Ultimate Skydiving Experience in Alabama!

Have you ever dreamed of an adrenaline-packed free fall in the deep blue sky, while marveling at the beauty of the Alabama landscape below? Skydiving.com Huntsville is here to make your dream come true! Our partners offer the best, flexible skydiving packages at affordable prices. Let professionals take you high into the sky! Contact us today and let our skydiving experts walk you through the process of booking.

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Join Us for the Ultimate Skydiving Experience in Huntsville, Alabama!

Join Us for the Ultimate Skydiving Experience in Huntsville, Alabama!

Have you ever dreamed of an adrenaline-packed free fall in the deep blue sky, while marvelling at the beauty of the Alabama landscape below? Skydiving.com Huntsville is here to make your dream come true! We offer the best, flexible skydiving packages at affordable prices. Let us take you high into the sky! Contact us today and let our skydiving experts walk you through the process of booking.

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Experience the most thrilling adventure of your lifetime! Sign up for a skydive and let our partners show you why this extreme sport gains so many new fans every day. Embark on the most exciting journey of the century! Don’t let your fears call you back, give us a call now and take the leap into the unknown! Check out the exciting skydiving options in store for you!

Tandem Skydiving near Huntsville, Alabama

Tandem Skydiving

Every newbie should go with this option first. A tandem skydive means that you’ll be strapped to an experienced instructor who will look after your safety, including handling the parachute and searching for the perfect landing spot. All you need to do is enjoy the ultimate adrenaline-filled experiences of free fall and parachute glide. Learn more…

Advanced Skydive Training in Huntsville, Alabama

Advanced Training

If you’re in love with skydiving and want to experience the ultimate freedom of free fall by yourself, then you need to get certified. Skydiving.com Huntsville will guide you through the process. Our partner’s experienced instructors will teach you everything there is to know about skydiving. Before you know it, you’ll hold your very own license in your hands! Learn more…

Skydiving Video Packages - Huntsville, Alabama

Video Packages

Are you worried you won’t be able to explain to your friends what it felt like to free fall above the gorgeous landscape of Alabama? Then why don’t you show it to them instead? Book a video package and make sure that every single moment of your glorious adventure will be recorded for all eternity. Contact us now and book a video package with your tandem jump, or even for the first dive of your training. Learn more…

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Get Ready for the Time of Your Life in Alabama!

Skydiving.com Huntsville partners offer the ultimate skydiving experience for everyone. Whether you’re trying it for the first time, or you’re a die-hard skydiving enthusiast, you can enjoy the best services for you! Let us give you a taste of what you’re in for if you decide to choose Skydiving.com Huntsville to plan the greatest adventure of your life!

Our partners offer comprehensive skydiving packages for great prices. Check out this vast array of services. From Tandem Skydiving to Skydiving School, we’ve got everything a real adrenaline junkie can wish for.

Our partners employ the most state of the art equipment, and operate by the highest safety standard in the industry. If you choose us, you can rest assured that your safety is a topmost concern at the dropzone. Likewise, we only work with the best trainers and instructors in the area, ensuring that you’re in the best of hands. Whether this is your first tandem jump or you’re training to get certified, an experienced team is here to help you reach your personal goals!

Are you looking for the perfect gift for an adrenaline junkie? You just found it! Our gift certificates are valid for two years from the date of purchase, and can be redeemed for most of our services. If the recipient lives far away from Huntsville, that’s not a problem either: our gift cards are valid nationwide with all of our partners.

Skydiving in Alabama

Huntsville is a perfect place for skydiving. Even though most skydiving enthusiasts would point out that there is no bad place for skydiving, let us list a few of the reasons why you should choose The Star of Alabama as the venue of your skydiving adventure.

When you make that exhilarating leap out of the airplane and start your journey towards the ground, you can see for miles and miles. Whether you’re a local of Rocket City, or just passing through, I’m sure you can agree that getting a bird’s eye view on the many attractions Huntsville has to offer is a treat in itself.

The city is close to the magnificent bends of the River Tennessee and has many other notable places of interest. Imagine getting a new perspective of the famous US Space and Rocket Center! Watch the rockets on exhibit as if you were another astronaut in space, floating towards their pointed noses under a parachute. The experience is quite out of this world.

But there are other places Huntsville offers its visitors that are worth watching from the sky. The authentic houses of the Alabama Constitution Center, the gorgeous landscape of the Monte Sano State Park, and the spectacular Madison County Nature Trail are just a few examples that can make your skydiving experience even more fulfilling. Extreme sport and sightseeing go hand in hand at Skydiving.com Huntsville. We told you we offer a comprehensive experience!

Another reason why Huntsville is perfect for skydiving is the weather. Even though skydiving is awesome in almost any condition, it’s a lot better to fall from a clear blue sky than from a grey cloudy one. Also, rain can ruin a whole skydiving adventure. Huntsville boasts lovely weather from early spring to late fall, almost as if it was entirely made for skydiving. The sky above Rocket City tends to be clear, or it may sport a few fluffy white clouds. Perfect for the greatest experience of your life!

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Tandem Skydiving near Huntsville, Alabama

Experience the Ultimate Adventure of Tandem Skydiving!

“The most exciting step I ever took in my life was that one from the airplane.”

“Free fall is the definition of complete freedom.”

“Parachuting towards the green fields of Alabama made me feel perfectly in tune with nature. I’ve never been happier.”

The above statements are just a few that our customers have shared with us after their first Tandem Jump. Are they hard to believe? Probably. There’s only one way to find out if you felt the same way about Tandem Skydiving… come and try it yourself!

Skydiving is one of the most popular extreme sports in our decade. There’s no two ways about it: nothing can compare to the exhilaration of jumping out of an airplane and experiencing free fall towards the ground at a speed of 120 mph.

But each person is different and many of us would think twice before they take that huge leap of faith. Even people who thrive on adrenaline have to make sure that skydiving is really their thing before investing many long hours of work into getting their certificate. Others would be unwilling to jump by themselves, at least for the first time. The presence of an experienced diving instructor could make all the difference for them. This is understandable, and this is exactly why Tandem Skydiving was invented.

Tandem Parachuting in Huntsville!

What is Tandem Skydiving?

When you try skydiving for the first time, you won’t jump by yourself. You are going to be strapped to an experienced skydiving instructor (aka your Jumpmaster), who will take care of all the important details. This includes body maneuvers through free fall, opening the parachute, and looking for an appropriate landing spot. Basically, all you need to do is pay close attention to your Jumpmaster’s instructions and enjoy the ultimate adventure of skydiving with almost no responsibility. This is a pretty good deal, isn’t it? Nothing can stop you from having the time of your life!

What Can You Expect After You Jump from the Airplane?

It’s almost impossible to describe what skydiving, and especially free fall feels like. The few lines of customer feedback suggest that everybody has a slightly different experience, though there is one thing everybody can agree on: the feeling is indescribable. Here’s a challenge: come and try skydiving, and then try to describe it as accurately as you can. Who knows, maybe you will be the one who can give the perfect description of what it feels like to experience free fall!

Many of our clients agree that the most exhilarating part of skydiving is in fact the free fall that immediately follows the big leap out of the plane. It’s the utmost freedom with a capital F, falling towards the ground at a speed of 120 mph. Nothing can hold you back, no limits, no boundaries. You are completely free.

After you reach the desired altitude, your Jumpmaster deploys the parachute. This results in a gentler, slower glide towards the ground. This is the part where you get to fully experience your surroundings, explore each cloud, and look for the amazing sights Huntsville has to offer.

Have You Seen the Bends of the Tennessee River from the Sky?

Can you count the pointy noses of the rockets in the US Space and Rocket Center? Do you recognize what types of trees grow in the Huntsville Botanical Garden just based on their crowns? You can test your knowledge in the area and nature while you float towards the ground.

Or you can spend some time looking inwards, right into your soul. Many first-time jumpers describe the parachuting part of a Tandem Jump as a near-spiritual experience. People find their inner peace as they float among the clouds. Most issues in life tend to get into perspective when we get a clearer view on them; and what would provide a better insight than a bird’s eye view?

How does it go?

The adventure starts as soon as you call Skydiving.com Huntsville and book your Tandem Skydive. Our friendly skydiving expert will give you the time and location of your big jump. Make sure to arrive early at the dropzone to enjoy every second of your precious adventure!

Once you arrive, your instructor will give you a short and concise lecture about what you’re about to experience. You’ll learn everything you need to know about the equipment, the methods of communication and about the jump itself. You put on your harness and your instructor will show you where you’ll be attached to them.

Then off you go: you board the airplane and the best part of the adventure begins! When the plane reaches the desired altitude, your instructor will give you the signal and you take that one step into the unknown. Adrenaline rushes into your blood and the most exciting experience of your lifetime begins!

Once you get to the previously described altitude, your instructor will deploy the canopy. The softer, more gentle parachute glide will allow you to fully appreciate the adventure. Your trainer will let you know when you can expect to land. Even though you’ll be back on the ground, the adrenaline high you experienced during your jump will stay with you for a long time.

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Advanced Skydiving Training in Huntsville, Alabama

Advanced Skydiving Training

Are you a die-hard skydiving fan? Do you want a taste of total freedom, when you free fall from the sky by yourself? Then the way forward is simple: you need to get certified! That means that the United States Parachute Association, or USPA will issue a license that authorizes you to skydive all alone, without an instructor strapped to you. If you decide that this is the way for you and you want to earn your license, there is a spot for you in skydiving school!

Skydiving.com Huntsville partners offer comprehensive skydiving training for everybody. Why choose us? Let us list a few reasons. First of all, we’re passionate about skydiving. Our sole aim is to make this thrilling sport accessible for everybody who’s interested. For this reason, we only partner with dropzones that operate with the best, state of the art equipment. Your safety is our number one concern.

Second of all, it matters a lot who trains you. Skydiving.com Huntsville partners chose the best instructors in the area for its school. The trainers are all certified by the USPA and have tremendous experience teaching students about skydiving. If you choose us, you can rest assured that you’ll learn from the best. By the time you complete your training, you’ll know everything there is to know about your new adrenaline-packed hobby.

And last but not least, certified skydivers are allowed to jump at any skydiving center approved by the USPA. We are proud to announce that all locations of the extensive dropzone network of Skydiving.com partner dropzones are approved by the USPA. This means that by the time you finish your training, you’ll be well accustomed to our dropzones and won’t have to waste any time getting to know your surroundings when you embark on your first solo skydiving adventure.

Accelerated Free Fall Training in Huntsville, Alabama

Dive into the Sky with Accelerated Freefall Training

The Accelerated FreeFall, or AFF is the most commonly used method of skydiving training, because as the name suggests, it offers the quickest way to earning your license. The AFF program employs eight different levels of increasing difficulty that you gradually pass through over the course of the training. Each level builds on the previous one, and you need to demonstrate your skills before you’re allowed to move on to the next level.

First, you need to learn the theory of skydiving. Don’t worry, we’re not going to bore you out of your mind with incomprehensible talk on aerodynamics and the rest, but there are some things about the physics of skydiving that you simply must know in order to become a great solo skydiver.

During ground training, you’ll learn about – among others – safety procedures, the operation of equipment, and free all maneuvers. You’ll be able to test your theoretical knowledge when the main part of the training starts: practical instruction. One or two instructors will be assigned to you who will accompany you on your first three jumps.

You won’t be strapped to your trainer, as with Tandem Skydiving, but he or she will hold your harness manually. This way they can help you if anything goes wrong. Your instructor will let you go after your parachute is opened. For the first jump, this will be done at around 6,000 feet in the air. Over the course of your training, you’ll gradually inch closer to an opening at 5,000 feet. This means a longer free fall. Awesome, right?

You’re supposed to open your canopy by yourself. However, if you don’t do it, your instructor will remind you. First, he or she will signal to you to deploy your parachute, then he or she will place your hand on the release mechanism. If you still don’t comply, your instructor will open it for you.

There’s an altitude where the instructor will have to let you go and deploy their own parachute. But even in this case, your safety is protected: your harness possesses an equipment called the Automatic Activation Device (ADD). This device detects if you reach a critical altitude at free fall speed, and it will open your parachute for you. You can see that even if for some reason you’re unable to deploy the canopy, there are mechanisms in place to do it for you.

Once you’ve proven to your instructors that you can release your parachute all by yourself, then you’re allowed to enter the next level of training. This stage is called a release dive. It means that your instructor will let go of you during free fall, and you can practice as well as demonstrate your maneuvering skills in the air. It’s time to show off all those cool flips and changing maneuvers you’ve been dying to try on your own!

Your instructor will stay close by and watch your moves. He or she will give hand signals as feedback in the air, and you enter a full debrief session after landing, of course. As you get better and better at it, you’ can move through the eight levels. At the end of each stage, you have to demonstrate that you mastered the skills of that level (professionally called TLOs, Targeted Learning Objective).

You need to conduct twenty-five satisfactory jumps before you can apply for your “A” certificate (the lowest level of license that allows a person to skydive on their own). If your instructor is happy with your performance, he or she will sign off on your application for your very first skydiving license!

Huntsville, Alabama Tandem Progression Skydiving Training

The Gentler Approach: Tandem Progression

The Tandem Progression is much less popular than the AFF training, because it usually takes longer for the applicant to obtain the “A” license. However, as some of our students ask for it, we still offer this type of training. What does it entail?

The main difference between the two types of training is that – as the name suggests – the Tandem Progression employs Tandem jumps at the beginning of the training. This means that after ground training – which is similar to that of the AFF, including controlling the parachute, free fall maneuvers and important safety instructions – you’ll be strapped to your instructor, just like at Tandem Skydiving.

There are three Tandem Jumps, easing you into the big responsibility of skydiving by yourself. This gentler approach is appealing to many people who are less sure of their ability to handle the pressure of free fall and opening the canopy by themselves from day one of their training.

With your instructor strapped to you, you’ll practice all the skills you learned about during ground training, like changing direction during free fall, how to open your parachute and what to do in case of an emergency. During the last tandem jump, your instructor will allow you to do everything by yourself, and will only intervene if something goes wrong. Many of our students reported that the presence of their instructor boosted their confidence so much that they were able to do everything on their own.

Once you’re ready to jump alone, your instructor will not strap their harness to yours, but they will remain close by, should you need them in the air. For the first few jumps alone, your instructor will manually hold your harness until you’ve deployed your canopy, just like in the course of the AFF training.

If you’ve proven that you’re able to open your parachute by yourself, your instructor will allow you to free fall on your own. However, he or she will stay close by to help you if needed. After each jump, you’ll have a thorough debrief session with your instructor.

Once you’ve completed the necessary number of skydives, your instructor will sign off on your application for your “A” license.

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Huntsville Skydiving Video Packages

Capture Your Adventure on Video!

Relive the Moment!

There are no two ways about it: skydiving is one of the greatest adventures of your life. Are you worried you might forget what it felt like to plunge into the sky at a speed of 120 mph? Don’t be, it’s impossible to forget that special mixture of adrenaline and exhilaration.

But you might want to relive your adventure as it happened. Or your friends and family may ask you about it, and you find you don’t have the proper words to describe the feeling. And, let’s be honest, you might even want to share the coolest pictures that were ever made of you on social media. That’s totally understandable. However, unfortunately, our safety precautions don’t allow for recording devices to be held in your hands while jumping.

Skydiving.com Huntsville knows the importance of memories, which is why we introduced video packages available at each of our partnered dropzones. No skydive is complete without a video recording device immortalizing every second of your big adventure. You can upgrade your experience by adding a video package to your Tandem Jump, Accelerated Free Fall, or Tandem Progression Jump.

We know that every budget is different, therefore there are two options. The first one is to employ a videographer who will accompany you on your jump. First, your videographer will do a short interview with you before you board the airplane. Then, he or she will record every second of the plane ride to the desired elevation, your hair-raising jump out of the plane, the total freedom of free fall and the gentler parachute glide towards the ground. Your videographer will land before you so your grounding can be recorded as well. Then, to wrap it up, you’ll answer a few questions about your experience and how you feel.

The other, more affordable option is to attach a GoPro camera onto the helmet of your Jumpmaster. This way you’ll get a more intimate video from up close, with the camera seeing everything from your perspective.

Once you’re on the ground, you get the chance to edit your video together with a professional at the dropzone. We know how tedious it is to convert files from one format to the next, therefore all of the videos come in easily shareable formats. Watch the ‘likes’ roll in as your friends and family marvel at the breathtaking adventure you just had!

Rest assured, your skydiving video will be one of the most popular features of your social media sites for years to come! You and your friends will want to watch it over and over again…

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Huntsville Skydiving Gift Certificates

Giving the Ultimate Gift of Thrill: Skydiving Gift Certificates!

Do you have an important occasion coming up that needs to be honored by the perfect present? Is the recipient someone who already has everything and you have no idea how to surprise them with something truly original? Look no further, you’re at the right place!

What could be a better gift than an unforgettable experience? An adventure that stays with the recipient forever? Skydiving.com Huntsville offers gift certificates for this very reason! Surprise your adrenaline-junkie friend or relative with a skydiving gift card and be remembered as the coolest gift-giver ever!

We know how irritating those gift cards are that come with many lines of fine print, excluding this and that, listing conditions and restrictions, yada yada. So here’s the deal. Our gift certificates are issued either for Tandem Skydiving or for Level 1 of the Accelerated Free Fall Training.

Skydiving.com Huntsville gift cards are valid for two whole years from the date of purchase. This is quite generous as there is no time pressure to use the gift card before it’s invalidated. Also, our gift certificates are fully transferable, should the recipient not be able to make it after all. That means that even you might get the chance to use it!

And here’s the best part. Skydiving.com Huntsville gift certificates are not restricted to recipients living in the area around Huntsville. If the recipient lives somewhere far away, or they happen to be on the road and find themselves near a skydiving center that belongs to our network, they can redeem the gift card with our partner. Right then, right there. That’s over 80 partnered locations in the United States! This is pretty awesome, isn’t it?

We have a vast array of gift cards available for many skydiving packages. Make sure to inquire about them and choose the right one. Do you want a gift card for Tandem Skydiving, complete with video package? Or maybe you want a gift certificate for the Level 1 jump of the Accelerated Free Fall training, without a video package. Take the time and choose the option you really want for your adventure hunter friend.

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