Jackson; The Ultimate Skydiving Experience for Mississippi Thrill-Seekers! Jackson is pleased to meet your skydiving needs. Newcomers and experienced skydivers alike will be impressed with the abundance of skydiving options. The expert team at Jackson will guide you through the plentiful offerings available and help you choose the best skydiving option for your individual or group adventures.

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Take the Leap in Mississippi! Call Jackson at 256-736-5553 Today! Jackson Offers the Ultimate Skydiving Experience for Mississippi Thrill-Seekers! Jackson Offers the Ultimate Skydiving Experience for Mississippi Thrill-Seekers! Jackson is pleased to meet your skydiving needs. Newcomers and experienced skydivers alike, will be impressed with the abundance of skydiving options. The expert team at Jackson Skydiving will guide you through the plentiful offerings available and help you choose the best option for your individual or group adventures. Tandem skydiving is an exhilarating choice for first-time jumpers.

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Skydiving captures the imagination. Jumping out of an airplane and free-falling safely back to the earth’s surface is a compelling thought. People often imagine the rush of adrenaline that comes from leaping off an airplane, and their minds drift, imagining the inexplicable excitement of skillfully gliding to the ground and landing with bold confidence. Are you ready to do more than dream? Jackson is here to help you realize your skydiving dreams. Complete your first tandem jump or perfect your solo skills with the best skydiving services in the state. Call our experienced staff and book your amazing adventure today.

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Jackson Skydiving - Tandem Skydiving near Jackson, Mississippi

Tandem Skydiving

Conquer your fears with a tandem skydiving jump. Individuals skydiving for the first time will appreciate the security of jumping while literally attached to an expert instructor. Tandem students gain valuable knowledge and skills under the guidance of an experienced tandem master who has undergone extensive training. Tandem skydiving is the safest option and an exceptional way to create a once-in-a-lifetime memory in Mississippi. Learn more…

Jackson Skydiving - Advanced Skydive Training in Jackson, Mississippi

Skydiving Certification

Free fall fanatics level up with the best skydiving training choices in the area. Take your skills to heights that most only dream about by becoming solo certified. This training school is the best in the area. Certified instructors will direct you to the classes that suit your skill level. There are two main methods of advanced skydiving training, Accelerated Freefall and Tandem Progression. Let skydiving experts guide you through the process of choosing the perfect program for you. Learn more…

Jackson Skydiving - Skydiving Video Packages - Jackson, Mississippi

Video Packages

Commemorate your incredible tandem or solo skydiving experience with one of our professional video packages! We have many choices, including the popular and affordable GoPro option. Video packages superbly shot by one of our experienced videographers are also available. Your videographer will jump with you and capture every special moment. Imagine your excitement as you share the video of your amazing skydive with your friends and family! Learn more…

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Adventure. Action. Adrenaline. Accelerate your thrill-seeking with skydiving. Skydiving is the ultimate activity for individuals with an extra zeal for excitement. It is the ultimate fix for your acceleration addiction. Skydiving is also a great way for someone to face their fears, celebrate a special occasion, or gain a new perspective. Whatever your motivation, you will find the best skydiving options. Check out complete services from beginning tandem skydiving to advanced training school.

Beginners safely tandem jump with a certified tandem master. Tandem jumpers learn freefall maneuvers, proper safety procedures, and how to deploy the main parachute. A wide range of services are also available for more experienced skydivers. Accelerated Freefall (AFF) and Tandem Progression courses provide students the opportunity to participate in the high level training required for solo skydiving certification.

Groups can also get in on our wide range of services with group discounts. Take advantage of our holiday discounts and plan an unforgettable celebration! Invite your friends, family, or coworkers to join in on the experience of a lifetime. Our friendly and knowledgeable staff will guide your group through each step of this amazing adventure.

Experience World-Class Skydiving in Soulful Jackson, Mississippi!

Skydive in a city as unique as the sport. Enthusiasts will be captivated by the geography, history, music, and entertainment options found in Jackson, Mississippi. Jackson is the state’s capitol and an ideal destination for travelers seeking one-of-a-kind escapades and entertainment in a premier location.

Appreciate all that Jackson, Mississippi has to offer with a birdseye view of the city. Skydivers will enjoy stunning views of Pearl River and the only city in the United States that sits on top of an extinct volcano. The Jackson Volcano rests 2,900 feet beneath the city’s surface, with most of the volcano located directly below the Mississippi Coliseum. The Mississippi Coliseum is an all-season arena with many popular shows, conventions, and sporting events scheduled throughout the year. Thrill-seekers will find an abundance of entertainment choices in Jackson.

Nicknamed the City of Soul, Jackson is a standout destination for skydivers who also enjoy an energetic live music scene. The Jackson Rhythm and Blues Festival is an annual event that features some of today’s hottest artists. Many famous historic sites listed on the Mississippi Blues Trail are located right here in Jackson. Get your adrenaline pumping with skydiving over Jackson. Then, indulge your senses with the soulful energy of the city and live music in Jackson, Mississippi.

Adventure, the arts, and history harmonize in Jackson. Capture an aerial view of historic sites such as the State Capitol, Old Capitol Museum and the Mississippi Governor’s Mansion. The city also boasts an abundance of organizations devoted to promoting education and art. Those organizations include the Mississippi Museum of Natural Sciences, the Mississippi Museum of Art, and the Mississippi Children’s Museum. Jackson City Hall features a large statue of the seventh President of the United States and the city’s namesake, Andrew Jackson.

Today, the historic city of Jackson is the largest urban center in the state of Mississippi. The city pulses with a lively downtown atmosphere and rests in one of the most unique locations in the United States. Experience skydiving in a city like no other. Plan a visit to the City with Soul and create exciting lifetime memories with an exclusive Jackson Skydiving package.

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Jackson Skydiving - Tandem Skydiving near Jackson, Mississippi

Build Confidence and Skydiving Skills with Tandem Skydiving!

Stepping out of a perfectly good airplane at 10 to 14 THOUSAND feet is a daunting, even dizzying, thought for many people. Fears and self-doubt keep them from fulfilling their wildest dreams.Tandem skydiving provides the security and support you need to help you step out of the figurative box and out of the literal airplane. Imagine the confidence that you will gain by crushing your fears. Banish all doubt and take a leap of faith with the skydiving tandem masters.

Tandem skydiving is the ultimate and safest experience for beginning and first-time skydivers. A friendly, experienced, and professional instructor, also called a jumpmaster or tandem master, will guide you through the entire process.

Let’s break down the experience and tell you what you can expect when you arrive for the incredible tandem skydive that you cleverly scheduled through Jackson.

When you arrive at our partner’s facility in Mississippi, you will be warmly greeted by a professional staff and begin to thoroughly prepare for your jump. You will review important information, receive safety training, and be weighed. Yeah, that isn’t my favorite part either, but it is mandatory and essential for your safety. The instructors will tell you what to expect while helping you safely suit up.

If you booked a video package, one of our videographers will record the special moments before your jump. This is when you are filled with anticipation and your excitement is nearly bubbling over. We’ve all been there, so we know about the butterflies in your stomach. The videographer will ask questions about your emotions or thoughts before the flight in order to create a complete story about the entire experience. It is cool to see the entire context of your experience, from the initial nervous excitement during preparation to the exhilaration of having completed your first, or fiftieth, jump. You will love your tandem skydiving video and share it with pride.

When you are properly secured into your harness, your tandem master makes final preparations for takeoff. You will soon be on your way to board the aircraft! Once you have stepped onboard and are cruising to the correct altitude, your jumpmaster will secure the harness that attaches you to each other. Now, you are prepared for your big moment and will wait with eager anticipation while climbing to the proper altitude. Your jumpmaster will instruct you on exactly how and when to exit the aircraft. From exiting the airplane to the exhilarating freefall to safely landing, your Jumpmaster maintains control of the entire experience, requiring little from you. However, you will receive instruction on how to safely exit the aircraft, execute maneuvers in freefall, find the perfect landing spot, and deploy the parachute. Ultimately, you get to enjoy the ride while our expert instructors provide a safe journey to the ground.

While you’re up there reveling in the massive adrenaline rush, don’t forget to marvel at the incredible views of Mississippi. Look for the Mississippi Coliseum, which sits directly on top of an extinct volcano! Pearl River glistens in the sunlight and the historic sites of the Mississippi capitol city shimmer in the distance.

The feeling of freedom provided by tandem skydiving is euphoric, as well as empowering. We know exactly how it feels. We invite all jumpers to immerse themselves in the full range of emotions and excitement while the pros focus on providing the best and safest tandem skydiving in the area. Walk away from your tandem jump with new or renewed confidence. If you can do this, you can do anything! Get your groove back with tandem skydiving.

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Jackson Skydiving - Advanced Skydiving Training in Jackson, Mississippi

Explore the Freedom of Solo Skydiving. Advanced Training Provides the Path!

Take the thrill of skydiving to the next level by earning your certification to go solo. Check out these training courses that equip enthusiasts with the skills required to experience ultimate free falling independence.

In order to jump solo, you must secure a skydiving “A license” from the United States Parachute Association. Earning a USPA license takes effort, experience, and proper training. If you are willing to put in the work, the professionals will provide the best training in the area. All of the instructors at our partnered dropzones are USPA certified and committed to promoting the sport of skydiving. Skydiving instructors all have extensive training experience, and they have been thoroughly trained on how to train you.

Skydivers of every level, even skydivers who have only one jump under their belts, will benefit from advanced training. If you fall madly in love with skydiving after your first jump, and we completely expect that you will, enrolling in our training school has many advantages. As a student, your second tandem jump could be a training jump and would count toward your student progression, saving you time and money in the long run. These certified instructors will evaluate and place each student in the proper course. Wherever your starting point, we have the classes for you. Students who earn their USPA A license are qualified to jump solo at any USPA approved skydiving center. Every center in our growing network of partner dropzone is USPA approved. Fly solo certified over MS.

Jackson Skydiving - Accelerated Free Fall Training in Jackson, Mississippi

Learn Solo Skydiving with Accelerated Freefall Training!

Students enrolled in Accelerated Freefall training take flight at 10 to 15 thousand feet above ground level. AFF is the fastest way to earn solo bragging rights. Before you take off, some groundwork will be necessary. By groundwork, I mean class work, like indoor sitting at a desk work. Don’t fret, we won’t stay inside for long.

Your AFF class will begin with five to six hours of basic, but essential, skydiving information. The coursework will include important safety information regarding how to deploy your parachute and what to expect during your first few jumps. Pay close attention as we teach you how to keep track of your altitude and use proper form or body positions. Good body position and awareness will be the bulk of class on the ground.

Once you have been sufficiently briefed on the ground, it is time to take class to the air. Finally! Students will start with three jumps that focus on teaching you how to deploy the parachute. You will feel safe and secure with two instructors by your side for the first several jumps. Your instructors will communicate via radio located in your helmet. Your jumpmaster will correct your body position in the air to help you stay in control of your free fall. If you forget when or how to release the parachute, your instructors will communicate that information to you verbally or with hand signals. If you are still unable to engage the parachute, your instructor will place your hand on the ripcord if possible. If it is not possible, he or she will engage the parachute for you using extra ripcords conveniently located on student gear. For additional security and peace of mind, student rig, a fancy term for your gear, is equipped with an Automatic Activation Device that automatically releases the reserve parachute in the extremely rare event that a student passes a specific altitude while traveling at freefall speed.

AFF is a progressive program with targeted learning objectives, TLOs, for each level. The instructor will determine when you have achieved the TLOs for your level. Students who prove that they can deploy their parachutes without instructor assistance will progress to the next level. Students are then allowed to demonstrate their basic skills and attempt free falling without assistance. Once this skill is established, subsequent AFF levels feature training on executing turns, forward movement, flips, signals, and fall rate control. At some point during all of this training, it will be determined that you need only one instructor or even just an instructor on the ground who guides you through radio.

When you have successfully completed each AFF level and at least 25 jumps, you will be eligible for a USPA A license. Jump solo at any USPA dropzone with your A license as proof that you have what it takes. Your new certification places you in an elite group of thrill-seekers who strive for the best. Get started today at Jackson.

Jackson Skydiving - Jackson, Mississippi Tandem Progression Skydiving Training

Tandem Progression Available at Select Drop Zones

Tandem Progression is an additional free fall teaching method that is available at some partner locations. Although used less frequently than AFF, Tandem Progression provides students the opportunity to slowly delve into solo skydiving. Individuals who would like to train for skydiving but have more significant doubts will appreciate the security of being tethered to their instructor. Tandem Progression includes three instructor guided jumps. During the first jump, you will learn how to track altitude, perform freefall maneuvers, and deploy the parachute. The instructor will guide you through each skill. The second jump advances to emergency procedures and correcting common errors. During the third jump, students demonstrate their mastery of emergency procedures, previously taught skills, controlling their descent, and choosing the landing spot all on their own. After the third Tandem Progression jump, students are promoted to the Accelerated Freefall program.

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Jackson Skydiving - Jackson, Mississippi Skydiving Video Packages

Document Your Skydiving Story with a Video Package!

Sure, a picture says a thousand words, but a video is legit documentation! Did you recently book an incredible skydiving adventure? Don’t forget to add the ultimate keepsake, yourself being awesome on camera. Be the star of your own documentary. Impress your friends, family, and those people you don’t even know on your social media with your amazing skydiving video. Seriously, it’s sure to go viral, at least in your own circle.

These flexible video packages will fit your vision and your budget. The most popular and affordable video option is the GoPro package. Your tandem master will wear the GoPro and capture close-up footage of your jump. Relive the excitement again and again when viewing this priceless record of your exhilarating plunge. A video really is the best way to record your experience, and you will not want those memories to fade. Plus, you will have irrefutable evidence that you are, in fact, as amazing as rumored.

The videographer package is the premium level of video packages. A skilled videographer joins the team and jumps along with you in order to capture every awe-inspiring moment of your skydiving experience. Your skydiving story really begins before you even board the plane, so our talented videographer is there to capture every single compelling moment. As you prepare for your jump and throughout the experience, your videographer will ask questions about your emotions and thoughts. Your thoughts and reactions will be weaved together to create a complete story. From nervous butterflies to eager anticipation, the beginning of your video will document the uncertainty and excitement of facing the unknown. Next, footage of you taking that exhilarating plunge will help you remember the adrenaline rush of exiting an airplane and free falling. Finally landing exuberantly on the ground, our videographer will capture your symphony of emotions and elation at having accomplished such an incredible task. Enjoy the experience again and again with this incredible keepsake. Jackson partnered dropzones have a specific team dedicated and willing to professionally edit your video on site, providing you with the best video product possible. Additionally, your video will be provided in a format that is easy to share on social media. When you share on social media, please also share that you had a thrilling experience and stellar service! Ask your agent about booking a video package today.

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Jackson Skydiving - Jackson - Jackson, Mississippi Skydiving Gift Certificates

Give the Gift of Adventure with Jackson Gift Certificates!

Jackson Skydiving gift certificates are an excellent choice for the thrill-seekers in your life. Surprise a loved one with a gift that doesn’t just sit in the closet collecting dust. The gift of an unforgettable, life-changing experience is a truly thoughtful gesture that the recipient will cherish forever. Adventurous loved ones, friends, or colleagues will be impressed with your gift giving creativity! Can you imagine the reaction that this gift will induce?

Gift certificates are available for Tandem Skydiving or Level 1 Accelerated Freefall training. Both choices are excellent gift options. Video packages that commemorate the recipient’s experience are also available add-on options. You will be thrilled to watch your friend or family member enjoying the experience of a lifetime in their video. Your recipient will be thankful that you not only made the experience possible, but that you chose to also capture their excitement with a keepsake video. When making your plans to surprise someone special with a gift certificate, it is important to get in touch with one of our customer service agents to discuss and request the specific gift certificate options that you desire. Our friendly customer service agents are available seven days a week to help you select the perfect package for your recipient.

Gift certificates are valid for two years from the purchase date, so your special someone has plenty of time to book their skydiving adventure. Worried about bad weather or an important meeting that changed your schedule? Never fear. Rescheduling a jump due to bad weather or an untimely schedule change is not an issue. Just in case, the gift certificate is also fully transferrable in the event that the recipient cannot redeem the certificate for any reason.

The recipient may redeem their certificate at Jackson or at one of our eighty partner network locations. Our large network of affiliate dropzones provides skydiving opportunities in many exciting locations. This year, be a hero and give the gift of incredible experiences.

Get Your Gift Certificate!

You can now purchase online right thru But you might want to give one of our friendly experts a call to see if we are running any specials or if you qualify for any discounts!

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Jackson Skydiving - Jackson - Jackson, Mississippi Jackson Jackson partners offer unforgettable skydiving experiences with the best options in Mississippi. Skydiving is a thrilling sport and Jackson is an extraordinary location. Beginners and certified jumpers alike will long to remember the exhilarating rush of skydiving over the beautiful sights of Jackson. If the information on this page has captured your imagination and sparked your interest but leaves you with unanswered questions, please do not hesitate to call. If you have skydiving questions, we have the answers you need. We are happy to help, and we look forward to hearing from you soon.

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