Knoxville; Thrilling skydiving adventure in Tennessee!

This amazing team of Jumpmasters will guide you through the whole skydiving process, from suiting up to free falling and landing! Whether it’s your first time or not, there are numerous program options to help you feel relaxed as you conquer your fears!

Book Your Skydiving Adventure in TN Today! Call 1-800-617-7948! Knoxville provides a thrilling skydiving adventure in Tennessee! Knoxville provides a thrilling skydiving adventure in Tennessee!

Here at Knoxville, our team of Jumpmasters will guide you through the whole skydiving process, from suiting up to free falling and landing! Whether it’s your first time or not, we offer numerous program options to help you feel relaxed as you conquer your fears!

Book Your Skydiving Adventure in Knoxville Today! Call 1-800-617-7948!

Skydiving is more than just a sport; it has natural healing benefits as well! It’s an exhilarating adventure that takes courage, and it makes an excellent gift for a thrill-seeker in your life! Don’t miss this lifetime opportunity – be sure to request a custom video as you soar high above TN!

Tandem Skydiving near Knoxville, Tennessee

Tandem Skydiving

When Tandem Skydiving, you’ll feel that exhilarating adrenaline rush sweep over you as you plunge to the ground below. This experience is once-in-a-lifetime, and your certified professionals guide you through the whole process. As a popular option for beginner skydivers, this adventure makes a lasting impression – and you’ll leave here with some serious and well-deserved bragging rights! Learn more…

Advanced Skydive Training in Knoxville, Tennessee

Advanced Training

Have you discovered a love for the sport? This of skydiving professionals can train you to become a certified Jumpmaster. There are two programs for solo skydiving students: Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) and Tandem Progression. During these instructional courses, you learn the skills needed for a successful solo dive – and we’ll help to determine the program that’s right for you. Learn more…

Skydiving Video Packages - Knoxville, Tennessee

Video Packages

Show your friends and family how brave you are by recording a personal skydiving video! There are so many options for a customized video of your jump, including one with a GoPro. Those you decide to share the footage with will get an incredible first-person perspective of the whole adventure from start to finish. The editing team makes it easy to share on social media, too! Learn more…

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Doesn’t Matter How Many Want to Jump, We’ve Got You Covered!

If you live for thrill and adventure, then you’ll feel at home (up in the air!) with Knoxville. From exceptional service and safety to an exhilarating and unique experience, our partners offer a large assortment of skydiving packages to fit your needs and level of experience! The Tandem skydiving package is ideal for beginners, since you are harnessed to an expert jumper. This provides peace of mind for those who have never done something like this before – they feel more comfortable jumping with an experienced partner. The Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) and Tandem Progression offers advanced levels of training to students who want to become certified skydivers!

Flying with a crowd? Don’t worry, we have you covered! Knoxville partners are proud to offer thrilling skydiving adventures to not only individual jumpers, but to large parties and groups as well. Call us today to reserve your high-flying adventure and ask about our seasonal and discounted rates. Divers’ safety is always a #1 priority. And to ensure such safety practices are met, every jumper is required to attend an instructional safety class before their scheduled jump time. If you have any questions about the rig’s features or the safety procedures, ask this knowledgeable crew before boarding the aircraft.

This skydiving dream of yours – or of someone you know – can become reality by calling 865-545-0685 now. Call our friendly staff about scheduling a jump time for your adventure or to obtain information about our gift certificates. A gift certificate to skydive makes an excellent present for yourself or a thrill-seeker you know. Whatever concerns or questions you may have, our team is able to provide you with all the necessary information to ensure you have a fun and safe experience with us.

Why Knoxville is Perfect for Skydiving Adventures

Situated just north of the Great Smoky Mountain National Park system, Knoxville is a progressive college town known for its historic architecture and thriving arts scene. The city was founded in 1791 and grew rapidly after the arrival of the East Tennessee Railroad in 1855, which then led to Knoxville’s boom in wholesaling and manufacturing.
Soon after the founding of Knoxville, or The Marble City as it’s also called, the University of Tennessee was chartered. In its early years, the entering freshman class was quite small. Today, it is still recognized as “more selective” of its applicants, according to an U.S. News & World Report. If you’re a student at the university, maybe you’ll want to enroll in an extracurricular activity and earn your skydiving license?
Knoxville is the home to many other cool attractions like the iconic Sunsphere tower and restaurant, numerous historic sites and Fort Dickson Park. The city is also described as a “gateway to the Great Smoky Mountains”.
Do you know what’s great about these features and attractions? Many of them are visible from the bird’s-eye view from above! With that being said, are you ready to jump out of a plane at 14,000-feet? Knoxville is the place for your skydiving adventures. On your way, down from our aircraft, see if you can spot: Sharp’s Ridge, a seven-mile long limestone ridge with panoramic mountain views; the Great Smoky Mountains; the University of Tennessee’s Neyland Stadium, home of the Vols’ football program; Quarry Lake at Fort Dickerson Park and the Tennessee River.

Our partners offer top-quality services for guests, which include:

  • Certified United States Parachuting Association (USPA) drop zone.
  • USPA-licensed staff.
  • Innovative safety features on flyer’s rig, designed for maximum safety with each dive.
  • Full safety course before each dive.

  • The skydiving aircraft fits large parties of divers. The dropzone uses a Beechcraft King Air aircraft and it’s a double-engine plane. The airplane used is FAA approved, and it goes through a routine inspection every twelve months.

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    Tandem Skydiving near Knoxville, Tennessee

    The Joys of Tandem Skydiving

    Ready to plunge to the ground at 120 mph, but don’t want to do the task alone? Our partners offer a Tandem Skydiving option, which we recommend to beginner skydivers. During a tandem jump, you will be strapped to a Jumpmaster. The team members are all USPA-certified, and so have been trained to jump professionally.

    Before you and your trainer begin free-fall, you must attend a safety course that goes over the safety features and procedures of your jumpsuit and dive. Your instructor will go over everything from the Automatic Activation Device, hand signals, body positioning while airborne, etc. The course lasts roughly 30-minutes, and it’s very important that you remember as much of this information as you can. Keep in mind that your partner is a trained professional skydiver, and they know the safety mechanisms like the back of their hand. Arriving late to the drop zone will delay your jump time; be sure to arrive on time so we can get you high-flying at your scheduled appointment time.

    As soon as the team goes over the details, you suit up! The plane climbs to the proper skydiving altitude – about 14,000 feet – rather quickly. When we reach this altitude, you are then strapped to your partner. While waiting for the aircraft’s doors to open, we go over some of the safety instructions again. Once your instructor gives the “thumbs up” signal, it’s time to jump and relinquish your fears!

    As you’re free falling and high-flying, remember to look out for Knoxville’s coolest and most serene attractions and geography. The act of free falling is a surreal, whirlwind experience – and something you can brag about to your family and friends for years to come!

    Our incredible partners offer the ultimate selection of skydiving packages. As we’ve discussed, we recommend the Tandem Skydive for first-timers, since it brings peace of mind when jumping with a professional. The professionals can help you get over your fears, give you a new perspective on life – whatever your personal goals are for skydiving.

    Making skydiving a goal is fantastic. But did you know that it has amazing healing benefits, too? From stress relief to strength development and pushing past your limitations, the sport can really perk up your mind, body and soul. What better way to conquer your fears or complete a life-long goal than with some cool, naturally healing benefits? Get ready to feel that adrenaline rush!

    Tandem Skydiving in Knoxville!

    Jumping with a certified trainer is definitely the most popular option. First-time divers feel safer jumping with a USPA-licensed staff member. The professional diver does all of the work during free fall, piloting the canopy and landing. If you enroll in skydiving school, the instructor guides you through the whole process, including exiting the plane, free falling, piloting and landing inside the drop zone.

    If you want to skydive with the best in Tennessee, then you’ve come to the right place. Call us now at 1-800-617-7948 to experience firsthand the exciting, thrilling and once-in-a-lifetime opportunity that skydiving offers. Your nerves will vanish once you’re strapped into a harness with an instructor, and you’ll be in complete awe of the amazing views provided by TN and the Great Smoky Mountains. Tennessee has nothing short of breathtaking scenery – make your reservation today and come skydive with us!

    After you book with one of our friendly associates, be sure to arrive at the drop zone at least an hour before the plane departure time. You have to complete the safety training before you can be partnered up. You then board the aircraft with your coach – as well as a few other individuals – and prepare for your dive!

    Don’t hold back your emotions as you fall to the ground below. Our partners offer a video package so you can record the whole skydive, and then share it with those you love or want to impress. There’s no need to worry about anything, since you are directly attached to an accredited Jumpmaster who has done this a thousand times and counting. The free fall portion lasts approximately sixty-seconds. And after the parachute is released, you float into the drop zone area.

    Experience the Joy of Tandem Skydiving. Call 1-800-617-7948 Right Now!

    Knoxville, Tennessee Advanced Skydiving Training

    What You Need to Know About Skydiving School

    Thrill-seekers, like yourself, have the option to enroll in Skydiving School to become a certified USPA skydiver. There are two advanced training programs that allow students to develop and grow their skydiving skills so they can eventually jump solo.

    These courses, Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) and Tandem Progression, contain multiple levels. The trainee must master each level before moving up to the next. During these training sessions, students master the art of free falling and chute deployment, and learn the importance of hand signals and proper body positioning upon landing.

    Our partners offer an excellent, accredited skydiving institution with experienced jumpmasters, to ensure that every student graduates with the knowledge, skills and abilities to be a licensed diver. After graduation and earning your title, you can jump into any USPA-member drop zone in the country.

    Before we get into the programs available, you may be wondering, “What is USPA and what does it do?” The United States Parachute Association, USPA for short, sets the industry standard for skydiving curriculum taught to students who want to become certified and licensed professionals. They issue these certifications after the student has satisfied Target Learning Objectives, or TLOs.

    A student’s skill set is assessed through a grading scale of “A – D” determined by the USPA. When a student has successfully mastered 25 jumps, an “A” is granted; “D” is given after 500 dives. All of our partners adhere to all the regulations and program material as set by the UPSA. The skydiving school is one of the best in Tennessee, and all students must master the TLOs before becoming a certified skydiver.

    AFF Training in  Knoxville, Tennessee

    Learn how to skydive on your own with Accelerated Free Fall Training!

    Before you can enroll in Skydiving School, you must satisfy the following criteria:

  • Be at least 18 years of age at the time of jump.
  • Provide a health physical from an accredited healthcare service.
  • Weigh less than 240 lbs.
  • Have proof of physical endurance and ability.

  • The Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) program is ideal for those people who are passionate about skydiving. Students are tested on their learned skills and abilities, so that they may become certified and professional Jumpmasters. There are seven levels to this training program. The higher up you advance, the more responsibility and training you receive.

    What are the steps to earning your USPA license? Start by enrolling at the best skydiving school in the country! In the beginning stages of the course, students learn the basic safety knowledge that everyone suiting up must know. As you progress, you learn body movement and positioning (plus cool acrobatic stunts!) during free fall – so you can eventually perform your very own solo skydive! Trainees also learn how to handle their own equipment, like the rig.

    Your diving coach will be there every step of the way from suiting up to take-off to landing in the drop zone.

    The Process of the AFF program:

    As a student in the Accelerated Free Fall program, the USPA requires your first three jumps to be with an instructor. Some skydiving facilities use two Jumpmasters during the program, while others only use one; it really just depends on the school’s preference. Students learn Harness Hold Training in the early stages of the program. This is where the coach grips the student’s rig and signals to them when to deploy their parachute. Students are not strapped to their instructors like in Tandem Skydiving; they’re independent from their coach so they can feel firsthand the experience of jumping solo.

    The coaches are trained to see everything their student is doing. If a student is having difficulties deploying their canopy – after being signaled to do so – the instructor will facilitate the deployment by physically placing the student’s hands on the pilot chute. If the student is still showing signs of uncertainty, the instructor will deploy it. Coaches and instructors have the right to pull the canopy at any time – especially when the student is in a distressed state.

    When the student has shown, they can successfully deploy their own chute, the student is eligible for advancement into the upper levels. It is here that the student learns the basics of flying and body positioning during free fall, plus so much more. Instructors brief their students when they will let go of them during descent – a Release Dive. There’s always a possibility an instructor may not be able to dock and assist the student if needed during this dive, so it’s imperative the student remembers what they have learned from previous lessons. Students must master Target Learning Objectives, or TLOs, to move up in levels. The USPA decides on the TLOs.

    Your skydiving containers are equipped with an Automatic Activation Device. This comes into play if a student has yet to deploy their parachute at the given altitude, and the instructor is unable to assist. This feature will deploy after the student has exceeded the given altitude during free fall speeds. This is an extremely rare occurrence, but it’s useful to know and operate in case of an emergency. During descent, students can radio those below in the drop zone. Ground-level personnel can direct the student on their airborne maneuvers and body positioning, but the student should know how to land safely at this level of training.

    Instructors determine if a student has successfully mastered the TLOs required by the USPA, so they can level up into the next course. Once you hit level 6 – prepare to jump solo. Then, continue to follow the protocols for obtaining your certification. When you’re licensed and certified, you can make a solo jump at any USPA-affiliated drop zones around the USA.

    Knoxville, Tennessee Tandem Progression Skydiving Training

    Ready to try something new? Book Some Tandem Progression training!

    Our partners give students the option to enroll in Tandem Progression for their skydiving training. What is Tandem Progression? It’s a training technique that combines the three-tandem dives and the Accelerated Free Fall (AFF) course. Think of it as sort of a hybrid of the two. The program helps prepare students for their dives by easing them into the sport first, at a speed at which they’re comfortable learning.

    Your coach will provide you with more skydiving info and added responsibility as you progress in each lesson. We believe that this helps students retain the knowledge better, so they can go into their tandem dives with confidence and ready for an adventure of a lifetime! It can be difficult to grasp large amounts of skydiving information in just one sitting, which is why we offer this fantastic program!

    Once you have completed the required jumps (see below), your instructors will help transition you to the Accelerated Free Fall course. In this program, you suit up with your own parachute and plunge over Knoxville alongside two of our Jumpmasters. As you continue to show growth in developing your skills, you start to dive with just one instructor. And once you have mastered all seven levels of the program, as required by the United States Parachute Association (USPA), you can carry out solo skydives at any member-affiliated drop zone around the country.

    Here are a few jumps you need to perform to obtain a license:

    • Category A/B – Tandem (3 jumps) – These jumps are similar to a normal Tandem Jump but your instructor will let you do more each time you jump using hands-on training. You’ll learn to execute various freefall maneuvers, monitor your altitude, and deploy the parachute.
    • Ground School – In-class training that will teach you things like emergency procedures, how to control your canopy, free fall techniques, and how to properly use the equipment.
    • Category C – Accelerated Freefall (2 jumps) – You will exit the aircraft with you instructor holding you, and be able to practice what you learned in the tandem jumps and ground school, while your instructor gives you feedback for improvement.
    • Category D – Accelerated Freefall (2 jumps) – Now that you’re more confident, you’ll learn things like controlled 360 degree turns, canopy skills, and how to exit the aircraft on your own.
    • Category E – Accelerated Freefall (1 jump) – This jump can be one of the most fun for students! You get to do barrel rolls, back-loops and other tricks in freefall. You will probably even be able to land unassisted.

    After completing all category-level jumps, students advance to Coached-jumps (Category F)! This is where your instructor will critique your skills so you can safely skydive with other experienced professionals. This section has a minimum of 25-jumps; only then can you apply to take your License Check dive exam.

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    Knoxville Skydiving Video Packages

    Jumping out of a plane is exciting – make sure to capture it all on video!

    You’ll get the chance to show off your cool, high-flying, acrobatic moves by adding a commemorative video to your skydiving package! You can relive the memories of this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity day after day – and it’s easily shareable with family and friends! Recording a video of your epic skydive is a great keepsake detailing your brave accomplishment.

    These videographers will be there to capture every aspect and moment of your skydiving adventure. They begin by recording your pre-flight thoughts, followed by boarding procedures, take-off, jumping and landing. That way, you can preview the play-by-play of the entire experience any time.
    Prior to scheduling your jump with us at Knoxville, be sure to ask one of our associates about this incredible offer. Sharing a video such as this may even encourage others you know to face their fears, or get them excited about trying something new they never dreamed possible.

    Close the deal by adding a video to your jump – it’s totally worth it. The dropzone’s production team will add sound bites to the footage and edit the video to your liking. It’s a professional video through-and-through, with high-quality picture.

    Ask our courteous customer service associates about the different video package options. The GoPro package is one of the more affordable options. Your Tandem skydive instructor straps a GoPro camera onto their helmet and records your awesome experience up close. Having a videographer is our high-end promotion. In this package, the videographer jumps alongside you and your instructor, capturing every emotion, twist and turn all the way down – and then capture your celebratory dance and well-deserved bragging rights!

    As soon as the sound has been added and the video complete, you’re ready to start sharing it as you wish. The format of the video makes simple to send it to those who are far away. Send it to mom and dad, a friend or a co-worker with a user-friendly link – by email or uploaded to social media! Show all of them how courageous you truly are by adding video to your jump!

    To recap, here’s why you should add video to your skydiving package:

  • Capture every moment of your Knoxville adventure.
  • Edit the video to your liking, by adding sound bites and music.
  • It might motivate others to try the sport.
  • High-resolution video quality.
  • Easily shareable on social media and email.
  • Relive Your Skydive by Adding A Video Package Call Us at 1-800-617-7948!

    Knoxville Skydiving Gift Certificates

    Give the Gift of a Thrilling Skydive!

    We know that someone longs for adventure. Surprise that thrill-seeker in your life with a gift certificate to Knoxville! No gift can compare to this one, and it’s an experience that is remembered always, as is the thoughtful gesture. Gift Certificates are full of benefits that can’t be beat! Each certificate is good for up to twenty-four months from the date of purchase, and accepted at any of our 80+ affiliate locations across the United States of America.

    If – for some reason – the person who receives the gift cannot use it, the certificates are fully transferable. A gift certificate from is the ideal present for someone seeking an exhilarating and unmatched experience – could that someone, be you? We will never tell, go ahead and get one for yourself while you’re at it – you deserve an adventure after all!

    Feel free to give us a call at 865-545-0685 to speak with a customer service associate. They will be able to answer all your questions regarding the benefits of a Gift Certificate, as well as the assortment of skydiving packages on offer. You can use the gift certificate to pay for your first-ever Tandem dive, or maybe you’re thinking about becoming a licensed professional and want to put it towards that?

    At Knoxville, we think you will love some high-flying and exhilarating package options. Tandem Skydiving is an excellent choice for first-time flyers, since it provides peace of mind to those who have never jumped out of an aircraft before, let alone at 14,000-feet. If you – or someone you bought the gift certificate for – discover a passion for the sport, we suggest using your certificate for a skydiving school program: Tandem Progression or Accelerated Free Fall (AFF).

    You’ll have a blast learning all the moves you can achieve up in the air, such as a backward loops or barrel rolls. These knowledgeable and certified instructors always go over safety procedures and features in great detail. Our top-priority is the safety of every student, staff and flyers!

    So, what is it that you’re waiting for again? Reserve your spot in the aircraft for your skydiving adventure, or pick up an awesome gift certificate for someone special in your life. Gift Certificates have a great many benefits – come use yours at the TN drop zone! See you in the skies!

    Get Your Gift Certificate!

    You can now purchase online right thru But you might want to give one of our friendly experts a call to see if we are running any specials or if you qualify for any discounts!

    Purchase online!

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    Skydiving is the adventure of a lifetime. It’s not just a boring activity you do on a Sunday afternoon to kill time, it’s something that you’ll remember for the rest of your life! You’ll be the envy of all your friends, and you can tell your kids about it when you’re old and grey. Why not take the plunge and go skydiving with the best in Tennessee? Call now to talk to one of our experts about booking a trip for you and your friends!

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