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Tandem Skydiving in Little Rock

Tandem Skydiving

Jump into skydiving with a tandem master taking the plunge with you! Tandem Skydiving is the safest way for a first time jumper to experience the thrilling descent first hand. With a certified coach by your side, you’ll be able to focus on every exciting moment without having to worry about when to open your parachute! Come climb aboard the airplane and prepare for flight! Learn more…

Little Rock Certified Skydiving

Certified Skydiving

Ready to skydive solo? Our partners provide a highly specialized Accelerated FreeFall training course that prepares you to become one! Throughout each level, we will teach you how to free fall in style, control your body and when to open your parachute. Upon completing the Skydiving School, you will be able to show off your impressive skydiving skills all across America! Learn more…

Skydiving Videos in Little Rock


Get yourself a personalized skydiving video with some incredible video packages! These Video Packages have great feature options such as HD video, high-quality still shots, and web-ready formats. These formats will allow you to easily share your skydive on your personal website or social media page! Show your friends and family that you had the courage to face your fears! Say cheese…

Skydiving Gift Certificates in Little Rock

Gift Certificates

Treat a friend or family member to the experience of a lifetime with a Little Rock Skydiving Gift Certificate! Our gift certificates are available for the tandem skydive or any advanced courses. This delightful and unforgettable gift is good for up to 24 months after your purchase date, and they are on sale now! Call today to reserve this exciting present for that special friend or loved one! Get yours…

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The Benefits of Skydiving

While skydiving all your senses are honed in on freefalling. Your mind will focus completely on savoring the entire experience and it will be almost impossible to ignore the ground as it rushes up at you. The clarity and freedom this generates as you descend thousands of feet at 120 miles per hour will be liberating! Upon landing, you will be filled with feelings of elation and joy as you realize that you were brave enough to accomplish your skydiving goal.

These glorious memories can be shared with friends and family in a video play-by-play! From boarding the aircraft to your safe landing, you will be able to utilize your video footage and give everyone a detailed insight to how brave you really are. Be sure to ask our staff about reserving a videographer when you call to book your skydiving adventure. Do not miss out on recording this life changing event!

Pure Adrenaline Rush!

This exhilarating experience will really get your adrenaline rushing as you soar through the skies. As your body releases adrenaline during the descent, you will experience an increase of blood flow to your brain and your pupils will dilate to the size of saucers. This hormone produces a retrograde enhancement of long-term memories. Due to this, your skydiving adventure leave you with a long-lasting impression that you won’t soon forget.

This amazing and intense skydiving sport tends to be frowned upon because “it’s scary” which is an honest assessment. If you contemplate the idea of falling 14,000 feet and do not find yourself slightly intimidated, you’ll think twice when the aircraft’s door open. Do not let this stop you from experiencing the skydiving adventure of a lifetime!

Rest assured that your instructors are highly trained experts, who are federally certified. Know that when you take your first tandem jump or participate in the skydiving lessons you will be accompanied by a pro. For many individuals that take their first leap, the idea of having a skydiving expert attached to them is a very comforting thought. This arrangement soothes fears and alleviates any concerns that may prevent you from participating in this worthwhile experience!

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Tandem Skydiving in Little Rock Tandem Skydiving in Little Rock

Tandem Skydiving in Arkansas

Witnessing Arkansas while freefalling is an exhilarating and mesmerizing experience. Due to the captivating nature of this adventure, our partners provide the Tandem Skydive. This option is the easiest and safest way to jump into the exciting world of skydiving. Your tandem adventure beings with pre-flight safety instructions that usually last approximately 25-30 minutes. The lengthy duration of this important conversation may delay the expected start time of the skydiving adventure. To avoid this, we recommend arriving at the dropzone earlier than your scheduled jump time.

After the instructors go over the mandatory safety precautions, you will be properly informed and ready to suit up! Once you are adorned with the proper attire, you will board an airplane with other skydivers and your Little Rock Trainer. The aircraft will ascend to an altitude of approximately 14,000 feet within a matter of minutes. Upon nearing jump elevation, the airplane’s door will be opened, allowing you and your instructor to begin the thrilling act of freefall!

During your descent, enjoy the gorgeous view and feel free to fully submerse yourself in the experience! Your Jumpmaster has your back throughout the entire 60 second plunge. Rest assured that as the ground rushes toward you, your trainer will know when to begin the seven minute canopy phase. This portion of the tandem package provides a unique view that most non-skydivers will never see. At the conclusion of this phase, your instructor will assure that your entrance into the dropzone is as perfect as possible. Upon landing, you have officially earned skydiving bragging rights!

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Little Rock Skydiving School Little Rock Skydiving School

Become a Certified Licensed Skydiver!

If you’re interested in taking skydiving to the next level, it’s time to acquire your skydiving certificate! Currently, the preferred way to start leveling up, is through an Accelerated Freefall, or AFF program. Our partner’s Accelerated Freefall instruction course educates you on of the skill levels required to make your first solo jump.

By joining the Integrated Student Program, you are signing up to take an instructional course created by the United States Parachute Association, or USPA. This popular procedure is used by our partners as well as many other partnering skydiving schools. The USPA Integrated Student Program sets Targeted Learning Objectives, or TLO’s, for each of the seven instructional levels. Every level’s TLO’s must be performed by the beginner before they may advance to the next stage. Throughout levels one through seven, a certified skydiving instructor, (or multiple coaches), must accompany the student during each dive.

Upon completing level seven, the student is ready almost ready to skydive solo. The next phase requires students to dive with a jumpmaster at least 25 more times before getting their A License requirements ratified by an accredited coach. Following this common procedure, the student performs their A License Check Dive, and becomes a certified skydiver! This USPA license will validate your skydiving skill-set and allow you to show off your skydiving know how at other USPA member dropzones!

Accelerated Free Fall Training

The Accelerated Free Fall instructional course starts with a couple of coaches jumping with the beginner for the first 3 dives. This beginning period trains the student physically and mentally for future solo jumps. During these initial free falls, coaches who are diving with the student will not be strapped to them. Instead, the student’s harnesses are grasped until they deploy their chute at the appropriate height. This practice or methodology is frequently referred to as Harness Hold Training. Skydiving in this manner differs from the Tandem Skydive, due to the students ability to deploy their own parachute and their almost complete disconnection from their instructors.

Students in the AFF program are trained to deploy their main canopy when they start to reach the distance of 5,000 feet from the ground. If the trainee has trouble releasing their parachute, our coaches will first use hand signals to remind the student to “Pull.” As they continue their descent, if the student is still having issues with their parachute, the Instructors will aid their student by physically placing the trainee’s hand onto the pilot chute release. If the parachute remains undeployed, the instructor will manually deploy the canopy for the student. Furthermore, the instructor has the right to pull the student’s main canopy at any time if the student appears to be at risk. “Pull” handles are positioned on every student’s gear, to provide additional access for instructors, in case of emergency.

Being able to release their parachute on time is crucial for a student to learn before advancing further. This is because on release skydives there is a chance that an instructor may not be able to dock and assist at pull time. Accelerated Free Fall participants have a hard deck that allows them to deploy their own parachute and protect themselves from crashing into the earth below. If they have not been able to deploy their parachute with the hard deck activation, the student’s rig is outfitted with a backup Automatic Activation Device, or AAD. This will deploy the reserve chute if the student passes the activation altitude at freefall speeds. Although it is very rare that a student will be in need of the AAD, this final level of precaution diligently protects the student in an emergency.

Trainees will develop proper flying and landing skills as they progress through each Accelerated Free Fall level. Initially, instructors will have the opportunity to use hand signals to guide and correct the student’s body position during the fall. Subsequent guidance to correct their form after exiting the aircraft will ensure a comprehensive building of the proper body mechanics.

The majority of the first few levels require a student to be paired with an instructor for one on one training. This teaching style consists of illustrated freefall positions, turns, and flips. In addition, the student will learn how to regain their balance during instability by correctly adjusting their body movements. All students will be required to perform this useful knowledge during their airborne flights with a trainer.

After completing all Targeted Learning Objectives, the instructor will then confirm that all of the requirements for advancement have been met. Our partners have a dedicated group of aerial instructors, as well as dropzone personnel, who maintain radio contact with the trainee as they soar through the air. Should a radio malfunction occur, however, it is essential that the skydiver knows the vital skills of flying under a canopy. Before officially graduating from the program, each trainee is given a USPA application and are encouraged to join prior to certification.

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Little Rock Skydiving Video Packages Little Rock Skydiving Video Packages

Skydiving Video Packages

Don’t miss out on the opportunity to capture your skydiving adventure on video!

This momentous occasion deserves to be encapsulated digitally.

Doing so would allow you to share the finer details of your descent with family and friends for years to come. Fortunately, our partners provide a way to create a tangible version of your skydiving adventure! Prove to your disbelieving friends and family members just how brave you really are. Or be the life of the party by showing off your impressive skydiving footage to non-skydiving peers!

Capturing this thrilling adventure is a gift to your future self and a solid play by play of the exciting skydiving memory. Right before take-off your videographer will record your preflight thoughts. During the ascension, flight toward the dropzone and when the aircraft’s door is opened more footage will be filmed by the videographer. Afterward, he, or she will be making the jump with you and will to continue filming your descent from leap to land.

Rest assured that during your Tandem Skydive, the trainer will monitor and manage deploying the canopy. So, feel free to smile and wave at the camera! These physical timestamps will be great milestones to use later, when trying to match each second to your memory. Be prepared for an after flight interview! Your videographer will want to record the fresh thoughts and feelings you have directly after landing.

Once you’re back on the ground, (with your official skydiving bragging rights!) you’ll be able to add a soundtrack to the footage. This phenomenal copy of your skydiving adventure will help you convey just how impressive your tandem skydive truly was.

Make sure to check the videographer’s availability when scheduling your skydive to assure that you do not miss out on the chance to record the experience!

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Little Rock Skydiving Gift Certificates Little Rock Skydiving Gift Certificates

Skydiving Gift Certificates

Our tandem skydiving gift certificates are the perfect way to present friends and family with the experience of a lifetime.

At the beginning of a tandem skydive, there will be an instruction period of approximately 25-30 minutes. These instructions will help ensure that each skydiver fully understands the proper mechanics involved during their skydive over Little Rock. Proceeding the training class, every jumper will begin suiting up and start preparing to board the aircraft. After take-off, the plane will ascend to about 14,000 feet in a matter of minutes, where everyone’s heart will begin racing with anticipation. By the time the door swings open, exposing the vast airspace and Arkansas thousands of feet below, each jumper will be filled to the brim with adrenaline.

As each member bravely succeeds in their goal of jumping out of the aircraft, skydiving trainers will be right next to every jumper. Once outside the plane, gravity will take hold and accelerate both every participant to speeds of almost 120 miles per hour as the ground quickly rushes towards them. This portion of the tandem skydive will last approximately 60 seconds before the canopy adventure phase begins, where skydivers will spend an additional seven minutes floating into the dropzone. After safely landing back onto Earth’s surface, official skydiving bragging rights will be declared by all.

Reserve this once in a lifetime adventure today in the form of a skydiving gift certificate! There is no gift more memorable than a Gift Certificate!

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Our gift certificates are good for two years from your purchase date and are valid at our Little Rock, Arkansas location as well as over 80 other locations across the United States!

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