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Tandem Skydiving in El Paso

Jumping for the first time

If you’ve never skydived before, we recommend you choose Tandem Skydiving. The expert instructors are more than happy to introduce you to this high-adrenaline sport. Experience the rush and exhilaration of complete freedom as you freefall over the breathtaking landscape of Texas! Learn more…

El Paso Certified Skydiving

School of Skydiving

Are you a skydiving enthusiast? You’ve tried tandem jumping many times and now want to take on the challenge of diving alone? You want the total freedom of free falling and parachuting completely by yourself? Then the next step is getting certified. You need to get your “A” license and we’re here to help you every step of the way! Learn more…

Skydiving Videos in El Paso

Skydiving Video Packages

Do you want every minute of your adventure recorded? We have good news for you! Our partners employ the best videographers in Texas to record your memories so you can show them to all of your friends. Ask about the videographer and GoPro video packages when you book your skydiving adventure. Say cheese…

Skydiving Gift Certificates in El Paso

El Paso Gift Ceriticates

Are you looking for the perfect gift for your adrenaline-seeking friend? The El Paso Gift Card is your best option! Our gift cards can be redeemed towards all of our packages, including tandem jumps and skydiving training. Our cards are valid for 2 years after you bought them. And the best news: we have special discounts available now! Get yours…

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Some people have been quoted as saying “that the most intimidating part of a skydive is literally jumping out of the aircraft before you start your descent from thousands of feet in the air toward the earth”. This may in fact be true, but we promise that, it will all be worth it when you start your free fall and get a chance to view the landscape below and all of the attractive and appealing elements that make up the area. Skydiving over Texas is an amazing experience. The skydive itself is nothing short of outrageous and cool and the feeling you receive while partaking in it is out of this world. You can get a glimpse of Texas’s Wyler Aerial Tramway, the Ysleta Mission or The Sun Bowl. Get in touch with us to skydive today, 1-860-358-0830!

The Benefits of Skydiving in TX

Join us to experience the total rush and complete freedom of freefalling! The professional team of El Paso will help you choose the best option for you and your loved ones. We help provide personalized skydiving packages to both individuals and groups of any sizes. Call us today to see your dreams come true!

The Pros of Skydiving
You will never forget your skydiving experience, even if you won’t repeat it. The adrenaline rush that accompanies the jump will keep you going for days and you’ll find your heart starts to race every time you remember the glorious moments of freefall and parachuting. If you want to share the experience with your friends, why not book a videographer to record every second of your great adventure, including preparations, the jump itself, parachuting and landing?

Whether you choose to employ a videographer or not, we can guarantee you’ll always remember the total freedom of free falling above the magnificent landscape of Texas. Don’t miss the greatest thrill of your life!

Face your Worries
Regardless of how you feel at the moment, skydiving will get your blood flowing and your mind freed from all of your worries. This is a bodily reaction to adrenaline, which is one of the most ancient “drugs” the human body can produce: it accelerates your heart rate, tenses your muscles to make you hyperalert and ready for whatever is coming at you. You may have heard the expression “adrenaline junkie”. Yes, it means exactly what you think: you can get addicted to this exhilarating feeling and you want to experience it over and over again. We have good news: the experts are here to give thrill-seekers a well-deserved adrenaline rush!

You may have worries about skydiving. We completely understand: jumping out of a plane at an altitude of about 10,000 feet does sound extreme. But there’s nothing to worry about because experienced instructors are all certified by the FAA and have dived hundreds or even thousands of times. You’re in good hands, all you need to do is enjoy the rush!

Skydiving can change your life, and by this we don’t only mean your possible fear of heights. Consider what’s happening: you’re jumping out of an airplane, experiencing the incomparable rush of freefall and parachuting, and then you land on the ground safely. This sounds really scary but you’re doing it and admit: you’re enjoying every second. So isn’t it possible that you can tackle any other tough situation in your life just as easily?

The adrenaline helps clear your mind and focus your attention to the extreme. There is a lesson to be learned from that: face your fears in every other aspect of your life as well and you’ll be unstoppable!

Get rid of your anxieties
Like every other life-changing situation, skydiving can help put all your issues in perspective. When you’re freefalling at 120mph, your mind becomes clear and focused on the task at hand. You can recreate this experience and get rid of your anxieties, face your fears and tackle everything that hinders you from reaching your best potential!

Imagine soaring in the sky under a parachute, with the expert guidance of a professional skydiving instructor. Just the sound of it envelops you in a great calm and reduces the stress of your daily life. The experience literally puts everything into perspective. Try skydiving just once and change your life forever!

Further benefits of skydiving
Regular skydivers report an overall increase of fitness and strength, especially in the upper body from carrying the equipment. The impact on mental health is even better: successfully tackling a challenging situation like skydiving creates confidence and positive thinking.

It’s almost impossible to measure the total benefits of skydiving in a person. So why not try and see for yourself what positive changes you can gain from this life-changing experience? Open your eyes to the world and see yourself in a different light!

If you still have reservations, don’t worry, just give us a call at 1-860-358-0830 and let us resolve your concerns. If your friends and family are worried about your safety, bring them along and let them see how safe and exhilarating skydiving is! Who knows, they might even want to join you the next time!

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Ask about our rates for tandem skydiving, a video package, skydiving school and gift cards! Skydiving experts will give you a free personalized quote, fitted to your individual needs.

Tandem Skydiving in El Paso Tandem Skydiving in El Paso

Are you all nerves? We understand. Your Tandem Skydiving Instructor is there to guide you through it all. Strap yourself in for the ride and enjoy!

Are you hungry for a new experience? Try the extreme sport of skydiving! The professionals work hard to make this exhilarating natural high accessible to all!

You’ll marvel at the beautiful landscape of Texas as you fly under a high-tech parachute, strapped to an expert instructor. Tandem skydiving is the best introduction to the extreme sport of skydiving, giving you memories you’ll never forget! Become one of the proud parachuters!

Take sightseeing to a new level! Are you fed up with all the hot spots jammed with tourists, and craning your neck to see something while somebody’s backpack is bumping against your shoulder and a baby just won’t stop fussing? We have the perfect solution for you! When you skydive from 14.000 feet, you can see everything below you for miles and miles. Marvel at the gorgeous landscape and sights of El Paso while you glide under a parachute towards the ground. Beat the crowds and get a bird’s eye view!

After a short ground lesson, your instructor or “Tandem Master” will attach his or her harness to yours and the adventure begins! Your Tandem Master will take care of everything, from start to finish, including guiding the freefall, parachuting and landing safely on the ground.

Each tandem jump package involves a dive from maximum 14,000 feet, a freefall of 45-60 seconds, followed by 5-8 minutes of gliding in the air attached to a parachute. We recommend you arrive early for your dive so you’ll have enough time to complete the preparations and enjoy every second of it. First, you’ll listen to a short lecture about skydiving where you’ll learn everything you need to know about safety and how to make the most of your experience. Then you’ll put on your skydiving suit and hop onto the aircraft with your instructor and other skydivers that takes you high up into the sky. Try tandem skydiving if you want to experience the indescribable rush of freefall and a parachute-led gliding through the bluest skies!

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El Paso Skydiving School El Paso Skydiving School

Earn your skydiving certificate with us so you can jump by yourself! Experience the total freedom of diving alone into the deep blue sky!

Are you dreaming about taking your first dive by yourself? If the answer is yes, let us help you in making your dreams come true! El Paso can set you up with advanced training at several partnered locations. There are 7-8 levels of instruction in accelerated freefall we provide to skydiving enthusiasts who want to get their license from the USPA (United States Parachute Association). The course starts with 5-6 hours of ground training where you’ll learn the theory behind skydiving and how to execute important maneuvers while free falling and parachuting. Then it’s time for your first solo dive! Two professional skydiving instructors will accompany you and will be close by to aid you in any way. Level 1 of the Accelerated Freefall (AFF) course includes body positions, turning, measuring altitude, deploying your parachute and controlling your canopy.

What is the Accelerated Freefall (AFF) program?

The AFF program helps students to gain the necessary confidence for skydiving alone. The first few dives in the framework of the AFF look like a normal tandem jump: your instructor will be strapped to you during the freefall portion of your dive. However, once freefalling is finished and the parachute is released, the instructors will detach themselves and open their own canopy, thus enabling the students to parachute and land by themselves. A technique called “Harness Hold Training” is employed to ensure the student’s safety and position while freefalling.

In the AFF program, students usually are taught to release their canopies at an altitude of 5.500 feet above ground. If for some reason, the student doesn’t release his or her parachute, the instructor uses hand signals to direct the student’s attention to the parachute. This is usually enough to remind the student of what needs to be done. If this doesn’t work, the trainer will put the student’s hand on the parachute release. If this is still not enough, the instructor will deploy the canopy for the student. In addition, student harnesses are equipped with extra pull handles that allow the coaches to release the student’s parachute at any time. As you can see, the skydiving school’s number one priority is always the student’s safety.

Once the instructors are satisfied that a student has mastered all the skills required for freefalling and is able to release his or her own parachute alone, the student has to demonstrate his or her abilities in order to start the next step. This demonstration includes a series of solo dives where the instructor may not be able to directly assist the student, this is why it’s important that the student is able to release their own canopy.

AFF trainers have a “hard deck” which is an altitude where they must deploy their own parachute to save their own life. This doesn’t mean the student is left alone, because the student apparatus features an “Automatic Activation Device” (AAD) that will release the reserve canopy if the student passes a certain altitude (called activation altitude) at a speed associated with freefalling. The AAD activation happens very rarely, but you can rest assured that this last level of protection will save the student’s life if he or she is unable to control their fall or open their parachute for some reason.

During these training dives, trainers usually employ hand signals to draw the student’s attention to the proper body position. When everybody is safely back on the ground, the instructor evaluates the dive together with the student and gives advice for the next jump. Once you reach higher levels, only one coach will be assigned to you who will teach you everything about airborne maneuvers like moving forward, turns, flips, and controlling your fall rate. These exercises prove to both your instructor and to you that you are able to correct your position in the air. This is done by a method called disorienting procedure where deliberate instability is induced so you can prove you are able to restore control. You go through the different levels as you learn more and more and grow more confident.

The instructors measure the progress of students by asking them to complete a set of benchmarks that are called the “Targeted Learning Objectives” (TLOs). Your trainer will watch you closely and evaluate your progress and whether you’ve reached your TLOs. During skydiving jumps, all trainers are connected to the ground by radio. The ground staff helps monitoring the dive and give crucial information about the weather and other factors. Should the radio connection fail, the trainers are completely equipped to land on their own and guide their students to do so as well.

Once you’ve completed all the levels, the only thing you need to do is apply to the USPA to get your “A” level license. As this process may take time, we recommend to our students that they register with the USPA before their training program has ended. Contact El Paso today at 1-860-358-0830 and embark on your skydiving education right now!

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El Paso Skydiving Video Packages El Paso Skydiving Video Packages

Make every moment of your tandem skydive immortal with a video package!

Reserve a video package and catch every second of your great adventure!

When you look back at most memorable events of your lifetime, your tandem skydiving jump will be surely amongst those featured. Relive the moments of exhilaration over and over again by employing a videographer to record every second of your jump. Show your friends and family what a wonderful time you had while skydiving. Add the video package to your tandem skydive and we make sure that not one second of your adventure goes unrecorded!

The videographer is an expert skydiver themselves. He or she will accompany you along every step of your journey. Your video package starts with a brief interview where you can detail your thoughts and feelings for the camera. Then you hop into the aircraft that takes you high up in the sky. The videographer will record your jump and dive after you to capture your freefall and parachute-ride as well. Smile for the camera! Your videographer will land before you so your grounding can be captured on tape as well. To wrap up your experience, your videographer will ask you a few questions after landing so you can accurately describe how you feel when your skydive is finished. Then your videographer will edit your video and will present you the perfect depiction of the greatest adventure of your life! Not many people can claim they have the time of their lives captured on camera. Don’t forget to ask about the availability of a videographer when you book your tandem skydive with El Paso!

Make a Recording of Your Skydive
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El Paso Skydiving Gift Certificates El Paso Skydiving Gift Certificates

Discounted Gift Certificates for Skydiving

Whenever you learn to tandem skydive, you’ll spend about 30 minutes training to make sure that you understand the mechanics of skydiving in El Paso. Now that you possess the training you need, anyone jumping will need to have a harness put on correctly and be set to board the plane to being your jump. Once on board, the plane will climb to the 14,000 feet of altitude necessary for you to be ready for your jump. As you hit the desired altitude, the door to the plane will open up and your heart will race as you look out over El Paso, Texas in the distance.

You want to show someone you really care but you haven’t found the perfect gift yet? We have the solution! Don’t buy another boring present! Give your loved one the gift of flight and send them on a skydiving adventure above the scenic landscape of TX!

Get Your Gift Certificate!

Our gift certificates are good for two years from your purchase date and are valid for El Paso Skydiving as well accepted at over 80 other locations across the United States!

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