Honolulu offers full concierge skydiving experiences on Oahu…

Hawaii is synonymous with breathtaking views of volcanic islands, waterfalls, grassy vistas and exotic flowers, and all of this magnificence is exactly why we think Oahu is an outrageously gorgeous place to skydive. If you are visiting Honolulu or Waikiki, let help you book a complete skydiving experience in the most beautiful locale in the United States!

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Race Gravity with in Hawaii! is the #1 choice for first time skydivers. Honolulu will get you jumping out of a perfectly good airplane in no time! Fly high above the mountains and rain forests of Oahu during a high-adrenaline experience that is unlike anything you will see or do in Hawaii! Honolulu offers full concierge skydiving experiences on Oahu…
Call 1-800-617-7948 Now! Honolulu offers full concierge skydiving experiences on Oahu…
Call 1-800-617-7948 Now!

Hawaii is synonymous with breathtaking views of volcanic islands, waterfalls, grassy vistas and exotic flowers, and all of this magnificence is exactly why we think Oahu is an outrageously gorgeous place to skydive. If you are visiting Honolulu or Waikiki, let help you book a complete skydiving experience in the most beautiful locale in the United States!

Race Gravity with in Honolulu Hawaii! is the #1 choice for first time skydivers. Honolulu in Hawaii will get you jumping out of a perfectly good airplane in no time! Fly high above the mountains and rain forests of Oahu during a high-adrenaline experience that is unlike anything you will see or do in Hawaii!

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Tandem Skydiving in Honolulu

Tandem Skydiving

At 14,000 feet above the island of Oahu, no one can hear your delighted screams… New skydivers start here! Learn more…

Honolulu Certified Skydiving

Advanced Training

Our affiliate network Honolulu Skydiving Schools offer the perfect training courses for your first solo skydive. Get certified today! Learn more…

Skydiving Videos in Honolulu, Hawaii

Video Packages

At Honolulu, we love freefall skydiving… And video evidence keeps the experience fresh forever! Say cheese…

Skydiving Gift Certificates

Gift Certificates

Boring gifts are for boring people! Get one of our Honolulu Skydiving Gift Certificates for the daredevil in your life! Get yours…

There’s a Party in the Honolulu sky…

…And you can consider this your invitation to join an amazing community for the event of a lifetime…

14,000 feet above Hawaii!

The city of Honolulu is known for it’s breathtaking scenery, and all of this magnificence is exactly why we think Honolulu is an outrageously gorgeous place to skydive. From the stunning scenery that the ocean view provides to the pristine beaches and shorelines, to the opportunities for whale watching excursions and chances to see different varieties of dolphins and sea lions frolicking in the sun, Honolulu is a place full of wonder and amazement.
If you happen to be in Hawaii and want to get a chance to take in more of what the islands have to offer without trying to spring for a private tour in a helicopter, why not opt for skydiving instead?
After your initial leap, you’ll free fall back down to our network dropzone but while you’re beneath the canopy waiting to arrive, take a good look around… You can see for miles all over the island and the surrounding areas. While up there you may have a chance to spot Diamond Head or portions of the historic Museum of Pearl Harbor or Hanauma Bay where snorkelers may spot you too as they break the surface of the water, you can wave and they’ll wave back!
No matter what you choose to do or whether you have opportunity to see anything other than organically designed attractions in Honolulu, you’re guaranteed the experience of a lifetime!

Hit the skies at 120 mph! Nothing is faster!
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Tandem Skydiving in Honolulu, Hawaii

Maximum Excitement: Ready to Tandem Skydive?

You find yourself perched at the edge of the airplane door as it opens to reveal 14,000 feet between you and the Hawaiian beaches… Cool air hits your face as your tandem master gives you last minute instructions and checks all key hooks and straps. Waikiki appears far away and in miniature… Even the clouds seem to be miles below. Your dream of skydiving in Hawaii is finally at hand!

Your turn is up. The jump light turns green and your tandem master tells you to lean your head back as he prepares to launch. Your pulse races as you steel your nerve and prepare for your first skydive! The anticipation is almost unbearable!

Your next step will change your life!

In the blink of an eye, you are out of the plane. The wind hits your ears with a roar as you accelerate towards terminal velocity. The feeling is indescribable as you adjust to your new reality…. Skydiving through the clouds at 120 miles per hour high! At your request, your tandem master then begins to spin and fly in a way that you have never experienced before. This is the crucial part of your skydive that you will definitely want caught on video!

After 30-60 seconds of high-adrenaline, high-action freefall, your tandem master gives you the signal to pull the ripcord. With a firm tug, the parachute releases and your fall slows dramatically as the chute inflates. The Hawaiian scenery below you comes into sharp focus and silence replaces the loud rush of freefall. Your 5 to 10 minute canopy ride is peaceful, serene and offers a view that very few have been brave enough to see. Soak it in! The canopy ride back down to solid ground is the perfect climax to your tandem skydive!

Your Best Choice for skydiving!

When one thinks of Honolulu it’s impossible not conjure up an image of something beautiful in nature. From the multiple beaches, to the breathtaking cliffside views, to the cascading waterfalls and multitudes of various types of flowers and blossoms, some of which are so unique that they literally only grow in volcanic ash and bloom by the light of the moon. Which is precisely why a Tandem skydive will serve to be nothing short of perfection.

Just envision yourself jumping from the plane and falling at speeds rarely experienced by human beings only to have your instructor deploy your chute, wherein you have the chance to sit in a state of relaxation as you slowly drift for roughly a few thousand feet toward the dropzone drop zone. While beneath the canopy, you may have the chance to take in the beauty and wonder that only a city on one of the Hawaiian Islands can provide. If you think you’re ready for the amazing adventure that a Tandem skydive will entail, give us a call today to reserve your jump time!

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Honolulu Skydiving School

Skydiving School

Ready, set, jump! …If only it was as easy as that!

Throwing yourself out of a plane might seem crazy. For some people, the idea of skydiving is utter madness no matter how they look at it. For others, skydiving is an adrenaline rush that they want to feel again and again! If you are an adrenaline junkie like us, get ready for a mind blowing experience with Accelerated FreeFall Skydiving Training!

Now, you might be wondering, “What’s the difference between Accelerated Free Fall and Tandem Skydiving?” Accelerated Free Fall is skydiving on an entirely new level. Instead of your instructor being strapped to you, your AFF program consists of two instructors (or one in some cases) who jump with you and help guide your free fall. Once your parachute opens, you are given either radio or hand signals to guide you safely back to the dropzone. If you’ve acquired a taste for the rush of the sport after your first tandem skydive, then enrolling in a course with one of Honolulu’s affiliate skydiving schools is the best thing you can do to learn.

AFF levels consist of the following:

Don’t trust your skydive in Honolulu to just anyone! Go with the best network of affiliate skydiving dropzones in the Aloha State and across America! No one battles with gravity more than the skydiving junkies at the dropzone near you!

Among the topics you’ll be taught, on the first day at your Skydiving School, will be basic skydiving procedures, free fall body position, safety routines, canopy deployment, and canopy control. You’ll complete the actual skydive later that same day or on the following day. This depends on time, weather and instructor availability.

The first jump of your Accelerated Free Fall course involves jumping from approximately 14,000 feet. Two instructors will be with you through the entire experience. You’ll be required to respond to hand signals from the instructor, check the altimeter, and practice deploying the parachute (prior to actual deployment). You’ll also receive instructions from radio equipment to guide you as you glide to the landing zone. After your first jump through the Hawaii sky, the instructor will examine the video and find ways for you to improve all around. If they’re satisfied with your performance, congratulations! You are ready for the next level.

With a vast number of affiliates in our network, Honolulu will help you find a great place to learn skydiving in Hawaii or almost anywhere across the Unites States.

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Honolulu Skydiving Video Packages

Relive the Flight! Film the rush with your Skydiving Video!

Depending on which video package and skydiving center you’ve chosen, you may receive still photos with the approximately 5-7 minute video of your skydiving experience. All videos are professionally edited with added music to give an original spin on your experience. It gives you the opportunity to relive the adventure on your own terms. We want you to have the most personal skydiving experience in Honolulu.

Capture the most exciting adventure of your life on tape by taking advantage of Skydiving Video packages. With a record of your jump, you can relive the excitement over and over again with family and friends! Some of your commonly asked questions on Skydiving Video Packages are answered below:

Yes! We encourage you to bring your own camera to take pictures before and after your experience, but the rush is too intense to maintain hold of a camera during your skydive. The videographers use helmet mounted cameras to keep steady and organize just the right shots for your skydiving video. In many cases, you can also opt for a GoPro video made by your Tandem Master at a great low price! Leave all the work to the professionals, because you’ll be too busy having fun to hold a camera anyway!

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Honolulu Skydiving Gift Certificates Honolulu Gift Certificates

Do you want to share your unforgettable adventure with family or friends? Whether it is your friend’s birthday, anniversary, or graduation, give them a Honolulu Gift Certificate! We are committed to making sure that your family and friends will have the exhilarating experience you expect! Contact us today if you have any questions. Our customer support staff is ready to help seven days a week. Honolulu certificates are valid at over 80 of our partner skydiving centers nationwide. Book with us and we’ll send the gift certificate via mail right away. Honolulu gift certificates also have a 2-year redemption policy so there’s no rush for the recipient to claim your gift. They can go to any of our partner facilities within the given time period.

Tandem Skydiving Gift Certificates

There is no better way to wow your loved ones than with a tandem skydiving gift certificate from Honolulu! Their day will start out with a short, basic instruction briefing on the art of tandem skydiving. Once the instruction is over, it’s go time! They will be suited up to their certified instructor and board the airplane. The airplane will reach an altitude ranging between 10,000 to 14,000 feet (depending on the package purchased) before the first tandem skydivers are allowed to exit the airplane.

Now comes the fun part! Students will exit the aircraft and reach speeds of 120mph in the blink of an eye. Their adrenaline will be rushing harder than ever before as they experience a 30 to 60 second free fall, all while gravity pulls them towards Hawaii. The canopy will be deployed after the free fall is complete and your loved one will partake in a relaxing canopy ride over the skies of the Aloha State for the next 5 to 7 minutes. Would you believe that the fun is still not over? If they choose, your loved one can relax at the dropzone and discuss their experience with other first time jumpers, as well as with experienced skydivers! What are you waiting for? Give them an experience of a lifetime with a tandem skydiving gift certificate from Honolulu!

Accelerated Freefall Gift Certificates

If you know a friend or family member who has already been on a skydiving experience, take them to the next level! Accelerated Free Fall skydiving allows them to jump out of a perfectly good airplane, with no instructor attached to them! Honolulu will ensure that your loved one has the time of their life with this exciting, once in a lifetime opportunity.

It all starts with a 4 to 6 hour class that will go over the correct maneuvers and techniques involved in the art of skydiving. Students will have the option to complete their level 1 accelerated freefall skydive on the same day as the training class or come back within 30 days to complete the jump. The class can drain them quite a bit, so we typically recommend to come back the following day… Honolulu wants to make sure they are fully relaxed before making the big jump.

The recipient of the Honolulu gift certificate will exit the aircraft with 2 certified instructors next to him/her. All of the skills and techniques learned in the training class will now come into play. Once the canopy is fully deployed, a 3rd instructor will ensure that you land safely on the ground, in the designated area. Once completed, your loved one will have the option to continue their skydiving training up to level 7!

Get Your Gift Certificate!

Our gift certificates are good for two years from your purchase date and are valid at our Honolulu, Hawaii location as well as over 80 other locations across the United States!

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