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The people here at Hastings know the ins and outs of skydiving. The expert staff knows how to give you the best possible experience, and a team of expert professionals value safety first and foremost. Whether you’re a beginner, veteran, or anything in between, these skydiving packages are suited just for you! Rest assured that we have everything you can imagine to satisfy your adrenaline-seeking needs!

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The people here at Hastings know the ins and outs of skydiving. Hastings Skydiving knows how to give you the best possible experience, and our team of expert professionals value safety first and foremost. Whether you’re a beginner, veteran, or anything in between, our offers are suited just for you! Rest assured that we have everything you can imagine to satisfy your adrenaline-seeking needs!

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Hastings Skydiving - Skydiving in Hastings

We understand skydiving can seem daunting to newcomers, but with a team of professionals here to personalize your experience to fit your individual needs and comfort, you have nothing to worry about! Test your boundaries and explore Nebraska in the best possible way. Call us today to get started. Hastings Will Help Fulfill All Of Your Skydiving Needs!

Hastings Skydiving - Tandem Skydiving near Hastings, Nebraska

Tandem Skydiving

Beginning jumpers are automatically paired with the most experienced and professional skydivers on their first go-round. This way, you can still get all the thrills and freedom that comes with skydiving without worrying for a second about safety. Tap into your wild side, explore the open skies, and leave the rest to the professionals. Learn more…

Hastings Skydiving - Advanced Skydive Training in Hastings, Nebraska

Skydiving Certification

There are several courses for those of you looking to become experienced skydivers. Visit a dropzone near you today to explore this extensive training catalog including Tandem Jump Progression and Accelerated Free Fall. Become a certified jumper with us and let the perks fly in. Do we hear training bells in your future?Learn more…

Hastings Skydiving - Skydiving Video Packages - Hastings, Nebraska

Video Packages

Sure, you can tell your friends about the amazing time you had skydiving, but there’s always that slim chance that they won’t believe you. Choose an accommodating video package and prove to everyone (even yourself) how you had the courage to fly through the skies.
Learn more…

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Skydiving can seem overwhelming at first. Trust us, if anyone understands the physical and mental leap that’s required to make the move, it’s us. Not only does it take courage and determination, but it also takes trust and a solid support team. The good thing, and something that will help calm your anxious mind, is that with Hastings, we’re on your side. Our affiliate dropzones are staffed with certified professionals and we value safety and comfort first and foremost.

You can trust that when we tell you that you won’t find another center as knowledgeable, inclusive, and considerate of your needs as our partners. There’s a wide range of skydiving services offered in your area, so there’s something for every type of skydiver at every level.

If you’re skydiving for the first time as part of an awesome group of adrenaline junkies, we have special incentives for you. There are even group packages specifically for those jumping hand-in-hand – well, not literally, but you’re tackling this one surrounded by your loved ones and we think you deserve a break for that. We offer discounted rates for large parties and we offer special rates for holidays too! Hastings partner dropzones are also great for team building exercises. You can gather your daredevil friends from the office and bond in the best possible way. It’ll give those hesitant ones a chance to step out and be bold, and it’ll show the big boss just how much of a team player you are. Just imagine it: you’re gliding through clear skies with your team members in the distance on Saturday, and you’re together again on Monday with a newfound appreciation and connection with them. Sign your group up today, watch the savings roll in, and get ready to be the Group Favorite.

Best Place to Skydive in Nebraska!

Hastings is a quaint city with a population of around 25,000 people, and it sits in the heart of South Nebraska. The city, although relatively small, is as progressive and exciting as ever. Hastings holds a steady and dedicated focus on commerce, industry, healthcare, agriculture, and most importantly, ensuring that its residents have the absolute best opportunities to thrive. Hastings College is listed as one of the top liberal arts schools in the entire country, so the community of artists, creatives, and individual thinkers is steadily growing. The city is also home to tons of festivals, shows, shopping, and for the golf enthusiasts out there, golf courses, including one that’s PGA certified!

The Hastings Museum of Natural and Cultural History is the largest museum between Chicago and Denver. Its theater features a 65-foot wide screen that shows Hollywood hits like the animated movie “Moana” and the series “National Parks Adventure,” where guests are immersed in the outdoor world with narration from Oscar winner Robert Redford. You can see films like “Earthflight” where you experience aerial flight on the wings of birds, and “Extreme Weather” where you get an up-close perspective on the most dangerous and thrilling natural forces to rock our worlds. The museum also houses a one-of-a-kind planetarium that’ll help you clear up any confusion you have about the skies above, including whether that light you see every night is actually a star or simply a passing plane.

The agricultural landscape of Hastings provides the perfect platform for skydiving. In its nearly 14-square mile space, you have plush greenery, farmland, comfortable weather conditions, and open skies. Imagine flying through the open air and witnessing the bare Earth without distractions. You won’t have skyscrapers or large buildings blocking your view. You’ll instead have the opportunity to truly be one with your surroundings. It’s just you and the open space, vibrant hues of green all around you and dazzling views of blue above you.

While diving with us, you’ll also get to set your sights on the top monuments in Hastings like the Jacob Fisher Rainbow Fountain that sits in Highland Park. The fountain was originally created as an exhibit in 1932 for the Adams County Fair, but later became a real symbol of hope and promise for the residents during the Great Depression. The fountain shoots streams of colored water that reach a staggering height of 67 feet. Guests can visit the park any day to get their daily dose of vibrant colors like magentas, oranges, blues, and reds. Imagine gliding through the sky and seeing those colors shooting up toward you. Talk about excitement!

Fun fact: Hastings is also the city where Kool-Aid® was born. Yes, your favorite sugary drink comes from Nebraska. In the spirit of adventure and celebration, you should have a nice tall glass waiting for you after your dive. Touch the ground, run to your beverage of choice, and take a refreshing gulp.

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Hastings Skydiving - Tandem Skydiving near Hastings, Nebraska

Tandem Skydivers: Voyagers Of The Sky!

Tandem skydiving is the most popular choice for many reasons. For one, if you’re a first timer or simply someone who prefers to have an in-air partner, this option is the best choice by design.

Diving in tandem means the student will be connected to the instructor by a harness. During the entire trip, the instructor will guide your way. From the actual jump to the free fall, to managing the canopy and then safely landing, the instructor will do all the work. The student can enjoy the thrill and fun of the jump without worrying about the logistics. It’s the perfect choice for those looking to still have fun without dealing with the hassle of the jump. The student isn’t completely off the hook, however. You will still go through training on your own on how to properly exit the plane, how to control your body while in the air, and how to deploy the canopy yourself, but it’s primarily for educational purposes. When you’re actually in the air, the instructor is the person responsible for making sure all of the necessary steps are taken, so there’s a lot less pressure. Whew!

Tandem jumping is also more realistic and helpful for those who want to experience the joys of skydiving but are physically challenged. If you have an impairment or disability, there are certain sports and activities that are naturally a bit harder to partake in. If you have dreams of playing beach volleyball or running track with the best of the best, it can be quite difficult to actually achieve either if you rely on a wheelchair to get around. If you have dreams of being a competitive swimmer but have physical limitations, that dream could be hard to fulfill. The amazing thing about Tandem skydiving is that regardless of your abilities, there’s a high probability that you can still experience the sport in fullness. The glory of diving in tandem means you can strap yourself to the back of a professional diver and let yourself fly – safely, securely, and satisfyingly, like everyone else! Tandem skydiving does not discriminate.

Still on the fence? Let’s talk specifics about how Tandem skydiving is safe in more ways than one. Not only are you paired with a professional who knows the ins and outs of jumping, but the equipment you’ll be using is designed specifically for this type of skydiving experience. Modern Tandem skydiving systems come standard with a drogue parachute, which deploys soon after you jump out of the plane. This way, your speed is slowed and you can relish in the fact that you’re flying through the air. It increases the time of your trip, and it also keeps you on the same pace as your videographer, should you choose one. The Tandem parachute is also a lot larger than standard ones where people jump by themselves. This is to ensure that the chute can properly maintain the weight of two skydivers. By regulation, we’re required to have our main parachutes paired with backup parachutes in case of an emergency. These systems also come standard with an Automatic Activation Device that will deploy your backup chute automatically if it detects that you’re falling at a dangerous speed and at a dangerous height. The instructor you’re tethered to is also a veteran of the sport with a minimum of 3 years diving experience under his or her belt. On top of that, the instructors are also comfortable and at ease in the air with at least 500 dives on their record and an official skydiving license issued by the United States Parachute Association (USPA). If that isn’t enough, the instructors are also FAA certified and have passed the USPA Tandem Instructor Rating Course.

With these industry-regulated precautions in place along with experienced and professional skydivers literally connected to your person, you have absolutely nothing to worry about! Again, most skydivers select this carefree option because of its hassle-free nature that allows you to skydive until your heart’s content, all while being strapped to an expert who kindly does all the heavy lifting for you.

Imagine the glorious, open landscape of Hastings, Nebraska. You’re in the city you love, dreaming about the Kool-Aid you love even more, and soaring through the open skies. You’re trying to point out your house or your favorite restaurant, or you’re quite possibly instead staring straight ahead at the blue sky. Your mind is open. You feel like you can conquer the world. You feel free.

You aren’t worried about deadlines or that awful thing that happened at the office last week. You aren’t worried about emails or spreadsheets or once again fixing your coworker’s mistakes. You aren’t thinking about the fact that your lunch keeps mysteriously going missing.

You feel the weight and heaviness of the wind surrounding you, but you aren’t afraid. Your eyes are open, and you’re smiling. You’re comfortable because it’s a Tandem dive, and there’s no room for reservations. You trust your certified instructor. You allow yourself to let go and simply be.

Imagine being the freest you’ve ever felt and soaring over the landmarks and landscape you hold dearest to your heart.

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Hastings Skydiving - Advanced Skydiving Training in Hastings, Nebraska

You Can Also Become a Certified Trainer!

Like the sky itself the possibilities are endless with skydiving. Through advanced training options, you can become a certified United States Parachute Association (USPA) solo skydiver. This means you can take all the dives you want and also train newbies along the way!

In order for you to earn standard income from being a trainer, you must be at Level C, at minimum, from the USPA. Currently, the USPA offers four different types of licenses.

  • USPA – A

    Tthe first type of license given. These skydivers can jump without any supervision, they can pack their own parachute, and they can participate in basic group jumps. They must have completed 25 jumps, completed five group free falls, met all the requirements on the proficiency card, and received an official stamp and signature on either their USPA A License Proficiency Card or USPA A License Progression Card.

  • USPA – B

    The second level achievable when becoming a certified skydiving trainer. These divers must have completed 50 jumps including at least 30 minutes of controlled free falls and landing within ten meters of your target for ten instances. You must also be able to show demonstrated ability to perform in-air maneuvers, planned formations, and live water landings with full equipment – all in accordance with USPA standards. Lastly, you must be able to pass a written exam conducted by a board member.

  • USPA – C

    The third level of training certification, and this is the level where you can teach (non tandem!). Members at this level must be able to fulfill every duty at Level B in addition to 200 completed jumps with an accumulation of at least 60 minutes of free falls. You must have landed within two meters of your target center, you must be able to perform certain aerial maneuvers like barrel rolls and front loops, and you must have completed at least two points on an 8-way or larger dive. At Level C, you also have to pass a board exam.

  • USPA – D

    The golden level of certified skydivers. This is the level where you can teach tandem-style diving, and the level where most professionals earn the most income. For this level, members must have completed 500 jumps with three hours of controlled free falls, made two night jumps with specifications, and passed a written board exam. At this level, you’re also eligible for all other certification privileges.

Once you reach level D, your potential for being a successful skydiver is taken to a whole new dimension. Upon training new jumpers, you not only get to ease their worried minds about the act alone, but you also get to help someone conquer a fear or achieve a goal every single day! Level D trainers also get to help fellow certified jumpers too. If you know someone who wants to progress and get better at skydiving and eventually train themselves, you can administer the necessary exams and training to help them succeed!

Hastings Skydiving - Accelerated Free Fall Training in Hastings, Nebraska

The Fast Track To Your Skydiving Certification: Accelerated Free Fall.

Another method of training is Accelerated Free Fall. This happens to be the most common method of training, most likely because of how exciting this specific jump can be! For starters, the jump is called “accelerated” because of the progression of the dive. In comparison to a static line jump, where divers are connected to a steady object, this jump allows people to fall freely as quickly as possible. You typically start from a higher altitude of around 10,000 to 15,000 feet in the air, and you’re paired with at least one certified instructor. Once in the dive, you’re flying at high intensity, accelerated speeds. If you label yourself as any type of daredevil or adrenaline junkie, this type of dive, and this type of training, is certainly for you.

The actual method of learning is not complex, but because of the risk and speed involved, there’s in-depth training and credentials you must have before becoming a professional.

Typically, you’ll have two separate instructors to jump with you during your first three Accelerated Free Fall jumps. At the beginning of the process, the instructors will hold tightly on to you until you’re able to deploy your own parachute. It’s important to remember that the instructors diving with you have no tethered connection to you other than physically holding on. Once you reach an altitude around 6,000 feet above ground level, you’ll then be instructed to open your canopy or parachute. But don’t think you’re all alone here! The instructors flying with you will give you physical signs, like hand motions or gestures, when that’s required. If they sense that you’re having trouble opening your chute, they’ll be nearby to assist you. However, this method of training is still a learning opportunity, so only until all options have been exhausted for you to deploy your canopy yourself will your instructors physically open the parachute for you. There are usually alternate “pull” tabs attached to student divers, so instructors have easy access to help if they sense you’re in danger. But don’t worry! This isn’t intentionally done to scare or intimidate skydivers. This is done so each new skydiver has real opportunities to learn and be self-sufficient in the air. Remember, you’ll one day be certified in these specific jumps, so you’ll have to know the ins and outs of operating skydiving equipment.

Once you’ve proven multiple times that you can deploy your own parachute, you’ll then move on to the next phase of Accelerated Free Fall training. There, you’ll have chances to show your instructors that you know how to control your body and maneuver through the air without their assistance. You’ll then start the process of advancing through “release dives,” which are jumps where you’ll be disconnected from the instructor after a certain point in the fall. The instructor will still be nearby, but they may not have as close access as before, so it’s up to you to deploy your parachute in time and manage your jump correctly.

Once the skill of “release dives” has been mastered, jumpers can be downgraded to only one instructor, and that’s where the fun kicks in. Once you’ve proven that you have the capability to safely dive, control your body, and deploy your chute, you’ll then be able to learn tricks and moves that you can perform while in air. The instructor will help with aerial moves like turns, flips, and fall rate control. Although this is certainly an exciting aspect of advanced Accelerated Free Fall, these moves are actually taught to save your life. In the event of an uncontrolled or unexpected incident, it’s important that the divers know how to properly navigate the air, wind, and natural elements, and regain control of their bodies.

If you’d rather be your own captain and control the dive, then this option may be more satisfying. If you’d rather learn how to tackle intense, high-pressured situations thousands of feet above ground, then this exhilarating training method is definitely for you.

Hastings Skydiving - Hastings, Nebraska Tandem Progression Skydiving Training

Learn Tandem Progression!

Another method of training is Tandem Progression.

This method of training is for you if you’re a person who’d rather take it more slowly while learning the ins and outs of skydiving. If you’d rather not (metaphorically and otherwise) dive head first into such a thrilling sport, learning one thing at a time could be perfect for you. Tandem Progression is basically a combination of Tandem skydiving and the Accelerated Free Fall training program. This option is offered as an alternative to the more standard methods of skydiving training, but it’s one that’s just as helpful and beneficial to the new student.

With Tandem Progression, you’ll start off with separate Tandem jumps, which means you’ll be physically tethered to an instructor during the entire dive. You get to enjoy the ride (and the skies) without much pressure to perform yourself. The expert instructor will deploy the parachute, control the ride, and make sure you both have a safe landing. On each subsequent Tandem jump, however, you’ll be given more and more responsibility from your certified instructor. We’ve learned that through this method, beginning divers are able to continually jump and learn without having to ingest loads of information all at once. Imagine trying to learn the basics like chute deployment, in-air control, and landing safely at your designated space during your first ever jump! This is skydiving, after all, and even we understand that it can be a bit much.

Once you’ve proven that you can successfully jump in tandem, you’ll then move on to our accelerated freefall method where you’ll then have to deploy your parachute and manage your own flight over time. As you continually advance through the Tandem Progression program, you’ll become more of an expert at solo diving and everything it encompasses.

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Hastings Skydiving - Hasting Skydiving Video Packages

Your Skydiving Adventure Will Last A Lifetime.

So the big day is here. You’ve mustered up enough courage to finally do something that’s been weighing heavily on your heart and mind and that’s been sitting in bold letters on your bucket list. You’re with your closest friends, or perhaps you’re doing it alone, and you absolutely can’t wait! We’re happy for you and want you to always remember your amazing experience jumping out of a plane and exploring Nebraska! If you add a video package to your experience, you will never forget it!

There are two different packages for skydivers, and they are both appropriate regardless of what level you’re on. If you’re a beginning jumper or if you’ve been diving for years, a video package is a great way to commemorate your bold move! However, if this is your very first jump, we wholeheartedly encourage you to film it! What better way to honor and remember the time you faced your fears head on than to relive it through video? It’s the obvious and most perfect choice to keep those memories close.

With the first option, your instructor record your jump on a high quality, professional GoPro camera. The action-oriented camera is attached to your professional skydiving instructor, and the dive is recorded from a first person, up close perspective. Everything you see while in flight is seen through the lens and recorded. This means the clouds, the open skies, and the lush greenery below representing Nebraska is all there. This option is affordable and accessible for most divers who want to capture the experience without breaking the bank.

The second video package comes complete with your very own videographer. This package encompasses your entire skydiving trip from start to finish, and it’s catered to the diver who really wants a top-of-the-line experience.

With this option, you’ll have a professional videographer alongside you every step of the way. You’ll have precious footage of you as you board the plane, as you get ready for the actual jump, the exit, your entire flying trip, your safe landing, and of course, your celebration once you’re officially finished. With this option, you can relive the entire trip through every hurdle, every laugh, and every nerve-racking moment. Best of all, you’ll see the final product of overcoming your obstacles and how amazing you felt after it was all over. This videography package is top rated for many reasons, but perhaps the most important is how it beautifully captures a person’s process of challenge and triumph.

With a video on your side, you no longer have to prove your toughness. You don’t have to talk yourself silly trying to make your coworkers or friends or even family members believe how daring you are. All it takes is a push of a button, and your doubters will be forever silenced. Plus, you get to experience the thrill of skydiving over and over again because you have it permanently recorded and safely kept.

The user-friendly video is also formatted to be easily shared through all of your accounts. This means whether you’re scrolling on Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, or even a message sharing application, you can show your followers the day you achieved your goal!

All videos through the video packages come with professional handling and editing from your specific drop zone center.

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Hastings Skydiving - Hastings Skydiving Gift Certificates

Skydiving, The Greatest Gift You Can Give!

In addition to all of the varied skydiving opportunities that you can enjoy, we offer skydiving gift certificates. A gift certificate is truly the gift that keeps on giving. Not only are you showing someone that you love and care about them, but you’re giving them an opportunity that can truly change their life.

We offer gift certificates for Tandem skydiving, which is skydiving connected with a professional instructor during the entire trip, and we offer gift certificates for Accelerated Free Falls, a more advanced level of diving. Our certificates are redeemable at nearly 100 affiliate skydiving centers across the country. This means whether you’re home in Nebraska or visiting your friends anywhere in the country, you’ll have a center that’s known and trustworthy available for your skydiving needs! Once purchased, divers have two years to schedule their trip – that’s 730 entire days to muster up the courage to dive! These certificates can also include a quality video package, so your loved one can relive the experience over and over again.

Skydiving helps people overcome their fears, challenge themselves mentally and physically, and it helps people find a warrior inside that they may have otherwise ignored. Gifting someone the opportunity to unleash their inner warrior is like helping them find themselves in the best possible way. But maybe you have a friend who’s already unleashed their inner warrior. That friend who is constantly seeking a thrill and looking for something new and exciting to sink their teeth into. Well, we don’t have to remind you that skydiving would be perfect for them! We’re sure you’re well aware!

A skydiving gift certificate also gives you the satisfaction of creating a new believer! You get to help someone else find the joy you’ve discovered in the action-packed sport! Let’s be honest here. All flowers eventually die. Chocolate is great in the moment, but do you really want to give your loved one added calories? No. Even if you gift your friend that new shirt they’ve been eyeing, it still doesn’t hold long-lasting value. Giving them an experience, especially an experience as transformative and freeing as skydiving, is far better than anything material.

Trust us, they will be eternally grateful, and it’ll be the best money you’ve ever spent!

Get Your Gift Certificate!

You can now purchase online right thru But you might want to give one of our friendly experts a call to see if we are running any specials or if you qualify for any discounts!

Shop on!

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