Hattiesburg: Skydiving is the Ultimate Experience!

Imagine yourself free-falling through the sky at speeds of up to 120 mph, taking in the amazing views of Mississippi’s lush Oak forests and historic city of Hattiesburg. Make this the year you get the experience of a lifetime with the help of Hattiesburg. Whether you’re a first-timer ready to conquer your fears, or you’re an experienced adrenaline-rush junkie, there is the perfect package just waiting for you to have an unforgettable experience.

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We promise you will never regret it! Hattiesburg: Mississippi’s Ultimate Skydiving Experience!
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Imagine yourself free-falling through the sky at speeds of up to 120 mph, taking in the amazing views of Mississippi’s lush Oak forests and historic city of Hattiesburg. Make this the year you get the experience of a lifetime with Hattiesburg. Whether you’re a first-timer ready to conquer your fears, or you’re an experienced adrenaline-rush junkie, Hattiesburg has the perfect package for an unforgettable experience.

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We promise you will never regret it!

Nothing says ‘love’ more than jumping out of an airplane together, so why not bring a friend, or give a gift certificate? There is no better present than soaring through the air, safely enjoying the majestic scenery, so call today to book your jump or get further information. Even if you still have lingering doubts, call and talk to one of our experts. We’re here to safely make your dreams a reality.

Tandem Skydiving near Hattiesburg, Mississippi

Tandem Skydiving

Experience the thrill, the rush, the wind soaring past your body as you fly through the air securely attached to a certified experienced instructor who will be doing almost all the work. All you have to do is scream with pleasure, enjoy the stunning scenery, imagine your friends’ faces they see the video of you jumping out of an airplane…and smile for the camera. Enjoy all the thrills. Learn more…

Advanced Skydive Training in Hattiesburg, Mississippi

Advanced Training

Got the skydiving bug and looking for new ways to experience the thrill? Hattiesburg has you covered. You can partake in one of two solo skydiving courses: Accelerated Free Fall and Tandem Progression. Our experts will test your knowledge and skills and help choose the right path for you. Let the best teach you the skills to take your jumps to the next level and experience the ultimate: SOLO freefall. Learn more…

Skydiving Video Packages - Hattiesburg, Mississippi

Video Packages

Preserve every moment of your incredible experience with one of a couple special video packages. Imagine the amazed looks and nods of respect from family and friends when they watch you bravely soar through the air. There are a variety of options to fit your budget. And, yes, the videos are social media-friendly, so you can share your thrill widely and blow up your social media feed. Learn more…

Jump the fear and skydive in Mississippi today by calling 256-736-5553!

Experience the Ultimate Rush

Think of skydiving as a “fringe” sport? Still have your grandfather’s voice in your head saying, “Who in their right mind would jump out of a perfectly good airplane?”

It’s not, and yes, grandpa, the answer is roughly 3.5 million.

With Hattiesburg’s friendly and expert help, you can join that crowd that can sit in the corner with a steely glint in their eye that says, “Yeah, I jumped out of an airplane. How about you?”

Last year alone, the United States Parachute Association estimated 3.5 million people jumped out of perfectly good airplanes and you can, too. Join the growing numbers of thrill-seekers who are conquering their fears and taking the plunge.

The Hattiesburg promise: You’ll never experience anything like it.

Imagine the roller coaster of emotions as you come to the training center, meet your instructor and fellow divers; learn all about the safety equipment; feel the strength of the carabiners and ropes that will be tethering you to your expert jumper; get fitted for your jumping gear – Yes, they all look like oversized technicolor trash bags. And soon it’s time to board the plane for your big adventure.

The plane climbs as you try to balance your emotions, and before you know it you’re escorted to the open doors and are suddenly falling through the sky.

Emotions turn to unimaginable joy as the wind rushes past your goggles and presses against your body. And then with a fluttering thud, the parachute opens and you sail blissfully through the air wishing you had more eyes to take in the breathtaking scenery. Your eyes scan to the nearby Leaf and Bouie Rivers and then to the skyline of historic Hattiesburg and then to the surrounding woodlands and you have a better appreciation for why this beautiful area is called the Pine Belt.

And then you land and immediately either grab the video of your jump to relive the experience. Or you book your next skydive.

All this awaits you; just give us a call to get started.

Whether you are a first-timer or a seasoned veteran, Hattiesburg can set you up with the perfect package to make your thrilling day one to remember. These instructors are experienced friendly and certified by the USPA. They put your safety first, so you can relax and soak in all the sensations of your thrill of a lifetime. Hattiesburg offers group and holiday discounts as well as gift certificates for those looking to give the gift of adrenaline.

Get Ready for the Time of Your Life by Skydiving in MS!

At the dropzone, you get a unique backdrop for your epic adventure. Warm weather, friendly people and tremendous scenery await. Your jump could give you perfect view of the lush forests of the Pine Belt, the shimmering waters of the Leaf and Bouie rivers, and the skyline of Mississippi’s historic City of Hattiesburg.

But there’s more….

Following your jump, pumped full of energy, excitement a massive dose of pride, you’ll want to roam around the historic city of Hattiesburg. Located in central Mississippi about 100 miles from the capital of Jackson, there is something for everybody in Hattiesburg from the arts, to restaurants, to museums and a even a zoo.

But fresh off your thrilling trip through the skies, you’ll likely first want to enjoy some of the local food, such as a mouth-watering local favorite: Sweet tea-brined chicken. You can wash that down with the local sweet tea, or choose to enjoy the Hattiesburg craft brew scene as the city boasts the largest number of craft beer bars in the state.

With bellies full and thirst quenched, you may want to check out the local sites. The chief attraction might be the iconic Hattiesburg Depot. Built in 1910 by the Southern Railway Company, this Italian Renaissance-styled 14,000 square-foot building has recently been restored by the city and now serves as a transportation center for rail, bus and taxi as well as hosting exhibitions and events.

For museum or military enthusiasts, Hattiesburg is home to the African American Military History Museum as well as the Armed Forces Museum at Camp Shelby, which is also home to the largest National Guard training base east of the Mississippi River and is the largest state-owned training site in the nation.

Hattiesburg also has the historic Saenger Theater, which hosts musical acts and plays that are open to the public, or enjoy a stroll through the 12-acre Hattiesburg Zoo, home to nearly 80 species of wildlife.

Hattiesburg has it all, and it’s waiting for you.

Enjoy the experience of a lifetime. Call Hattiesburg at 256-736-5553 today!

Tandem Skydiving near Hattiesburg, Mississippi Tandem Skydiving near Hattiesburg, Mississippi

Tandem Skydiving in Mississippi: An Unparalleled Experience!

The whir of the plane’s propellers as it slowly climbs. The tingling sensation of nerves, anxiety and excitement. The thumping of your heart as the plane’s door opens and your expert instructor moves you into position.

Suddenly, you jump.

Fear and anxiety transform into adrenaline and awe as you gaze upon the beautiful Southern Mississippi landscape. The rivers shimmering in the golden sunlight, the verdant pines and oaks. It’s a view and experience unlike any other. This is the moment you’ve been waiting for ever since you courageously booked your adventure with Hattieburg, so you soak it all in. And if you don’t, you can thank yourself for choosing a video package to forever preserve these incredible moments.

You soar majestically through the air, wishing these moments would never end. But the ground creeps closer, your friendly instructor attached to your back expertly guides you to the landing zone and your feet hit the ground.

You did it. You successfully jumped out of an airplane and not only lived to tell the tale, but you’ve got videos to post to all your friends to prove it.

Tandem jumping is the most popular way for first-timers to enjoy the heart-pumping thrills of skydiving. It involves being attached to your friendly instructor via a snug and secure harness. Essentially, you will wear your instructor as a human backpack on your nerve-tingling plunge back to Earth. The instructor is directly in charge of your safety and will do almost all the work, leaving you free to enjoy the ride and the breath-taking views.

Ready to book your adventure, but still have lingering doubts or fears? Not a problem. Honestly, jumping out of an airplane is not for everybody and it’s not without inherent risk. But here’s the thing: It’s actually quite safe.

According to the United States Parachute Association, skydiving safety has steadily increased over the years and is now the safest it has ever been.

But chances are your friends don’t know this and will admire your incredible bravery. Don’t worry, we won’t tell them.

And that new backpack buddy of yours? He or she is highly-experienced, trained and certified by the USPA. Your instructor isn’t just on your back, he or she has got your back, too.

The Federal Aviation Administration requires all instructors to have at least:

  • Three years of skydiving experience
  • A minimum of 500 skydives
  • A master parachute license from an FAA-approved organization

Instructors also need to pass a certification course from the manufacturer of the parachute being used as well as pass a FAA medical exam. These are highly experienced people.

And it’s not just the competency of the instructors guarding your safety, it’s the equipment.

Tandem jumping requires a large parachute (360 square feet or bigger) to accommodate the weight of two passengers. The FAA requires all of those to be equipped with a main and reserve parachute as well as an automatic activation device. These are extra safety measures designed to deploy the parachute in the event skydivers are still at freefall at a certain altitude.

And the ropes and carabiners that harness you to your human backpack buddy? Those aren’t budging until you hit the ground and your new friend is slapping your back and shaking your hand.

Again, feel free to omit all those facts for your grand video showings, but skydiving is a lot safer than people think.

Tandem Parachuting in Hattiesburg! Tandem Parachuting in Hattiesburg!

What to Expect from a Tandem Skydive in Mississippi

For starters, you can expect a thrilling one-of-a-kind adventure that will stay with you long after your feet hit the ground. And, should you choose one of the more popular video options, you’ll have a priceless video of your incredible day to show family and friends for years to come.

On the big day, you will arrive at our airfield and get hooked up with your instructor, who will be your new best friend and guardian angel for the day. You will be fitted for your diving suit and goggles and go through training exercises on skills like:

  • How to properly exit the aircraft
  • How to do maneuvers in freefall
  • How to deploy the main canopy (Your instructor is ultimately responsible for safely deploying the parachute). And more.
  • How to look cool for the camera is up to you.

Requirements and recommendations

It is a requirement in the United States that skydivers be at least 18 years old with a valid ID.

Recommendations include things like wearing proper attire, preferably loose-fitting clothing (things get a little snug in the harness) and proper, closed-toe footwear suitable for landing – You don’t wear snow boots to the beach; don’t wear sandals or flip-flops skydiving.

It is also recommended you eat a proper breakfast as the day consumes a lot of energy. And you should avoid the keg party down the street or bar-hopping with friends the night before and show up well-rested and hydrated.

Mostly, you should come with a smile and ready for a mind-blowing experience that will make you the envy of all your terra firma-loving friends.

Ready to take the plunge? Call Hattiesburg, MS at 256-736-5553 today!

Advanced Skydiving Training in Hattiesburg, Mississippi Advanced Skydiving Training in Hattiesburg, Mississippi

Take skydiving in Mississippi to the next level!

Want to cut the cord and take your skydiving experience to the next level? There are a pair of course options, accelerated freefall and tandem progression, where expert instructors will teach you all the skills necessary to spice up your jumps and ultimately experience freefall SOLO.

Accelerated Free Fall is a very popular program as it provides the fastest path towards to the ultimate experience of a solo free fall. Once bitten by the skydiving bug, you want to be able to experience the freedom of jumping unattached to an instructor. Plus, you’ll want to learn how to do some aerial acrobats for the camera as well. This Accelerated Free Fall program is the fastest way to get jumping and flipping on your own.

From the very first jump, you’ll be wearing your own parachute as you skydive with a pair of instructors holding your harness and coaching you on the way down.

If you prefer a more gradual introduction to the sport, the Tandem Progression course is perfect. Unlike accelerated freefall in which you are jumping on your own and attached to your instructors only by their grip, tandem progression offers the security of skydiving with your instructor attached to you back. It also allows students to learn at a more gradual pace rather than being fed a large amount of information at once.

After three tandem dives, you will transition to the Accelerated Free Fall program.

Both programs teach you all the skills necessary to be able to: exit the plan, perform aerial maneuvers, monitor your location and altitude, deploy your parachute and land on your own. They will also get you closer to the magic 25 skydives necessary to qualify for a United States Parachute Association A-License, which will allow you to skydive on your own at any USPA-approved center.

If you are unsure which program is best for you call our friendly experts at Hattiesburg and we’ll help figure out what is the best method for you.

Accelerated Free Fall Training in Hattiesburg, Mississippi Accelerated Free Fall Training in Hattiesburg, Mississippi

Accelerated Free Fall: Go Solo Faster!

Accelerated Free Fall is an extremely popular program because it’s the fastest way to learn everything you need to experience solo free fall and ultimately be able to skydive on your own.

More advanced than tandem skydiving where an instructor is physically harnessed to a jumper’s back, in Accelerated Free Fall, student skydivers will be accompanied by one or two expert instructors for at least three jumps. In initial jumps, the instructors hold the student’s harness and assist on the descent using hand-signals to communicate. All the hand signals are part of the extensive pre-jump training course taken prior to hopping on the airplane.

The AFF course takes place both on the ground and during dives. We will teach you equipment basics, emergency procedures, proper canopy deployment procedures, free fall techniques, communication techniques and a variety of other topics to best prepare you for your first solo free fall.

Initial jumps are focused on basic body positioning, altitude monitoring, tracking, proper parachute deployment and landing skills – everything you will need for your first solo free fall.

If the student runs into trouble at any point, the instructors are there to assist. Instructors can even deploy a student’s parachute themselves, if needed, as extra parachute “pull” handles are installed on student gear to make it easier for instructors to assist. All student parachutes are also equipped with an Automatic Activation Device that will fire the reserve parachute if the student is still in freefall at a certain altitude.

After students have proven they have learned the basic flying skills to progress, instructors will then move to release dives, where the student is told the instructor will release hold of the harness at a certain point – although they are still close by to assist if needed.

Once you’ve mastered those skills, it’s time to start showing off by learning how to control your body and fall-rate during aerial maneuvers – flips, turns, barrel rolls. Although you’ll be having a blast, these maneuvers are about more than just having fun, they are aimed at proving you can perform a disorienting move and regain control. Finally, you are ready to feel what skydiving is all about.

Once your advanced free fall training is complete, you are prepared, if you choose, to move on to coached jumps, where you will be taught the skills necessary to be able to skydive safely with others.

Each coached dive is aimed at teaching a specific skill that you can then go practice on your own. This has the added benefit of building your jump-count towards the 25 necessary to obtain an A-License from the United States Parachute Association. This license will allow you to make unsupervised solo jumps at any drop zone as well as pack their main parachute, engage in basic group jumps and water jumps.

Hattiesburg, Mississippi Tandem Progression Skydiving Training Hattiesburg, Mississippi Tandem Progression Skydiving Training

Experience Solo Free Fall Your Way!

If you prefer a more gradual introduction to the sport, the Tandem Progression course is perfect. Unlike Accelerated Free Fall in which you are jumping on your own and attached to your instructors only by their grip, Tandem Progression offers the security of skydiving with your instructor attached to your back. It also allows students to learn at a more gradual pace rather than being fed a large amount of information at once.

If you are unsure which program is best for you call our friendly experts at Hattiesburg 256-736-5553 and we will help figure out what is the best method for you.

In the Tandem Progression program, you will make three jumps with your instructor harnessed to your back. During each jump, the instructor will be teaching you skills and giving you a little bit more responsibility as your knowledge-base and confidence grow.

You will learn how to execute free fall maneuvers, monitor you altitude and deploy your parachute properly. Your instructor will also help you perform simulated emergency maneuvers that you were taught on the ground.

By your third tandem jump, your instructor will be giving you more and more control, allowing you to show off what you’ve learned and also to work on locating the airport unassisted and entering the landing pattern properly.

After landing your third jump, you should be brimming with confidence and ready to transition into the Accelerated Free Fall program.

During this phase, you will shed the instructor off your back and instead jump alongside a pair of instructors, who will physically hold you, but will not be attached.

Similar to tandem, your instructor will work alongside you giving you real-time critiques and advice.

Again, the goal will be to allow you more and more control with each successive jump, eventually transitioning to jumping alongside just one instructor. Now that your skills and confidence are improving, it’s time to have some real fun and you’ll begin working on flips, barrel rolls and other aerial acrobatics in freefall. Although these look cool, your instructor is actually testing you and allowing you to practice the ability to regain control after disorienting maneuvers. By this point, most students are landing unassisted and your training is complete.

Ready to leap into solo skydiving? Call Hattiesburg today at 256-736-5553!

Hattiesburg Skydiving Video Packages Hattiesburg Skydiving Video Packages

Be a Video Star!

You likely wouldn’t skip the videographer at your wedding, so don’t do it for your epic skydive either. If you’re going to jump out of a plane, you better have a good video to share with family and friends, or that co-worker by the water cooler who doubts your awesomeness.

You never get a second chance for a first jump, so make sure you have it documented with video offerings. Or if you’re a jump junkie, you may want to consider the video packages to capture and share some new free fall acrobatics. Either way, we have you covered.

Picture your family and friends gathered in your living room watching your video. The instructor will capture it all from your tepid wave as you board the airplane to the nervous glances and deep breaths as the plane climbs to jump height to your courageous leap in the blue sky. Skydive professionals will capture your delighted screams and beaming smiles on your free fall and the wonder and awe of your canopy ride as you soak in the breathtaking sights of Pine Belt region of Hattiesburg. The whole epic experience will all be preserved forever. Hattiesburg can set you up with a variety of video packages so you can relive your epic jump over and over again. The best package is a videographer who will professionally capture your entire experience. Your videographer will capture you boarding the plane and your expressions as the plane climbs to altitude and your exit from the plane. But it doesn’t stop there. Your videographer will jump alongside you, filming your entire free fall as well as your landing and your all-important post-jump celebration – so make sure it’s worthy of the occasion.

Or, if you’re on a tight budget, check out the affordable GoPro video option. This will get footage from a GoPro portable camera that will be mounted on your instructor, so this will provide a first-person view of your exit, freefall, canopy ride and landing.

Skydiving offers one of the best backdrops for your video you can imagine. While of course, you will be the star of your video and will cherish reliving your gleeful screams and beaming smiles all the way down, you’ll also appreciate the scenery. The lush forests of the Pine Belt of central Mississippi, the shimmering waters of the Leaf and Bouie rivers. Your video can have it all.

All videos are professionally edited at the partner dropzone and come in formats easily shared on social media. Warning: Your social media feeds are likely to blow up when you post your jump footage.

You will love showing the video over and over again and feel free to film the facial expressions of your family and friends as they watch you bravely hurl yourself out of an airplane and plunge toward Earth. Some moments are priceless.

Catch every moment of your thrilling jump.

Be a star in the sky! Call 256-736-5553 Today!

Hattiesburg Skydiving Gift Certificates Hattiesburg Skydiving Gift Certificates

Give The Ultimate Experience!

Looking for the perfect gift? Don’t give the ordinary. Roses die, candy ends up…well, we all know where it ends up. Clothing? Glorified closet decorations. Your loved one, friend or client deserves more.

Be extraordinary. Give the ultimate gift of adrenaline, excitement and an experience they’ll never forget. Give the gift of flight.

Our partners offer the best skydiving experience in the area, whether for experienced jumpers or the first-timer. A friendly and ultra-experienced instructors make the entire day easy and fun and our tandem jump certificates are perfect for anybody who wants to experience the spine-tingling joys of skydiving all while safely harnessed to an experienced certified instructor. All the novice jumper has to do is scream with delight and enjoy the view. Can you think of a better gift than that? We can’t either.

And whether your gift recipient wants to jump overlooking the beautiful Pine Belt of central Mississippi or elsewhere in the country, we’ve got you covered. Our gift certificates are accepted at more than 80 partner centers around the country and are fully transferable.

You’ll also want to take advantage of our video gift certificate package because what good is buying your friend or loved one this epic experience without being able to see it for yourself?

You’ll be able to see it all with our video offerings, whether it be a first-person view of the experience or a full-fledged professional video shot by somebody who actually skydives alongside your friend. You’ll see every scream, every smile, every thrilling moment and feel the glowing satisfaction of giving the perfect gift.

Your friend already an adrenaline addict experienced at hurling themselves out of airplanes? They’ll be the first to tell you skydiving gets expensive. Give them what they crave. In addition to the tandem jump package, we also offer a gift certificate for Accelerated Free Fall Level 1 skydive – the first step toward taking skydiving to a whole new level and experiencing solo free fall.

Unsure which package is best? Call our friendly experts today at Hattiesburg 256-736-5553 and talk with our experts. We’ll hook you up with the perfect package. And don’t worry, our gift certificates come with all the perks. They are:

  • Valid two years from purchase date
  • Accepted at more than 80 partner skydiving centers, so whether they are diving in MS or while on vacation, their dive is covered.
  • Fully transferable
  • Full customer service is available seven days a week.

Our gift certificate packages cover both tandem and accelerated freefall (Level 1) dives and come with or without videos. It’s up to you.

Make this the year you reach for the sky and give the perfect gift. Your friend or loved one will never forget it.

Get Your Gift Certificate!

You can now purchase online right thru But you might want to give one of our friendly experts a call to see if we are running any specials or if you qualify for any discounts!

Shop on!

Give the Incredible: A Ride With Gravity. Call Hattiesburg at 256-736-5553 today! Hattiesburg

If you’re going to jump out of an airplane to experience the ultimate thrill, make sure you do it with the best. At Hattiesburg partners, you can have it all. These friendly, expert instructors will make your day a memorable one whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned veteran. Our partners offer full video services so you’ll have the the video of your epic day to show to friends and family over and over. Gift certificates are also available for those looking to give a gift that won’t be forgotten. We promise an experience you’ll cherish forever.

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