Skydiving in Wisconsin; Green Bay!

Let the friendly experts at Green Bay guide you in your glide through the sky! Excited at the thought of exiting an aircraft with nothing but clouds and wind between you and the ground? Let us help you feel that rush for real! No matter how you envision your skydive, we can help you achieve it. We can help you turn any hesitations and questions into excitement. Ask us anything! We have the answers to get you flying!

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Go skydiving in Wisconsin with Green Bay!

Go skydiving in Wisconsin with Green Bay!
Ready to Fly?

If you have never been skydiving, you’re in for an incredible experience. We’ll do our very best to let you know what to expect and to prepare you, but ask anyone who has made the leap through the air, and they will tell you that it’s quite indescribable. We’ll leave the intense feelings of the actual experience up to you to discover, but everything else, we can absolutely cover! Want to know what kinds of jumps we offer? Considering certification? Just itching to get airborne?
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Tandem Skydiving near Green Bay, Wisconsin

Tandem Skydiving

The tandem skydive option is the most popular, particularly among those who have never taken the leap before. Get securely strapped to a professional jump instructor and let your cares and worries drop out of the plane ahead of you. Your expert instructor will handle everything, from pulling the parachute to finding the perfect place to land. All you have to do is enjoy the rush and the view!
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Advanced Skydive Training in Green Bay, Wisconsin

Advanced Training

If you have been skydiving before and are looking for a new challenge, or if you are a first timer ready for the ultimate leap, you might be interested in Advanced Training programs. Choose from the Accelerated Free Fall course or the Tandem Progression course to learn how to eventually make the big leaps on your own! Join us and you’ll be a professional in no time!
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Skydiving Video Packages - Green Bay, Wisconsin

Video Packages

Every second of your skydive is one you will want to remember forever. And just to be sure that you do, we’ll show you the variety of video packages that you can include in the skydiving option of your choice. By asking to include a video when you book your skydiving adventure, you are ensuring that those wild, sky falling memories will live on long after you land on the ground.
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Let Skydiving.Com Green Bay Open up Your Pathway to the Skies! Green Bay partners have everything that you need in order to create the perfect skydiving experience. Trusted experts are ready to answer all of your questions, prepare you with all of the necessary safety information, and get you into the sky. We know that you will discover this soon enough through your dealings with us, but choosing the best in the business will be one of the best decisions you have ever made. The staff is well versed in all things skydiving, and on top of that, we are all enthusiastic about your sky adventure, and it shows. From the kindness and excitement that you’ll encounter in every interaction, to our focus on your safety that shows how much we care, we know that you will feel confident in your choice to tumble through the clouds with us! As you discuss your options with our customer service representatives, be sure to find out about the array of services we can help you get, from gift certificate options to special holiday and group discounts!

See the Magic of Green Bay, Wisconsin from up High!

If you are familiar with the Green Bay area, you know that there is plenty to see and do, But everything you know about Green Bay, Wisconsin you have learned from your perspective on the ground. Ready to discover all that Title Town has to offer, but this time from the point of view of our high-flying feathered friends? Green Bay wholeheartedly invites you to take the opportunity to explore the area with fresh eyes. Not only will the horizons literally be broadened around you as you make the leap from the aircraft, but you will have the chance to view some of your favorite landmarks like you never have before.

New to the area, or perhaps just visiting? Why wouldn’t you jump at the chance to take in the sights from above, and see Green Bay in a way that most of the locals haven’t even experienced? During your free fall you may be a bit too busy enjoying the rush to pick out many specific landmarks below, but you’ll have time for sky high sightseeing, don’t worry. Ask your pilot during your ascent into the air to show you some of the noteworthy areas, and your Tandem instructor will surely point out some impressive scenes during the serene descent under the parachute’s canopy.

So what are some things you can look forward to seeing from the sky? The list seems endless! Naturally, one thing that will immediately command your attention is the bay itself. Though it seems that it could almost be considered one of the Great Lakes, the Bay of Green Bay is actually a sub-basin of Lake Michigan. Soaring above the sparkling waters on a sunny day is a particularly amazing experience!

After you eat your heart out on the views of the bay, the Fox River, the East River Park and many other parks that dot the city and surrounding landscape, take in the forests, farmlands, golf courses, and of course the sprawling Cofrin Memorial Arboretum that surrounds the University of Wisconsin-Green Bay. Try and spot some furry or feathered friends as you drift over the Barkhausen Waterfowl Preserve, the Bay Beach Wildlife Sanctuary, and the Reforestation Camp. And don’t forget, as you peer toward the city itself, to pull the tried and true, “I can see my house from here!” (or hotel, of course, if you are just stopping through). See it all with the help of Green Bay!

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Tandem Skydiving near Green Bay Wisconsin

Strap In For the Thrilling Tandem Skydive!

So you’re thinking of taking to the air for an adventure like none other. Good choice! It takes some people years to work up the courage to face their fears or step outside of their comfort zone. Jumping out of an airplane typically falls into one of those two categories for most people, but Green Bay is here to assure you that we believe in your ability to seize the day and take to the skies! Because there is inherent danger involved in the act of skydiving, and because we want you to know beyond the shadow of a doubt that the staff takes your safety seriously and encourage you to explore the most popular option, the Tandem skydive!

Tandem skydiving really gives you the best of both worlds: you get to experience the extraordinary sensation of soaring through the sky, without having to worry about clocking your altitude, knowing when to pull your parachute, or finding your landing spot. Your Tandem skydive gives you all of the excitement with none of the pressure! For this reason, the Tandem skydiving package is ideal for first time jumpers.

When you arrive at the launch site, you will meet your Tandem jump instructor, who will make sure you feel at ease, and will begin to walk you through the safety instructions and procedures. This period of instruction might be the longest chunk of the whole experience, but it is crucial that you understand just how things will operate when you are hurtling down through the air toward the unforgiving earth. Listen to your jump instructor. He or she is excited for you to have the time of your life, but more importantly, your Tandem instructor needs to ensure your safety.

Once you have completed the safety briefing, it’s time to get suited up and head to the aircraft! Your instructor will check and double check the parachute on his or her back, as well as the harness you don in order to get securely fastened to your expert skydiving coach.

We know that the ascent into the clouds before you make your jump can seem like the perfect time to let your nerves get the best of you, but those jitters will pass when you focus on the majestic scenery that the greater Green Bay area has to offer. Don’t forget to take in the scenic landscape and skyscape alike as you prepare to depart from the aircraft in a way that you never have before!

You know what comes next, and we don’t want to give anything away, though we’re not sure we could if we tried! The skydiving experience is one that is quite difficult to adequately capture with words alone. But what we can tell you is that you will be in excellent hands with your Tandem instructor, and you will have the time of your life. Depending on a number of factors, perhaps your instructor will even let you help steer the gentle drifting once the parachute has been deployed.

Pay attention to your Tandem instructor’s directions as you near your landing site, and far too soon you will be back on solid ground, likely ecstatic at the rush of adventure you just experienced, and ready to book another skydive as soon as possible! Green Bay is your ticket to the clouds. We know about those dreams you had as a child that found you soaring through the air. We know because we had those same dreams too. And now, years after you listened to society when it told you to put away your childish fantasies, we are ready, willing and able to reawaken that beautiful inner child of yours, and to remind you to keep dreaming. Because if Green Bay can help you turn one seemingly far-fetched dream into a reality, what other dream could you see yourself living out next?

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Advanced Skydiving Training in Green Bay, Wisconsin

Prepare for a New Adventure: Solo Skydiving!

Tandem skydiving is great for beginners and those who would rather not be faced with the pressure of all of the responsibilities that come with jumping out of an aircraft safely. But you have to admit, there is a great sense of awe and admiration that can be evoked just by looking at a certified Jumpmaster, knowing what they are capable of. And for those of you who need more freedom than is afforded to you when you are strapped to another human being, check out the Advanced Skydiving Training Course. Come to this skydiving school and you will emerge the other side a successful solo skydiver, complete with your United States Parachute Association certification! Being a USPA-certified skydiver definitely has its perks. Finally equipped with the skills to leap into the sky on your own, you will have the ability and access to skydive solo at any dropzone across the country that has been approved by the USPA.

Because not everyone learns the same way, many partner drop zones offer two different paths to reaching your A License skydiving certification. The Accelerated Freefall course is the more common of the two, but there is also a Tandem Progression course as well. When you call Green Bay to book your Advanced Training program, ask about the availability of the Tandem Progression course and ask if it could be right for you. One thing is certain: whichever path you do decide to take will lead you into the heavens and toward a life full of adventure and adrenaline rush!

Accelerated Free Fall Training in Green Bay, Wisconsin

Get on the Fast Track to Flight with Accelerated Free Fall

Once you make up your mind that you want to soar the skies solo, chances are you will be itching to get started right away. If you are feeling confident in your ability to face such a monumental new challenge, and you are a bit impatient to obtain such a magnificent level of freedom, the Accelerated Free Fall course just might be for you. As the name suggests, the Accelerated Free Fall program, or AFF program, is designed to get you flying on your own as quickly as possible. Of course, safety always trumps any other factor, so don’t think that just because you are taking the fast track, our attentive staff is not watching out for you. The professional instructors make it their business to tend to your safety every moment that you are training with them.

It won’t take you long to realize that you are in good hands, as our AFF course provides you with quality one-on-one instruction time, and often, especially at the beginning, you will likely even have two instructors jumping with you at a time. There are places that you can obtain your skydiving certification through what is known as static line progression, but in that case you do not have the personal instruction. Static line progression will have you learning how to skydive over a longer period of time, and alongside other students. Everyone learns in different ways, but if you are chomping at the bit, more than ready to have a go on your own, AFF is the right choice for you.

As you might imagine, gaining your skydiving certification is no simple feat, even in the accelerated course. Think of all of the information that must be learned, processed, and applied in order to feel comfortable leaping from an airplane on your own. From thousands of feet up in the air, as a mortal being not designed to successfully function or maneuver without solid ground underfoot, you need to know exactly what to do in every situation that could possibly occur as you dive through the sky. You will learn about all things flight-related, as well as body position, altitude levels for pulling your parachute, and eventually you will demonstrate your ability to do flips and turns, and even how to recover after losing control in mid-air.

But of course, those advanced maneuvers are ones that you will work up to eventually. To start out, your instructors will get you started with what is known as Harness Hold Training. This technique allows you to jump unattached from your instructors in that you are not strapped to either of them, but they do accompany you by gripping your harness until you have successfully pulled your parachute. Remind yourself that your safety is your instructors’ biggest concern. Should you freeze up or otherwise struggle during these first jumps, your instructors are there to deploy your parachute for you. Even if they couldn’t pull your parachute for you, you have more than one backup plan. If your instructors are unable to reach your parachute in time, your Automatic Activation Device, or AAD, will release your reserve parachute.

There is much to learn before you are ready to be free to jump solo whenever you wish. And friendly, expert staff members are pleased to help you get started, and to assist you every step of the way. Until you are ready to spread your wings and safely jump from the nest on your own, your instructors will be right by your side, supporting you!

Green Bay, Wisconsin Tandem Progression Skydiving Training

Mix Tandem Jumps with Accelerated Free Fall: You Have Tandem Progression

If you are willing to put in a little more time to your skydiving certification training, and if you enjoy learning in a group, you could opt to take the Tandem Progression course. This program is very similar to the AFF course, but it begins with less pressure on you. Just as is the case with the AFF course, you will first learn the basics of skydiving, including techniques to use during your free fall, understanding and identifying equipment, and what to do in case of an emergency. But when you first head up to the clouds with your instructor, this is where things differ from the AFF program. Your first three jumps are made as Tandem skydives, which helps to better acclimate you to the rush, thrill, and heart-thumping action that might distract you from focusing on the important details of your leap. After the Tandem jumps, the program is very similar to the AFF program, though the Tandem Progression route will require you to put in more practice jumps than AFF stipulates. If this sounds more your pace and style, ask our friendly customer service agents about booking the Tandem Progression course to learn how to skydive solo!

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Green Bay Skydiving Video Packages

Capture Your Skydiving Memories with Video Packages

When you call Green Bay to book your sky outing, don’t forget to ask about the video packages along with the many other services you can enjoy. Whether you are looking to go for an exciting Tandem skydive, are looking forward to the Accelerated Free Fall program, or have decided to ease into your certification with the Tandem Progression course, you will want to document these moments that will change your life forever. Just like every other aspect of your adventure with us, we have got you covered! Green Bay partners pride themselves on the service they provide. This includes high safety levels, friendly and engaging staff members, and of course, working with you to produce the perfect skydiving experience. We want your skydiving adventure to surpass your dreams and expectations. And we fully plan on setting up a video to document these magical moments, if you so request it!

When you book your sky exploration, you’ll have the option of choosing which video package you would like to add to your adventure. You can opt for the version that will most closely resemble what you saw yourself throughout your skydive, as your Tandem instructor will wear a GoPro.

The other option is to have a videographer come along to jump with you, filming each important moment. If you choose the latter, you will have a wider view of the experience as a whole. From preparation to lift off to the dive itself and finally the landing and excitement that follows, you will have the ability to watch and share the entire event.

Your memories will be edited together by a professional on site at the dropzone, and you may just be able to contribute creative input! The memories will live on within you, but the hard copy of those precious memories will be shareable on social media for your friends and family to marvel at. Perhaps you will even inspire one or two of them to take to the skies themselves! Just think, the excitement that you can hardly contain after free falling through the air could result in you returning to the dropzone in the future to make another jump with an entire group of your friends! Just keep showing the impressive video evidence of your amazing adventure, and you will have people scrambling to get to the skies with you in no time!

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Green Bay Skydiving Gift Certificates

Give the Gift They’ll Never See Coming: The Sky!

Your friends and family members are important to you. You want them to know just how much you care, but what gift could possibly demonstrate just how much you feel for them?
We can help you out with that. Might we suggest giving them the sky?

Perfectly symbolic, and outrageously exciting, giving a loved one a gift certificate for an adventure is a surefire way to get the jaw drop and eye pop response you’re aiming for. No one will ever be able to say that you’re not a good gift-giver when you’re handing over a gift certificate for a Tandem skydiving adventure that will take place over the beautiful Green Bay scenery.

Do you have friends or family members who you know would love to take that flying leap out of a plane, but you’re not sure if they would be able to make it happen in Green Bay? Not a problem! has more than 80 partner dropzones and skydiving facilities across the country, so chances are, your fellow adventurer will not have a problem finding a convenient location. Our gift certificates are redeemable at any of our partner locations!

We are excited to introduce your loved one to the sky. But if the time isn’t right, we know we’ll get the chance to see them eventually. You can’t keep an adventurer grounded for long, after all. Every gift certificate is valid for a full two years after the date of purchase, so there should be enough time to plan the ideal sky voyage!

Don’t forget to bundle a video package in with the sky adventure that you have selected for your friend or family member. They will want to hang on to those memories that whiz past them on the wind! Our pleasant customer service representatives are enthusiastic, welcoming, knowledgeable, and available every day of the week to help you book the right skydiving exploit for that fellow sky traveler who is just as curious about the clouds as you are.

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