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Shed the shackles of fear and self-doubt and take the jump. We have an experience you won’t forget. Skydiving.com Louisville offers everything you will need to enjoy the thrill of a lifetime. Our friendly, expert instructors will walk you through the process. Whether it’s your first-time, or whether you want advanced training, we have you covered. All you need to do is enjoy the thrill…and the view. Experience Skydiving near Louisville today!

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Shed the shackles of fear and self-doubt and take the jump. We have an experience you won’t forget. Skydiving.com Louisville offers everything you will need to enjoy the thrill of a lifetime. Our friendly, expert instructors will walk you through the process. Whether it’s your first-time, or whether you want advanced training, we have you covered. All you need to do is enjoy the thrill…and the view. Experience Skydiving in Louisville today!

Skydiving Louisville - Tandem Skydiving in Louisville

Tandem Skydiving

Want to experience the inexplicable thrills of skydiving while an expert does almost all the work? Tandem skydiving is for you. At Skydiving.com Louisville, we’ll hook you up with a friendly experienced instructor who will – quite literally – jump on your back. You’re not just riding in the front seat while Tandem skydiving, you’re the hood ornament with nothing impeding your incredible views as you free fall from more than 10,000 feet. Learn more…

Skydiving Louisville - Louisville Certified Skydiving

Advanced Training

Looking to take your skydiving experience up a notch, Skydiving.com Louisville knows the perfect solution. The popular Accelerated Free Fall course is designed to get your skydives to the next level. Learn every facet of skydiving from these expert instructors from landings to flips and turns. We’ll teach you everything you need to experience solo free fall, and it is done all over the beautiful sights of the Ohio River Valley. Learn more…

Skydiving Louisville - Skydiving Videos in Louisville, Kentucky

Video Packages

The very essence of skydiving is the outrageous thrill you get free falling from more than 10,000 feet. The feeling, quite simply, cannot be described. We know; we’ve tried. But with a video package, you won’t have to worry about describing your epic adventure. You can show it. Our partners have wonderful videographers trained to capture every second of your incredible jump, so you can enjoy it again and again – and of course share with your family and friends. Say cheese…

Skydiving Louisville - Skydiving Gift Certificates in Louisville

Gift Certificates

Want to share the gift of skydiving with your loved ones? With our gift certificates, you can share the thrill with anyone you want. Don’t worry, there are a variety of options to fit your needs. It doesn’t matter if they’ve jumped before or if it’ll be their first time. You can customize the gift certificate for any experience level. Want to include video or photos? You can add that too! Get yours…

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Skydivers know it’s not a coincidence that people experiencing the ultimate in elation often use phrases like “sky high”, and that’s because there’s no feeling quite like free falling through the sky. We want you to know the experience first-hand. We want you to feel the wind in your face and the freedom of soaring at speeds of up to 120 miles per hour. We want you to experience the breath-taking sights of the Bluegrass region from more than 10,000 feet. We can promise it’s something you’ll never forget – and likely will want to experience again and again.

Skydiving.com Louisville partners offer the best skydiving in Kentucky. Their friendly and experienced instructors are here to take care of all the details and ensure your safety, so you can focus on feeling your own “sky high”. Whether you want to experience skydiving safely strapped to your instructor in a Tandem dive, or whether you want to raise your skydiving game with some more advanced training, Skydiving.com Louisville can find the perfect match for you in a setting worthy of your epic adventure.

Skydiving Is Just the Beginning in Louisville, KY

Each year, more than 150,000 people converge on Louisville’s Churchill Downs for the running of the Kentucky Derby. But here’s a little secret: Not everybody is there for the horse races. You’ll begin to understand what we mean when you book your Skydiving.com Louisville adventure and start to see all Kentucky’s largest city has to offer.

Even if your skydiving trip isn’t on the first Saturday in May and the Kentucky Derby won’t be an option, fear not: Louisville has plenty of excitement in store. The museum at Churchill Downs is open daily and offers 30-minute walking tours of the famous track as well as an 18-minute, 360-degree multimedia show called “The Greatest Race.” Two floors of family-friendly interactive exhibits as well as a resident thoroughbred and miniature horse are also on display.

Or perhaps after your plunge through the sky, you’re ready for a drink?

As the birthplace of bourbon, Louisville has plenty to offer along its Urban Bourbon Trail including the recently-opened Jim Beam Urban Distillery. Although the horses “run for the roses”, we like to jump for the Juleps – as in our signature drink the Mint Julep.

If nature is more your thing, Louisville is home to the largest municipally-owned urban forest in the country in the Jefferson Memorial Forest. Characterized by steep wooded slopes rising up to 450 feet above the Ohio River Valley, the forest offers beautiful and challenging hikes and trails.

If you’re a baseball aficionado, the Louisville Slugger Museum and Factory is a must-see if for nothing else than the 120-foot Louisville Slugger bat that guards the front of the factory. The “Big Bat” is an exact-to-scale replica of Babe Ruth’s famous 34-inch Louisville Slugger. The museum also offers daily tours where you can see how the famous bats are made as well as get your own mini Louisville Slugger bat.

Or, visit The Muhammad Ali Center, dedicated to life and career of Louisville’s own.
Depending on the time of year, Louisville offers a variety of unique events including a two-week pre-Kentucky Derby festival that offers a Great Steamboat Race, Great Balloon Race and Thunder Over Louisville, the largest annual fireworks display in North America.

For five days surrounding Memorial Day weekend, the city has its annual Abbey Road On The River festival – the largest annual Beatles festival in the world.
July features Shakespeare in Central Park, which offers free Shakespeare plays in the park, and August is highlighted by the Kentucky State Fair.

Whether soaring through the skies or with both feet on the ground, Louisville is an experience you won’t soon forget.

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Tandem Skydving in Louisville Tandem Skydving in Louisville

Experience The Thrills With Tandem Skydiving!

Louisville native Cassius Clay, better known as Muhammad Ali, once said: “Don’t count the days; make the days count.” That’s what Skydiving.com Louisville is all about – to help give you a day that will stand above the rest.

And Tandem skydiving is the perfect way to experience the pure joy, freedom and spine-tingling adrenaline rush of skydiving.

Imagine riding around the Indianapolis Motor Speedway in the front seat as Mario Andretti drives the car. Well, that’s essentially what Tandem skydiving is. There’s no better place to be than in the front seat of a skydive with an expert instructor strapped to your back doing the “driving”. You get all the chills and thrills of skydiving along with the security of being strapped to a United States Parachute Association-certified instructor who has jumped out of airplanes at least 500 times. That’s a pretty good person to have in charge, leaving you free to enjoy the ride.

And nowhere else will your free fall to Earth be surrounded by the majestic beauty of the Ohio River Valley, the shimmering waters of the Ohio River and the white waters of the Falls of the Ohio across in KY. You can search out world-famous Churchill Downs or University of Louisville. Your day will be one to cherish!

You’ll start your skydiving adventure when you arrive at the airfield and meet your friendly instructor and fellow skydivers.

The “ground” portion of your program will be aimed at both equipment education and basic training. You’ll get fitted for your gear, and go over things like proper technique exiting the plane, body positioning during free fall and proper deployment of the parachute.

You’ll see and feel the girth of the carabiners that will strap you to your expert instructor. You’ll see first-hand how experienced these certified instructors are.

All your ground training is aimed at giving you the confidence for the moment when you board the plane and listen to the thumping of the propellers as the plane gradually gains altitude for your jump.

We can’t promise you what will be running through your mind as your friendly instructor guides you to the open plane doors. Maybe you’re nervous. Maybe you’re excited. Maybe you’re even thinking of Ali’s call to make the days count – or perhaps his line about floating like a butterfly may be more appropriate. But we promise, it will be something you’ve likely never felt before. There is no feeling quite like the one when you voluntarily launch yourself out of an airplane and into the sky.

From the moment you jump, the roar of the plane’s engines will dissipate, leaving you only with the sound of the air rushing past you and a panoramic view below you that has to be seen to be believed.

You will free fall for less than a minute; feeling the rush of traveling 120 miles per hour; the air pushing against your body; the sounds of your delighted screams or laughs. Don’t forget to smile for the camera. Wait until your friends see this video of skydiving in KY!

And then your expert instructor deploys the parachute and your canopy opens, leaving you with a slow, blissful ride down. You’ll have precious moments to take in the beauty of the soft rolling hills and the sinuous curves of the Ohio River glimmering in the sunshine. The only bad part is that gravity dictates you can’t stay up there all day to take it all in.

And then you land. Back slaps, high fives and deep breathes all around. You did it. Your friends may call you crazy, but you just threw yourself out of an airplane. Speaking of which, we sell gift certificates, too, if you’ve got that friend in mind who will join you next time.

If you’re ready to make the days count, call Skydiving.com Louisville and start your adventure today. You won’t regret it.

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Skydiving Louisville - Skydiving.com Louisville Skydiving Louisville - Skydiving.com Louisville

Elevate Your Skydiving With Advanced Training

For many, skydiving can be addictive. We know – these instructors have launched themselves out of airplanes more than 500 times each.

Skydiving.com Louisville partners offer the perfect advanced training course to take your skydiving to the next level and moving you towards the ultimate goal of gaining your United States Parachute Association A-License that will allow you to jump by yourself at any USPA-certified drop zone.

The popular accelerated free fall course will have you jumping in your own skydiving gear from the very first jump as you will be accompanied by a pair of instructors who will hold your harness and coach you on the way down. Each successive jump is aimed at teaching you specific skills you’ll need to eventually jump on your own.

Additionally, some Skydiving.com affiliate landing zones offer a second advanced course, Tandem Progression, during which students jump for the first few times with an instructor strapped to their back. It offers a more gradual learning curve before students transition into the Accelerated Free Fall course.

Call our experts to find out if this option is available or to book your first advanced training session today. Get ready to up your game.

Speed Up Your Advanced Training

Want to experience the rush of solo free fall as soon possible? The Accelerated Free Fall course is perfect for you.

It provides the quickest path to solo free fall. During the course, you will be jumping with your own parachute from the very first skydive. Typically, a pair of instructors will accompany you on your first few dives, each holding your harness and helping you along the descent until parachute deployment. Instructors can and will help, if needed – your parachute will have extra parachute “pull tabs” to allow your instructor easier access just in case – but the goal is for you to deploy your own parachute and pilot the canopy in for landing on your own. After all, the goal of advanced training is to be able to do experience skydiving completely on your own.

Skydiving unattached to an instructor, except by their grip, may seem scary but in reality, instructors are right beside you the entire free fall. They help you through hand signals and coach you on the way down, reminding you, for instance, when to deploy the parachute. And don’t worry, as an additional safety measure, your parachute is equipped with an Automatic Activation Device that will deploy your canopy automatically if you drop below a certain altitude while still in free fall.

But with your instructors by your side, you should be all set to deploy your own parachute and land on your own.

Once this skill is demonstrated, you are ready to move on to a series of “release dives” during which your instructor will let go of your harness at a certain point. Now, you are experiencing the freedom and joy of solo free fall.

During the release dives, you will be working on a variety of skills – altitude monitoring, location tracking, free fall positioning and techniques, parachute deployment procedures – all aimed at making you more confident and capable of solo dives. You will also begin working on some cool aerial gymnastics, like flips and turns and rolls. While these are Hey-Mom-Look-What-I-Can-Do moments, they also serve a purpose: Your instructors want to ensure you can right yourself after a disorienting maneuver.

As an added bonus, each subsequent training dive gives you another shot at soaking in the beautiful aerial views of Louisville and the lush Ohio River Valley.

Once your instructor is confident you have met all the targeted course skills, you have successfully completed the course and are free to continue building your jump count to the 25 required for a United States Parachute Association A-Level License. This will allow you to jump solo at any USPA-approved skydiving center including the more than 80 in the skydiving.com partner network.

Advanced Training In Tandem

A few skydiving centers around the US still offer an additional advanced training option: Tandem Progression.
If the thought of jumping out of a plane without an experienced instructor attached to your back is a bit intimidating. No problem.

During the Tandem Progression course, you will take your first few jumps with your instructor strapped to your back. While he or she will be asking you to do much of the work on the way down, you will be securely attached. This offers students a more gradual introduction into advanced training.

After the first few jumps, you will be transitioned into the Accelerated Free Fall program and jump with your own parachute pack. Your instructor (or instructors) will no longer be attached physically, but they will still be beside you, holding on to your harness and helping you on the way down and teaching you all the skills necessary to experience the ultimate goal of a solo skydive.

Be sure to call our friendly experts at Skydiving.com Louisville today to see if Tandem Progression is available or to book your first advanced training session today.

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Video Your Skydive - Skydiving.com Louisville Video Your Skydive - Skydiving.com Louisville

Video Killed the Radio Star – Skydiving.com Louisville

Here’s a fun game: What’s the best, most epic video you have on your phone or in your social media stream?

We bet we can top it.

Of all the silly videos we take – somebody blowing out flaming sticks on a cake, or opening a box wrapped in decorative paper – you will have one that is truly off-the-charts when you a skydiving video package.

Think about it. You, jumping out of an airplane at more than 10,000 feet, free falling through the KY skies at roughly 120 miles per hour. What’s more epic than that? Not much, in our opinion.

And the best part is, not only will you be able to re-live your skydiving adventure with us again and again, but you’ll be able to share it to your social media streams and show it to friends. Videos of babies and cute kitty cats are all well and good, but when you haul out your video of jumping out of an airplane, it’s a mic-drop moment.

Picture the looks on your friends’ faces when they see you walk to the open doors of the plane and then…jump. They’ll hear your shouts of delight and the sound of the wind rushing past your body. They’ll see every second of your thrilling plunge through the sky all the way to your landing. Of course, some will call you crazy, but we’ve long maintained that skydiving isn’t really crazy at all. In fact, it’s amazingly safe. But we can tell you what is crazy: Jumping out of a plane on a skydive and not catching it on film.

Luckily, there are several video options that offer professionally edited videos all done on site and given to you in formats easily shared on social media.

The most exciting option is a videographer, who will film basically every key moment of your day, including boarding the plane, your ride up to altitude and of course, your giant leap into the sky. The videographer will jump alongside you, as well, capturing your every emotion during your free fall and your beautiful views upon deployment of your parachute.

If money is tight, however, there is also an affordable GoPro option in which your instructor will wear a portable video camera during the jump, capturing a first-person view of the skydive.

Either way, you will get a video worth savoring. And who knows, maybe one of your friends will see it and agree to join you on your next skydiving adventure.

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The Gift That Keeps Giving – Skydiving.com Louisville

Skydiving Gift Certificates - Skydiving.com Louisville Gift Certificates

In Louisville, people make a big deal about the Kentucky Derby and the “Run For The Roses”. But at Skydiving.com Louisville, we believe roses make a pretty blah gift. Good for horses, maybe, but not your thrill-seeking loved one or best client.

We offer the ultimate gift: The gift of an adrenaline rush like no other. Trust us, give the gift of skydiving – your friend, loved one or client will be talking about it for months and years to come.
Plus, add a video package gift certificate to the mix and you’ll get to a video of the entire jump. What’s better than that? That is the gift that truly keeps on giving.

Imagine the scene as your recipient anxiously rides in the plane to jump altitude. You’ll see it all. And with the videographer package, you’ll see their facial expressions and hear their screams as they make the leap out of the plane and soar through the sky. These aren’t canned, run-of-the-mill expressions you see when people open the typical gifts, this is raw exhilaration. And you’ll get to see it all.

And the best part – aside from watching the video of your friend or loved one screaming their head off during free fall – is that our gift certificates are completely hassle-free. You won’t have to be bothered with any annoying details. We’ve got it covered.

Our gift certificates are valid a full two-years from purchase date – although we doubt your gift recipient will want to wait nearly that long for their epic jump.

We believe Louisville is the best place to skydive with the beautiful views of the Ohio River and surrounding valley and the fun and nightlife of Louisville, but we understand people like to travel and might want to experience skydiving in different places, so our certificates are accepted at more than 80 Skydiving.com affiliate skydiving centers around the country. They are also fully transferable, and to top it off, our customer service is available seven days a week.

Sound perfect? We think so, too.

And, although the gift certificates are primarily for Tandem skydiving – where customers jump with a fully certified and trained instructor strapped securely to their back – we also offer one for the first level of Accelerated Free Fall training course. So, be sure to call our friendly experts today at 512-666-9566 to ensure you get the certificate you want.

Get Your Skydiving.com Gift Certificate!

Give your loved one the ultimate adrenaline rush. Try a gift certificate from Skydive Louisville today. Call 502-907-1444!

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Get ready for the experience of a lifetime! – Skydiving.com Louisville

If you’re ready to make the day count and kick regrets to the curb, Louisville is the perfect place to do it.

Our affiliate network has all the opportunities to make your special day one to cherish. Whether you’re a first-timer or you’re ready to start upping your skydiving game with advanced level training, our partners have it all – expertise, video packages, gift certificates, beautiful scenery – waiting for you. Don’t be left out of the race. Come see the Bluegrass state from 10,000-feet and put yourself in the winner’s circle.

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