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If you’re looking to try skydiving for the first time, or you’re a seasoned pro, Detroit partners are the place to go. You’ve probably seen or heard someone talk about the adrenaline rush of skydiving before and wanted to try it for yourself. Go ahead! Feel the rush of blood coursing through your veins, the thrill that cannot be matched anywhere else. Call us today to book the first adventure of the rest of your life!

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Want to Skydive in Michigan? Detroit has got you covered!
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Want to Skydive in Michigan? Detroit has got you covered!
Call 313-324-6430 Now!

If you’re looking to try skydiving for the first time, or you’re a seasoned pro, Detroit is the place to go. You’ve probably seen or heard someone talk about the adrenaline rush of skydiving before and wanted to try it for yourself. Go ahead! Feel the rush of blood coursing through your veins, the thrill that cannot be matched anywhere else. Call us today to book the first adventure of the rest of your life!

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Skydiving in Detroit

If you’ve ever wanted to try skydiving or are the most experienced Free Faller give us a call! If it’s your first time, an extremely experienced staff is ready to make your first skydive in Michigan safe and as fun as possible. If you’re a pro, we can set you up with all the necessary tools to get you to the next level. Our partners engage the most up to date methods in the industry for safety while still ensuring an amusing environment. They customize their attention to each student. Call here at 1-800-XXX-XXXX! Detroit is ready for Your Next Skydiving Adventure in Michigan!

Tandem Skydiving near Detroit, Michigan

Tandem Skydiving

Though the two-person tandem skydiving jump is the most prevalent method to teach someone who wants to learn skydiving, it is also the most endorsed. If you’re new to the sport, you will be given fifteen to twenty minutes of instruction before you are harnessed to your certified instructor. The individually devoted teacher will get you prepared for the most fun you’ll ever experience! This option gives you the thrill of jumping without any of the worry. Learn more…

Advanced Skydive Training in Detroit, Michigan

Advanced Skydiving Training

When you’re ready to take your skill of skydiving to the next level and attempt a solo skydiving jump, we will be here to assist you in achieving that flowing wind fall you are seeking when it comes to this sport. After you’ve aced your prerequisites and shown your skills, we can ensure you receive the proper course tailored to you. Here at Detroit, we help present to you personalized solutions for any of your skydiving levels and needs. Learn more…

Skydiving Video Packages - Detroit, Michigan

Video Packages

When you’re ready to show off your new skydiving skills to family and friends on all of your social media accounts, be sure to choose a video package that will record the entirety of your skydiving experience! Our partners offer full service video as well as the affordable GoPro selection which records every detail of your jump from your unique perspective. All of these options can be shared whenever you want them to be via DVD or digital copy! Learn more…

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Skydiving is defined as the sport of falling through the air from an airplane before opening your chute. The typical skydive is done between 10,000 and 14,000 feet offering 60-80 seconds of what skydivers refer to as free fall. Skydivers usually comment that this sport is the ride of their lives, every time they jump.

When someone wishes to try this sport, it’s generally the adrenaline rush of the freedom of coasting through the sky. Most of the people who try skydiving for the first time are looking for something to get them out of their day-to-day dullness and monotony. If you’re stuck at a desk all day or in the house, the level of fun you’ll experience in skydiving will be unparalleled. What better way to break up your hum-drum life than to feel the rush of adrenaline that skydiving permits? Whether you’re trying to face your fear or you’re looking for something even more adventurous to do, then skydiving is easily the most recommended sport for you. The feeling you’ll receive during the jump out of an airplane is like nothing else.This is something even experienced jumpers never get used to. It is one continuous adrenaline rush after another!

This sport offers a thrill for everyone. If you or someone you know has a disability that prevents them from doing other sports, skydiving with an instructor, tandem style, allows them the opportunity to participate without feeling left out. Detroit partners offer all skydiving services with the most abundant options in the area. They focus on safety, with premium quality teachers we assign to you are there to assist you every step of the way throughout the whole routine. They really are the best trainers offered in Michigan! Also, if you’re looking for a gift, we have gift certificates available for any occasion. We also offer group and holiday discounts!

Nothing Else Beats the Thrill of Skydiving in Detroit, Michigan!

Detroit is the largest city in the midwestern state of Michigan. Near downtown Detroit, the Institute of Arts is famed for Diego Rivera murals that were inspired by the city’s long-standing ties to the auto industry, which is aptly nicknamed, “Motor City.” Cars aren’t the only things Detroit is known for. It also boasts that it is the birthplace of Motown Records, whose chart-topping history is on display at Hitsville, U.S.A.

This metropolitan city is a combination of old and new which is often called, “dynamic, bustling and progressive.” Detroit’s history is peppered with ethnic richness which grants Detroit an edge. It is a bold city, thriving with musicians, pubs, street vendors, vivid murals and architecture. If you’re looking for great art, Detroit is definitely a place that you should check out.

Other points of interest in Detroit are Belle Isle Park, the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History, the Detroit Historical Museum, the Renaissance Center and the Fox theater. Don’t worry, we didn’t forget about America’s favorite pastime: baseball. Yes, Detroit is home to the infamous Detroit Tigers. Whether you want to take in a game, eat at a famous restaurant, take in a night at the theater or receive enrichment from a local museum, there really is something for everyone here in Detroit!

After you’re done taking in the sights of the city and you’re ready for your first, or next, skydiving adventure, Detroit is definitely where you should start! Only about 45 minutes outside of the city,’s Detroit instructors, who are the most friendly and knowledgeable, can help you achieve the experience of a lifetime which will include the sights of Michigan. If you’re ready to feel the excitement of propelling towards the speed of up to 130 miles per hour as you view the world as you’ve never seen it before, then Detroit is here to book your jump today! Call us when you’re ready!

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Tandem Skydiving near Detroit, Michigan

Your First Jump in Michigan Should be a Tandem Skydive

Skydiving can seem incredibly nerve-wracking the first time you jump. Most people are afraid of heights as it is, so why would they want to hurl themselves out of an airplane? Don’t worry, the first step is known as tandem skydiving. This particular choice will ensure that you are not alone on your first jump. The tandem skydiving jump is the most habitual choice offered to be introduced into skydiving and is definitely the most advocated. You’re probably wondering what is involved in your first jump, so let us explain: You, on your first attempt, will be harnessed very securely at all times to a very experienced instructor. The trainer will be behind you with the harness. A friendly and knowledgeable instructor will give you all of the instruction, which will last between ten and forty minutes. Yep, that’s pretty much all you’ll have to know before attempting your first skydive! This detailed instruction will allow you to learn everything you will need to know about diving, from the entire jumping process through the free falling stage, how long it lasts piloting through the air, the canopy and, of course, the landing.

Tandem skydiving is the most popular training method for first-time skydivers because it exposes first-time jumpers to skydiving with extremely low action from the student. The instructor will teach the diver everything necessary for diving, like exiting the aircraft or how the chute operates upon deployment. All of these actions are still mostly left up to the instructor during a tandem dive which guarantees a precise and operational chute deployment. This is usually a sigh of relief for jumpers who are attempting their first dive because it allows the maximum amount of joy during your first jump without any added stress!

Tandem skydiving will allow you to enjoy the ultimate adrenaline rush, diving out of the plane towards the Earth at your destined landing zone, safely secured to a trained, certified teacher which will allow you to enjoy your amazing dive without of any of the main responsibilities or hassles. Don’t worry! Let these certified teachers do all of the important work while you relax for your peaceful skydive!

Detroit is the best locale for your first skydiving experience! Once in the sky, you’ll be taking in the views of Michigan while zooming through the air at speeds only matched by NASCAR! Once your trainer has launched your chute, you’ll be able to view nearby the farms and nature that surround you for up to seven minutes – sometimes more – before reaching the drop zone safely and letting out a victory holler.

When jumping for the first time during a tandem dive, you’re probably wondering what you should be expecting. If you’re new to the activity of diving and you’re going to attempt your first tandem jump, you should be sure to wear clothing that is not clingy nor that will be too chilly for the time of your diving jump. Also, weather can change quickly, so sometimes delays will occur if threatening thunderstorms are nearby. Don’t worry, your jump will be scheduled for a safer time if this occurs. As for shoes, you should wear shoes that fit comfortably for your jump. Leave the flip-flops or other fashionable choices at home. This is quintessential for a necessary landing in the drop zone. Also, you’ll need to read and sign all proper papers that will assure us you are fit for the dive and release us from any liability, so it is definitely better to come in at least an hour early in order to make sure everything is done correctly. The time you’ll spend with us can take most of the day, so be sure to schedule your other activities around us! The time you’ll be learning and actually doing any diving is up to four hours. Once you are assigned to a licensed skydiver, he or she will give you the proper tools in order to relax and guarantee a fabulous time. Then, your trainer will lead to the plane and there you will sit by your teacher for your thrill ride! Including falling at free speeds, you should enjoy at least 20 seconds of falling quickly before ripping the cord to your chute. After you and your trainer have reached the drop zone, you will be assisted out of your attachments and will be free to rejoice.

There are many choices when it comes to enjoying your first skydive. Be sure to inquire about the video packages and deals that are offered, including the GoPro film, which is our most cost effective, to share with everyone all over the world! Book your jump today with Detroit partners, where you’ll be given a thrill that will last forever. Definitely choose a video package to ensure that this is the case! However, if you’re not interested in diving, but know someone who is and are looking for a perfect gift, you may purchase a gift certificate from us. Give anyone in your life the most unique gift you could possibly give! Skydiving is the most heart pumping sport anyone can participate in. There’s nothing like it. Whenever you’re ready to try, we will be here for you.

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Advanced Skydiving Training in Detroit, Michigan Detroit offers USPA Certification!

If you’re ready to go solo and receive your USPA “A” License, we’re ready to help you achieve your goal. With the Detroit network, your teachers are fully USPA certified with skill that is unparalleled anywhere else.

If you’re not already familiar, the USPA is the United States Parachute Association. The USPA is where licenses, A through D, are given to instructors and are for varying levels of accreditation. A diver who hasn’t been given any of these licences is not considered anything more than a student until accreditation is received.

If you are on the more experienced side and want to take your skills to the next step, you can become USPA certified. All of the various USPA certified skydiving centers, including Detroit affiliates, offer skydivers who have become certified to attempt solo jumps. Whenever you are ready to jump on your own, you’ll join classes to receive the “A” license which gives you the opportunity you to do this. The entire process will take only a week to complete and during this time you will have taken eighteen dives with an educated trainer under the Training Program for skydivers and four to five jumps on your own which includes rental fees. This will give you the chance to attain your “A” certification quickly. However, please know that you must also participate in two skydives with a trainer tandem prior to receiving your “A” license. Receiving license will provide you opportunities to make solo jumps at any of our destinations without supervision needed. Every dive during these exercises will also include film footage, which is included, recorded by your personal trainer, so you receive a precise and thoughtful description and of all of the exercises to help you get your license quickly and easily!

Accelerated Free Fall Training in Detroit, Michigan

Accelerated Free Fall is Your Next Step!

If you’re ready to push your prowess to the next level, you’ll probably want attempt an accelerated free fall. In the skydiving circle, this is known as a free fall progressive. Accelerated free falls are a utilization of skydiving methods that occur after tandem dives are successfully completed by students. It is called accelerated because the progression is the quickest, aka most accelerated way, to explore free falling alone, up to fifteen thousand feet above the ground. This is different from another type of progression known as, “static,” is because more completed dives are required to explore free falling, and the dives are deployed beginning from a lower altitude than normal. Then, the student will grow each time to a higher altitude. While the students are working towards the AFF dives, they will still be required to work with a teacher or, more often, two.

Accelerated Free Fall courses are where two teachers dive with the attendee during their first few Accelerated Free Fall dives. Mainly, though, most institutions will use only one trainer, as two isn’t necessary. During first time dives, the instructor, or instructors, hang on to the student until the student is able to pull the cord of the chute on their volition. Known as Hold Training with a Harness, this gives the student the ability to learn while still focusing on safety. The Accelerated Free Fall trainers have no actual connection to the person in training, such as with a harness during tandem jumps, instead only having their grip on the student. This grip is held until the student can pull the cord and their chute is deployed. Then, the teachers will release and drift apart, focusing on their own landing.

Pulling the cord for the parachute is generally five or six thousand feet above ground level for the main canopy for students in an AFF program. So, if the student is going through any problems in the pulling the cord of their chute, the trainers will use hand signals first to remind the student to engage their cord. Sometimes, if the student is not able to do so, the teachers will perform the task of placing the student’s hand on the cord by force. Lastly, if the student still cannot maneuver the cord on their own, the teacher will personally pull the cord for the trainee.

After the student has given adequate proof that they can pull their own chute cord on their first few attempts, the student will be taught on other levels of diving and will be given opportunities to show that they have the fundamental skillsets that are asked of them in order to do the tasks free falling requires, without assistance to their teachers.

All of the instructors on AFF progressions are there to do a job but still must first save themselves in times of trouble by pulling their cord to deploy a chute for themselves. If the teachers have not been able to care for their student by a very precise altitude, the student’s pack is equipped with a specific device which will launch the chute if the student falls past the altitude that is required by law. This final level of protection will protect the student as much as possible from of being out of their own volition or not being able to pull their own chute cord, even though it is a rare occurrence that this will be necessary, it is an added level of safety for all participants.

The trainers are able to correct the student’s postures or any other issues during the free fall lessons by using predetermined waves and movements during the diving course and allowing the student to learn afterwards by a discussion after every exercise. As the trainee continues to learn, only one teacher will be necessary to offer the student time to perform various movements and skill, such as turning in air, flowing forward, backflips and control during falling. Learning these movements and positions shows that the trainee can perform a difficult maneuvers while still in utter and complete control at all times. Once all of the these various steps are achieved, the teacher will use their own discretion to determine if the student has passed the requirements for each level.

Detroit, Michigan Tandem Progression Skydiving Training

Tandem Progression Jumps

In skydiving, the Tandem Progression is where three skydives harnessed with another jumper while the accelerated free fall (AFF) is done. The bonuses of Tandem Progression dives is an intro to advancing in in skydiving with ease. During all of your tandem dives, three in this case, your trainer will offer you a tiny fragments of info each time and then give you a little more responsibility as well, instead of needing to learn vast products of knowledge all at the same time. This is what will prepare for your first skydive in which you jump on your own.

After completing your dives in the tandem style, you will be given the opportunity to try Accelerated Free Fall dives where you will soar next to two trainers while fastened with your own diving chute. After you have advanced on through the various tiers, showing that you’ve learned everything your teachers have offered, you will then dive with only one teacher henceforth.

You will first participate in what we refer to as, “Ground School,” before your Free Fall jumps. Here, the trainers will teach you necessary emergency protocols, chute controls, techniques, equipment basics, and a variety of other topics. Once the trainee has completed all of ground training exercises, they will then start their training dives.

Students often state that this jumping tradition was just what they needed in their life to build their faith in themselves and propel them in the sport. Because training varies from location to location, you’ll want to invest in the best lessons you can possibly find. This is a sport where you’re putting your safety at risk with every jump if you’re not properly trained. Our affiliates do not skimp or rush through any protocols during our training sessions. You will only deal with the best teachers who are kind and accommodating to those of you out there wanting to try tandem progression skydiving. Though this option might not be the most often used, here at Detroit, our partners are at the highest level where we are able to offer these training classes whenever you’re ready.

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Detroit Skydiving Video Packages

Want your skydive to last forever? Get a video!

If you’re a newbie or a professional who has accomplished many dives before, Detroit partners have an extensive allowance of filming options to place on the diving package of your choosing to allow you to keep the memory of your jump forever!

If you choose the “best of the best” option, which is the videographer package, you will receive the highest quality film coverage on your jump with a top level professional. Included in this package, a videographer will jump alongside with you as you soar through the clouds to film every moment of your jump. They will be right beside you while filming every second, from when you board the airplane, riding beside your instructor to the necessary height, to the jump out of the plane, the entire falling process and ending with landing and any celebration of your choice. Ready?

For those who don’t want to spend a lot, you get the choice to film every second of your skydive; with the GoPro package option. The GoPro package choice is where the camera is positioned on your tandem master during your dive where the camera will film as if you were recording every second of your trip with your own eyes. This GoPro will film every second of your journey with us. This is an extremely popular option and is, as we mentioned, the closest perspective. Sometimes, when we’re going through something, especially something as thrilling as skydiving for the first time, we can forget little details of that specific journey. Once these moments are captured on film for you, you don’t have to miss a moment because it is something that you can hold on to forever. When you watch, you’ll be amazed at what your video will show you – especially if you’re one who closes your eyes on your first jump! Don’t worry, we have every second of your jump covered even if you close your eyes the whole time when you choose a video package.

No matter which skydiving video package you choose, all of the video options are edited by professionals on site as well as offering the ability to share on the internet where you want. You will want to watch your skydive again and again, but now everyone you know is able to experience your dive also! Either of these options has its benefits and will allow you to preserve your memory, ensuring it will last forever!

Plus, all of the footage collected by any of our methods will include professional editing! This includes many popular formats, all of which can be easily shared or saved. This way, you, your friends and family can enjoy watching your skydive over and over again!

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Detroit Skydiving Gift Certificates

Give the Gift of Skydiving with a Gift Certificate Today! Detroit offers gift certificates for every occasion in your life for anyone in your life. We usually recommend buying a gift certificate for a tandem skydiving jump if this is a first timer’s gift. This is the primary choice of our customers. The Tandem Skydive is where the person skydiving is attached to a knowledgeable trainer during their skydive. This happens after a lesson which is very thoroughly detailed before the skydive. If the person you’re purchasing for has never gone skydiving before, this is the gift that they will need and will allow them to experience how amazing Detroit can be with the thrill of their first jump!

Another option is offered for the more advanced divers, if that’s what you’re seeking, is for an Accelerated Free Fall dive. Note that this is an advanced option so please let us know if you’re going to need a gift certificate for this particular level. These certificate purchases are for those people who have already completed at least three tandem jumps and is ready to take their skill up to the a notch in the art of skydiving.

There are also options to buy gift certificates for filming packages for that special someone in your life. The first option includes a recording of each second of the dive for your friend or family member. The videographer in question will soar beside your friend or family member while filming each moment such as walking to the airplane, reaching proper height in the plane, riding along, their jump outside of the airplane and lastly, of course, their landing and whether or not they choose to celebrate afterwards. All of it will be caught on film! Another option is a GoPro video. This will be secured to the trainer’s head mount and he or she will be harnessed to your friend or family member during their tandem dive. This will provide your loved one with a first-person viewpoint of their entire jump that they can watch anywhere, on any device, at any time. And, they’ll also be able to share the footage on all social media, including Facebook and Twitter, or even by e-mail!

These gift certificates are accepted all over the country, including Detroit partners and will not expire for up to two years from the purchase date! This will give you the opportunity for you to purchase a gift certificate for anyone in your life, even if they live in another state! Customer service we provide is available every day of the week and all of our gift certificates are fully transferable.

If you’re not sure exactly what you want to purchase right away, don’t worry. When you call us about purchasing a gift certificate, our experts will guide you to buy the gift certificate that is best option for you. No matter if you’re seeking to purchase a gift for the first time jumper, a video package add-on, or if you know someone who needs the gift of an Accelerated Free Fall, we have all of those options available. Give us a call today to cover all of your gift giving needs!

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No matter if you are someone who wants to learn the very startup principles, or are ready to hone the skills you already possess into a USPA license, contacting us at Detroit is that first leap to attaining that white-knuckle thrill that will be unparalleled anywhere else!

Not only are your trainers certified, but they are kind and particularly set on keeping you safe while giving you an unforgettable experience. Maybe you’ve wanted to attempt skydiving in the past, but perhaps you were too afraid to even try, Detroit partners have the facility for you. Safety is always a number one priority, so there’s no need to fear. Our partners apply advanced techniques of from certified teachers to make sure that you feel completely at ease prior to diving!

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