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Here at Jersey City we have assembled a team of friendly, professional individuals who make it their goal to plan for you the best skydiving experience available. Our partners offer Tandem skydiving as well as solo and advanced level training courses. So, no matter what level of expertise you’re at, we will help you have a thrilling, fulfilling skydiving venture in Jersey. You can also check out video packages to enhance your experience and we have gift certificates you can give to a loved one. Don’t wait to have the adventure of a lifetime!

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Our Skydiving Options in Jersey City Offer Everything You Need to Get Started on Your Next Adventure!

Our skydiving options in Jersey City, NJ offer everything you need to get started on your next adventure!

Skydive in Jersey City, New Jersey Today!

Have you been thinking about skydiving for years but never acted on it? Or do you know a loved one who would love an adrenaline filled journey? If so, we have the know-how to get you going on an awesome skydiving experience. We are here to answer any questions you may have and schedule your skydive. At Jersey City, our team will ease your fears and make it easy to plan your jump. So, whether you are a beginner or looking for more advanced options, we have what you need to experience a flying adventure in Jersey City!

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Skydiving in Jersey City Skydiving in Jersey City

Have you been thinking about skydiving for years but never acted on it? Or do you know a loved one who would love an adrenaline filled journey? If so, we have the know-how to get you going on an awesome skydiving experience. We are here to answer any questions you may have and schedule your skydive. At Jersey City, our team will ease your fears and make it easy to plan your jump. So, whether you are a beginner or looking for more advanced options, we have what you need to experience a flying adventure! Jersey City; All the Skydiving Options You Could Want or Need!

Tandem Skydiving near Jersey City, New Jersey

Tandem Skydiving

Are you a first time skydiver? Or are you someone who has always loved the idea of reaching new heights and trying something daring? If this sounds like you, then Tandem skydiving is just the right option for you to get started. You will feel safe as you are harnessed to a licensed instructor during the dive who has years of experience. Our partner’s instructors want you to have a great and thrilling free fall. These Tandem skydives are truly life-changing and incredible!
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Advanced Skydive Training in Jersey City, New Jersey

Skydiving Certification

Have you already gone skydiving before and now you want to take your skydiving experience to new heights? If this resonates with you, then the advanced training jump is a perfect fit. The team at our partner dropzone can get you started with an advanced skydiving course to prepare you for jumping solo! This is the most common way people become licensed. There are courses in Accelerated Free Fall (AFF). These instructors have the knowledge to get you to the next level. Learn more…

Skydiving Video Packages - Jersey City, New Jersey

Video Packages

You won’t want to forget a single second of your skydiving experience. While you definitely will remember how you felt, the adrenaline and nerves can sometimes make you forget all the little moments. Our partners offer video packages, so that you can replay the whole skydiving experience over and over. There are different options such as a popular GoPro package. Plus, all of the video packages are formatted in a way to easily share on social media. You will be able to show everyone your amazing skydiving adventure!
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Are You Finally Thinking of Scheduling a Time to Go Skydiving?

After all those years of thinking about flying you can finally achieve your dream! No more imagining yourself free falling through the air and looking at the earth from a new perspective, now you are ready to take the plunge. Here at Jersey City partnered dropzones, a professional staff is always available and will help you every step of the way. You can rest easy knowing that gives you the most skydiving options.

You will be viewing the Hudson and the tall buildings of downtown in no time. Our partners offer all the skydiving services you could need or want including Tandem dives, advanced training, video packages, and more. Can you imagine yourself soaring through the air like a bird, like Superman? From the air, you will be able to see the metropolitan area all around you, possibly Ellis Island in the distance. You will feel the exhilaration and freedom that comes with doing something few people are daring enough to try.

Safety is number one with the instructors at affiliate dropzones. But, while they are always putting your safety first, they also want you to have fun! We want this to be a good experience and for you to feel comfortable with us. The atmosphere is friendly and open; you are able to ask questions all throughout the process. Skydiving is an adventure and one that is truly rewarding. But, it can be a bit anxiety inducing at first. So, we will do all that we can to make your experience the best it can be!

Along with the regular tandem and advanced jump options, we also offer group and holiday discounts. You can email or call us at your convenience to find out more information about these offers. Also, if you are thinking of giving a unique, memorable gift to a loved one, we offer gift certificates, as well.

Skydiving in Jersey City Offers a Truly Unforgettable Experience!

Regardless of where you live, skydiving is going to be a thrilling, awesome adventure. But, skydiving in Jersey City offers stunning, diverse vistas that you won’t find anywhere else in the country.

With the Hudson River to the east and Newark Bay to the west, Jersey City provides a unique view of busy port waters. From the sky, you may be able to see the ships coming in and all the activity of the people in downtown. You may be able to see other memorable monuments from the sky as you view the city around you.

Jersey City and the surrounding areas are filled with plenty of history and culture. It is a mix of many different people and cultures and experiencing it from the air is just as unique and special as the people who make up the city.

You may be able to see Colgate Clock, the largest clock in the world, from the sky. The city also has the Liberty Science Center and Loew’s Jersey Theatre, so while you are waiting for your skydiving adventure, there are lots of things to do to enrich your experience in this amazing city. The Jersey City skyline itself is a stunning view, and from thousands of feet up in the air you will be able to see the NYC skyline and lots of the surrounding metropolitan area. You will get a truly awe-inspiring view of all the people, roads, cars, and the intricate moving parts of the sprawling metropolitan area. You won’t view the world the same way after you experience things from a new perspective.

You can also visit one of the many other museums and cultural centers such as the Afro-American Historical and Cultural Society Museum. Jersey City is one of the most diverse cities in the country when it comes to ethnicity, and it contains many different cultural centers. It truly is a unique and exciting place to live. The city boasts cultural events from all over the world you can also attend such as the Hudson County Shakespeare Festival if you are a fan of theater or literature.

The summers are a bit hot, and the winters are mild to cool. This means that except for during the coolest parts of winter, there are many times during the year to have a skydiving adventure on a beautiful day. The temperatures range from about 26 degrees F to 84 degrees F. This means that Jersey City experiences the wonders of the seasons and all the different things they bring. The rebirth of spring, the vibrancy of summer, the reflective nature of autumn, and the calm of winter can all be experienced here.

Skydiving in Jersey is a one-of-a-kind experience that you will remember for the rest of your life. Come experience the spectacular bustle and energy of the city from the sky!

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Tandem Skydiving near Jersey City, New Jersey

What Is a Tandem Skydiving Experience like?

Tandem Skydiving near Jersey City, New Jersey

You have been nervous ever since you woke up this morning. You could barely eat but managed to force down some toast and orange juice as you know it will be a long, exciting day. The on the ground skydiving training was filled with information. You wanted to pay as much attention as possible, but in the back of your mind, nervousness is tugging.

Finally, you are going up in the plane with your instructor. You can’t believe it’s finally happening. You have thought about doing this adventure since you were a child, and you are finally making this dream happen. But, you’re a little scared. You’ve always been scared of heights.

What are you doing here? Maybe you should turn back. But, no, you’ve come this far, and you would regret not following through. As you prepare to exit the plane with your instructor, you feel nauseous, you feel brave and you feel tears rolling down your cheeks. You take that final step, and you are falling, screaming, shouting for joy. You have faced your fears, and it is glorious.

This represents a pretty common experience that someone has their first time skydiving, although each experience is unique and exciting. It doesn’t matter if you are particularly scared of heights or not, jumping out of a plane from thousands of feet in the air for the first time is pretty scary. Most people have some nervousness and that is understandable. But, with preparation and understanding of how the process goes, you will feel more at ease. If you know what to expect, the process will go more smoothly and you will feel strong and ready to face this adventure.

Deciding to go skydiving is a pretty big deal. And, if you are a beginner, you probably have a lot of questions about the ins and outs. So, here is some overall information to keep in mind for your first time skydiving.

The Basics:

First, you should know you need to be 18 or older to go skydiving in the United States. You will also need to take a valid form of I.D. Make sure you have this with you because you don’t want to have to reschedule because you forgot it! Third, most skydiving centers have a weight limit of 225 pounds. And last, you should expect to be at the drop zone several hours as you will have to do ground training. Also, the process of getting on the gear and getting up in the air can take a while. Skydiving is obviously something that needs to be done safely to be done right so, it will take some time.

Attire and Belongings:

You may also have some questions about what you should wear and what you can do with your belongings. Knowing these things will leave you with one less thing to worry about. So, keep in mind that you should:

  • Wear comfortable clothes that fit loosely, exercise clothes except for materials that may rip when you slide in for landing.
  • Wear sturdy shoes. Not sandals, flip flops, or anything with an open toe.
  • You should leave your valuables in your car.
  • Take a Dramamine if you get motion sickness.
  • If you wear any type of contacts or glasses, ask ahead about the goggles and how to make them work for you.
  • Important General Information

    In general, the first time you go skydiving you will go on a Tandem dive. This is highly recommended even if given the option to go alone. It is safer and gives you a better experience as you have an expert there to help you through every step of the experience.

    Going skydiving requires training. You will do on the ground training before you even get up in the air, and it is important to remember that this training will take a few hours. But, keep in mind that this is all supposed to be fun. During the training you will get to know your instructor. The instructors want you to have fun and developing a good rapport during training will make the experience great!

    Lastly, remember to have a great time! This is an adventure and a unique thing to experience. By knowing what to expect and being prepared, you will be sure to have the best skydive possible.

    More About Tandem Skydiving

    So, you maybe be wondering what Tandem skydiving actually is. You probably get the basic picture, but are wondering about the specifics. Tandem skydiving, also known as Tandem parachuting, is when the skydiving instructor is harnessed to the student through the whole skydiving process. The instructor guides the student through the exit from the plane, the free fall, piloting the canopy, and the landing.

    An advantage to this method of skydiving is that the student needs very little training compared to solo skydiving. This option is perfect for people who have never gone skydiving before. The whole process rests in the hands of the Tandem instructor. The instructor is a licensed professional, so the student will be able to feel less anxiety and know they are in good hands.

    Tandem Skydiving Equipment and Your Instructors

    It’s also interesting to note that Tandem skydiving equipment is a bit different than solo skydiving equipment. This is in order to support the weight of two people instead of one. Tandem parachutes are bigger than solo chutes. The parachute equipment also includes a main parachute as well as a reserve one and what is called an automatic activation device, or AAD. An AAD is a safety measure that deploys the reserve chute on its own if it senses the divers are still free falling past the point they should be.

    You also don’t need to be worried about the expertise of your instructor. The FAA orders that each instructor who performs Tandem skydives is required to have 3 or more years of experience and have completed at least 500 jumps. They must also obtain a Master parachute license.

    You will know that your instructor has passed through rigorous certification and training courses before being allowed to Tandem skydive with you. They are there to take care of your safety and also provide a completely unforgettable experience!

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    Advanced Skydiving Training in Jersey City, New Jersey Advanced Skydiving Training in Jersey City, New Jersey

    Jump Your Way To A Solo Skydiver Certification.

    The adrenaline rush that comes with skydiving can be highly addictive. It keeps you coming back for more. It also helps you to escape from the mundane and hectic reality of life. Bragging to friends and family, using your skydive video to reminisce is no longer filling the void? Family and friends envy your bravery. You have been tandem skydiving quite a few times, but now you are ready to take it to the next level. Has the idea of solo skydiving crossed your mind? Do you find the act of being a lone ranger in the skydiving arena intriguing? Solo skydiving will increase the rush and feed your addiction to adventure. Join the elite group of solo skydivers! Make your next jump a huge leap toward your solo skydiving certification. Earn your “A-License” and skydive solo at any USPA Skydiving center.

    Accelerated Free Fall Training in Jersey City, New Jersey Accelerated Free Fall Training in Jersey City, New Jersey

    Advanced Skydiving Training

    Wow that first Tandem skydive was a real life changing experience, right? And you kind of couldn’t get enough of it? But, as great as the Tandem skydive was, you’re thinking about how it would feel to get to dive by yourself. You want to know the feeling of being in control of the skies and able to roll and spin through the air like some sort of superhero. If this sounds like you, then contact Jersey City because our partners have what you need to take your skydiving to the next level with advanced training options.

    You, yes you, can become a USPA certified solo skydiver! Check out all the courses and everything else you will need to make this dream a reality. Of course, this type of certification does take more time and effort than a Tandem skydive. You will need commitment and dedication to see the training through. It does take some time, and it can be a bit hard. But, we bet that you are up for the challenge! You could become one of the few daring people out there falling, flying, and flipping through the clouds. You will be as graceful as a bird and also powerful and in control after your training is completed.

    Our partners make sure that students get the correct training. The instructors are USPA certified and are highly vetted with experience and exhaustive training. They will make sure you get the best training possible and end up a safe, skilled skydiver.

    Once you are certified as a solo skydiver, you will be at your discretion to jump at any USPA approved skydiving facility. This means that you can experience skydiving all over the country at one of’s network of USPA certified, skydiving centers. Think of how exciting it will be to put your new skills to use wherever you are!

    You will be able to go skydiving by yourself in San Diego and view the Pacific Ocean and sailboats there. You can fly over the small towns and rolling farmland of rural Idaho. The possibilities are endless, and the landscapes and landmarks you could see are breathtaking!

    There are generally two options for you to receive skydiving training. The first and most common option is known as Accelerated Free Fall or AFF for short. There is the less common method of training called Tandem Progression. Learn more about these options below and also remember you can contact us with questions anytime!

    Think about soaring through the sky with the Accelerated Free Fall training program!

    Did you know that the most common height for a solo skydive is from 10,000 to 14,000 feet in the air? They often call this AGL, or Above Ground Level, in skydiving terminology. That is, pretty wild!

    Are you ready to get jumping out of a plane by yourself from these heights as soon as possible? The most common and most efficient method of training is called the Accelerated Free Fall (Aff) program. It is aptly named since it is the quickest way to get your certification and experience the pure joy and adrenaline of solo skydiving.

    By participating in the AFF program, you will have one or two skydiving instructors who are solely there to train you. Each student in this program gets one-on-one instruction and guidance. You will be able to ask your instructor, or instructors, so many questions and get so much feedback. This method allows the program to move faster than other skydiving training methods. It is definitely a highly recommended option.

    List of Training Steps

    There are a few general steps that happen during AFF training. First, the student goes through ground school instruction. Then, Harness Hold Training occurs. Third, the student does release dives. And last, the student demonstrates final proficiency.

    Here is a more detailed explanation of how the training goes. First, the student will go through ground school instruction before they get up in a plane and jump out. This portion is very important and preps the student for what is to come in the actual jump. The ground school section goes into specific details and in-depth information, and the student can expect to spend about five hours here.

    Second, the student does jumps with Harness Hold Training. During these jumps, usually around three, two instructors will jump with the student. Keep in mind, while generally two instructors are used, sometimes it may be just one. The instructor holds onto the student until the student lets their parachute go. This is called the Harness Hold Training portion. Unlike in a Tandem dive, instructors aren’t actually connected to the student except through holding onto the harness. After the student deploys the parachute, the instructor lets go.

    Some other general information about this portion of the training is that the main canopy for the student is deployed at around 6,000 feet AGL (Above Ground Level). The instructor remains close by to signal with hand movements if something goes wrong with the main chute. If needed, the instructor will actually pull the chute for the student. The instructors keep the students safety in mind and are prepared to step in if something goes wrong or the student just needs help. Another added safety measure is extra pull handles on the student’s gear to make pulling the chute easier for the instructor if it comes to that point.

    Third, a student gets to the point of the training called Release Dives. Within this portion of training, think of it as level three, a student gets to pull their own chute. The instructor will determine when the student is ready for this step and will make the call based on the student’s aptitude. During these release dives, the instructor also evaluates if the student will be able to handle a free fall without assistance.

    During release dives, the instructor will tell the student beforehand at which point they should release their parachute. The instructor, however, will remain close by in case the student still needs help pulling the canopy. While in this period of training, the student must show they are able to pull their parachute and execute the release in the right manner. They must also show that they can master all the aspects of a dive including maneuvering in the air.

    The last step of the AFF training is when the student shows their proficiency in all stages of skydiving. They must show their instructor that they can perform different maneuvers in the air like flips, turns, and controlling the rate of their fall.

    At this stage, and at every previous stage, the instructor makes sure the student achieves what are called Target Learning Objectives for each level of skydiving training.

    Then, once the instructor feels that the student has shown their ability to execute every level of the dive, they will be ready to undergo the certification processes. Once certification is obtained, the student is a student no more and is able to solo jump!

    This process does take effort, but it is oh so worth it! This AFF program will give you the best training possible and get you certified to be a solo skydiver!

    Jersey City, New Jersey Tandem Progression Skydiving Training Jersey City, New Jersey Tandem Progression Skydiving Training

    Learn Skydiving, Slow And Steady.

    There is also Tandem Progression training for a slower paced method.

    While most people use the Accelerated Free Fall method of training because it is faster, you are not limited to it. This alternative method is called Tandem Progression training and combines tandem jumping with aspects of the AFF method of training.

    This is the best course for individuals who want an introduction to solo skydiving that eases them into the experience. Think of this as a way of slowly entering a pool as opposed to jumping right in. Some people find this method more comfortable and suited to their needs. So, if this option sounds more appealing to you, contact us to find out more about it or read on.

    Some general information:

    Tandem Progression training is that the instructor gives the student information on each dive and builds upon previous experience. This method is a bit different than the Advanced Free Fall program that is more accelerated and presents the student with large volumes of information at one time. With Tandem Progression training, the student gets the information in smaller doses.

    Then, after a period of tandem diving, the student will “graduate” to the next level of training. This level is the same method that is used in the AFF training where the student wears their own parachute and jumps with the instructor. Then, the student completes the training as outlined in the AFF program.

    Students participating in the Tandem Progression program will also complete ground school beforehand. Students aren’t thrown into a plane without proper training and information. The process of training in the Tandem Progression method goes like this: ground school, tandem jumps, Harness Hold Training, release dive training, and demonstrating final proficiency.

    This method does go a little more slowly than the Accelerated Free Fall training. But, don’t feel like it isn’t a good option. It can be perfect for some individuals. So, if you really want to get your solo skydiving certification, but want to do it at a more methodical pace, this option is perfect for you!

    The Tandem Progression program is also a great path to getting you certified and soaring through the air! Our partners have a well-devised Tandem Progression training program for you.

    Schedule a Spot in a Training Program Today at 215-258-2255!
    What Are You Waiting For?

    Jersey City Skydiving Video Packages Jersey City Skydiving Video Packages

    Your Skydiving Adventure Will Last A Lifetime.

    So, you might be wondering how you are going to share your skydiving experience with the people around you? Most people want to be able to show this truly daring, cool experience on Facebook, Instagram, etc. However, many are worried they won’t be able to do this, but that is not true with us at Jersey City.

    Skydiving is a big adventure. People you know are going to be asking you about it. They might not even believe you did it! But, with one of our video packages you can show them the proof. Your family members and friends will be impressed at your daring and laugh at your excitement as they watch you free falling.

    Our partners offer video packages to suit all of your needs. This way you can relive the experience and never forget it. You can see every part of your skydive and share it with others. These video packages are available to add onto any of the dives you decide to book.

    If you are participating in your first Tandem dive, you can have a video showing that. Or, if you are doing one of our solo skydiving certification programs, you can also have video to see yourself getting better and better. With one of these video packages, you will see every facial expression, hear every sound and view all of the joy of your skydiving experience and be able to share it with others.

    The first time you skydive especially can be filled with a lot of questions and nervousness. This nervousness can cause some people to forget a lot of the smaller moments of the dive. Even though you will remember the rush and how great the experience was, you won’t get to see yourself actually jumping. But, with a video package you can! Also, you will be able to show your friends, mom, dad, siblings, aunts, second cousins, crush, etc. that you are an adventurous, tough person!

    When you tell people you’ve been skydiving, they are going to bombard you with questions. With a video package, you will be able to take out your phone and show them! Also, our partners make sure the video packages are available to you in formats that are easy to share on social media. You will be getting lots of likes and comments for sure!

    There are two different video packages to suit your needs. The first is a videographer option and the second is the GoPro option:

    1 – Having a videographer accompany you can give you a top notch video experience. With this option, an experienced videographer will jump out of the plane next to you. This way they can record all the steps of your jump. This includes the very beginning when you board the plane all the way through to the landing and all the excitement you have when you realize you actually just did that! This option is the best way to remember and keep the whole skydiving experience with you

    2 – Alternatively, the GoPro option for those who are on a tighter budget. This option is when your instructor wears a GoPro and films the jump. This gives you a really awesome video that shows your jump from up close and personal.

    So, it doesn’t matter which option you choose, you can be assured that the video will be professionally edited at the skydiving facility. And, yes, these videos are made for you in formats that you can easily save and share on different social media platforms. This way all the people around you can share in your experience. We know it’s important to you to have the ability to record this experience and share it, so we make it easy with our partners video packages! Don’t wait!

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    Jersey CIty Skydiving Gift Certificates Jersey CIty Skydiving Gift Certificates

    Give Someone the Experience of a Lifetime !

    Do you have a friend who is always talking about skydiving and how they have always wanted to go? Or maybe your girlfriend has said she would go skydiving in a heartbeat if she could afford it? A gift of a skydiving adventure is one that your loved one will never forget. You can give it as Christmas gift, Valentine’s Day treat, or a birthday present. Or, just give it as a random surprise they won’t expect. Your family member or friend will be shocked in the best way when they realize you have given them a gift they won’t forget!

    Most of us love getting presents and knowing that our loved ones care and think about us. While all gifts are appreciated when given from the heart, an item like a sweater, earrings, or a book is probably going to be fondly enjoyed but forgotten in a year or so. But an experience like skydiving is truly unforgettable. You will definitely be the coolest mom, the best boyfriend, the favorite friend, etc when you give the gift of skydiving!

    Here at Jersey City we have gift certificates that can be used for many skydiving services. The process of getting a gift certificate is made as easy as possible for you. This way we can make sure that you are getting a great experience and help you to give a great experience to your loved one.

    You might also consider bringing someone with you and going skydiving together. What could be a better bonding experience than doing something like skydiving? You will remember all of the moments together and be able to relieve some of your nervousness by having someone you like and trust with you. It will make every moment of the dive better to have someone you know with you. If you are considering going on a dive yourself, why not give someone you can count on to be along for the ride, a gift and bring them with you?

    The most common gift certificate option we have is for Tandem skydives. This is an entry level dive, so most people purchase it for a friend or family member who has never gone before. You can also get a gift certificate for the Accelerated Free Fall Level 1 dive. So, if you have a family member or friend who wants to get certified to skydive by themselves, this option is available.

    Lastly, we have gift certificates available for video packages. If you know someone who already has a skydive planned, you can give them the gift of remembering their experience for years to come. This really adds to the skydiving experience, and your loved one will appreciate this present!

    Some general things to know about our gift certificates are they are valid for two years after they are purchased. Also, they can be used at over 80 of our affiliate centers all over the country, so these gifts definitely have flexibility and longevity. And, if you have any questions, our customer service is available seven days a week. We are here to answer questions about your gift certificate, so you can talk to us any day of the week! We want to make this process easy for you.

    Our options for gift certificates are flexible and allow you to find the perfect fit for your loved one.

    Get Your Gift Certificate!

    You can now purchase online right thru But you might want to give one of our friendly experts a call to see if we are running any specials or if you qualify for any discounts!

    Shop on!

    You Can Give Someone You Love the Perfect Present with One of Our Gift Certificates!
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