a certified skydiver. With two advanced training programs, you will learn the basics up to the advanced level skills in the soaring wonders of skydiving. Learn more…

Skydiving Video Packages - Manchester, NH

Video Packages

Capture the moment by adding a video package to your dive. Keeping all of your flying memories in your head will only give you part of the experience. Take home a great keepsake to remember your skydive and show others to encourage them to take the jump! Show everyone the skydive from YOUR view. With the video package jump you can relive your adventure of diving and meeting the clouds for years to come. Learn more…

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Blast off into the wind with skydiving

You hear the stories of friends, co-workers, and even strangers telling the tales of their wild adventures in thrill seeking activities such as skydiving. Now it’s time to create a tale of your own. What better way to gain a new adventure on your life achievements. Here you’ll have the experienced experts ready to take the jump with you and even train you to jump on your own! Get ready for a ride chasing the clouds on the way down. Feeling the gush of wind on your face as you take the leap, taking a moment in living with the air until your safe landing. Skydiving is a highly valued activity that you MUST do at least once in your life. You will walk away with a grand feeling of success in facing a fear, doing something you’ve always wanted to do, or even celebrating a new lease on life. Manchester’s network of partnered dropzones offers a variety of services that you will not find anywhere in this area. Skydiving experts will teach you the necessary basics to stay safe as we value your safety over anything else. We also value the good time you will experience taking your leap into the air so there will be no regrets! These training programs will give you the experience needed for learning how to skydive on your own.

Enjoy the benefits in visiting the center. Come out to our partner dropzone during a holiday season or with a group of friends to take the big dive and feel the sensation of an exhilarating time Our gift certificates come with great benefits for you and that lucky recipient for a rewarding time. Treat yourself and someone else to a life changing activity that will be a great story to tell and to show with an amazing video option.

Skydive over the “Queen City”!

Manchester, New Hampshire was named after an idea for the city to be created as an industrial center comparable to Manchester, England. Being acknowledged as one of the best cities to start a business, it was only obvious that skydiving enthusiasts would setup shop in the “Queen City”. Skydiving is only adding to the amazing sites and activities that this city has to offer. Joining in with the booming businesses in the downtown area to the beautiful parks and rivers adorning Manchester, we want to add in a thrilling activity to add to the things to do list.

Skydiving in the largest city in New Hampshire will open you to view more of what this great city has to offer. Being as high as the 22 Story One City Plaza building, the rush of skydiving in Manchester is enhanced by the landscape, city line, and even the below views of this city.

Take in the skyline from above and at the same viewpoint of Rock Rimmon Park. Say hello to the mountaineers as you soar past diving closer to the streetcars rolling through the suburban areas of Manchester.

The crisp air of Manchester, NH will only heighten your experience in skydiving soaking in the wind hitting your face as you will be beaming all throughout the ride. The Merrimack River will await your arrival below greeting you with its gorgeous banks alongside of Hillsborough County.

Don’t get spooked! Depending on the time of year, you even may be viewing zombies beneath you during the annual Manchester Zombie Walk. Or see fellow citizens on a scavenger hunt in the downtown area looking for Seamus the Leprechaun during St. Patrick’s Day season or Morty the Elf in December. You can even enjoy the holiday festivities views during the Downtown Holiday Market. Manchester wants to enhance your perspective of this grand city while also wanting to give you an exciting time taking a jump through the sky.

Escalate to new levels in Manchester.
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Tandem Skydiving near Manchester

Tandem Skydive!

Take hold of your skydiving dreams as our partner’s instructors take hold of you! The Tandem Skydive allows you to learn how to dive into the air in a safe manner along with enjoying the views and the rush of gliding. Tandem Skydives are popular for beginner divers who are looking to break into the world of taking the big plunge from an airplane! Get into the company of the clouds while creating a memory to last forever. You will never get an experience like this here at Manchester. Our affiliate skydiving center is equipped with top notch quality gear and certified instructors to help you achieve a moment of a lifetime.

Tandem skydiving is for first timers looking to get into the wave of riding the wind. During this activity you will learn everything you need to know to keep you safe, from the call time to boarding to the release of your parachute (or canopy as the skydivers like to call it!). Soar with the experts and enjoy the feeling of a thrill ride. Visiting the best skydiving center in the area guarantees that your first skydive will be one to remember. Yes it may seem scary at first but once you’ve taken that jump with certified instructors coming along with you, you can put that fear aside and enjoy the moment!

The first portion of this skydive will be the briefing of what procedures to follow throughout the dive. Learning how to safely exit the aircraft into the air is very important as you will want a secure but fun ride from beginning to the end. The basics of the equipment are important as well, to know which gadgets to use and when. However, since this dive is typically for beginners, you will NOT be alone. Our partner’s certified skydivers will be connected to you with a harness to ensure that your safety is handled in the most professional way. You can trust these experts to be in charge of executing the necessary protocols during your skydiving experience.

Once you are briefed on the procedures you will then board the aircraft in preparation to accelerate to the sky. With your personal certified instructor attached, your jump will release that adrenaline rush giving permission to release that inner dare devil flying like a pro! Enjoying the best 60 seconds of your life free falling with the expert instructor guiding you along the way. Give a wave to the spectators as you overlook Earth and its wonders. Greet everyone waiting once you have reached ground level with a smile and celebrate your skydive.

The scenery will turn from a tiny view of the city to a more clear focus once the ripcord is pulled releasing the canopy. The slow sail downward will give you a chance to fully enjoy the view while your body catches up with the fun you’ve just experienced. The joys of this moment will have you wondering why you didn’t take this dive sooner. What fear!? This ride is a must do for all to experience at least once.

Safety is key in the Tandem Skydive and always the #1 priority. Our affiliate dropzones are staffed with certified skydiving experts who are well skilled in handling first timers to make them feel confident and secure in taking their first big leap. The purpose of the briefing is for you to know what to expect and the needed actions to take while soaring at cloud level. Your instructors take the briefing and expert training VERY seriously. Their job is to make you feel comfortable in skydiving so you can get the full experience of jumping, free falling, and enjoying a safe landing. Manchester promises the ride of your life. The Tandem Skydive experience is a great way to get your feet wet in this extreme sporting activity. Even with an instructor strapped on your back, you can still celebrate in this big accomplishment of facing a fear or adding on to your adventure list.

And guess what?!! You can catch it all on video by adding on a video package. So be sure to practice your funny faces, selfie techniques, or your biggest smile in the mirror while anticipating on taking this skydive.

Book a momentous occasion for yourself or with your friends. Tandem Skydiving will have you walking away ready to take your next jump!

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Manchester Advanced Skydiving Training

Accelerate your skydiving skills

After taking your first leap, most visitors look to take their skydiving to another height by training with the professionals. The advanced training program will pair you with a certified USPA instructor who are well equipped to train and educate you on skydiving solo. With the skills and techniques learned, you too will be able to call yourself a certified USPA skydiver. This certification will open doors for you to skydive without an instructor strapped to your back at any of our affiliate skydiving dropzones as well as any other center that is approved for solo skydivers.

The United States Parachute Association (USPA) is in place to for skydivers to enjoy their adventures of jumping out of a plane and breezing through the clouds on the way down. This non-profit membership organization gives support to skydivers by encouraging safety measures with training and professional licensing, obtaining the areas within airspace and airport locations, and supporting competitions along with opportunities to set records in skydiving sporting activities.

Developing your skills from the basics to the advanced level procedures in skydiving, these certified instructors will take your knowledge from an average tandem skydiver to a professional level. Keeping safety as a FIRST priority, these trustworthy skydivers are able to train you on enjoying your experience while ensuring you’re are well aware of all proper procedures and protocols when it comes to skydiving. You can entrust us that your well-being comes first and the fun will be guaranteed. Manchester partnered certified experts are well rounded in customer service and training to give you the guidance you need.

Advanced skydiving training at our partner droopzone is ready to share the wealth of knowledge from our partner’s experts. Your instructor will promote you from an amateur to a professional joining in the membership of other professionals to reach new heights in skydiving. Set new records, dive solo, and glide in the sky with the experts.

AFF Training in Manchester, New Hampshire

Feel the freedom of an Accelerated Free Fall

The Tandem Skydive is just a taste of what you can experience. Want to learn how to fly like the pros? Don’t just take a simple jump, feel the air learning flips, turns, and even landing on your own. The different levels of Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) training with equip you to do just that! Many visitors prefer this method of training because of the high skill levels learned and the fun of breezing through the air. Manchester affiliate dropzones have certified instructors that will walk you through the process to raise your confidence and skill level to achieve the maximum experience in free falling. From taking your through the jump with the instructor holding on to you, to communicating via radio on how to properly releasing your parachute for a safe and secure landing. In this program, your instructors are going to help you master skydiving on a different level.

The first stage of the AFF training consists of the instructor jumping out of the plane with you while holding on to you. Right before you release your canopy, the instructor will release you to deploy their own canopy as you sail down to your landing. Even though you will be released, the instructor’s eyes will still be solely on you to give signals as to when to pull the cord for your canopy before you land. This training will take a few jumps for you to get comfortable in knowing when to release your canopy at the right elevation level and in the landing procedure. It is important to pay close attention to the details of this stage in order to advance to the next level of the AFF training.

The next stage will consist of what is called a release dive. This portion of the training will include a briefing from your certified instructor so you will know what to expect and understand the safety measures to successfully complete this dive. During the release dive, the instructor is not holding on to you as in the first stage of the AFF training. This will be your chance to show the instructor what you’ve learned so far but they will be close by to help assist and guide you throughout the skydive training. Although you will be landing on your own, we have what is known as an Automatic Activation Device (AAD) installed on your rig to prevent you from a bad landing. The AAD automatically releases in case you pass the safe altitude level for your parachute deployment. This extra safety feature will ensure that there will be no mishaps during the landing portion of your AFF training sessions.

Also, during your AFF training, your instructor will give you hand signals throughout the dive to help you adjust to the proper body positions will diving. It is important that your body is properly aligned to guarantee a fun but safe time while skydiving. These techniques are essential in free falling. Manchester has everything you need to get trained in being a skydiving expert. You will feel greatly accomplished once you’ve successfully completed this training program. From the ground basics to the time in the air, our instructors are right there will you passing on their knowledge in the sporting world of skydiving. AFF training will open doors for you to be certified as well. Don’t forget to add on a video package to capture your training moments to share with your loved ones!

Manchester Tandem Progression Skydiving Training

Elevate to new levels in skydiving with our training programs!

Are you a risk taker? Get more advanced with your first jump! Tandem progression skydiving takes the regular tandem skydive to the next level. Manchester partner’s training breaks down this style of skydiving into three parts to go more in depth in the various ways of taking the big plunge. Unlike the Tandem skydive, you will not receive the entire log of details of skydiving before jumping. You will receive each part of skydiving information before each jump then move on to the next step. Tandem Progression training will give you more responsibility in learning to skydive along with the preparation in learning to jump on your own. Our partner’s certified skydiving experts will teach you the skills from the ground up in learning what it takes to get the maximum experience out of your jump.

Tandem Progression training will start you off learning the basics from the ground. Your certified skydiving instructor will review procedures in what to do in an emergency, controlling the apparatus, diving techniques, and many other details that goes into taking the jump. This overview will help you to fully understand what goes into skydiving; thoroughly learning everything you need to know before boarding the plane for takeoff.

After the ground cover, you will then get hands on experience with your instructor supervising while taking the leap with you. Tandem Progression training is then broken down to different categories:

Category A/B Tandems: This training jump series includes three jumps allowing you to perform variations of freefalling all the while learning to keep track of how high you’re elevating, parachute release process, and reiterating what you learned during the ground session. Our certified instructor will also give you the opportunity to execute these practices while skydiving alone!

Category C – Accelerated Freefall: The Category C includes two jumps with your instructor tagging along with you, giving you guidance the whole time. The instructor will take notice of your body position ensuring that you are executing the skydive in the proper and safe way. You will also have a radio handy to get any further instructions as you sail to the ground.

Category D Accelerated Freefall: This next level of freefalling involves executing turns at different degree angles in combination with keeping track of your elevation levels. During the deployment, your instructor will be with you however you will independently jump from the plane allowing more responsibility during this freefall.

Category E Accelerated Freefall: Once this level is reached, you will have gained all of the skills and confidence needed to take this one jump training. During this freefall, you will be able to show what you can do making flips and turns in the sky. Although your certified instructors will never leave your side, most students at this level are able to land without help from their instructor.

Category F Coach Jumps: Once you’re a freefall champion, you can move on to jumps being coached by your certified instructor. During this skydiving session, you will team up with other skilled skydivers to learn how to improve your skills along with keeping safety as your first priority.

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Manchester Skydiving Video Packages

Take your skydiving experience home with you! Add on a Video Package! Manchester’s affiliate network of dropozones offers you a chance to take home your skydiving experience to share! With video packages, you will be able to relive your moments in the sky for years to come. You’ve scrolled through your social media timelines, and seen others showing off their skydiving experience from their view. You can now do the same with our high quality videos made just for you!

All visitors are able to add on this package to any skydiving option. Whether it is your first time or your training sessions with professional instructors, you can have your adventurous experience recorded by our top notch videographer capturing every detail in taking your skydive. The videographer will hit record as soon as you get on the plane going up in the air. They will even take the dive with you to capture each moment as your dive fills you with the rush of adventure and excitement. From beginning to the end, capturing your post jump excitement, you’ll want every moment of the gratification felt from your skydiving feat.

Another more affordable option to capture your skydive is using GoPro videos. These gadgets are attached to you recording your skydiving moment from your viewpoint. Take your viewers along for the ride with you using this option. They’ll also be able to take a gander at the beautiful sights of the city just as you saw them. Show them how you saw the “Queen City”, sightseeing from an elevated height gliding down to close views.

Whatever your choice, all videos will be professionally edited by our partner’s team members to ensure your video will be viewable and others will be able to feel the enjoyment you felt during your skydiving experience. Another benefit of adding on this package is that you’ll be able to share this on your own timeline on any social media platform. Impress your followers with your grand jump out of a plane plunging down, showing off your tricks and skills.

Showing off your skydiving video from your experience will be a must see by all of your family and friends. This will even encourage them to take a dive of their own! They’ll be wowed at the courage you showed in taking that big leap, living in the moment of getting acquainted with the clouds, flowing with the wind. You don’t want to just tell the story, SHOW them your story by adding on the video package. Our partner’s staff will give you professionalism all the way ensuring that you will have the best keepsake to bring back with you along with your memories!

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Manchester Skydiving Gift Certificates

Encourage someone to take the big jump! Purchase a Gift Certificate today. Manchester offers gift certificates for specific types of skydiving experiences. Take a dive and give a skydiving gift to a family member or friend to gain the same thrill ride experience. Sharing this experience is a lifetime present that will be cherished forever. The gift of diving into NH is unique, fun, and memorable for any lucky person to receive. Our gift certificates are available for the following diving experiences:

Tandem Skydiving: Your gift certificate recipient will partake in a secured and safe skydiving adventure being connected to an expert as they fly in the beautiful sky. Flowing downward in an exciting but fulfilling fall will put you at the top of their friends list by gifting this experience. The joy of taking this leap firsthand does not compare to the stories told by others. Tandem skydiving is the perfect dive for those apprehensive about this style of sports activity. With an instructor behind then along the way, they’ll be able to let go of the fear and share in the sensation of feeling the wind rushing by as they plunge to their landing. Our Tandem skydiving certificates is also great for repeat divers who have a love for the pleasure of jumping out of a plane. Each jump is a new experience to enjoy!

Accelerated Free Fall Level 1: Help someone take their skydiving ventures to a new level by purchasing them a gift certificate for the Accelerated Free Fall Level 1 program. This training will dig deeper into the basics of skydiving without an instructor in a professional yet safe way. Upgrade a friend’s diving techniques in providing an opportunity to learn from an USPA experts in skydiving. These instructors come with highly rated expertise to train aspiring free fallers the RIGHT way. This gift certificate will give that necessary boost in one’s desire to become a pro in skydiving.

Video Packages: Both of our gift certificate options comes with the choice of adding on a Video Package. Take your skydiving gifting to a new height by providing this great memento in their skydiving experience. Purchasing this add-on will allow the lucky recipient to cherish the memory of their first dive or their training in free falling. After their skydiving experience, you all can get all of your videos together and have a viewing party with friends and family!

Our gift certificates not only share in the skydiving fund, but they come with great benefits. Enjoy the pleasures of our gift certificates being honored for up to two years from the purchase date, transferable, and can be used at one of our partnerlocations in over 80 skydiving drop zones including the skydiving center nearest to Manchester, NH. If the recipient takes a vacation, they can take along our gift certificate and utilize it at any affiliate location! Customer Service experts are available to speak with you regarding your purchase, seven days a week to help you choose the best gift for your loved one.

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Skydiving and training is available to anyone with the courage to try! Even if you’re hesitant you can speak with our representatives for more details to ease your worries and get you pumped for the jump. New Hampshire is the best place to take your first dive as well as receive training from our partner’s certified instructors. No other place will give you the tools AND that once in a lifetime experience you are seeking. Call us 7 days a week as our experts are available to assist you with information and booking your soaring in the sky moment.

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