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Not only do our partners offer tandem skydiving for first time thrill seekers, they also offer video packages, so you can forever capture and memorialize your first free fall. No other skydiving company provides a more fulfilling skydiving experience than our partner has to offer.

Tandem Skydiving in Lubbock

Embrace your First Fall

Are you looking to experience the thrill of falling from the gorgeous Lubbock, Texas sky for the first time? If so, you’ve come to the right place. The tandem skydiving experience is perfect for first time skydivers. Join our partners to experience your heart pounding and the wind blasting against your face, as you free fall through the sky. When you go tandem skydiving with the best, you don’t need experience, you just need the courage to jump. Learn more…

Lubbock Certified Skydiving

Learning to Skydive

You’ve experienced the thrill of tandem skydive and loved it. Perfect! Our partners offer skydiving classes where we can train you to become a licensed skydiver. They offer the opportunity to become licensed to experience the same heart-pounding experience on a solo dive. Our partners provide the best AFF (Accelerated FreeFall) skydiving school you will find near Lubbock, Texas. Stop being the pupil and become the skydiving master instead! Do it now…

Skydiving Videos in Lubbock

Skydiving Video Packages Lubbock has teamed up with some of the most talented aerial videographers. Together, we make sure you can capture and memorialize the best skydiving experience for the rest of your life. Our partners offer several affordable video options which include a GoPro camera mounted to the Tandem Master’s wrist for close-up video footage. Call the team at Lubbock and ask about the available options for recording your big day! Say cheese…

Skydiving Gift Certificates in Lubbock

Gift Certificates

Everyone knows at least one person who they can describe as a thrill seeker, who is always looking for the next adventure. Consider purchasing a skydiving voucher to give your loved one an exhilarating present this year. At Lubbock, you can purchase a tandem skydiver voucher or a bone-chilling skydiving package. Gift vouchers from Lubbock are valid for two years from the purchase date and are currently on sale! Get yours…

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Skydiving is the Ultimate Adventure in TX!

When you choose to skydive in Lubbock, we promise you’ll get an experience that will serve to supply you with memories and fodder for conversations sake that will last a lifetime! Whether you Tandem skydive or opt for a more advanced option, you’re assured of the fact that the adventure will be nothing short of amazing. After boarding the plane and starting on your journey back down to the DZ, make sure to attempt a look at the Lubbock landscape and surroundings. You could potentially see the American Wind Power Center or other impressive attractions. Regardless if you have a chance to check something out or not, you won’t be disappointed you chose to skydive in Lubbock today!

We will handle everything.

Take a chance and enjoy the unimaginable experience of free falling from the breathtaking Lubbock sky. We have an experienced team of skydiving experts who will help select the perfect skydiving school regardless of how little – or how much – skydiving experience you have. Our partners are committed to providing skydiving enthusiasts with the greatest skydiving adventure and the most informative training courses at the most affordable rates. Give us a call today and make your dream of free falling a reality.

There are few things in life that provide the same adrenaline rush that free falling does. It is that heart-pounding and senses-tingling feeling that makes a first time skydiver want to come back for more. Jumping from the open door of a plane and gliding through the gorgeous blue sky provides you with more freedom than any other activity ever. In fact, it is the closest you will ever get to flying.

It is unfortunate how many people toss the idea of skydiving aside because of how dangerous and terrifying it seems to someone who knows little about it. You should stop and ask yourself one simple question – would a company like Lubbock exist if we were putting our customers at risk? Sure, jumping out of an airplane of your own accord is dangerous. With a licensed skydiving instructor, however, it is a safe, secure, and unimaginable experience. Statistically, you actually put yourself at a greater risk every time you get behind a wheel than when you free fall through the sky.

Tandem skydiving – also referred to as tandem jumping – makes it possible for a first-time jumper to be secured to a skydiving instructor. The instructor will be your guide from the moment you exit the aircraft, as you glide through the gorgeous blue sky, and until you safely land. Tandem skydiving makes it possible for a first timer to enjoy the thrill and elation of free falling without having to worry about the dynamics.

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Tandem Skydiving in Lubbock Tandem Skydiving in Lubbock

Tandem Skydiving is perfect for first time free fallers in Lubbock.

What to Expect From Your Tandem Skydiving Experience? Imagine it – your heart is pounding as your instructor opens the door to the aircraft. You feel a gust of wind strike you as it starts to fill the cabin of the plane. Cautiously, your instructor maneuvers the two of you – while harnessed together – toward the doorway. Your feet sitting at the edge of the open door as you look out at the gorgeous sky. You take a deep breath in the loud and windy moment before you leap into the sky.

For most first timers, tandem skydiving offers the adrenaline rush of a lifetime. For a lot of people, this is an item on the bucket list tucked away for a time when you feel comfortable enough to swallow your fears and free fall through the sky. The question is – are you ready to know what free falling through the sky at 120 miles per hour feels like?

Descending from the clouds to the ground is one of those life changing experiences you will remember for the rest of your life.

At Lubbock, we are committed to providing you with the greatest introduction to skydiving. Everyone should arrive with plenty of extra time to prepare for the first jump. This includes snapping a few pre-jump photographs and listing to ground instructions, which take about 15 to 20 minutes of your time. After the ground instructions, you will be suited up and prepared to board the plane. In groups of 2 to 8 people, an aircraft will take you and your instructor into the sky for the greatest adrenaline-filled experience of your life.

Are you ready for an adventure in Lubbock, Texas you will never forget? Give tandem skydiving in Lubbock, TX a try!

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Lubbock Skydiving Classes Lubbock Skydiving Classes

Skydiving Classes

Skydiving is a terrifying and exciting experience. For those who can get over the initial fear of falling from the sky, few other ventures will provide you with a similar heart-pounding sensation. Why limit yourself to just experiencing the thrill of a lifetime when you can become a licensed skydiver? Our partners offer the best skydiving training in all of Texas.

Initially, the thought of jumping out of a plane and spiraling through the sky to the ground is frightening. Once you get a taste of this exciting adrenaline rush, however, it becomes hard to stop. Before you know it, you will find yourself addicted to free falling.

Tandem skydiving is great, but tandem skydiving is for beginners. Don’t limit yourself or your new thrilling addiction. Enroll yourself in the AFF program and really sink your teeth into everything there is to know about skydiving. Lubbock partner staff is committed to helping you nurture your own set of skydiving skills. The goal is to turn you into a confident skydiver who is licensed to dive through the sky anywhere in the United States.

Once you’ve completed our AFF program, you will have the opportunity to freefall solo. Imagine using your own parachute and dropping through the clouds without being strapped to a tandem master. That is true freedom! Everyone deserves to have an experience such as this and with the help of Lubbock partners, you can. With an “A license” in hand, the United States Parachute Association will allow you to drop at any drop zone in the United States without having to have a dive master. If you consider yourself a thrill seeker, it doesn’t get much better than that.

Accelerated Free Fall Training

During the AFF program, you will start out by being briefed on the ground and then taken to the sky for more practical instructions. One of the core goals of this program is to get you into the sky as quickly and safely as possible. Our partner’s certified instructors will teach you the tricks of the trade to make sure you are a successful skydiver on your course towards being licensed.

On your venture towards becoming a certified skydiver, you will learn how to properly maneuver your body and deploy your parachute to make sure you land safely. During your first skydive with the AFF program, you will have two instructors with you to watch and tweak your form in the air to help you nail the perfect skydive. Your instructors will track your progress through the program and monitor your success. In time, you will learn some of the more advanced skydiving tricks such as backflips and glides. During the program, you will learn how to inspect your gear, pack your parachute, spot planes, and recover your stability after a flip.

Making the decision to become a licensed skydiver is about more than just the endless thrills of flying through the sky like a bird. It is an accomplishment worth bragging about. As a licensed skydiver, you will also be introduced into a world of licensed skydivers from all over the world. When you complete the AFF program, nothing will stand between you and the endless thrill of free falling.

Skydiving isn’t just some spur of the moment thrill. It is a well-organized sporting activity. That is, what makes it so safe and secure for first time skydivers. The United States Parachute Association (USPA) is the name of the organization or handles education and licenses for this exhilarating sport. A license to skydive varies from an “A license” (25 jumps) to a “D license” (500+ skydives). Each different license represents your level, success, and ability as a skydiver.

Once you reach level six of the AFF program, you will go on your first solo dive. This will take place after a final evaluation to determine you are ready to dive alone. Before you can go on your first solo dive, your instructors need to confirm you have the necessary skills for a safe solo dive. Your jump master will still be close by to watch you from a distance and take note of how well you applied everything you’ve learned.

Upon completion of the course, you will be given a certificate to confirm your success. Then, if you have met the other conditions of the course, you can apply for your official skydiving license.

Who Can Participate in the AFF Program?

The Accelerated Freefall program is not like tandem skydiving. It is challenging and intended for individuals who are serious about learning the ins and outs of skydiving. For this reason, we ask participants to meet the following qualifications to apply for the program:

  • Must be 18 years of age or older
  • Must be in exceptional physical condition
  • Must weigh 240 pounds or less
  • Must make any medical conditions known when applying*

*Certain medical conditions may require a doctor’s note of approval to skydive.

Earn Your Skydiving License Today!

Do you meet the qualifications to apply for the AFF program? Are you addicted to the thrill of falling from the sky and ready to take that dependency to the next level? Let us help you get your skydiving license. If you meet the qualifications above, previous skydiving experience is not needed. Start your skydiving classes today and fall from the sky today!

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Lubbock Skydiving Video Packages Lubbock Skydiving Video Packages

Skydiving Video Packages

Memorialize your free fall through the sky forever with video footage!

The biggest downside to skydiving is how quickly the experience is over. While it is one of the most thrilling things you will do in your life, it will be over in a flash. Fortunately, the experts have you covered. We want you to remember this magical experience for the rest of your life. With these convenient and affordable video packages, you are able to capture and watch your free falling venture over and over.

Prior to your plane ride to roughly 14,000 feet, you will have the opportunity to record your thoughts as well. With the video package, you will capture your diving experience from your point-of-view from the beginning to the end. Our partner’s expert videographers will also capture your landing and interview you after you touch down to see what you thought about your unique experience.

Don’t just mark skydiving off your bucket list, purchase a video package to remember this moment for the rest of your life. Capture the moment to show your friends and family members.

When you give us a call to arrange your experience with skydiving in Texas, make sure to let us know you want the video package as well. This will give us time to schedule a videographer to be there for the date of your jump.

Don’t wait any longer, order your video package by calling us at 1-800-617-7948 right now!

Lubbock Skydiving Gift Certificates Lubbock Skydiving Gift Certificates

Skydiving Gift Certificates

Constantly, you are plagued with the need to provide a fun and exciting gift. You want to provide a gift that makes people happy. More importantly, you want to provide a gift they don’t already have. As years go by and people get older – this becomes more difficult to do. The time has come for you to stop giving boring gifts that people just want to re-gift and send them to us instead for the thrill of a lifetime.

Give the Gift of Tandem Skydiving

When you buy the gift of tandem skydiving, your loved ones will start by spending 20 to 30 minutes of training to learn the proper techniques and skills needed to skydive near Lubbock. After the training has finished every skydiver will be prepared to board the aircraft. In groups of anywhere from 2 to 8 skydivers, they’ll enjoy a plane ride to roughly 14,000 feet.

Your loved one’s heart will really start to pound as the doors to the aircraft swing open while at 14,000 feet from the ground. Your loved one and a dive master will step to the doorway and look out before leaping into the clear blue sky. Then, they will glide through the sky at a speed of greater than 120 miles per hour. This is the experience you are giving when you buy Christmas gift vouchers from Lubbock.

Get Your Lubbock Gift Certificate!

Skydiving gift certificates are a unique and clever way to show a loved one that you care. Stop with the boring gifts and send them skydiving in Lubbock for any occasion!

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