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What happens in Vegas does not have to stay in Vegas! Craving an adrenaline rush that only skydiving can satisfy? Skydiving.com Las Vegas partners offer solo, Tandem, and experienced skydiving activities. Come see the beautiful city of Las Vegas, Nevada, from 14,000 feet. Contact the experts at Skydiving.com Las Vegas, for information about some sweet free fall adventures. Skydiving will be a hobby you can’t keep secret!

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Jump Into The Las Vegas Skydiving Scene On Skydiving.com!
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Skydive in Las Vegas, Nevada, Today!

What happens in Vegas does not have to stay in Vegas! Craving an adrenaline rush that only skydiving can satisfy? Skydiving.com Las Vegas offers solo, Tandem, and experienced skydiving activities. Come see the beautiful city of Las Vegas, Nevada, from 14,000 feet. Contact the experts at Skydiving.com Las Vegas, for information about our free fall adventures. Skydiving will be a hobby you can’t keep secret!

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Skydiving in Las Vegas

Are you ready for your amazing adventure? Come see Las Vegas, Nevada, from an all new height. Check out the view from 14,000 feet while you free fall at 120 miles per hour. Skydiving over Nevada will be an experience of a lifetime. A crazy-about-skydiving staff will make this the best jump ever!

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Tandem Skydiving near Las Vegas, Nevada

Tandem Skydiving

Need a thrill to get the blood flowing? After your first jump you won’t be able to resist doing it all over again. Worried? Don’t know what to expect for your first Tandem Skydive? Here at Skydiving.com Las Vegas, we have it under control. We will help you safely plunge toward earth while harnessed to your instructor. Our partners have professional and certified instructors that do all the work. All you need to do is take in the big beautiful view. Going Tandem will be a gratifying experience! Learn more…

Advanced Skydive Training in Las Vegas, Nevada

Skydiving Certification

Are you a skydiving fanatic? Has what was once a hobby now turned into a compulsion? Take skydiving to the next level! Become a professional skydiver with the Accelerated Free Fall and Tandem Progression training. Your instructors will help you through this excellent training. You will receive the best technical training, as well as knowledge in equipment, aircraft procedures, free fall, and canopy flight. Need a break? Stay current in your training with a jump every 30 days. Learn more…

Skydiving Video Packages - Las Vegas, Nevada

Video Packages

Why do you need a skydiving video? Bragging rights, of course! It is okay to show off and show your naysayers what you have accomplished. Capture your first jump on video as a keepsake. The memory will last forever. You can also purchase it for training purposes. What better way to learn than to catch the action on video. At the end of every AFF training level, with most instructors, you will experience a thorough debrief using video critique. Learn more…

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How much longer are you going to dream about Skydiving? Our exclusive partnered dropzone can provide the ultimate skydiving experience for you! Take advantage of all the amazing skydiving opportunities from Tandem, Accelerated Free Fall, rigging, and coaching. Skydiving.com Las Vegas is the best choice for all your skydiving demands. Is skydiving as scary as you think it will be? Everyone gets the jitters right before their first jump. The thought of leaping out of a plane at 14,000 feet would put anyone on pins and needles. Your friendly and experienced instructors are all about safety first! You will be going Tandem for your first jump. Arrive at the drop zone early because you will be required to watch a video about Tandem skydiving. The video will walk you through the skydiving process. Before boarding the airplane, your Jumpmaster will explain the gear and the skydiving process, so pay close attention! All jumpmasters are knowledgeable and certified — most have performed over 500 jumps. When going Tandem, first-time jumpers will wear a harness that connects them to their skydiving instructor for safety. What about my parachute? One of the benefits of going Tandem is not having to worry about the technical aspects of the jump. Your instructor will wear the parachute on his back, and at 5,000 feet, the instructor will deploy the chute for you. Just relax and enjoy the flight!

Skydiving in Las Vegas, Nevada is the best experience ever!

How many people can say they have seen Las Vegas — “The Meadows” — from 14,000 feet? Don’t spend your entire vacation indulging in the city’s popular entertainment, gambling, and shopping. Do something out of the ordinary while vacationing in one of the world’s most visited tourist destinations. Enjoy the perfect weather for a skydiving excursion. The typical weather in Las Vegas, Nevada, consists of long, hot summers. Mild winters make the season almost non-existent. June through July are the hottest months of the year, with the average daily temperatures reaching 104.2 and over 80 degrees during the evening hours. The perfect weather for skydiving!

Las Vegas Skydiving gives you the chance to take in the view above some of Las Vegas’ most famous attractions and monuments. Fly high above the Las Vegas strip while seeing the famous “Welcome to Las Vegas” sign. You will fly high enough to see the Hoover Dam, from above. The 2.5 mile-long Vegas Strip and all of its amenities is impressive from the sky above. The sightseeing does not stop there! The Bellagio Resort is one of the finest resorts. Check out the dancing fountains as they perform their balletic display, adding to the beauty of the resort. Free fall toward the erupting volcano and the street garden at the Mirage Hotel. Just remember, it is not a mirage. Wave hello to the patrons of the Paris Hotel and the Eiffel Tower restaurant. These are just a few of the attractions that you can take in from a bird’s-eye view of Nevada. A luxury only skydiving can provide. Mark the occasion by capturing it all on video.

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Tandem Skydiving near Las Vegas, Nevada

Tandem Skydivers: Voyagers Of The Sky!

How long have you been considering skydiving in Las Vegas? Is lack of knowledge holding you back from taking the leap? Allow Skydiving.com Las Vegas to enlighten you on the Tandem skydiving experience. Tandem skydiving is not about donning a flight suit, harness, and parachute and jumping out of a plane. Once you arrive for your skydiving session, you will view a skydiving video. Next, you will be assigned a skydiving instructor that will assist you with everything you need to prepare for your first Tandem jump. Don’t worry — all instructors are FAA certified, have three years of experience and have completed more than 500 jumps if not thousands.

Tandem skydiving in Las Vegas is the ultimate way to get your feet wet as a first-time skydiver. Do you want the ability to enjoy your first jump with little to no work? Then, Tandem is the best option for you! When going Tandem as a first- time skydiver; your jumpmaster will strap themselves to your back with the use of a harness. The new skydiver will watch a 30-minute video, featuring jumpers like yourself. You will also learn the dos and don’ts of your skydiving adventure. Be sure to listen to landing procedures and the correct way to exit the aircraft.

Dress for the occasion with skydiving! Wear comfortable attire when you come for your skydiving adventure. Remember, you are jumping out of a plane. Flip flops would not be the best idea for shoe wear. You may be required to wear a flight suit; typically it is up to the discretion of the drop zone you will be using. Either way, your instructor will help you get dressed and ready to take your first dose of adrenaline.

Wait! You never mentioned my chute. Are you worried you may forget the location of your ripcord and when to pull it? During your Tandem jump, the instructor will wear a parachute specifically designed for Tandem skydiving. You are at 10,000 feet and making your way to the door. The time is nigh and the butterflies in your stomach are going wild. In no time at all, the plane has reached 14,000 feet for your skydive.

You are ready! “I can do this,” is the thought in your head as you cross your arms on your chest, hanging from your instructor as he surveys the land below. Suddenly, with one quick flip, you are in the vast blue expanse, thousands of feet above ground level. Sixty seconds of free falling feels like forever! Immediately after the free fall, your instructor will deploy the drogue chute. A drogue chute aims to slow down the free fall to a reasonable yet exciting speed of 120 mph. The main parachute is usually deployed at 5,500 feet. If the chute malfunctions, a reserve chute or the automatic activation device (AAD) opens. Both devices may be manually activated, as well. Don’t worry — the Jumpmaster has a master parachute license, so he knows the appropriate times to activate the chute.

You have taken the reigns, this is your chance to show off. Do some zigzags and some spins before you prepare for your landing. All caught on video for your bragging rights. It is time to return to the ground below. Keep your knees bent until the instructor tells you to stand. You have just completed your first Tandem jump. That is a reason to celebrate!

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Advanced Skydiving Training in Las Vegas, Nevada

Jump Your Way To A Solo Skydiver Certification.

The adrenaline rush that comes with skydiving can be highly addictive. It keeps you coming back for more. It also helps you to escape from the mundane and hectic reality of life. Bragging to friends and family, using your skydive video to reminisce is no longer filling the void? Family and friends envy your bravery. You have been tandem skydiving quite a few times, but now you are ready to take it to the next level. Has the idea of solo skydiving crossed your mind? Do you find the act of being a lone ranger in the skydiving arena intriguing? Solo skydiving will increase the rush and feed your addiction to adventure. Join the elite group of solo skydivers! Make your next jump a huge leap toward your solo skydiving certification. Earn your “A-License” and skydive solo at any USPA Skydiving center.

Accelerated Free Fall Training in Las Vegas, Nevada

The Fast Track To Your Skydiving Certification: Accelerated Free Fall.

The quickest way to experience solo free fall is through Accelerated Free Fall (AFF). In most cases, AFF training is taught by two instructors. You have come to the point in your skydiving training that the instructors are no longer harnessed to you. In the beginning, instructors implement the “Harness Holding” method. For a limited amount of time, they will hold onto your harness until you pull your chute. Once your parachute is activated, the instructors fly away. Wondering if you will remember when to activate your parachute? Your instructors will utilize hand signals as a way to remind you. If their use of hand signals is not enough to jog your memory, they will then place your hand on the pilot handle. Eventually, if the student continues to have difficulty, the Jumpmaster will deploy the parachute. For emergency purposes, parachute handles are available on student gear.

Congratulations! You have proven yourself worthy of taking the next step. You can deploy your shoot with no problem. The next step is mastering release dives. At an altitude of 6,000 feet above ground level (AGL) after the free fall, you will be expected to release your parachute. No worries, though, the instructor will be nearby to assist if you need them. The rig you will be wearing has an Automatic Activation Device (AAD) that will release your chute if you pass the safe altitude at increased speeds. Students rarely use the AAD, but by United States Parachute Association (USPA) standards safety is a top priority.

To become a solo skydiver, it is important that you pass all of your Targeted Learning Objectives (TLO) for each level. Pay close attention and learn turns, forward movements, flips and fall rate control. These are the skills that help the instructor determine if you pass on to the next level. You can master the art of skydiving. Be proud! You are earning a certification in your favorite pastime.

Las Vegas, Nevada Tandem Progression Skydiving Training

Learn Skydiving, Slow And Steady.

What do you get when you combine three Tandem skydives with Accelerated Free Fall training? Tandem Progression! Slow and steady skydive certification. Tandem progression is the type of training that students who want to gradually learn the skills needed for their solo skydiving certification partake in. Complete three Tandem jumps with a Jumpmaster before moving on to Accelerated Free Fall training. The Tandem Progression training is a total of six classes, starting with ground school and progressing through Tandem and different Accelerated Free Fall categories.

You will start to feel an overwhelming sense of achievement as you dress out in your jumpsuit and rig. As you make the journey through your Accelerated Free Fall training, you will start off with two skydiving instructors taking the leap with you. Master the skills of the training and soon you will find yourself skydiving with only one instructor with you as the pilot. Tandem Progression is not one of Skydiving.com’s most popular advertised training courses, but it is an option available at some of drop zones around the US. Tandem Progression may be the training course to get you on your way to a solo skydiving certification.

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Las Vegas Skydiving Video Packages

Your Skydiving Adventure Will Last A Lifetime.

The proof is in the video! Explaining to family and friends the exhilarating feeling of your first jump is just words. There are no words to describe the emotions you will feel during your first jump. So, capture it all on video!

Our partners offer the best video packages for Tandem skydiving, Accelerated Free Fall and Tandem Progression skydives. No need to take on the daunting task of drawing a mental picture. Your professional and skilled videographers will provide first-rate video service. The videographer package offers top-of-the-line, up-close-and-personal video services from all points of view. Your videographer will start recording from the time you don your harness by conducting a pre-jump interview. Keep it together; the camera is recording! Keep the wobbly knees in check. Your videographer will be recording as you stroll toward the airplane that will take you to the greatest adventure of your life and as you board the plane. Your personal videographer will capture the mixed emotions of nervousness and excitement as the plane climbs to the jump altitude of 14,000 feet. When it is time to take the leap, they are right there with you. As you free fall, do not forget to smile, scream and give a thumbs up for the camera. Show family and friends that skydiving is truly stimulating. It is not over until it is over! Your feet are now on solid ground, but the fun continues with a post-jump interview. Congratulations, it is time to celebrate. You are officially a skydiver.

Interested in the GoPro phenomenon? Tandem masters will wear a GoPro to film your video from a first-person perspective. Viewers see and hear the video as if they are experiencing the jump themselves. Your videographers are creative, skilled and professional editors. Add stills or your favorite music to your dramatic skydive video. Get countless likes and shares! You, your family members and your friends will never grow tired of watching your skydiving video. Videographers create videos in social media friendly formats, so upload and share your video on YouTube, Facebook, and other social media outlets. Skydiving.com drop zones offer same-day service. Your video will be ready 15 to 60 minutes after your jump and it will be well worth the wait.

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Las Vegas Skydiving Gift Certificates

Skydiving, The Greatest Gift You Can Give!

Give the gift that will not only provide adventure, but also creates a lifetime of memories. Tired of gifting useless trinkets that will be stashed away in closets or collect dust? Present a family member, friend or that special someone with a skydiving gift certificate. Contribute to the prospective skydivers need for adventure with one of Skydiving.com’s gift certificates. Tandem Skydive is the original gift certificate, offered with or without video for first-time skydivers.

The skydiver will enjoy all of the benefits of a paid skydiving experience. They should arrive early for their 30- to 45-minute introductory class. Once they complete the classroom training, it is time to be harnessed to their Jumpmaster. Remember how you felt as you made your way to the airplane, thinking “I cannot believe I am doing this!” The thought of you and these words will replay in their head as the plane reaches 14,000 feet above ground level. They would not dare chicken out; they want the same bragging rights you have. In a flash, they are free falling at 120 miles per hour, adrenaline pumping and screaming in excitement. For the last five minutes, your new skydiving friend or family member gets to enjoy a bird’s-eye view of the city. Don’t miss the excitement they express and the camaraderie they feel with other jumpers back on the ground. Be sure to include video with their Tandem or Accelerated Free Fall skydiving experience.

The fun doesn’t stop there. Accelerated Free Fall Level I gift certificates are available with the video for the passionate skydiver. Accelerated Free Fall Level I starts the solo skydiving certification process.

Don’t wait! Our skydiving gift certificates are redeemable up to two years after the date of purchase. Build urgency in their need for adventure! Skydiving.com ups the ante with fully transferable gift certificates. No questions asked! Travel much? Use skydiving gift certificates at over 80 partnered dropzone locations. No fine print to read or hoops to jump through. Call customer service seven days a week, 365 days a year. Skydiving.com customer service agents are standing by to answer any and all of your questions.

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